Chapter 450 banquet Zhao Hai entered courtyard, the immediately person servant came to get him to arrive at Smith to small courtyard that he prepared, this sound of the wind in the trees occupied is very big courtyard, in this big courtyard was divided into certain small courtyard, but Zhao Hai they have occupied small courtyard. The servants received outside Zhao Hai the institute on leave, Zhao pushes the front gate, entered courtyard, entered the front gate he to see Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then said loudly: Young Master came back.” Hears the Xu Wanying sound, Laura they walked out from the room, home clothing/taking that now they change, seems like much more optional, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, Megan also. Zhao Hai has said a hello with several people, got the people to enter the room, sat to the living room, Megan looked at Zhao Hai to sit down, immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, haven't they felt embarrassed you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, passed, they have not felt embarrassed me, was right, a while has the words of time, you look for Grandpa Gan, I give him the marine products in these Space, no matter what this is also our gifts.” Megan nodded said : well, a while I went to say with Grandpa Gan, Elder Brother Hai, what matter have you experienced in the living room today?” Zhao Hai looks at the Megan appearance, knows, if fresh the matter in the living room did not tell her, she will not feel at ease, Zhao Hai fresh the matter in the living room said to Megan. Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiled got up said : well, good that Elder Brother Hai said that your don’t know, Third Grandfather that person, has done with the grandfather right, he already wants to deliver to marry me, the good father and grandfather have been blocking, their pressures were also very big, Third Grandfather has won over a family's large quantities of person, exerted pressure to the father and grandfather, reason that afterward the grandfather did not have too intensely the opposition our wedding, had relationship with this matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, the internal struggle of this Great Clan, when to cannot avoid, because the people have the greed, few of obtaining, always wants to obtain many, obtained, wants to obtain, this struggle could not avoid. Megan then said : Fifth Uncle already had a grudge with you, and because of your matter, the grandfather in favoring him, I thinks that he will certainly voice the resentment on you, but he now the influence to the grandfather was not big, you do not need to be worried.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to have anything to be good to be worried that by my present strength, even if Rosen Empire wants me not to be impossible, feel relieved was good, I will not care.” Megan relaxed said : I to not to be worried that your security, I am feared that the Fifth Uncle annoying to be angry me, you will cope with Calci Family, Calci Family may unable to block your attack.” Zhao Hai and Laura they, as soon as listened to Megan saying that cannot help but laughed, Megan has also smiled, but she just said that all did not crack a joke, the Calci Family other person of don’t know Zhao Hai strengths, she was very clear, if Zhao Hai must begin to cope with Calci Family, that Calci Family on Zhao's ending. After having smiled, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this several days you must prepare, perhaps several banquets must participate.” Zhao Hai stares, then knit the brows said : banquet? Can I not participate?” Megan forced smile said : this feared that is very difficult, not only our Calci Family must hold the banquet, in the city other Noble there must hold the banquet, Prince also will hold the banquet, even if others' banquet you do not participate, Calci Family the banquet, you have no alternative but to participate with the banquet that Charlie Prince does hold? However I think that you should better or choose several to have the status Noble banquet to participate, this to our Buda Family many advantage, personal connection sometimes such establishes.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighed, he also had general nerd to have the problem that did not like treating with courtesy, therefore Zhao Hai regarding these banquets and so on, did not have what favorable impression. However Megan said also right, regarding Noble, this banquet has to participate, this is also the Zhao Hai most worried place. The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile Elder Brother Hai that said : is all right, don't worry, you liked participating to participate, does not want to go to us to be able, look at us, so long as our Buda Family strength arrived, even if were we do not attend any banquet, they will be also same will cooperate with us, Noble was this.” Megan to had not opposed, but nodded said : on our Buda Family current strength, truly can not attend these banquets, but the issue is, our present strengths, few know personally that although we extinguished several 9th level Expert in Purcell Duchy there, but now looks like, on Continent *** calculates generally this account the head of Origin Sword Saint, otherwise already some people started to try to contact with our Buda Family, therefore I think the suitable ginseng add some dinner party should.”

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura one, Laura also nodded, to the Buda Family present situation, the suitable participation banquet should be, the banquet that especially these Great Clan held, should participate, this can slowly made Buda Family token in upper reaches Noble, making these Great Noble know Buda Family, after no matter first, can cooperate, the most minimum present can mix a face to be ripe. Zhao Hai looked that Laura also agreed that he must nod said :well, I will participate, some that but must choose, I do not want to use the time at attending the banquet. Laura smiles said : feel relieved to be good, nobody will make you waste the time at attending the banquet, after having waited for God's Grace Day, it will not take long must start cultured, when the time comes we must go to Beastman Prairie, the there also big pile of matters of we process, when the time comes you want to attend the banquet not to be impossible.” In this time, the Xu Wanying sound is conveying said : Smith Grand Duke.” Zhao Hai stares, his don’t know did Smith do at this time, but he was immediately has stood, was leading Laura their walked out, looked that Smith and wife entered the institute, Zhao Hai welcomed in them the living room hastily, after sitting down, Laura they have sent to sub to them. Smith has drunk a sub, good that very this look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you today display, not only has not lost the face of Buda Family, but also father very much happy, tonight my there has also held the family reunion banquet, I Big Brother, the Third Brother, the brothers please go, you also pass, they want to see you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I certainly go when the time comes.” Smith nodded, then sighs said : today you to contradict three uncles, this no big deal, but before being just right, you and Clan lived a conflict, the father one this time goes to Sky Water City to prevent Megan to marry your, but after coming back, actually suddenly changed the speech, this lets some people very discontented in Clan, today I want to make Big Brother they see you, our these brothers now in Clan reality according to Department, if our alliance gets up, how they do not dare, otherwise, after you, in Clan possible by many supercilious looks.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this you to not to need to be worried that I do not prepare in the here dull too long time, I do not have that many time to stay in here, has waited for God's Grace Day, my leave, is only this several days time, I think that should not have the matter, so long as I little exited on the line.” Smith looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed, how he also real don’t know must reach an agreement, he knows that Zhao Hai was not one likes *** the person, all lived at Zhao Hai matter, almost some people first annoyed him, but if some people have annoyed, he will be impolite.

Smith fears also this point, although Smith don’t know Zhao Hai true strength, the strength that but Zhao Hai shows now was not weak, if Calci Family these people offended Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai feared that will be impolite, when the time comes matter possibly troubled. Megan looks at the Smith appearance, cannot help but smiled said : grandfather, will not have the matter, in the family has Grandpa Gan look at, instead to will not have any matter, we will arrive at outside them to look for the trouble of Elder Brother Hai, you did not need to worry that family's matter, was right, if this several days in the city had that Great Noble if held the banquet, you must pay attention, had a look to suit Elder Brother Hai to participate.” Smith has gawked, but his immediately understand the meaning of Megan, did he turn the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai you to plan to participate in that a family/clan to attend the meeting? Depending on my face, no matter that will send the written invitation.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „, if makes me elect, my rather that does not participate, but the uncle you also knows, now cloth in Clan just a little status, but also needs to contact with them, therefore these banquets do not participate are not good.” Smith smiles right that said : you said that in this case, you do not participate are incorrect, good, I pay attention to you, goes to go with our Calci Family relationship good Clan, but also the type has the advantage to your show.” Zhao Hai nodded, to does not have counter-, he also knows that by the Buda Family present situation, participates the dinner party not to have too many people to pay attention, he is just mixes a face to be ripe, but the banquet that Smith lets his ginseng add some and Calci Family gets to know each other well the family that puts, is good for him, if goes to these not to be ripe, may say some coarse did not say. The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, did not say these, my this went back to prepare, when prepared, I sent for calling you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Smith was then leading with wife leave that Laura they spoke. Looks at Smith leave, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to Megan said : Megan, your uncle, what person the Third Uncle and are four uncles? Be easy getting along with? Not like your Fifth Uncle?” Megan smiles said : not, feel relieved was good, my uncle they are very easy getting along with, especially my Third Uncle, the matter in his simply Butler, wholeheartedly is only not thinking the practice......”