Chapter 457 family reunion banquet (Last Part) After having reached an agreement, Zhao Hai they also came out from the sound of the wind in the trees curie, they must look for Gansu, gives Gansu these snacks, evening's time delicious. Gansu is busy in kitchen there, today he is very busy, because must carry on the family reunion banquet in the evening, all the person in dark soldier fort must participate, the servants must participate, drinking that therefore this eats on many thing, these must prepare to come out ahead of time. Zhao Hai looks in Gansu that there shouted to drink, immediately/on horseback is smiling said : Grandpa Gan, was busy.” Gansu hears the Zhao Hai sound, turns the head, look at does Zhao Hai smile said : is your youngster? Did what? ask me to drink? Today is not good, today the matter are too many, another day.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Grandpa Gan, when you really I was a drunkard, daily drank? Today looks for you are the good deed, you did not need to make that many meals, today we exit, Megan led us to go to the snack street to transfer, there may all be the all kinds of snack in Carson City, I bought much, in the evening remained is adding the dish.” Was saying is taking big pile of snacks. Gansu looks at these snacks, is two eyes one bright, must know that the special foods in Carson City, cannot be the commoner food, has plenty thing Continent becomes famous, Gansu also very much likes, these thing drank that is unable to cope. Thinks of here, Gansu immediately/on horseback was good to Zhao Hai said :, do not take outward, these snacks do not work as the food, you receive, waits to hold the feast in the evening the time is taking.” Zhao Zhang listened to Gan Zheme saying that also had not opposed, nodded, received these snacks, notified, leading Megan they to walk. Quick that the time passes, late high grade to darkness time, Smith specifically called Zhao Hai, several people slowly in the big square toward castle walked. The normally everyone/Great Clan minute comes to be busy respectively various, but also cannot look at anything, now get together then looks that in this dark soldier fort actually altogether lives in several thousand people, this number may not be really small. Smith they one, gathered these servant and Warrior in immediately square comes up to greet with Smith, saluting that many people bow, Smith also very polite notified these people, or chatted on a few words, making Zhao Hai feel what was surprised, Smith can call unexpectedly the names of many person, this let Zhao Hai admiring.

Zhao Hai knows that you can one call the name of opposite party, will make a very good impression to the opposite party, especially like Smith, is Master unexpectedly possibly remembers a name of servant, this is easier to make that servant have the favorable impression to him, to receive his heart. Zhao Hai, Kristen, Diya follows in the Smith side, but Laura and Megan their actually madame went to greet with these women to outside. In the castle the has plenty servant has not seen Zhao Hai, now sees Zhao Hai, they to are somewhat disappointed, Zhao Hai long was too ordinary, in their opinion, Zhao Hai simply cannot be joined to Megan. Not only Megan was liked by the Smith their these Calci Family direct line family members, even if many servant also liking Megan in castle, because Megan is good-hearted, never suspends young lady's stance/framework/shelf, to servant also very friendly, these servants in castle very like Megan this young lady. However Zhao Hai has not cared, when Smith these servants introduced him likely, he also with a smile saluted to these servants, saluting that these servant although hurried, but the impression to Zhao Hai was actually good several points. The people are together are actually such simple, you respect others, naturally can also win others' respect, what except for many will not understand the respect is person, the average person will have the favorable impression to you, especially these servants, the Zhao Hai present status is half lord, will salute to their this servants, on these servant although mouths has not said anything, but at heart actually will be very affected. Before long in the castle various people also arrived, the person in square are also getting more and more, now square here also selects several piles of bonfires, annoying a big square illuminates well-illuminated, originally somewhat cold night, had been scattered Cold Qi/cold air by this bonfire. By each pile of bonfires, is putting a big table, on each opening table can sit several people, Gansu is arranging the seat in there to these people. Before long the person takes a seat was similar, after all Calci Family must hold a time family reunion banquet year after year, this day was dark soldier fort liveliest one day, everyone/Great Clan also has to experience, therefore quick Gansu arranged the seat, then immediately had the servant to start to serve food. These servants after serving food, immediately will look for the table to sit, was Lando spoke, suddenly opened eats, this was the whole set procedure of Carchi Province family reunion banquet. After the dish displays, Lando has stood, looked at person one in square, said loudly: Today is our Calci Family abundant harvest one year, various income stabilities, what most important is, Radiant Church these fellows, suffered a loss in our in hand, our Calci Family left foul air finally!”

Lando spoke of here, in the entire square has heard the Thunderous common applause, these servants were the Calci Family children of domestic slaves, their honor or disgrace were closely linked with Calci Family, before Calci Family by miserable that very Radiant Church suppressed, they naturally were in the surface do not certainly have the light, today they have actually fought an attractive turning over war, in Radiant Church the influence Rosen Empire gave to clear off, this absolutely was exciting good information. When the people have subsided, Lando then said : this year is also our Calci Family little princess Megan, with Buda Family one year of Patriarch Zhao Hai engagement to marry, our little princesses has grown up, must get married.” A Lando this saying saying ended, the square has lived it up, many people loudly cried out well, in Calci Family had regulation, in this day, the servant can not care about these customs, therefore these talented people dare such dissolute. Megan has not thought that Lando at family reunion banquet, mentioned this matter, cannot help but face one red, but has stood, Zhao Hai looked at Megan to stand, busy has stood, they in the people to square bowed, this sat down. The performance of Lando to Zhao Hai is very satisfied, he nodded said : in brief, this year regarding our Calci Family, is a good year, good, I was not wordy, everyone/Great Clan start!” Said that sat. Zhao Hai looked that people immediately must open has eaten, immediately has stood, carried wine glass to arrive at Lando their table, in Lando that table sat was some have the character of component, on Calci Family true High level, Smith also in that table, but in the table that Zhao Hai sat, almost all was the Smith family's person, was adding on Zhao Hai and Laura they, just right table. Zhao Hai was carrying wine glass to Lando that table, to the people on Lando and table bowed said : Grandpa Lando, fellow elders, I am first time attend the family reunion banquet of Carchi Province today, did not have what preparation, happen to today exits, has bought a snack with Megan in snack street there, wants to make Grandpa carrying, Grandpa Gan said that made me take, tonight happy, I collect to be popular, added two small side dish to you, does not know that Grandpa Lando did agree?” Lando laughs said : to have anything not to agree that our Carson City snack, but entire Continent became famous, I want to eat for a long time, good, you take.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turns, in hand appears two trays, these two trays were very big, inside is suspending several types of snacks, each type is not many, the stock of goods to is many. Zhao Hai has put on the tray the table, on people said : Grandpa Lando to the table, you takes your time, I must go to other tables to deliver.” Lando nodded said : to go, delivers to all people.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked.

Zhao Hai delivering some have not eaten according to the table, although thing are not many, but is actually that meaning, especially these servants, Zhao Hai also chatted a few words with them, this made these servants' impression to Zhao Hai better, the feeling now Zhao Hai is pleasing to the eyes than before. After all people delivered thing, Zhao Hai also almost knew the names of all servants, in the names of these people to Calci Family he also knew. The Zhao Hai memory, was certainly inferior that Smith is so good, but he has Space, Space there has the function of record, Zhao Hai cannot remember, but Space there actually remembered, in Space unites on Continent that big map to record, do not say these personal names. Zhao Hai also saw the Smith procedure, thinks that with this move, before Zhao Hai, after is only nerd, has no way to compare with the person who these have the Noble education since childhood, thing has plenty that therefore he must study. After thing delivers, Zhao Hai on returned to own table, madame look at Zhao Hai, has smiled said : Little Hai, you are really sensible, was good, sits down to eat meal quickly, this evening's top counts you to be busiest.” Does Zhao Hai smile said : this is not the daytime has sold a snack? Delivers to everyone/Great Clan, making everyone/Great Clan live it up lively, he he, come, everyone/Great Clan eats meal.” Because this table of equal to are the family members, therefore everyone/Great Clan not polite, eating meal of chatting, the square here atmosphere to was getting hotter and hotter makes. The family reunion banquet has carried on midnight, people then enjoying oneself to the full unfolds, that night the has plenty person drank, therefore square there has not tidied up, waited for tomorrow to get up to tidy up, this was also Calci Family family reunion banquet regularly custom. Zhao Hai they little have not drunk today, Zhao Hai has not thought that finally in these servants has some people to run over unexpectedly to him Venerable the liquor, the person who not only he, Lando that table Venerable the liquor are more, on this day, Lando they have put down Master stance/framework/shelf, eats and drinks with these servant together . Moreover the liquor that these servants revere, they have drunk, first keeled over drunk is Lando, other people also very arrive at that to go. Moreover Zhao Hai present, Lando they do not install to be drunk, but has gotten drunk, this presently makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, generally, them government old fox like Lando, in the common situation will not drink many, similar time they will install to be drunk, but this time he has not installed, looks like treats the different people, they also use the different manner.