Chapter 452 daily family activity Dillat manipulates Ghost Staff some little time, presently really has had more than enough, he then gained ground to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you did not say this Magic Staff, no matter in convenient hand, so long as your thought can returned to your in hand? You try me to have a look.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, Dillat's tight grabbing Ghost Staff, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, shows a faint smile, the intention moves, Dillat felt that own in hand one light, then that Magic Staff vanished from own in hand, then appears in Zhao Hai in hand. Smith their several people have also been staring at them, now looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, their look at that Magic Staff helplessly from Dillat's in hand information, then appears in Zhao Hai in hand, before this matter them, has not met, heard that does not have. Some little time Smith several talented people mutually looked at one, then face surprised look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : this thing such mysteriously, my don’t know what's the matter, I with understand his complete ability, slowly had not been trying to find out now.” Smith nodded said : originally is this, no wonder your strength in such a short time rose these many, originally because of this Magic Staff.” Zhao Hai nodded, Mike look at Zhao Hai said : that the one side sits Little Hai your present strength to several levels?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to arrive at 8th level , can use 8th level Magic.” Smith they are two eyes one bright, 8th level Expert, on Continent has been able to run amuck a side, Smith is said : no wonder Third Prince to you so polite, originally because of this.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, Third Prince Your Highness knows my strength, therefore wants to win over me, although I complied, but I actually cannot completely be his under the hand/subordinate now, I with relationship that he cooperates, I help him, he helps me, is so, if, I can be his staff.” The staff, this is also the Noble Clan common one type of person, this person is similar to worshipped/Foreign Elder, but they are more free than worshipped/Foreign Elder, they and Lord's Family are only one type of employment relationship, with remains, the disagreement goes. The common staff are on Continent the people of some well known becoming famous, such not only wants fighting strength to be formidable, but must alliance, be able to offer advice to Lord's Family, such person in the Lord's Family places is very high. Smith nodded said : well, Little Hai the chooses, all had not sold to itself Third Prince, will otherwise be more troublesome, ok, did not say that this, walked, we drink.” Said that please several people go to the dining room, to the dining room, Smith please several people have sat down, the madame and Megan have actually drawn back, the dining room left the men.

Has the servant to provide the food and wine, Smith sits on the seat of honor, smiles said : this immediately to God's Grace Day, our brothers several with these small time of get together, I also want to ask the Fifth Brother to come, but the Fifth Brother has grudge with Little Hai, he is not willing to come, I do not have the means that today asks you to come, does not have other meaning, wants to make Little Hai know with you, avoid after this youngster, mixed to affront you in the suspect.” Zhao Hai also holds up wine glass, embarrassed look at several people, Peter their look at Zhao Hai appearance, he he chuckle, their although for that imperial throne in struggle, but their several may be the smart people, will not make to harm the Calci Family matter, they with Juwan are two people, because of this, therefore they are not quite good with Juwan relationship, therefore normally meeting, only then several people of together, Juwan little participates. The Mike look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : I not to look, today my although with Little Hai first meeting, however Little Hai itself I was actually saw one or two, before these that adding on heard, I can affirm, if were not the little brother has annoyed Little Hai first, Little Hai will not begin, was adding on the Third Uncle he to come up to be difficult to Little Hai, otherwise Little Hai will not do.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, raised glass said : four uncles to overpraise to Mike, youngster was an ignorant junior, when can not your praise.” Mike shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, you were too polite, you do is very good, if is not so good, Buda Family that the person does is impossible in such a short time to reach today this situation, even if your strength in is also useless, he he, was good, did not say these, come, we drink.” Smith they have held up wine glass, has drunk up. good wine, now they drink is Milk Wine that Zhao Hai takes, this Milk Wine is of Zhao Hai rough machining, the number of degree is not very high, can toss down the cup Peter their how many people had not said that too the matter in Clan, is only the idle talk daily family activity, only discussed that brotherly love, this arrives makes Zhao Hai somewhat not look at understand, his understand how many person of what is this, are they only discuss the sentiment today? After a while, looks at several people of such, but was chatting the daily family activity, has not said any matter, Zhao Hai on understand slowly, their although is very also polite, but they after all struggle that position now, naturally cannot say too many family's matters, so as to avoid being wrapped the words by others, affected friendly, fortunately only spoke some smalltalk, this better a little. Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in there, look at Smith their several people chatted in there, suddenly felt that very senseless, these people currently in the surface the brother has younger brother respectful, the back must fight life and death, false. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai and Smith have packed off three people, this with Kristen their returned to in the living room, after several people sat down, Smith look at Zhao Hai said : how did Little Hai, see to select what?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to look, actually this is also good, everyone/Great Clan can fight, but must depending on own skill, unable by harming others, is called the benign competition like this, I think like this very well, the person who like this elects, person who certainly is one has the ability, only then such Calci Family can a better show.” The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, nodded slightly said : well, Little Hai, your observation very careful, in Clan besides the elder of pendulum in famous surface rolls actually, a Law Enforcement elder group, that Law Enforcement elder group is by Clan 9th level Expert direct control, his conduct, Patriarch has no right to question, but this Law Enforcement elder group, has not participated in the authority of Clan discussing official business, therefore our Calci Family person although is competing, does not have any big calamity, Little Hai, your Buda Family was strength/Origin Qi has damaged severely now, although the strength is now tyrannical, but strength. Dying young Clan has plenty that extremely for a while, finally actually perishes, our Calci Family can unfold to today's this situation, has plenty thing is worth for reference, avoid also you take too many tortuous paths, your understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : my understand, uncle feel relieved, I diligently study certainly.”

Smith look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : your Buda Family beforehand show, has had very close relationship with the Aksu Empire royal family, this you were forever impossible become real power Great Noble, this time your Buda Family although was bad the disaster, but actually was also rise from the ashes opportunity, you can official was separated from the Aksu royal family, established one millenniums Great Clan.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought this point, but his immediately/on horseback a little lacks confidence, he is only nerd, now some suddenly people said that you can establish one millenniums Great Clan, although have the help of Space, but Zhao Hai somewhat lacks confidence. Smith saw the hesitation of Zhao Hai, his deep voice said : Little Hai, do not blame me to talk too much, you every kind good, the management is able, is competent, is also very good to the person, your person to your also very loyal, sole insufficient does not have the confidence, you handle the matter always to make the worst plan, then toward good doing, such although can make you little make mistakes, but will make similarly also you lose many opportunity, your this is incorrect.” The Zhao Hai look at Smith appearance, forced smile said : I also know this point, but does not have the means that my disposition is this, said it, now the Buda Family situation you are don’t know, our Buda Family now not many farming, outside 100 Human Race slaves who only then several factories, in that factory, except for bought, only remaining more than 1000 the Giant-horn Ox Clan slave who makes from Tauren Clan there, the person are too few, moreover as these people, impossible to walk on Continent publicly, otherwise did not need me now to run around.” Smith nodded, that assembly line production that look at Zhao Hai said : your factory neighborhood comes out to was very good, the father has prepared to execute in Clan, should your several factories be good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to fear that told you, thing that although this assembly line production makes is quick, thing that but this makes actually wants the uniform standard, but in my work has some thing, does not use assembly line production, thing that the Old Fang method of using, this method helps, although feared, but the quality is better, durable, therefore these thing prices compared with assembly line production expensive some, now the people feeling has not come out possibly, person but who they slowly on understand, when the time comes these will have the status, will use that old means produce to come out. thing, as the matter stands such thing price high, in I work the manpower not to be many, therefore can only take this type of high-quality route.” Smith smiles to is good scheme that said : your youngster hits, but you said also right, the person in our Calci Family factory are many, impossible to make the high-quality goods like you, therefore uses assembly line production appropriately.” Zhao Hai nodded said : because of this point, therefore the management of our there impossible to be the same with your here, now can say that the Buda Family advantage is in my one, therefore I do not dare to take risk.” Smith nodded said : you such to do also right, do not worry, show slowly, in any case you now are 8th level , but can also exactly many years, so long as you hit the background, later Buda Family will be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, before sighing said : „, I cannot think these, on is leading the person of water of nihility, can live how long? Now the toxin of water of nihility solved, I feel relieved.” Smith naturally also knows that water of nihility fierce place, that leaves a legacy of trouble the descendants, therefore has not felt any improper place to the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai shaking the head said : of gently did not say these, Uncle, after celebrating the new year, I prepared to go to in the sea, was fishing to select thing to give Charlie, then must go to Prairie, the there matter returned has plenty.” Smith nodded, said : your matter I don't care, but, if has any good business, must do in Sky Water City.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this I already to think, after the preparation celebrated the new year, goes to Sky Water City there to choose a place to open a shop, this matter I made Megan be responsible, later made her discuss with you.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then look at Zhao Hai said : „do you really make Megan be responsible for you in the Sky Water City shop? She had not done these before.” Kristen and Diya face surprised look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will make Megan act unexpectedly, before Megan, is a tender young lady, making her make merry, wear appearance these are good, making her choose the address, does business? Can this be good? The Zhao Hai look at three people of surprised appearances, smile said : line, I have reached an agreement with Megan, she grows up in Sky Water City since childhood, is most familiar with Sky Water City, therefore this matter made her be done, I thought her probably very happy.” Smith has smiled bitterly, he also real don’t know Megan really has such side, tender young lady who before only understood the appearance, now unexpectedly by entrust/winding by heavy responsibility. Zhao Hai watched the weather, turns the head to Smith said : uncle, now the weather early, I cannot go back.” Smith nodded, after Zhao Hai then stood saluted, leave, Zhao Hai leave, Kristen to Smith said : father, Little Hai some did not trust us, why otherwise didn't tell us Buda Family Encampment?” Smith has smiled bitterly next step: Looked like he said that now Buda Family was too weak, most important was nobody, therefore he cannot say, if otherwise their Clan Encampment were given to destroy, they also ended, but I think that their Clan Encampment should not be far to Beastman Prairie, otherwise his impossible matter to run toward Beastman Prairie, moreover there can also receive some Beastman slaves, therefore I guess that his Clan Encampment left certainly Beastman Prairie not to be far.” Kristen nodded said : this also no wonder Little Hai, he offended Radiant Church before, Radiant Church the strength on Continent is very big, feared that is also only then Beastman Prairie there has been able to guarantee the completeness of their Clan.” Smith nodded said : you to pay attention, having a look at nearest/recent in the city that Great Noble to hold the banquet, best is our relationship is good, making Little Hai attend several banquets, no matter what, Little Hai became engaged with Megan now, even if were good for Megan, must make Buda Family good, Buda Family was good, the Megan day will feel better.” They complied with one, turn around walked.