Chapter 451 story After Megan introduced that Zhao Hai regarding Calci Family these successors some certain understanding, must also say Calci Family these successors also are really very good, has various skills respectively, besides Juwan, several other, the character who almost can assume sole responsibility for an important task. Eldest Child Peter has sat in Clan, is the matter in commanding officer Dark Magician Alliance, the status in Dark Magician Alliance is very high. Second Child was Smith, but Smith now the Calci Family purse, Calci Family although also had fief in other places, but must say that most made money, that naturally was Sky Water City, because he has made a lot of money to Calci Family, therefore he status in Calci Family was also very high. Third Child Dillat is one practices crazily, most has no interest of position of Patriarch, in his opinion, the position of any Patriarch, has important that practices without the wind draft, he also making every effort to succeed, drinks in young, but is 8th level Expert, has been able to attack the boundary of 9th level in several days. Fourth Child Mike, the diplomat in Calci Family, the slick character, these years help to the Calci Family is also very big, because these year of Calci Family were suppressed by Radiant Church, if not his deal with in all directions, possibly Calci Family could not maintain the present status. These regarding Calci Family are very important, the matter in Dillat although not Butler clan, but is in Calci Family is most likely becomes 9th level Expert one, so long as he has become 9th level Expert, Lando this sits quietly the position of Patriarch, active resulted in nobody. Megan just said to Zhao Hai that outside had the servant to come to ask Zhao Hai to pass, Smith there has prepared. Zhao Hai nodded, passed with Megan, Laura they have not actually gone to collect that liveliness, but Laura they do not have is unhappy, the experience is Laura very clear, Zhao Hai does not want to go, but also does not have the means not to go. Looked Zhao Hai and Megan to the main chamber living room that in the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied, in the living room only then Smith and wife sit in there, has not seen others, after Zhao Hai they salute, Smith asks Zhao Hai to sit on the opposite sand, open the mouth and said: Today is only the family reunion banquet, I have let Kristen and Diya invite his uncle they, wants to believe them to come quickly, you are the younger generation, therefore I ahead of time called you.” Zhao Hai to had not opposed that he in Peter their eyes truly is a younger generation, is adding on today is only the family reunion banquet, he prepares to greet several to be also normal ahead of time.

Now he can be considered as is Lando this, two people, some customs must defend, especially at the family reunion banquet, his although cannot them so many customs like Kristen, but some customs he must honor is good. Naturally, this also facing Shi Misi, if facing Juwan, Zhao Hai will not obey any custom he, the person respects my one foot, I respect person one zhang (3.33 m), this is the Zhao Hai handling matters principle. Before long outside transmits shout loudly of servant: First Young Master, Third Young Master said that four Young Master said.” With the speech sound, three people entered courtyard. Zhao Hai and Smith stand to come out to greet hastily, Zhao Hai is taking a look at these three people, the appearance of these three people are various, walks in middle one is a person of ordinary Noble appearance, could not look that has the place that anything loses face, long looks like with Smith very much, but looks like the age is bigger than Smith, this should be Peter. The one who walks left side of Peter is a Magic Robe person, Magic Robe most traditional black Magic Robe that he puts on, looks like the airtight appearance, this person of long very thin, but can look, if he in fat, with skin their long looks like very much, now although is very thin, is adding on complexion to be pale, but actually another sickness Scholar same refined temperament, this should be Dillat. What walks right Peter is magnificent Noble robe appearance Fatty, this person to is not very fat, but compares Peter and Dillat they are is much fatter, but he actually fat is not ugly, is adding on complexion to be ruddy, a smiling face of face, appears very amiable, this should be Mike. Really, Smith immediately/on horseback goes forward one step, to middle that person of gave a salute said : Big Brother.” Then turns the head to that fat one to be thin their said : Third Brother, the Fourth Brother, you came.” Zhao Hai also walked at this time, salutes to several people, Zhao Hai also present, these people he really have also seen, was just in lobby there, but these people had not spoken at that time, is only static sitting in there, therefore Zhao Hai and don’t know their status. Peter they also changed to the body of Zhao Hai the vision, looked that Zhao Hai salutes to them, does Peter cannot help but smile said : Zhao Hai? HaHaHa, I had already heard you, good youngster, there is arrogant Qi Strength, is very good.”

Zhao Hai quickly said: Does not dare, when can not uncle so praise saying that youngster also feared that uncle strange youngster is impolite.” Peter laughed, what pats the shoulder of Zhao Hai not saying that at this time Dillat suddenly said : Zhao Hai, did you have 10,000 Beastman Race Undead Creature Cavalry really?” Zhao Hai already knows that Dillat is one practices crazily, has not actually thought that his first few words asked was this, his quickly said: Returns to Third Uncle's words, is, in the past on Beastman Prairie, was helping Hercules Tauren Clan busy, these Beastman Undead Creature, received from Prairie, was Cavalry of Bull clan.” Dillat immediately/on horseback said : release comes to see.” Zhao Hai stares, non- face awkward turning the head look at Smith, Smith smiles said : to put one to come out to have a look, the Third Brother likes research these thing.” Zhao Hai complied with one, hand has wielded, release Undead Creature Cavalry of Bull clan. Dillat arrives around that Beastman Race Cavalry, careful is sizing up that Cavalry, now this Cavalry was an appearance of skeleton, Dillat carefully looked at this skeleton, but also has knocked two with the hand, was a face startled look at Zhao Hai said : that accommodated this is Advanced level Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai knows that he cannot hide the truth from Dillat's such expert, he does not want to conceal the truth, he nodded said : „, moreover they can also turn into Zombie.” Said that in hand Magic Staff wields, that Beastman Race skeleton Cavalry, immediately turned into Zombie Cavalry, these, not only Dillat was attracted, Peter they were also attracted. look at this and really different Zombie Cavalry, Peter's their complexion very surprised, they are since childhood research and study Black Magic, regarding Black Magic naturally very familiar, but they had not heard such Black Magic, can let Undead Creature unexpectedly between the transformation that the skeleton and Zombie protect. Must know that in the system of Black Magic, the skeleton and Zombie are two different systems, the skeleton must strengthen, slowly will only turn into the black iron skeleton, bronze skeleton, silver skeleton, golden skeleton wait / etc., but Zombie will also turn into iron-covered Zombie, copper sheet Zombie, Silver Corpse, Gold Corpse this kind, had not heard that skeleton can turn into Zombie, had not heard that Zombie can turn into the skeleton.

Dillat research some little time, does not have research to leave anything to come, Smith actually recovered at this time, he knows that cannot make Dillat such research get down, otherwise today this food does not need to eat. He to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, receives hastily first him, we enter the room to speak.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, received that Undead Creature, Dillat also wants to make Zhao Hai release come, actually by Smith preventing, several people entered the room to sit. Just sat down Smith to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what's all this about? Your Undead Creature why such mysterious?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : this my also don’t know, this possibly has relationship with my in hand the Magic Staff.” Now Zhao Hai in hand is taking was that does not have transformation Ghost Staff, Skull, the joint composed, gloomy Magic Staff. Zhao Hai has given Dillat Magic Staff, at the same time said : this Magic Staff is I on Black Wasteland presently, because at that time I under drinking Water of Nothingness, completely discouraged, wants to run up to Carrion Swamp to commit suicide, has not actually thought that enters to Swamp, on present this Magic Staff, at that time out of curiosity, took up to come to see, has not actually thought that this Magic Staff mouth of Skull one, but also has nipped my one, has attracted my many blood, at that time I on fainting, afterward had been saved coming out by Grandpa Green in the past, but this root Magic Staff actually continuously then I, I. To lose cannot discard, I also presently the toxin of water of my nihility has solved simultaneously, but can very convenient use various be Magic, when uses Black Magic, actually heart application, moreover Undead Creature that this Magic Staff also makes into to all me has probably the function of blessing/additional support, is only with most Inferior level Bone-Forging Technique, can manufacture just that Advanced level Undead Creature, moreover there is an ability of that transformation, afterward I also presently, this Magic Staff, others took away have more than enough, no matter that person Magic Staff belt to there, so long as my thought that Magic Staff on can. returned to my in hand, to the present my also don’t know this Magic Staff origin.” Zhao Hai this turned the excuse is he already prepared, this matter also nobody knows in any case that Green they were impossible to betray him, he may arranging of vigor, before him wrote the novel the writing skill, arranged this is also not small side dish one plate. Really, one hear of he said that Dillat cannot help but held up Magic Staff to try the effect, but a simply effect did not have, what probably his in hand took was a piece Stone. Zhao Hai this turned the excuse, Smith they to has believed that because Carrion Swamp there was really too mysterious, these many years, 9th level Expert has gone to die, nobody can live coming out, but on these 9th level Expert had the treasure, what who knew Zhao Hai obtained was that 9th level Expert treasure, they sighed that Zhao Hai good luck, has not suspected Zhao Hai, after all the initially Buda Family person truly entered Black Wasteland, now knew in there nobody, they looked like in Smith, Zhao Hai currently had strength like this, he was impossible in living in Black Wasteland there.