Chapter 454 two types of liquor Gan Benlai thinks that Zhao Hai this since childhood in the child who in the Noble family grows up, regarding such small side dish, such environment, will not be familiar with very much, will not drink with him, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai is actually the very happy appearance, drinks with him, while chatted, that facial expression was unexpectedly more comfortable than him, at heart cannot help but also were been happily many by it sentiment two points. After having drunk one glass of liquor, Gansu then said : Little Hai, I thought that your youngster is good, but I must say understand to you, small Megan is I am growing up from underestimated, this small girl although is long in the Noble family, but is good-hearted, chaste is similar to clear water, if your youngster dares not to be good to small Megan, I have been at cost of the life, I must tidy up you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hastily Grandpa Gan, you were too oversensitive, I am very good with the Megan sentiment, impossible not to be good to him, your feel relieved was good, my Zhao Hai is not such person.” After Gan Zhecai nodded said : „, has any matter, sends for giving me to deliver a letter, in this Calci Family, but also few individuals are I direct motionless, in this Rosen Empire, few dares not to give me personally the face, these fellows in Clan, you do not need to manage them, had an accident, has me top, your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, although he does not fear Calci Family, because of Megan relationship, he does not want a falling out with Calci Family, therefore Gan Zheme said that he is very grateful. Gansu look at Zhao Hai appearance, has satisfied, he smiles said : Little Hai, the skill of your this fellow is not small, but later remembers that had any good deed not to forget your Grandpa Gan, your Grandpa Gan I did not have what hobby, was likes drinking two, that Milk Wine that your youngster made really sufficed the vigor, if later can also get any nice wine, do not forget to me.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought Gansu wants is not the benefit, but is the nice wine, this arrives is surprises him somewhat, but he actually admired to this old person, he shows a faint smile, the hand turns, in hand appears two jars, in these two jars attire, but the nice wine, one bottle is the black beer, one bottle is the good rice wine. These two bottles of liquor are not Zhao Hai they ferment, but passes to manufacture in Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine, naturally, Zhao Hai has not thought that can the Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine processing liquor, he manufacture some types of liquor through Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine, the person who then gives these research wine-makings, lets their understand, after these fermented glutinous rice become, is any appearance, then makes them go to research, these two bottles of liquor at that time remained. Gan Lengleng look at Zhao Hai in hand two jars, these two jars, but the transparent glass jar, can see inside thing, Gansu naturally saw inside thing color, this different thing, same was transparent, same actually micro black, this made him very puzzled. Zhao Hai opens the black beer the jar, inside beer but actually, the bubble of this type of beer very rich, Zhao Hai specially looked for a big cup but actually, therefore in wine glass to has 50% is the bubble. Zhao Hai raises one's wine cup gives Gansu, smiles said : Grandpa Gan to taste, I am I in the research new liquor, but this type of liquor did not have the mass production now, this bottle is most successful one bottle.”

That half glass of liquor in Gansu look at cup, smelled, do not have the too fierce flavor, he cannot help but more curious, carried to drink one, has not actually thought that this only drank some bubbles, Zhao Hai has laughed said : Grandpa Gan, this liquor was not fierce, your has drunk the liquor in cup, can drink the flavor to come.” Gansu does not have blame Zhao Hai, instead to was one liquor in cup doing, has drunk upin liquor, Gansu cannot help but two eyes bright said :nice wine, was really good, flavor although of this liquor was not fierce, had a different kind fragrance, but not to my taste mouth. cup Zhao Hai looks at the appearance of Gansu, knows that he likes the strong liquor, he has not said anything, but also took the cup to give Gan Dao one glass of rice wines. Rice wine thing, is divided into many types, the rice wine that generally peasant family make, has not undergone the distillation, therefore the number of degree is very low, the children can drink two cups. But the rice wine that generally field family produce comes out, underwent the distillation, such rice wine number of degree is very high, although drinks micro sweetly, not above, but the strong liquor, Zhao Hai these time takes is the latter, is the quite fierce rice wine, this is the northerner also has relationship with Zhao Hai. Because the north of China the weather is very cold, the people drink some strong liquor, but the rice wine that oneself make is not very fierce, therefore the back side of China has to be short of south you very much such, oneself family brews alcohol, the northerner does not like drinking these extremely in the light liquor, a person drinks one jin (0.5 kg) also not much rice wine is unhappy, the northerner drinks the strong liquor, over 40 degrees, finally is 60 degrees, let alone one jin (0.5 kg), the average person has been able to drink the first half jin (0.5 kg) not to be drunk, was your nice wine quantity. The rice wine that Zhao Hai takes, be only more than 40 degrees, in the north are the low liquor, is adding on this liquor entrance some sweet tastes, will therefore drink people should not be fierce. The rice wine in Gansu look at this cup, immediately carried, smelled, this was not Milk Wine, Milk Wine also milk fragrance, but this rice wine may not have the milk fragrance, smell had wine fragrance. Gansu smells this wine fragrance taste, cannot help but two eyes one bright, then immediately/on horseback carried to drink a big mouth, then cannot help but tightly was idling the mouth, wrinkled the eyebrow, the number of degree of this liquor was higher than Milk Wine, strong liquor of being worthy of the reputation. Left smell of alcohol, laughs said : nice wine, is really the nice wine, good, Little Hai, I, if has such liquor, but must many remain to me.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : this liquor does not have the mass production now, this is only one bottle of samples, this bottle of you stay behind to drink, when later research came out, you want to drink many me to deliver many to you.”

Gansu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : that well, I waited for the person to deliver the liquor to me, come, this bottle be not remaining, today we drink him.” Zhao Hai looked that his interest is so high, has not been blocking him, with Gan Lairen a liquor dish, that bottle of liquor saw the bottom before long, at the Zhao Hai present alcohol capacity, has drunk slightly some fainted, he stopped hastily, after said goodbye, returned to the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied. returned to the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied, Zhao Hai immediately has drunk Spatial Water, to be honest, today this liquor although very simple, but is actually Zhao Hai in recent time, most satisfactory liquor that drinks. Blockhead and Stone in the room, Zhao Hai looked at their said : tomorrow we to go to in the city to buy to select thing, then delivered returned to Iron Mountain Fort, no matter what, currently Iron Mountain Fort there has more than 1000 person, this God's Grace Day, must help them cross.” Blockhead and Stone nodded, Zhao Hai then said : tomorrow we also go back, do not come back, now Iron Mountain Fort there is very certainly busy, you go back to help Grandpa Green they, these Beastman although God's Grace Day, but this is in our here, makes them lively lively.” Blockhead and Stone nodded, now more than 1000 people, on equal to are the people who Buda Family builds up, they naturally must treat them well. Some little time, Megan they come back, Megan comes back to look at Zhao Hai, cannot help but smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I think you what kind of not, I just saw, Grandpa Gan the face is red, probably does not have the means that his alcohol capacity is not low, you drink with him, unexpectedly not what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiles said : who not to say what kind, when you Grandpa Gan that alcohol capacity is fake, I just almost did not come back, drank water is good.” Megan also knows that Spatial Water can sober up, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but young lady has smiled, Zhao Hai has not cared, looks at outside weather said : day immediately to want black, tonight can grandfather ask us to eat meal in the past that? My this skylight has eaten meal, has not done other.” Megan and Laura they have smiled, Megan smiles said : feel relieved, I will not have let the father and mother said that making them tell the grandfather one, today does not hold any reception feast.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to arrive is the good deed, but I was much more tired, I went to Space first rest a while, you played outside, when must enter Space, said to Cai'er.” The flashes body entered Space.

Laura turned the head look at Megan to smile said : looks like Elder Brother Hai today is really tired, Megan, tomorrow we went to in the city, multi- preparation good thing, Iron Mountain Fort there also to celebrate the new year, we must prepare good thing.” Blockhead smiles said : Miss Laura feel relieved, Young Master just said that yesterday we go to the big purchase, I returned to Iron Mountain Fort there to help with Stone.” Laura nodded said : looks like Elder Brother Hai had already thought that good, now Iron Mountain Fort there does not lack eats thirstily, I thought that we must thing that prepares to use be good, after all our Iron Mountain Fort there does not produce these thing.” East Megan nodded said : that line, tomorrow goes to the collection, eastern volume of there specially sells these thing, I looked that in going to Xiji there has a look, there Continent each region things to eat has, I looked that buys for the Iron Mountain Fort there person, this is first year of Buda Family Clan again appears after Continent, must manage lively.” The Laura look at Megan appearance, smiles said : good small Megan, now started saying that our Buda Family, is impatient wants to marry Elder Brother Hai.” Megan one hear of Laura said that cannot help but face one red, turned the head look at Laura said : to add me, have you with Elder Brother Hai long time, thought compared with me?” Laura was also said face by her one red, Meg that turned the head to look at one titter, charmingly angry said : that my also can't compare with Meg cannot help but anxious, she with Elder Brother Hai, definitely most worried since childhood.” The Meg face one was red, white their two said : little took me to say the matter, I grow up with Young Master together since childhood, most does not worry was I, ahem, I thought that I must say to grandfather Grandma, making Young Master marry in the late two years.” Laura and Megan immediately/on horseback throws to him, on the side of first successive her itchy said : you dare.” Several people hit cause disturbance , Blockhead they actually with a smile withdrew from the room.