Chapter 449 disregards horse carriage stopped, Zhao Hai take deep breaths, from the vehicle, he has not liked evading, comes across any matter, he will find the way to face, these time is also same. Zhao Hai looked, now they in three are entering outside the courtyard institute, three enter courtyard is some most intimate people, place that the person who or most trusted can enter, in here anybody toward getting out, even if Lando this Calci Family Patriarch is the same. Zhao Hai follows in Gansu toward three enters in courtyard to walk, this courtyard to does not have any special place, the middle in courtyard to set up a statue, this statue is Dark Magician, under the surface is carving the name of this statue, this statue Calci Family one generation of Clan statue, he has overcome Calci Family, if big family property. Megan had told him, regardless of anybody arrives around this statue, must salute to the statue first, then can enter the main fort, this is also the Calci Family custom. When Zhao Hai hear of Megan said these, first time thought that this Great Clan custom are really many, these many customs, listened to be inappropriate, press them. Saluted to the statue, Zhao Hai they then entered the main palace lobby, entered the lobby, Zhao Hai was shocked, in this hall has been filled with the person, youngest possibly was Juwan, remaining was some middle-aged people and old people. Lando sits on the seat of honor, unemotionally, Smith sits in side, is very far from him, but side Lando also sits several age heavy old person, looked that has existence of status in Calci Family. Zhao Hai looks at this stance/framework/shelf, stares slightly, then he to was calm, Zhao Hai first was to Lando and Smith gave a salute, then in other people to room good a round ritual. Then stands in there does not make noise, is only the person in look at room, probably is seeing a play to be the same. Lando looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but at heart laughs in one's heart, actually before must cope with the Zhao Hai matter, although is Lando decides finally, but the person in this room, actually also offered many advice, until now, he accepted Zhao Hai, but the person in this room has not actually accepted, therefore shows such a posture, wants to give Zhao Hai demonstration of authority. But Juwan was sitting at this time is leaving the Smith not far place, look at Zhao Hai of face hatred, Zhao Hai has the vengefulness for father's murder to be the same with him probably. Zhao Hai also noted the Juwan vision, but his simply has not cared, now his strength, simply was not Juwan gives to result, regarding such character, he looked that an interest did not have. These person calm look at Zhao Hai, the average person under this gaze, will feel uneasy, but standing of Zhao Hai calm in there, is actually hanging down the eye, probably fell asleep was the same. Megan and Laura they have not entered in the living room, but welcome have been rested to the backyard, therefore they and don’t know here fresh matter.

These people looked at Zhao Hai some little time, actually among suddenly felt that matter some were not quite wonderful, they think that Zhao Hai under the gazes of these many people, will feel uneasy, so long as zero left a points intent actually, they can say Zhao Hai well, but Zhao Hai simply has not actually revealed line of what expressions, stood is natural in there, probably all have not lived have been same, how this arrived is handled by these person don’t know. Lando to appreciated Zhao Hai more and more, actually he in these people to family also felt being sick, but did not have the means that these people were the main family people in Carchi Province, said that was the family members, he was not good to do went too far, now was good, more good of Zhao Hai performance, on these faces exceed did not have the face, Lando more was feels to vent anger, he was happy. Both sides both did not speak, unexpectedly is at once stiff in there, Calci Family these people now very awkwardly, they did not speak most from the beginning, wanted to crush Zhao Hai on imposing manner, but has not actually succeeded, if now they open the mouth first, then has lost to Zhao Hai one on equal to, they in want to crush Zhao Hai to be difficult, currently they also really have the feeling of being unable to back down. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, at matter he now to, when these people are not, in the head with Cai'er communicate, he is wanting to have a look at Laura they to be now what kind , but also is good, Laura they were arranged in courtyard of Smith, was divided the room. Great Clan like Calci Family, branch has plenty, main fort here generally only then Patriarch can live, more is actually is used for the work to use, but other people, have their courtyard generally, courtyard is not small, but Smith outside many years, naturally also had own courtyard in dark soldier fort here. But Zhao Hai said strictly that is the person in Smith this branch, therefore he was also arranged this courtyard, Laura they are the Zhao Hai fiancees, naturally must live in this courtyard. Saw that Laura they to settle down has gotten down, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, but he may not have the mood to look at complexion of these people, then sized up the dark soldier fort to come. Can look, this castle underwent the extension and reconstruction of several times, but the main fort almost maintains complete, moreover this castle can look, the use of fight is very big, so long as there is an enough military strength, even if comes on three fifty thousand person also difficult to break through this castle. Zhao Hai study the use of people castle, later Iron Mountain Fort there is also needing to expand, moreover Zhao Hai also wants in other places in constructing several castles, forms a defensive system, if otherwise in the future lived any matter, only depends on the village that on Black Wasteland constructs, cannot block the enemy, to these commoner securities also very disadvantageous. Zhao Hai looked in here in all directions randomly, the person in room actually somewhat could not sit still, from just peace from the beginning, now has heard the low discussion sound, in this peaceful hall, can hear one humming sound the sound, although don’t know says anything, but these people have to recognize, oneself these time defeat. Lando looked was also similar, has coughed gently two, said : was good, peaceful, today Little Hai is first time comes our Clan, he became engaged with Megan, later was one of us, if nothing, made him go back to rest.” Zhao Hai has also lifted the eye, looked at these person of one, has not said anything, he believes that these people such easily will not let off his. Really, the Lando voice just fell, sits in Lando old person, what on deep voice said : to be anxious, but Zhao Hai the new person visits, we naturally must ask well, believes that Big Brother won't oppose?”

Lando looked at that person of one, that person is his Third Brother, in the past struggled the position of Patriarch with him, but has defeated finally, has actually done with him right, these time looked like does not want to make Zhao Hai feel better, but Lando has not prevented him, was only nod of gently, did not make noise on the dangling view. That elder looked at Lando to agree, in the eye cannot help but flashed through smug look, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, I was Megan Third Grandfather, why didn't you salute to me?” Zhao Hai caught the eye to look at this Third Grandfather one, showed a faint smile said : Third Grandfather to be good, I was first time come Calci Family, first time saw fellow elders, was not really clear regarding status, but just had I saluted to Third Grandfather? Hasn't Third Grandfather seen?” Third Grandfather one hear of Zhao Hai said that the face to cannot help but sink said : dissolutely, has you such to speak to the elder? Do you dare the contradicting elder? You think that my Calci Family doesn't have family rule?” Zhao Hai looked at Third Grandfather one, shows a faint smile said : my don’t know Calci Family to have Clan, but my Buda Family really has the family rule, Buda Family family rule first choice, any to the Buda Family slander opposite direction person, is the Buda Family enemy, regards the weight that the sentiment cuts to give the punishment, but I think that we are the whole families, obviously this family rule not suitable uses, therefore does, don’t know can Third Grandfather also satisfy to my reply?” Third Grandfather stares, then he to was real don’t know said that any was good, Megan became engaged with Zhao Hai, on the custom according to Continent, she was the Buda Family person, but Zhao Hai was Buda Family Patriarch, by the Clan control of Calci Family, he was not pressed Zhao Hai with this matter, but could also not press. However Zhao Hai said that also makes the Calci Family person look that he is not pleasing to the eyes, but actually some one type of dogs bite the hedgehog unable the feeling of end opening, words that Zhao Hai spoke in principle, normally Zhao Hai now with Megan is only the engagement, has not married, said that is not big with Calci Family relationship, Zhao Hai is Buda Family Patriarch, Calci Family should put out the corresponding courtesy to receive Zhao Hai to be good, should not exhibit such battle formation. Juwan thinks that look at Zhao Hai makes a boner, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly relaxed melted their method, moreover makes Third Grandfather to be speechless, this lets his originally flaming combustion the anger, burns was more prosperous, he one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, your other proud, you is a relying on Megan handsome boy, has something proud? You have not married Megan now, believes me to make you marry inadequately?” Zhao Hai look at mad dog same Juwan, shows a faint smile said : not to believe.” Said that in has not said a character, even has not looked at Juwan one, completely has disregarded Juwan, this makes Juwan almost not be irritated. Looked at Zhao Hai such performance, the person in room was angry, humming sound sound even bigger, their this people are Calci Family old person, but Carchi Province put is Great Clan that Rosen Empire knew how things stand, when some people dare such spoke to them? Their that can bear this. Lando looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but secret smiles, he to thought good that Zhao Hai makes, this time he goes to Sky Water City there, experiences the Zhao Hai fierce place, before the Yu Clan clan something that handled have also carried on the reconsideration, now he may not have what favorable impression to these people. The person in room humming sound half of the day , is really don’t know is what kind of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai present status, is not they can easily with pinching, the strength has been placed in there, they are angry to Zhao Hai, actually does not dare to go too far, if has gotten into a deadlock with Zhao Hai, then may not have the advantage to them, Zhao Hai including 9th level Expert extinguished the person. Lando looked that these people did not have the words saying that what did he lightly cough said : also people might ask Little Hai? If no, bringing Little Hai to rest.”

Gan Ying, look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, to Lando and Smith gave a salute, in other person of gave a salute to room, this turn around leave, in the courtesy, your point cannot discover his fault. Left the living room, Gansu suddenly has laughed said : well, the attractiveness that Little Hai, you did, HaHaHa, these fellows also really think one were a character, HaHaHa, satisfying.” Zhao Hai can determine that Gansu the person in sound living room can definitely hear, but Gansu in other words, moreover said such unscrupulous, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai regarding the status in Gansu more curious, how the appearance of Gansu did not have an appearance of servant, this was too strange. Gansu look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : „to know why I do dare a face not to them? Moreover can live well?” Zhao Hai honest nod, laughs said : your youngster, if shakes the head, I did not certainly tell you, you nodded, explained that your youngster was a solid person, I told you, I was the person of Calci Family previous generation Clan adoption, when adopted me, in Calci Family a successor did not have, on the convention according to Continent, I had the right of inheritance, moreover I in the armed forces, the military exploit was highest at that time, if, the Calci Family Patriarch position, I were most likely to sit, foster father also very liked me, prepared to be inherited of Patriarch by me, He also retires to attack the boundary of 9th level, but I with Lando to the temperament, I know that my temperament is too anxious, is too straight, not suitable Boss lord, therefore I initiative said to foster father that I come, when Manager, lets the Lando Boss lord, foster father also agreed that therefore Lando has become Patriarch, afterward foster father attacked the boundary of 9th level to be successful, now is 9th level Expert, but I am best with foster father relationship, is most likely to attack the boundary of 9th level, therefore these fellow do not dare to offend my, do not look scenery that now Lando this Patriarch works as, in foster father. When he honestly.” Zhao Hai nodded, why he was understand Gan Gan so was now unscrupulous, he really had such qualifications, his foster father was Calci Family former generation Patriarch, now is 9th level Expert, whose crazy will offend him. Quick Zhao Hai they arrive at that courtyard that Smith has lived, this courtyard is very big, the known as sound of the wind in the trees occupies, inside old tree is towering, the very elegant atmosphere, Zhao Hai likes here very much. Gansu receives in front of the door Zhao Hai, told the in front of the door two servants a Zhao Hai status, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : good youngster, I deliver to this you, waits to have the time to ask you to drink two cups in the evening, now I must go to be busy.” Zhao Hai very respects to this frank old person, immediately/on horseback to Gansu bow surface said : good, when I finished, certainly does obeisance this you with Megan.” Gansu waved, is laughing leave.