Chapter 458 same camp although is only an ordinary family reunion banquet, but Zhao Hai really has also learned many thing, his nerd, that tube that many people, although had read to study before have selected thing, but uses in fact, actually is really very difficult, thing that he needs to study were too many. Next morning, Zhao Hai comes out from Space, just arrived in courtyard, saw Smith, Smith is standing in courtyard, looks at Zhao Hai to come out, does Smith cannot help but smile said : to get up? Hasn't yesterday drunk little? Headache?” Zhao Hai smiles said : fortunately, yesterday I have eaten the sobering up soup in the evening, to not by what crime, Uncle, you fortunately?” Smith has smiled bitterly next step: One year of such a day, with own family member, was selected the crime also should be, was good, a while together eats meal.” After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai was preparing to go out to have a look at the Carson City situation, the suddenly servant to take card to walk, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master Zhao Hai, some people of card, were the Charlie Prince domestic servant person sends.” Zhao Hai nodded, received card to open to look, presently is a banquet written invitation, Charlie must hold a banquet tonight, asking him to participate. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, nodded said : to know, you told that person of servant saying that I will go.” The servants complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai static look at that written invitation, he to does not fear to see anyone, but does not like attending such banquet, but he also knows that is impossible to hide by his present status. Sighed, received card, in this time, Laura they chat was also walking from outside, they just visited that piece of forest in sound of the wind in the trees courtyard, just came back. Comes back Laura to see that Zhao Hai complexion is not quite good, cannot help but curious said : Elder Brother Hai? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly is putting out that card to give Laura, Laura received card to look, smiles said : this is the good deed, it seems like Charlie wants to introduce you to his under the hand/subordinate, moreover there is official card, the person who it seems like tonight goes to will not be few, you will possibly see various Great Clan people.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also to know that can see various Great Clan people, Charlie such does, must get his label on my body, making all people know my his person, Megan, or in the evening do not go, I feared that this will be influential to Calci Family.” Megan shook the head said : not, I must go, why does not go, Elder Brother Hai, tube did that many do, has been all right, even if were he thinks that Calci Family has supported Charlie, they can Calci Family be what kind of? Even if were Charlie Prince seizes the position to be defeated, so long as you supported in behind, they do not dare to be what kind of Charlie Prince, so long as the Charlie Prince status, them has not dared to do went too far, said it, had you, I looked that Charlie Prince mounted the imperial throne opportunity to be biggest.” The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, smiles said : well, that everyone/Great Clan goes, was right, you have the formal clothes, we went, cannot give Buda Family to lose face.” Megan smiles said : not to have, does not have relationship, my immediately/on horseback makes the person in family underwear room give Elder Brother Hai you to make new formal clothes.” Said that turn around told the servant found the person in clothes room.

Laura to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, evidently, Terry also will actually go, the person, Terry may give you to be ugly at the banquet carefully, this matter they can do, Terry that person very sinister, he personally possibly will not act, but his under the hand/subordinate person may be many, over the two days I asked Megan, Robert Family was not low in the Rosen Empire status.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to know, feel relieved, will not have the matter, they can be what kind of me, were good, prepares.” Laura has complied with one. Before long the person in clothes room came, takes the measurement to Zhao Hai, a black evening dress has delivered before long to the hand of Zhao Hai. This evening dress is a very traditional Noble clothing/taking, works ten fineness, moreover above also embroidered the Buda Family clan emblem, Zhao Hai has not thought really that the person in Calci Family clothes room, the movement so will be quick, can look from this point, disparity between new promote Noble and established Noble. Zhao Hai they try the clothes, is very good-fitting, does not have what good preparation, but Zhao Hai said to Smith this matter, has not thought that Smith already knew, originally Calci Family also received a written invitation. Weather slowly was dark, Zhao Hai they ride the Giant-horn raging bull car(riage) to walk toward Carson City, God's Grace Day these days, Carson City in the evening not close the city gate, but passes and out needs the registration of very detailed. Charlie mansion Junichi they have gone, therefore does not need others to show the way, walks toward the Charlie palace directly, this Zhao Hai often seeing has horse carriage all the way from their car(riage) bypasses. horse carriage that these passed by, looked at Zhao Hai ox cart one, some kept hitting greeting with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had written down these people, these *** many were Charlie under the hand/subordinate. Before long the Giant-horn raging bull car(riage) stopped Charlie palace in front of the door, the servant who in front of the door received a guest saw the Zhao Hai car(riage), immediately welcomed, bowed to the Zhao Hai car(riage) said : „, but Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai opened the vehicle door to look at that servant said : Zhao Hai.” That servant immediately/on horseback said : mister welcome to the backyard, Your Highness tell, the mister car(riage) can enter the palace from the back door directly, later mister comes, one rate handles according to this, mister invited.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to guide.” That servant has complied with one, walks in side of ox cart, walks toward the backyard. The backyard of this institute is not casual who can pass and out, generally in the person except for own family, other people cannot go through the motions, because there goes nonstop to the backyard, that is the center in palace. Entered the backyard from the back door, that servant immediately/on horseback leads Zhao Hai to proceed to walk, before long arrived at a front living room, Charlie has been standing in in front of the door of living room, in Charlie, but also with several people, these people also wore the formal clothes, their bodies also brought the Clan badge, Zhao Hai to look at one, their title were not very high, obviously in these people not existence of established Noble. Zhao Hai is having the Laura four people, salutes to Charlie, Charlie smiles said : Little Hai you to come, I said that you delivered me to result in that ox cart, I made good point horse carriage to you, didn't you dislike that ox cart to be slow?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness, if likes my ox cart speaking frankly, gives Your Highness and that's the end, Your Highness horse carriage I do not want, horse carriage is too quick, moreover is not steady, I cannot sit.” Charlie smiles said : you to is natural, comes quickly, we sit a while to the living room in first, a while to front, happen to my several people must introduce that knew to you.” Zhao Hai entered the living room with Charlie, Laura they naturally had the servant to lead to go to the leaning hall, had Charlie and that several Noble family in leaning hall there is tired, but that several Noble, may not have that like Zhao Hai, leading several women to attend the banquet. After entering the living room, Charlie several people introduced that knew to Zhao Hai, actually that several people belong to that Clan, Zhao Hai knew, these people truly are Charlie iron rod under the hand/subordinate, since Zhao Hai after the Jade Water City there shop is open for business, they several and Zhao Hai shop also has the vitality, therefore Zhao Hai knew. After several people sees to deliver the betrothal gifts, sat, Charlie look at several people smile said : today your several, is the people on one's own side, I do not want to say indirectly, your several are the people who I most trust, later was one of us, I hope after you, can kiss *** near.” Zhao Hai nodded certainly to smile said :, Your Highness your feel relieved, our several are your person, if going wrong, that you do not look for trouble to Your Highness.” A tall person who by Zhao Hai sits nodded said : well, Mr. Zhao Hai said in principle, Your Highness, your feel relieved.” This person is the person of British Mi Clan clan, British Mi Clan clan is also emerging Clan, passes to now also for hundred years, is the title of count, but their family is actually the generation is Military General, regarding leading troops to have the means very much, but now Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, the average person does not dare to annoy, therefore these years do not have the major battle, their Clan did not have the opportunity accomplishment, this title naturally cannot rise. This person challenges to a fight Ying Mi, is typical martial artist, the temperament very frank, but also because of such disposition, therefore these years their brave Mi Clan clan is not very good, because in their Clan is not good at to do business, the income in only depends on territory, the nature of this life is not Ruyi Scepter. However Zhao Hai actually very likes this person, in Noble, temperament such straight may few, because such temperament suffers a loss in Noble. One hear of Zhao Hai and wars said that several other people also attach to drink, Charlie nodded said : „the present father in the maturity, therefore his although makes us go to the show, but actually does not like us extremely in forming cliques, you several Clan, in the core of imperial capital authority, will not bring to the attention of people, but I also hope that you can pay attention to some, the conduct is certainly careful.” Several people have complied with one, Charlie then said : present Mr. Zhao Hai join I, can say that also has certain influence to me, my several brothers, may not have mister such Expert, what most important is, the line lives unable please 9th level Expert, this regarding my help even bigger, however my several brothers is also jealous, feared that the father also will pay attention to me, therefore I hope after everybody, must the low key, what do not drop the person pretext.” Zhao Hai one hear of Charlie said that cannot help but apologetic said : has put to trouble to Your Highness, is Zhao Hai is inconsiderate.” Charlie beckoned with the hand, smiles said : not, the mister palace presently own strength, although will bring to me some slightly troublesome, but will not have the too big matter, mister does not need to care, conversely, has mister, other these people want in us, thinking well, mister to our help even bigger.” Several other people also nod, they also agreed that the Charlie words, in several Prince, Crown Prince in the capital city, has been able to say in now several Prince the influence is biggest, good of Second Prince these year also exhibitions, moreover handles affairs also the high-sounding talk, his in hand strength is not weak, Charlie has handled affairs quite low-key, low key although is unremarkable, but these think that is hiring oneself his person, thinking well is good, therefore the Charlie strength is not very big.

However currently has Zhao Hai join not to be different, Zhao Hai can please 9th level Expert, moreover there are these fighting strength formidable Undead Creature, what most important is, he is the Calci Family son-in-law, there are these status, on Continent any person does not dare underestimated Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai is Charlie under the hand/subordinate, this made all people not dare underestimated Charlie, was at waits and sees small Noble, throwing in abundance to Charlie follower, the Charlie under the hand/subordinate strength increases now. However the Charlie sober very understanding, oneself under the hand/subordinate nearest/recent although strength increases, but in these people truly to his loyal few, many are a person with no mind of his own, although looks like the momentum is not small, if had the matter, can useful actually few. Because of this, therefore Charlie will make them maintain the low key. Zhao Hai regarding this point to is appreciation, also knows that the nearest/recent Charlie momentum is very big, he also really feared that Charlie by this superficial phenomenon to the fainted brains, now looked that arrived is he considers thoroughly. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, smiles said : Your Highness, you said that favored me, but later several what matter, if had, if can tell me that we were in Your Highness this battalion, must help to be good mutually, was right, fought Big Brother, I looked to wait for the Divine Grace knot, we might as well discuss matter that cooperated, my in hand, but did many grains, fight Big Brother to be interested?” Fought one hear of Zhao Hai saying that also understand what's the matter, he was not very clear, the Zhao Hai in hand grain may be the Haven meter, but now the Haven meter in Rosen Empire is known, no matter obtained the Haven meter dealership, that was the business of prize investment, Zhao Hai this is helping him. Fights the gratitude looked at Zhao Hai said : I to thank Zhao Hai brother disciple, said did not fear that the brothers you laughed, these year Your Highness often help, I now feared that had been already heavily in debt, your this has helped my large Gang.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the business of this grain, Your Highness is disdains to do, I do not have what distribution in Rosen Empire here, must be finds a person to cooperate, looks for others with it, might as well look for the person on one's own side, Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field.” Charlie laughs said : well, good that Little Hai said that good Fei Shui not to flow the bystander field, later everyone/Great Clan must like, remember, everyone/Great Clan is a whole family, if some day our really success, my Charlie in here, vowed like the god, certainly will not treat unjustly.” Several people of immediately/on horseback thanked for kindness, on Continent, the people vowed brightly are vowed again, Charlie was really attach great importance to they. After Charlie lets several people sit down, another Heyler the Clan Patriarch safe Heyler's to Charlie said : Your Highness, to make others not pay attention to us, to has means that can we develop internal disputes the play, Your Highness you look?”