Chapter 455 killing intent Next morning, Zhao Hai they sat in horse carriage progressed Carson City, the direct eastern collection, the eastern volume was in Carson City biggest market, there is the miscellaneous daily necessity thing in Carson City approves the market, can approve, must by the retail, compare other places, here business mouth small advantage, therefore in Carson City also very by welcome of these commoner. Zhao Hai their car(riage)s to east the volume beyond, could not go, Zhao Hai looks at the person in that volume, cannot help but shook the head, his suddenly has thought in the situation on Earth participating in the temple fair time, now east the person in volume, compared with that time, is similar. Zhao Hai turns the head to several people of said : „, we walk, this car(riage) definitely could not catch up, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you looked at the car(riage) in here.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, Zhao Hai they from the vehicle, slowly walks toward market, but person look at Zhao Hai in collection they, feel very curious. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, but also really present an issue, the pedestrian on this street are many, but has not put on the person of Noble clothing/taking, mostly is some commoner, the people who the servant dresses up do not have. Does Zhao Hai turn the head to Megan said : Megan, here unable to see Noble? You looked that these people look at our looks.” Megan smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, your don’t know, on this Continent that has Noble to come out to buy thing really personally, they have the person who oneself deliver goods specially, wants anything, directly telling them has been OK, simply does not need to buy.” Zhao Hai nodded, in paying attention, to walk toward the eastern volume , the present is in the winter, Luo Lin Empire here although is warmer than Prairie on, but the four seasons are very distinct, in the winter here also very dry, many shop in front of the door, piles large quantities of cargos to wait for the sell, in that shop is crowded, very lively. Before long Zhao Hai they have not pushed toward in these people, but is walking while look at in all directions, Blockhead and Stone follow in their sides, Junichi leads the way in front, their this postures, these commoner see from afar, that immediately hides will also keep on the road. Is walking, Zhao Hai vision suddenly passed on a shop attracting, the eastern volume of here shop front was very beautiful, the room was also the uniform standard, uniform two layers small building, but that shop that Zhao Hai saw a little was not quite same, this shop was the three layers building, what most important was, this shop was the alone head, with other buildings not by, moreover this family shop in front of the door that many people have not passed and out. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but curious to Megan said : Megan, that shop is which family? How nobody?” Megan looked at that shop one, smiles said : there Grandpa Robert the shop of family, their family is gives people a hard time the Rosen Empire biggest miscellaneous daily necessity thing to approve the shop, there does not receive the retail, coming the here people to know, therefore also little has in his shop on these commoner.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that we to go to there to have a look, I also really want to know that in his shop has anything.” Megan smiles said : I also to go to his shop, the commodity in his shop absolutely is in Rosen Empire most entire.” Was saying several people while entered that shop. Just arrived at shop in front of the door, immediately has partner/shop assistant to walk, that partner/shop assistant bowed to Zhao Hai several people said : mister, in the young lady requests personally.” That partner/shop assistant looked, Megan they were the young girl to dress up, has not married obviously, therefore he called the young lady.

Zhao Hai nodded the shop, this enters in the shop, Zhao Hai on cannot help but two eyes one bright, ornaments in this shop before Zhao Hai the city goes to the city to look like really very much, the here shelf is not just big, thing that above suspends, is some samples, each commodity only suspends a sample above, in the below placard of commodity the label, Zhao Hai was also looking at one, here commodity compared with before him these that buys must cheap some. Position that in faced each other, counter, an old storekeeper is standing in counter there, saw that Zhao Hai he has not cared, but sees Megan, that storekeeper two eyes of cannot help but one bright, immediately/on horseback comes out from the counter, half step arrived at Megan nearby said : originally is Miss Megan arrived, has neglected, small five, led Miss Megan they to go among the elegant characters to rest quickly, sends to the best sub.” Leads that partner/shop assistant that Zhao Hai they come, immediately/on horseback to comply with one, directing Megan they to walk toward the shop behind, that storekeeper to nearby partner/shop assistant explain/transfer in a low voice several, this and followed in Zhao Hai they behind, to behind a shop small passenger compartment. Zhao Hai that like this does business also is really first time sees, in the grocery store the small passenger compartments, this small passenger compartment arrangement is unexpectedly different from the restaurant passenger compartment, here does not have the dinner table, but has suspended one group of sands, the flower of face in presently is also putting several opening, on the wall is also hanging some oil paintings, to is really appears very elegant. Zhao Hai they just sat down, that partner/shop assistant immediately has delivered hot sub to them, then that storekeeper has come, coming of storekeeper, first is bows said : to see Miss Megan to Megan.” Then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : not to know that this is?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, listening to Megan saying that the goods in your shop were most entire, today happen to needs some thing, therefore came here to have a look.” One hear of Zhao Hai of storekeeper said that immediately knew Zhao Hai status, the Zhao Hai status in Rosen Empire is not secret, their these Great Clan people know. His immediately/on horseback said : Miss Megan has favored, but the goods of our shop truly very entire, does not know that Mr. Zhao Hai needs anything.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, put out a bill to give thing that said : of storekeeper this is I wants, above also had the quantity, you had a look at how long to prepare.” That storekeeper received the Zhao Hai in hand bill respectfully, looked at one, thing that then said : mister needs, in our shop has, if mister immediately wants, we can prepare within three hours.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, preparation, after three hours, I can take.” Storekeepers complied with one, turn around walked. Looked storekeeper exited, Zhao Hai turns the head to Megan said : Megan, does the person in this shop release to you probably very much ripe? Do you know them?” Megan smiles said : understanding, Robert Family with our Calci Family is the family friendship of many generations, therefore before me, goes to their home to play frequently, their family's many people know me, but I actually do not know them, did not know like me of just that storekeeper.” Zhao Hai nodded, drinks one to be possible Asian said : they to prepare for three hours, we cannot wait in here, I thought that we are going to the west market to have a look.” Megan nodded said : „, west market there has plenty is delicious, the there also snack street, there thing, is Carson City Ritter has, you could not have eaten in other place, we taste.”

Zhao Hai complied with a smile, several people come out from the shop, with storekeeper has said a hello, left east the collection, hurries to toward Xiji there. The west market is not too far from the east market, only is away from the main road in city, therefore called Dongcheng/East City, called Western city, these two market also called the east market, called the west market. East market there by miscellaneous daily necessity thing give priority to, naturally, some there also restaurant, but are not many, but buys the thing person to eat meal in there for these, the scale is not very high. But west market there actually by eating give priority to, was divided into the snack street, the food street, the kitchenware street, food street there is needless saying that so long as were on Continent some thing, there had sells, in the sea thing had, in the sea special product that but their here sold, was not great thing, compared with these qualities that Zhao Hai took bad was farther. But kitchenware street there, besides some kitchenwares, daily thing also has, but east does not have volume of there entire, moreover price slightly was also expensive a point, actually their here many thing, the goods that enters from east market there. Zhao Hai they are not interested in the kitchenware, they went to food street there first, has bought in some Zhao Hai Space no thing, naturally, Zhao Hai wanted is some living creatures, for example in some Zhao Hai Space no Magic Beast, after these thing lose in Space, Zhao Hai is very disappointed, because Space does not have Level Up. This food street is not short, from the beginning arrives at the words of tail, must step onto for one hour, Zhao Hai they have bought more than several hundred Magic Beast from all sides, but Space does not have Level Up, this disappoints Zhao Hai. Comes out from food street there, their immediately went to the snack street, here is the place that they mainly come to today, the snack in Carson City, entire Continent becomes famous, but this snack street, gathered in Carson City all snacks, Zhao Hai they must naturally come to be a real treat full. When are not many in several people of hands takes a delicious snack to walk while is eating, but on street with their same people, there are many, therefore they do this do not appear strange. Zhao Hai not only eats, but also has bought much, these thing cannot buy in other places, strolled in here for nearly one hour, Zhao Hai they have then gone by car hurries to toward the eastern collection. Before the Robert Family shop, Zhao Hai they just stopped the car(riage), young man walked out of stride from the shop, that young man has probably not seen other people, straight has arrived in front of Megan, a face smiling face Megan you came to Megan said :, how to have said one to me? When comes back?” Megan looked at that young man one, smiles said : Terry Big Brother, my yesterday just came back, today accompanies Elder Brother Hai to buy to select thing.” Was saying while has depended on toward the Zhao Hai side the body. Zhao Hai stares slightly, he looked at Megan one, presently on the Megan face although is having the smiling face, but that smiling face is having a sense of distance, in the eye although cannot see the loathing the mood, actually cannot see the happy appearance. Zhao Hai on understand, looked that person turns the head look at he, he also smiled said : to that person hello, below Zhao Hai.” That person of look at Zhao Hai, on the face is also having the smiling face, appears refined charming, but in his eyes flashes, but despising with killing intent, let the Zhao Hai very keen capture.

Zhao Hai was also had fought many battles, now who has the hostility to him, his immediately can feel that he on the body of Terry, not only felt the enemy, but also felt killing intent. The Zhao Hai cannot help but face sinks, his naturally understand opposite party this is for anything, but he has not displayed, Terry had not felt that the change of Zhao Hai expression, smiles said : to Zhao Hai hello, the Mr. Zhao Hai given name, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears below, mister is really young promising, were too more than my such playboys.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : mister to overpraise, Zhao Hai small-scale, that compared favorably with the Robert Family big enterprise has lots of assets, ashamed.” Terry smile said : mister was too modest, do not stand outside speaks, in the quick room invited.” Said that and has sized up Zhao Hai Laura and Meg, but he has swept one, does not have what to indicate. Zhao Hai looks at his such expression, cannot help but at heart knew how things stand, it seems like that this Terry likes Megan, therefore sees Megan happy, because he likes Megan, will therefore have killing intent to him. After how many people entered private room, the servant sent to sub as usual, Terry had not gone to touch that cup of sub, but look at Zhao Hai said : mister today was grudge the preparation in Carson City? Calci Family is Great Clan, every year grudge is very lively.” His saying sounds any issue for the first time, but thin one wants actually not to be that a matter, Zhao Hai is in itself Clan Patriarch, these time has come God's Grace Day to Calci Family, to accompany Megan, same also to come to see Charlie, meets to gather together the sentiment with Rosen Empire Noble while convenient. However by a Terry such saying, probably was Zhao Hai they specially comes Calci Family to rub eats to rub drinks to be the same, must know that Calci Family was not good, some relatives' days that all relatives crossed did not feel better, therefore in grudge, these own frequencies will visit, offered some small gifts to Calci Family, said that several words of praise, can carry off many monetary rewards while convenient, but can also eat one delicious, the Terry that words were delimit Zhao Hai to these person in obviously. Laura and Meg cannot help but complexion changes, Megan complexion is not quite attractive, Zhao Hai to has not listened probably, smiles said : „, Calci Family person are many, in this Carson City is also very lively, but my this time, mainly wants to discuss with Grandpa Lando, will look be next year can me with the Megan wedding managing.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Terry complexion changes, but was quick he to exchange wearing a smile of face, to Zhao Hai said : that good, I certainly drank when the time comes the celebration drink.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to welcome, to look at the Megan appearance, has not regarded the bystander you, at the appointed time Terry mister must early come.” The face of Terry micro cannot be looked up twitched, but smiling face its has not changed, but laughs said : well, I certainly prepare when the time comes a big ritual.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that I to wait for the mister big ritual, was right, Terry mister, you looked at this time not early, before don’t know me , did thing that wanted, prepare?” Terry immediately/on horseback smiles said : already prepares well, and other mister took, mister invited.” Said that has stood, to hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation.