Chapter 460 foul-mouthed Jason Charlie sees three people, immediately/on horseback laughs, bows said : to welcome Big Brother to arrive to that person of taking the lead slightly, this thinks that Big Brother your too heart, little brother here is only a small banquet, therefore does not dare to alarm Big Brother, actually does not think that Big Brother showed due respect for the feelings to come unexpectedly, really lets little brother happy.” Crown Prince one hear of Charlie said that shows a faint smile said : I is also heard the Third Brother here brave material converges, therefore comes to have a look, this just in time, has not met Terry and Jason on the road, has brought their together, Third Brother will not blame am I unsolicited?” Charlie smiles said : that energy, Big Brother can come, little brother will happy without enough time, how also blame Big Brother? Big Brother invited quickly, Terry, Jason, should not be impolite.” Terry and Jason look like Charlie to salute, this walks toward the hall, other people in here hall also come to salute to Crown Prince, Zhao Hai naturally is no exception. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Crown Prince saw Zhao Hai unexpectedly, then arrives around Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, has not thought that Crown Prince Your Highness recognizes me unexpectedly, really makes me be favored to annoy startled.” Crown Prince laughed said : mister is really too modest, on Continent whose don’t know mister fierce place, don’t know can mister have the time my residence to seat guests?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, if sometimes, certainly goes to visit below.” Crown Prince smiles said : that to welcome a guest to welcome below, was right, hears Mr. Zhao Hai in hand unique business has plenty, was inferior that we do have cooperation opportunity?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to be possible not to have no unique business below, the cooperation? This did not say, currently my almost all business are cooperating with three Your Highness, moreover we have signed a long-term cooperation to cooperate intent, if big Your Highness wants to cooperate, feared that can only look for three Your Highness to discuss.” In Crown Prince just words stayed has Profound Principles, reason that he must cooperate with Zhao Hai, actually wants to ask Zhao Hai, they had cooperation opportunity, he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to have the extension to throw to his follower possibility. But the reply of Zhao Hai is actually very explicit, he now is Charlie under the hand/subordinate, the impossible extension to throw to others' asking gets down. Their this asked answers, was almost says visibly, in the hall was the smart people, was naturally impossible unable to listen, Crown Prince one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion cannot help but uglier, but forced a smile said : that is really too regrettable.” Said that turn around walked.

But just heard Crown Prince to dig the words of corner, on Charlie of complexion big change, now is actually over the face red light, obviously the reply of Zhao Hai lets his enjoying. Zhao Hai also knows that he lost opportunity that only the one by one time and Crown Prince were on good terms, but he did not regret that cultivated the behavior cannot be always undecided, that most will not have any good result. In this time, Terry and Jason have actually arrived at Zhao Hai, Terry to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, has not thought that with a smile you also came, if knows that you came, I already arrived today.” Zhao Hai one hear of his names stare, because they did not have to this degree ripe, Terry such does, has to pull closer the meaning of relationship obviously. However Zhao Hai not because of this, but happy, conversely, he has been careful, because he knew from Megan there, Terry is a sinister villain, moreover now his also equal to is the Terry love rival, Terry is so is warmer to him, more is explained that he thinks is coping with him. although is thinking these, however in the Zhao Hai surface has not actually revealed that but smiles said : Terry Big Brother to be too polite, I with three Your Highness relationship, I believe that Big Brother should also know, how this situation I can not come?” Terry wants to pull closer their relationship through the name, Zhao Hai takes advantage of the situation to back down without losing face, confuses Terry through this name, actually his to Terry the heart of guarding has not reduced at heart. Terry one hear of Zhao Hai said that probably is very delighted, smiles said : I to know that you are very good with three Your Highness relationship, but I think that this immediately to God's Grace Day, you will have helped in the dark soldier fort, has not thought that you came.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Megan they to say must come, this did not come, he he, Megan they are also chatting with nine cubic meter Your Highness in that successive.” Then does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Jason said : this is Crook Family Jason Young Master? Was courteous below Zhao Hai, had already heard the Young Master given name, sees today, is really uncommon.” Jason look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : „the Mr. Zhao Hai given name, I also early have hearing, today sees, is really below is very disappointed.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that this Jason such impolite, must know at the Noble meeting, everyone/Great Clan will say generally a modesty, that feared that is two life and death foes, in life and death that fights in the back, to the meeting, also will have shipped generally out one to meet the happy appearance, but the Jason such his face, this really stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at Terry, presently in the Terry eye also full is the wrong e facial expression, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai stare, Jason was together comes with Terry, they should be one group, now Jason speaks this saying, Terry has not thought obviously, before them, hadn't discussed? In the brain the phonograph, however on the face of Zhao Hai actually has not displayed, but showed a faint smile said : to disappoint Jason Young Master to Jason, that may really feel sorry.” The Jason look at Zhao Hai smiling face, in the Zhao Hai smiling face does not have exempting to be strong, this arrives stems from the anticipation of Jason, regarding Zhao Hai this honor or disgrace not startled appearance, Jason to appreciates, in his eyes flashes through color of the appreciation, but on the mouth said : „, is really is actually unworthy for Miss Megan below, Miss Megan is our Carson City imperial capital one of the flowers, actually must marry a you like this ordinary person, has owed.” Some Terry hears, he turned the head look at Jason said : Jason, your few say a few words.” Zhao Hai is actually smiles also right, actually I who said : Jason Young Master said also thought that Megan has owed somewhat, but does not have the means that I also think long owing, but my father not my fresh is so graceful, this is really the disaster.” Jason and Terry one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, then they have smiled, Jason suddenly put out a hand to pat Zhao Hai shoulder said : I to say the brothers, I liked you such speaking, HaHaHa, great, your this friend, was worth a junction.” The Zhao Hai look at Jason appearance, is not does likely false, the standard that cannot help but forced smile said : your this becomes friends is really low, wants to look for one not to be graceful, but also said that holds your handsome? I have saying that you also really looked to the person.” Zhao Hai one said that three people have smiled, Jason makes an effort to pat Zhao Hai shoulder said : not to think that my small thoughts you guessed, fierce.” Zhao Hai smiles said : is I guesses, don't you use the aspiration I? I am Magician, you are patting several, my internal injury.” They chatted in here, probably was knew that many years of old friend, to Terry shining one side, this made Terry complexion somewhat difficult to smile, but he smiles with them, but the smiling face somewhat exempted. The person like Terry, was favored since childhood in a big way, they have been used to it became the focal points, no matter arrives at there, they are the focal points, even if stands with Crown Prince in together, Terry will not compare Crown Prince to be short by many vision, because his status is placed in that a successor of thousand Nian Clan clans, does not compare a Prince status to be low. However today his look at Zhao Hai and Jason chat in there, suddenly felt one probably have become a bystander, they gave to forget him probably, this feeling let his not being feeling well.

At this time a servant passed through from their sides, in hand of this servant carried two glasses of red wines, Jason immediately was taking that two glasses of liquor, has given Zhao Hai one cup, oneself took one cup, then he raised glass said : I to think that to Zhao Hai this was a time very bored banquet, has not thought that will run into a you such interesting person, come, we drank one cup, we may on be the friend.” Zhao Hai has not thought, Jason unexpectedly really so refreshed, no matter first is true or false, he also raises glass to Jason said : well, has drunk this cup, starting today we were the friends, dry!” Jason also raises glass, has bumped next step with Zhao Hai: Good, dry.” They have not managed any courtesy, directly the red wine in cup killing. Scene has plenty has paid attention to their people, looks at their appearances, feels somewhat stares, Jason this person has plenty people on the scene knew that Jason in the Noble circle not very popular, because his temperament is too straight, never gives anybody the face, had anything to say anything, such person will not mix any positive result to come in the Noble circle. However the Jason status is placed in there, the average person does not dare not to give him the face, therefore common banquet, dance party, the people will deliver card to Crook Family, but Jason to the banquet, nobody spoke to him generally, feared that he said any embarrassed words. Just Jason and Zhao Hai spoke time, some people of their side heard, these people were one look at the good play the appearance, waited to look at the Zhao Hai embarrassed appearance, has not actually thought words that Zhao Hai several self-ridiculed, this type embarrassed melting, this stemmed from the anticipation of these people. But these have not heard the person who their several people spoke, has been paying attention to here, because at the first banquet, Jason was embarrassed to the person, has almost become a program, all people want to look that Zhao Hai was anything displays, they could not hear them to say anything, but looked that nearby Terry complexion knows Jason also has not spoken any word of praise. However receives next life matter, made them somewhat unable to understand, they were really don’t know Zhao Hai said anything, can three to laugh unexpectedly, moreover Jason started to put arms around shoulders with Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this too cannot the meaning, they now wish one could to run up to nearby them, asked loudly they just Zhao Hai said anything, was a pity that they cannot such do.