Chapter 453 small liquor small side dish

When returned to own courtyard, Zhao Hai sat to the living room, let out a long breath, did Laura look at the Zhao Hai appearance, immediately gives Zhao Hai one cup to be possible but actually Asian said : Elder Brother Hai? Do I think you probably am very tired? What did Smith say to you?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : he to has not said anything, but also very polite, but deals with them to come, I felt is really very tired, fighting one is more tired.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiles said : naturally fighting one was more tired, goes to war in any case, you are sitting in behind command(er), simply is not tired.” Zhao Hai white Laura, stirs up Laura to laugh, at this time Megan also walked from outside, enters the living room, look at Zhao Hai said : of face smiling face Elder Brother Hai, the uncle they are it seems like good to your impression, fantastic, has the uncle they to support, later we handle any matter, was smoother.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be good, I today with the uncle eats meal, presently the uncle with the uncle they in eating meal, matter in a Clan had not discussed that but chatted some daily family activities in there, this indicated that they were the matches, if this big time they were helping us, will only help the long uncle's strength, I think that this matter uncle they will not do, you also lost heart.” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that sighs, was not saying anything, she also knows Zhao Hai said real, now her the uncle they to his family are friendly, but, if struggled the imperial throne to come, they will be impolite. The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, comforted said : to be good, all right, you did not need to think that I looked the uncle they were also the people who knew the weight . Moreover the uncle also told me, Calci Family had one to wrap own censorship method, this will not live any too big matter, you did not need to be worried.” Megan nodded, but can look, she is not quite happy, Zhao Hai does not have the means that the matter of this struggle position, may live in any. Zhao Hai thinks that shifts topic said : a while we to send to Grandpa Gan these marine products, in having two days wanted grudge, I thought that we also went to in the city to play, in this Carson City converged world all commodities, now immediately wants grudge, this commodity were certainly more, we must go to strolling well, bought good thing to come back.” The Megan look at Zhao living expenses are smiling said : also well, tomorrow we go to in the city strolling well, what Elder Brother Hai do you want to buy?” Zhao Hai smiled said : „the present not to think, but wants to have a look, what good thing has to buy, tomorrow gets me to go to the here slave market to have a look, you did not think that we should buy some slaves after a period of time?”

Megan nodded said : „should, but Elder Brother Hai, do we buy the slave now? Don't forget, year later had the hundred thousand Beastman slave to arrive on Black Wasteland.” Zhao Hai smiling stands said : feel relieved, I have not certainly forgotten, but these Beastman slaves will not cultivate, the slave but who the person puts can actually, after these Human Race slaves buy, but can also make them hand over these Beastman slaves to cultivate . Moreover the Human Race slave mostly will also construct some simple houses, Beastman has actually gotten used to living the tent, habits and customs has plenty differences, therefore buys some Human Race slaves to come back, has the advantage to us.” Megan nodded said : well, but this slave market is actually not in the city, but is outside the city, I looked after we celebrated a holiday, is going, in grudge these days, the slave market there person are most, we wait for person few for good.” Zhao Hai said : why were the person most at this time? If the people are really many, we went late, that good slave to be selected by others?” Megan smiles said : grudge time, in has plenty Great Clan will be unbearably busy, will discover some dignified slaves, making them help to the palace, if these slaves well done, later their day also will feel better, in adding on this year, dies of illness, slave has plenty that dies of exhaustion, the common families will be calling this opportunity, bought some new slaves, feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, slave has plenty in slave market, they selected do not have.” Zhao Hai frowns said : these slaves to come from there, why will have these many?” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai this your don’t know, these slaves have some are commoner do not have the means to pay taxes, but lends money not to have the also means, was bought to work as the slave , some are these generations for the person of slave, their child growth were big, or some old slaves old could not do anything to live, will sell out, therefore on Continent always did not lack the slave.” Zhao Hai sighed, has not been saying anything, he also knows that this was the Continent present situation, by his present ability, is impossible to change , can only be completely an own strength , helping person who some have been able to help. Megan also knows that the Zhao Hai thoughts, her first time saw after Zhao Hai that many slaves restore the commoner status, feels being startled, but she is also a good person, in Meg with her, as soon as explained that her immediately understand Zhao Hai has thought of intent, her the procedure to Zhao Hai approves of, now looked that Zhao Hai is unhappy, her immediately/on horseback shift topic said : Elder Brother Hai, we give Grandpa Gan to deliver the marine product, making him also well have a preparation.” Zhao Hai nodded, has stood, Laura they have also stood, smiles said : we also to go, visit well one this dark soldier fort is any appearance, has any difference with our Iron Mountain Fort.” Megan smiles said : well, but the dark soldier fort has some places to enter, other places to can visit, walks, I lead you to go.” Said that then Laura they went out, Zhao Hai must smile bitterly following on the heels.

Went out, the immediately person servant welcomed, Megan makes that servant lead them to look for Gansu, the status of Gansu in palace very special, even if Lando to his very respectful, the person who he is reprehensible opens mouth scolds, will never be polite, but his although temperament is irritable, but to the servant is actually very good, therefore the servant in palace to his very respectful, if made mistakes, was scolded by, will not bear a grudge. Zhao Hai they had found quickly Gansu, Gansu now in kitchen there, now immediately to God's Grace Day, the place like dark soldier fort, must have the massive food to be good, because here must always carry on some banquets and so on, food and so on, if saves insufficient, that lost face. Now was examining in Warehouse there of kitchen that every year must handle the same matter, therefore Gansu does not have the expression that anything does not bear, examination care of. Zhao Hai enters this Warehouse to stare, thing in this Warehouse is really many, some food his simply has not seen, pendulum according to groups in Warehouse. At this time that servant has arrived at the side of Gansu, spoke a few words, Gansu gawked, turns the head to look, but also was Zhao Hai they came, Gansu to Zhao Hai impression, but was good, walked out of half step, laughed hastily said : Little Hai, small Megan, did you run up to here to come? Delicious what wants to have a look to have? feel relieved, if has really delicious, I will not forget you.” Megan runs up to the side of Gansu, is holding arm said : of Gansu Grandpa Gan, this Elder Brother Hai comes to deliver thing to you, if you do not want, that will be will regret.” Gansu stares, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai also to have good thing? What thing? Puts out to come to see?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, big pile of thing appears in courtyard, is only Swordfish and crab and so on has stood many places, these thing are not small. These are Zhao Hai let Cai'er training specially, compared with on these big several that in the sea sees, very noticeable. Gansu looks at these thing, surprised serious, immediately two eyes one bright, but these good thing, especially these Swordfish and big crabs, now on Continent were very rare, even if saw, that cannot see such in a big way, if has made the dish these thing, banquet time takes outward, certainly shakes these to attend the banquet. At these year of banquets does not have what new food appears , everyone/Great Clan eats is these thing, does not have what fresh idea, therefore currently had these thing, that Calci Family banquet certainly very Cai'er.

These thing that Zhao Hai takes are dies, is freezing, but this cannot baffle Gansu, everyone/Great Clan like them puts, each is a cold storage, inside with the Magic Formation refrigeration of big shape, can be used for frozen thing, can be used for the system to be frozen, to help the summer spend the summer to use. Gansu looked some little time, turned the head look at Zhao Hai to laugh said : good youngster, your also somewhat good thing, good, had these thing, our Buda Family this year's banquet most loses certainly face, good, was really good.” Appearance of Megan look at Gansu, smiles said : how Grandpa Gan, I said that Elder Brother Hai in hand has good thing, you make the person receive quickly, otherwise a while melted, we walked, Laura they said that must visit in the palace, I lead them to have a look in all directions.” Gansu has not been blocking, but nodded said : to go, goes, Little Hai, you go take part anything with one group of dolls, comes with me, our grandfather and grandchild drinking of well one cup.” Zhao Hai was busy at complying with one, remained, Megan they chat walked. Gansu is impolite with Zhao Hai, received in Zhao Hai the kitchen directly, making the chef make two small side dish at will, has put out pot liquor, sat drinks with Zhao Hai in there. Before Zhao Hai , on Earth, often with 32 old friends such drinks a small cup in together, will not drink many, first successive drinks, at the same time chatted, that feeling was very good, since to Ark Continent, did not have such opportunity, now one such makes, Zhao Hai to felt very warm. Gansu is eating small side dish with Zhao Hai, is drinking small liquor, to very leisurely and carefree, must say this arrives at grudge time, General Manager in this palace is busiest, but Gansu is actually an exception, he gave under the hand/subordinate to manage the matter generally, he was responsible for inspecting, to not very busy, in adding on the servant in this palace generally was the children of domestic slaves, did not need him to hold too many hearts, he then can look like ease such.