Chapter 459 Crown Prince came Charlie shook the head said : not to need, acting in a play may not deceive these people, but will make these have a mind to with my person not with me, possibly the gain does not equal the loss, we must unite, but handles affairs is certainly low-key, looks like Little Hai and war is the same, no matter who there is any matter, must help.” Several people have complied with one. Charlie turned the head to watch the weather, deep voice said : that well, front we went, the person who should come also almost should to the understanding.” In Charlie sets out, suddenly out of the door hears the sound of footsteps that ascended, this sound of footsteps very anxious, but is actually not very heavy. Charlie cannot help but complexion sinks, he explain/transfer the servant, has not permitted anybody to disturb at this time, moreover defends outside servant, is his trusted aide, his sound of footsteps to that several person very familiar, who one listens to know is, but he can affirm that this sound of footsteps, is not in that several servants any. Zhao Hai looked at Charlie complexion, immediately knows to have problems, his immediately has stood, has extracted own Magic Staff, several other people looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, was looking at Charlie complexion, immediately/on horseback knew to have problems, immediately moved. Has been transmitting speaking sounds outside this time: Third Brother, Third Brother, you in? How the guests arrived, your this does Master actually disappear? Comes out quickly.” Hears this sound, Charlie forced smile said : „cannot help but good, leaves is so anxious, was my nine younger sisters comes.” Fought one hear of Charlie saying that cannot help but said : nine younger sisters? What Your Highness you said is Princess Lizzy?” Charlie nodded, has smiled bitterly, stood to enhance sound speaking sounds: Came, Younger sister, comes.” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to fight Charlie saying that also relaxed, they just relaxed, the gate of living room had been shoved open, then put on the person of princess skirt to walk from outside. Sees this princess time, the Zhao Hai first idea is, the stature is really good, yes, this Princess Lizzy stature is really fantastic, about the 1.7m height, but that stature can only describe with the irritability that can say this princess is Zhao Hai has seen, a stature best female. Was looking at Princess Lizzy face, Zhao Hai has gawked, big eye, exquisite and stiff nose, micro thick, but very sexy lip, wheat color skin smooth was similar to the fat, light brown long, the eye of light green, with the peony described that a point was not overrated.

However Zhao Hai reason is not this, because this Princess Lizzy long a little looks like a person, Zhao Hai not very familiar, person but who actually knows. Keeley Hazell, British ball treasure, collection sexy and lofty in a sexy goddess, by world recognize sexy goddess Anji Lena, cannot compare favorably with this British treasure in the global most sexy 100 ranks, obviously she how gorgeous. But the Charlie younger sister actually called Lizzy, Ji Li, Lizzy, good, this name although in turn, however the appearance of person actually had not changed, this also surprised people. Zhao Hai more and more thought what now Ark Continent here possibly has to relate with Earth, why otherwise on long same the beautiful woman with Earth meets appears ? Lizzy has not thought in obviously the room will have these many people, she gawked, Zhao Hai they responded, therefore person simultaneously bowed said : to see princess Your Highness to Lizzy.” Lizzy also recovers, immediately/on horseback exhibits princess's stance/framework/shelf, bends down said : to several people slightly dispense with ceremony.” Several people have then stood, Charlie look at Lizzy said : younger sister, how is not waiting for me in front, runs up to here to do?” Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, pretends princess that desolate appearance said : guests arrived was similar, you did not have appears , therefore I come to see.” Charlie nodded said : I to prepare to exit, Little Hai, walks, we have a look.” Charlie greeted Zhao Hai one specially, but fights them not to have point being jealous \; first, because the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, if they have Zhao Hai such strength, Charlie can also incur to listen to them, what a pity they do not have, two are the business that because Zhao Hai in hand has plenty makes money, these business Charlie cannot have a liking, but regarding their these medium grade Noble, is actually road of the rare becoming wealthy, they also want to obtain these to live from Zhao Hai in hand, how to offend Zhao Hai at this matter, can say a Charlie this small group, now besides Charlie me, Zhao Hai. The status is highest. Lizzy one hear of Charlie greeted Zhao Hai specially, cannot help but looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai this name Lizzy is not strange, in the past the Purcell Duchy there fresh matter she also heard, the matter of Megan engagement she also knows that must know Megan and she, but is called the imperial capital double flower, now a flower the bright flower had main. However Lizzy is actually very clear, no matter Charlie or Megan, that is the eye exceed the top of the head character, ordinary person simply does not enter their discernment, but this appearance is quite at present ordinary, puts fellow who in the crowd cannot look, actually simultaneously obtained their appreciation, that this person is not certainly simple.

Lizzy has not stared at Zhao Hai to look, she was a princess, the magnificent scene sees a lot, regarding her, was is only curious to Zhao Hai. Charlie led several people to leave the living room, at this time Laura they were waiting for them outside, Charlie introduced to Lizzy Laura their status, Lizzy has then arrived at Megan side, with Laura their greeting, Laura they naturally must salute to Lizzy. Charlie has not actually managed them, leading Zhao Hai they to walk toward the front courtyard, goes forward Charlie to have a very big hall, there normally is used to arrange one to see the place that his person rests temporarily, now wants there chair pendulum again, can become a very big hall, was used to hold the dance party it would be the best. Charlie they, as soon as arrives at the out of the door of hall, in front of the door servant immediately/on horseback said loudly: Charlie Prince.” Along with the voice, Charlie entered the hall. In the hall the present came more than hundred guests, this hall is fortunately big enough, not in the words could not have installed really these many years. In hall servant, if puts on the variegated butterfly same offers the hotel water to these people, but is placed a long table of big platoon in the middle of hall, on the table is suspending all kinds of food, side also puts is washing cleanly, spatial tray that can polish, knife and fork and so on thing, can let person optional using. Is putting the chair near the wall of hall, can who these walk until tired to go to the there rest, in the innermost orchestra of hall, is also playing the gentle music in there. The person in hall looked at Charlie to come, immediately looked like him to salute, Charlie also immediately/on horseback returned a courtesy, then swept greeting with these people, Zhao Hai follows in he not far place, called each Noble name with him, then recorded with Space this person. But at this time Laura they had actually been drawn by Lizzy side, chatted with these women of quality, the woman in thing that together chatted without doubt is the clothes, the decoration, in had was some Eight Trigrams news, before Laura, these women deals with be possible to be many, naturally knows how to deal with. But Meg is also a cinch, she grows up in Buda Family since childhood, Buda Family scenery time, will hold some banquets frequently, Meg naturally also knows such deals with these women of quality, the circle that Megan say nothing, she before lived is comprised of these women of quality, not to have how possibly to do with them. Zhao Hai also paid attention, he presently Charlie this banquet, invites is some Noble, several other Prince Charlie have not invited, Imperial Family people except for Charlie only then Lizzy, has been able to look from this point, Charlie is probably not much with his several brothers' sentiment.

In this time, suddenly out of the door is transmitting sound speaking sounds of servant: Crown Prince Your Highness, Terry Robert Young Master, Jason Crook Young Master.” This three name newspapers come out, in the hall is one static, almost all people know that Crown Prince with Third Prince relationship is not very good, because they are struggling that position, therefore Charlie is impossible to ask Crown Prince to attend this banquet, this does not have quite strangely what. However feels strange strangely, today Terry and Jason come with Crown Prince together unexpectedly, the knowledge of here surface was big. Terry is the Robert Family successor, Robert Family is no less than Calci Family Great Noble, the people on this point Continent knows. But Jason Crook is not a simple character, Crook Family on Continent is also very famous, although their can't compare with Calci Family and on Robert Family such Continent top Clan, but cannot miss to be good, in Rosen Empire is also existence of very strong influence. These two person suddenly with Crown Prince appears at the Charlie banquet, what is this? Expressed that Robert Family and Crook Family have thrown Crown Prince? When hears the servant sent out Crown Prince and Terry they, in the hall all people almost at heart have been resounding this sound. Zhao Hai slows pace arrives at the Charlie side, Charlie also has been gawking now, Zhao Hai arrived at the Charlie side, in a soft voice said : Your Highness.” Charlie one recovers, he turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai looked at one toward in front of the door of hall, Charlie immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he to Zhao Hai grateful nod, immediately/on horseback restored calm, a face smiling face walked toward the hall entrance. Zhao Hai not, but stands in there look at Charlie, Charlie just arrived at in front of the door of hall, out of the door walked three people, in these three people one of the drivehead is one looks like about 40 years middle-aged men, this person long looks like with Charlie very much, but is having the small beard, beard handled very neat, this makes him look like very imposing, but in the dignity is passing kind meaning, was pondered over airtight. In his with Terry, is standing another person in the Terry side, this person long very charming, an appropriate Noble clothing/taking, the stature is not very tall and big, but among raise a hand and throw a foot, has the one type of power and influence, although this power and influence does not suffice to look in front of Crown Prince, but is not the character who that type easy to regard.