Chapter 456 family reunion banquet ( Part 1 ) Zhao Hai closes one's eyes to sit in the car(riage), on the face is not sad not happily, expression piece of calm, however his heart actually not in that calm like his surface. Megan is actually somewhat restless look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai since the shop of Robert Family comes out, after sitting boards this, has closed one's eyes is thinking anything, this makes Megan restless. Megan does not fear other, she feared that Zhao Hai misunderstands her to have any relationship with Terry, that has troubled, in fact she truly is the friends from childhood with Terry, but afterward she went to Sky Water City, the number of times of seeing has also been short, a few years ago her suddenly present, Terry this person plans very deep sinks, moreover Smith also opposed that she communicated with Terry, was adding on Megan truly not to have that special feeling to Terry, therefore Megan also slowly alienated him. Afterward Megan present slowly, all had the man of contact with him, so long as is not her family member, or in the family the influence was quite big, will have bad luck, moreover these matters were very likely Terry to do. Megan is not certainly worried about the Zhao Hai security, but Terry extremely was warm to him today, this makes Megan at heart very anxious, she feared that Zhao Hai misunderstands her, is adding on Zhao Hai this to board does not make noise, is only one no snort|hum sitting in there, this makes Megan more anxious. Laura also noted the Megan appearance, her originally was a seventh night of the seventh lunar month exquisite person, immediately understand Megan was being worried about anything, but she to was thinks that the worry of Megan was unnecessary, she believed Zhao Hai not because of this, for did not make Megan be then worried, Laura or open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, what do you think?” Zhao Hai opens the eye, looked at several people of said : this Terry not to be simple, just I looked, this fellow was good you to Megan is interesting, moreover looked in my look, has revealed several times killing intent, but by him very good has concealed, when did business with us, has not been up to mischief, such person was not good to deal with, I think that he can think any dark hand coped my.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Megan to relaxed, Zhao Hai said that expressed he had not suspected she has any matter with Terry, she also on feel relieved. Megan let out a long breath said : is all right, Elder Brother Hai, you fear Terry to do, Terry although is the Robert Family first in-line successor, but he cannot cover the sky with one hand, the person in look at his position be many now went, Robert Family is different from our family, the successor of his family passes to the eldest grandson directly, eldest grandson's status in home is very high, Terry is the Robert Family eldest grandson, but simultaneously they also suppose several successors, one, but the eldest grandson has made the mistake anything, they will abolish this successor, is choosing one in addition, moreover their family may our family not have that to supervise to examine the method likely, What the successors of their family fight is very fierce.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I naturally not to fear him, is only now my in hand strength, do not cause for the good, great words to expose, therefore this Terry regarding us, will have troublesome some, said it, do not forget, although I became engaged with you, but regarding the Rosen Empire person, I am a bystander, if I do not remain to the Terry hand, these Noble when the time comes this alliance coped with me, at the appointed time feared was Calci Family does not press under this matter.” Megan these time to had not opposed, but nodded, matter that now she contacts were many, naturally also knew these Noble fierce places, if these Noble real alliance cope with Zhao Hai, the trouble of that Zhao Hai is really not small, let alone is their Calci Family cannot press, even if Rosen Empire Imperial Family cannot press.

Laura nodded right that also said : Elder Brother Hai you worry, but I fear Terry also understand this point, therefore he dares to begin, when the time comes is more troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this person very sinister, manipulation that must therefore be careful, later pays attention to this person.” Megan nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, or I said one to the grandfather, making the grandfather send for paying attention to his, if he dares to move you, I could not forgive him.” The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, smiles said : What happened? I to think that you don't have what good impression to that fellow probably? What's the matter? Has that fellow offended you?” Megan shook the head said : he to not to offend me, but he is very sinister, not only this saying Elder Brother Hai you have said that my father has also said that our two clans is the family friendship of many generations, therefore we grow up from small together, before relationship was also good, afterward we moved to Sky Water City, the communication have been short, but every year returned to Carson City time, meets together to play, afterward my father told me saying that his person was too sinister, does not make me contact with him, I also present, therefore slowly communicated with him has been short.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Uncle Smith saying that mistakenly, later carefully selected against this person, this person, was a person hypocrite.” During the speeches the ox cart had gone out of town, soon arrived at dark soldier at the foot of the hill. Megan thinks that said : Little Hai, this several days I think in the city meets the has plenty inferior banquet, Terry will certainly participate, you when the time comes must be careful him.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, all right, if he dares to give to provoke anger me, I extinguished his Robert Family, snort|hum.” Megan does not think that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, if has provoked anger Zhao Hai, Robert Family will not feel better absolutely, not only when the time comes Roberto thing Clan, even if will be entire Rosen Empire is made Heaven and Earth turning upside down by him. The quick immediately dark soldier fort stopped, Zhao Hai they after vehicle, entered the castle, sat down own car(riage) returned to the sound of the wind in the trees to occupy. Just arrived at the sound of the wind in the trees to occupy servant immediately to welcome, to Zhao Hai and Megan said : Young Master Zhao Hai, Young lady, just Patriarch conveyed a message, tonight our Calci Family carries on the family reunion banquet, all people must participate.”

Megan nodded said : well, knew, you are busy at going.” That servant complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Has not hidden, this family reunion banquet might as well eat at home satisfactorily.” Megan smiles said : this family reunion banquet not to be different from these banquets, this family reunion banquet is Calci Family must be held every year, the servants in palace must participate, when the time comes in the square of castle, does not have any too many customs, everyone/Great Clan sits in there drinks to eat the meat, is the Calci Family most popular banquet.” Zhao Hai one hear of Megan said that to is two eyes bright said : this good, good, that today must prepare well, was right, today we buy many thing, the has plenty snack, today we attain the square to come up, was right, must say one to Grandpa Gan.” Megan nodded to smile said : well, a while went to say with Grandpa Gan that I looked to call present nobody, we give Grandpa Green thing that today bought, Iron Mountain Fort there wanted grudge, just needed these thing, do not let Grandpa Green feel embarrassed.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at all around one, smiles said : that to walk, Blockhead, Stone, you went, must arrange Iron Mountain Fort there.” Blockhead and Stone nodded, Zhao Hai led several people to enter the room, after closing, entered Space, returned to Iron Mountain Fort. Iron Mountain Fort there also soon crossed God's Grace Day, although here thing very crude, but Zhao Hai felt, this Iron Mountain Fort here aura very warm, person who the person in castle no matter did go to work, in busy, cleaned up, and family member made new clothes to oneself, prepared delicious, on the face of everyone was hanging the smiling face. Actually this also no wonder they, here these Human Race slaves, before may not have God's Grace Day, although they to know God's Grace Day on that day, but before them the Master words said that the gracious gift of god will not kindly give the slave, therefore before them , can only look at others cross God's Grace Day, regarding them, God's Grace Day is different from the ordinary day. The appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, very happy, had found Green, has given Green these thing that he buys, has left behind many marine products to Green, Zhao Hai has left behind Blade-Scales Whale to Green, big of this thing, Zhao Hai wants to let Green they, when God's Grace Day, this Blade-Scales Whale eating. Gives after thing Green leaves behind, Zhao Hai their returned to the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied, no matter what, they also live in Calci Family now, here or has plenty are inconvenient. The living room that returned to the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied, after Zhao Hai several people sit down, Megan turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the day of God's Grace Day, do you return to Iron Mountain Fort not?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : returns must go back, but I feared that matter of that day are too many, was right, every year God's Grace Day there, how do you cross?” Megan thinks that said : actually, was most bored on God's Grace Day the day , the grandfather and father they must go to the imperial palace to attend the banquet, very late can come back, we also at own courtyard neighborhood delicious, after having eaten, is to put the lamp, then can move freely.” Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : has not thought really that can be this unexpectedly, that was easy to do, when we have eaten meal, after letting off the lamp, on returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, you looks what kind of?” Laura nodded said : well, but the day of Megan affirmed that the matter are most, can find the time?” Megan nodded said : feel relieved, I must go to Iron Mountain Fort there to participate in God's Grace Day with Elder Brother Hai, how having a look at their God's Grace Day to cross.” Zhao Hai smiles said : how I also to have a look at them to cross, in these people, besides Grandpa Green them, other people are the first time Divine Grace, he he, but also very anticipates.” Laura their also chuckle, now Iron Mountain Fort there besides Green them, has the Human Race slave and Beastman, what Beastman is ten thousand beast festivals, they may any God's Grace Day, Human Race God's Grace Day, regarding them, but is an ordinary day, does not have a point special place.