Chapter 461 does he want to do? Laura they are also certainly paying attention to the here situation, Megan, when Jason and Crown Prince come, they said the Jason situation to Laura, therefore Laura they also very pay attention to there, feared that Jason will give Zhao Hai to be embarrassed. However afterward show actually stemmed from their meanings, looked at Zhao Hai and Jason conversation really happy appearance, Laura and Megan cannot help but mutually looked at one, then also showed a faint smile, they have not said anything, but the meaning of their understand opposite party, that is, was confident to Zhao Hai. Lizzy actually arrived at side Megan at this time, to Megan said : Megan, what you knew don’t know Zhao Hai to say? Why will Jason that bastard chat with him? Must know that bastard, but whose face does not give.” The Megan look at Lizzy appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, Jason truly is an odd person, whose face he does not give , some also Lizzy annoying, therefore Lizzy will call Jason for the bastard. Megan shook the head said : my also don’t know, what person but Jason is you should also know that he has not possibly spoken any word of praise, but I can affirm that Elder Brother Hai has not actually cared, he he.” Lizzy puzzled look at Megan doesn't said : care? In such situation, was said some embarrassed matters, or asked some embarrassed issues, won't he care? Didn't he have the courage and uprightness?” What does Megan smile said : is blood is strange? Had the courage and uprightness in this banquet emperor's wrath? said it, Jason that person does not go bad, he liked saying words that some others did not like listening, but don't you have presently? He said most probably is strengths, now the person but who likes listening to the truth were getting fewer and fewer, but what unfortunately is, person who Elder Brother Hai likes listening to the truth, I want because of this, therefore Jason will get along well with Elder Brother Hai.” look at Megan of Lizzy accident, then deep voice to Megan said : Megan, your really that happy difficult that Zhao Hai? What extraordinary place I have not seen him to have, long although is not ugly, but was also too ordinary, what in this world the youth talent are many, said it, you must share a man with other women, do you want really?” Megan shows a faint smile said : to have anything not to want, good of Elder Brother Hai, the bystander does not understand, he he, ok, you told that these your don’t know, did not say, we eat to select thing, I really somewhat was hungry.” Charlie similarly is also paying attention to the Zhao Hai there situation, he to Zhao Hai is really attach great importance to, naturally must many attention he, Charlie also completely understand Jason, therefore he also is very worried about the response of Zhao Hai. Not only Charlie, Crown Prince is also same, actually just Crown Prince was also spoke the truth, he met Jason in the halfway, but Terry he actually came with his together, then met Jason in the halfway, Crown Prince came Jason pulling together. Crown Prince such does wants to make Charlie misunderstand Jason, misunderstands Jason with his one group, such as is Charlie starts to offend Crook Family because of this, that Crown Prince is helping Crook, he can receive Crook Family. However now looks like, this matter must be destroyed by Zhao Hai unexpectedly, that mouth of Jason, Crown Prince very clear, the average person cannot bear, but he has not actually thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly only in several words time, Jason levelling, this completely destroyed his plan. Thinks that in here Crown Prince eye cannot help but cold light, he really somewhat is jealous Charlie now, why a such outstanding capable person, arrived at Charlie in hand, if Zhao Hai is his under the hand/subordinate, that imperial throne he ninety percent sure. However Zhao Hai now actually impossible with him, that only then means that extinguished him, must extinguish him, did not give to extinguish him, was too big to his threat. Charlie look at Zhao Hai and Jason appearance, felt that accident, becoming famous of Jason is difficult to carry out, has not actually thought that today looks at right the eye with Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this surprised people.

Zhao Hai and Jason chatted in there, together drinks, they did not manage Terry, but Terry has actually followed in Zhao Hai their status, such was probably same as his own honey. Some Zhao Hai lane understand Terry do not want to do, but he knows that Terry is such performance, more is explained that he is fishy, Zhao Hai almost can affirm now that Terry will certainly cope with him, perhaps at this banquet. Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, he wants to know that Terry wants to cope with him in any means that but here Charlie residence, they , to cope with him in here, feared that is a little difficulty. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, the banquet has carried on half, but still any matter has not actually lived, now the middle of location resigned a dance floor, some Noble men and women are dancing in the middle. Zhao Hai will not dance, therefore side he sits on the fence, in hand is taking one glass of red wines, is not drinking, Jason sits in Zhao Hai side, Terry also sits in there. Smiling of the men and women who in the Jason look at field these dance, disdain, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, heard that the person currently has the people of three fiancees, moreover your three fiancees long is very attractive? Is called of Megan imperial capital double flowers is not most attractive?” Zhao Hai look at Jason, to be honest, he also really very much chatted with Jason comes, Jason this person likely was not Noble, to likely was these friend who is a bad influences of Zhao Hai on Earth, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very interesting. One hear of Jason such asked that Zhao Hai does smile said : what? you to envy? I told you, do not look that your long I have not led, but must mention the female personal connection, you fell far short.” Jason ill-humored white Zhao Hai said : your few proud, I have not believed that depending on my Jason moral behavior and appearance, I will be worse than you.” Does Zhao Hai smile said : „? You thought can't compare with in the quality I, wants to exceed me in the quantity? Such words I to was really Gan Bai leeward, said it, did you say your moral behavior embarrassed? Entire Rosen Empire whose don’t know your this fellow simply, you have not raised the moral behavior, do you see? If makes him hear, the gold tooth of your mouth must smile to fall.” Said that Zhao Hai is pointing in the field old Noble. In Ark Continent here, the people started to inlay the gold tooth, but that old Noble, is standing in Zhao Hai in front of them not far away, looking at steadily look at field fair and honest in these Noble women of dancing, opened the big mouth, the saliva quickly is flowing, that appearance, really sufficed 100 people to look for three years, was too dreadful. Jason is drinking, looked at Zhao Hai was pointing at that old Noble, liquor of mouth one has spurted, choked him again and again to cough, Zhao Hai actually laughed in the one side. Terry look at Zhao Hai and Jason appearance, in the eye actually completely disdains, simultaneously he puzzled, his understand, why Megan will not have a liking for a Zhao Hai such person, did not have. Some little time Jason calm gets down, his look at Zhao Hai said : your this fellow, just also made it believable individual, how now becomes such, such......” Zhao Hai look at his said : stuffy show is right?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Jason two eyes bright said : right, stuffy show, this word was too suitable you, HaHaHa, your youngster really had self-knowledge.”

One side Zhao Hai ill-humored said : get lost, your this foul-mouthed, I can bear you, was right, has waited for God's Grace Day, what do you have to plan? Daily mixes in imperial capital here? What meaning does that have? Might as well go to sea with me? Plays to play to marine.” Jason has not thought that really Zhao Hai will have such proposal, he has gawked in one, simultaneously he also feels very strange, he only knew with Zhao Hai does not arrive at two hours, but they actually felt that probably knew dozens years are the same, whom Jason has not seen to tell him such impolite, this feeling is very strange. However his immediately/on horseback said : good, goes to sea also well, happen to goes to sea to have a look at your youngster to do business now, later I also do, push the yellow your business.” Zhao Hai despises looked at his said : you, if has that ability, I happy, that such settled, when I must walk, I called you, when the time comes you may let alone not have the time.” Jason this actually knit the brows said : possibly also really a little hard to deal with, you also know that my status, I am not free like you, oh.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that as you like, so long as you have the time, said one to me, I lead you to exit, if no time forget about it, when had the time saying that you were content, I want to find a person to manage me unable to look, you were also in the luck not to know the luck.” Jason also knows that the Zhao Hai situation, he has smiled bitterly, has not been saying anything. At this time Zhao Hai suddenly noted, Crown Prince Charlie was then walking toward the backyard, they must discuss anything evidently probably. Zhao Hai wrinkled brow lightly, has not said anything, but ordered to Cai'er in the brain, making Cai'er pay attention to their there situation. Zhao Hai also paid attention to Laura their there, but at this time Lizzy they were also sitting with Laura in together, their this group of people may all be the beautiful women, on the scene is very noticeable, many people asked them to dance in the past, but several people all have actually rejected, this disappoints these people. Also after a while, a servant has arrived at Laura side them, spoke a few words to Lizzy, Lizzy has stood, they said to Laura several words, stood up. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to Lizzy, he currently had three fiancees, he satisfies, said it, the Lizzy status is not he can incur to stir up. Zhao Hai really somewhat darkly hates itself not to dance now, otherwise he asked certainly Laura each of them to jump one to dance, what a pity, before Adam that fellow will not dance, his reputation was too notorious, nobody asked him to attend the dance party, was adding on him not to like studying to dance, therefore he will not dance. But Zhao Hai say nothing , on Earth, he is only nerd, was adding on at that time except for the dancer who these came specially, nobody can study this regular transaction dance, if he came up to jump four with the person slowly, that cannot smile the person. Zhao Hai cannot help but regrettable sighing, thought that somewhat is unfair to Laura they, like the dance party, the girl will like participating generally, they like showing the front of people oneself most beautiful side, but was a pity that Zhao Hai will not dance, they also can only sit in the corner. Jason also noted the Zhao Hai appearance, did he show a faint smile said : what? to want with your fiancee to jump only dances? That goes, what eye lives stares in that dry?” Zhao Hai ill-humored white his said : you little wasted breath, if I will jump, I already did not jump.”

Jason face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : „won't you dance? Can't? Is this basic assignment that all Noble must study? Can't you unexpectedly?” Before Zhao Hai snort|hum said : „, in the family to is asks the person to hand over me, invited was actually an old man, I only liked the beautiful woman at that time, did not have the interest to the old man, therefore that old man expelling, has taught me to dance in also nobody from then on.” Jason one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : brothers, your line, you are really good, how I had not remembered this to incur at that time, expels teacher, good means.” Zhao Hai flipped the eye, men and women who in the ill-humored look at dance hall these revolve rapidly, this Jason was too suitable to work as a friend who is a bad influence. In this time, servant suddenly is arriving at the Zhao Hai mister of side to Zhao Hai said :, Your Highness asks you to go to backyard, something look for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head I to exit to Jason said :.” Then turns the head to Terry said : Terry Big Brother, I exit.” Terry smiles said : to go, we in this wait for you.” Was don’t know the misconception, Zhao Hai listens to a excited mood in his words, this made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but simultaneously enhanced vigilance. Zhao Hai walks toward backyard with that servant, that servant is having the Zhao Hai three revolutions of two revolutions, brought a small living room Zhao Hai, after inviting Zhao Hai sat down, to Zhao Hai but actually one cup has been possible Asian said : mister in here slightly to sit, Your Highness was just about to deliver big Your Highness, immediately comes.” Did Zhao Hai stare, looks at that servant said : big Your Highness to walk?” That servant nodded said : is, big Your Highness in leave, Your Highness is just about to deliver him, asking mister to wait a bit.” Zhao Hai deep looked at that servant one eyes, looks at that servant some jiao, this bowed to withdraw from the living room. Reason that Zhao Hai such looks at that servant , because he knows that servant is lying, because Cai'er told him, Charlie was chatting with Crown Prince, meaning that Crown Prince simply do not walk. Why does he lie? Does he want to do? Zhao Hai has been full of the question at heart, if not that servant's to Yu Residence in all very familiar, Zhao Hai thinks certainly that servant is Crown Prince finds the person to disguise as, but looked the appearance that servant guides, in visiting him may but actually the appearance of sub, obvious he to palace in all very familiar, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai some puzzled. In this time, Cai'er suddenly is telling Zhao Hai, that servant has not walked away, is hiding in the corner that in courtyard a nobody pays attention to is paying attention to him. Why Zhao Hai then understand that servant does not close, oh monitors him for the convenience, Zhao Hai suspected that the status of this servant, he did want to do?