Chapter 462 hallucination medicine In Zhao Hai puzzled time, Cai'er suddenly told Zhao Hai, the facial expression of that person of servant somewhat worried, moreover was staring at that cup of sub on table. Zhao Hai gawked, looks at that cup on table to be possible Asian, after he arrived at this room, has not received any attack, did not have any disturbance, did not have any other motions, the opposite party possibly not to call this room him to end, certainly after will have, but after this, can only be that cup may sub. Zhao Hai has carried that cup of sub, has drunk one, he to wants to have a look at this cup to be possible sub to have any strangeness, the opposite party actually wants to cope with him with any method. This cup may sub just enter the mouth, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: „The irritant oratorio hallucination medicine, may have the strong stimulation to the person body, afterward actually possibly loses recalled that withdraws Poison Technique, strengthens the Space poisonous chemical compound ingredient, relieves Host within the body toxicity.” Zhao Hai one was shocked, he has not thought that servant to him was actually one cup of hallucination medicines, in Space although has not said understand, but Zhao Hai was listens to understand, this was one cup of hallucination medicines, was one cup of intense aphrodisiac! Zhao Hai has put Ke the sub Cup slowly, does his real don’t know opposite party drink this thing to do to him? To wants to make him make a boner difficultly? However Zhao Hai prepares to act in a play to develop complete set, how having a look at the opposite party to cope with him, therefore he drank to be possible shortly after sub, pretended to faint dizzy appearance, was shaking the head, before long depended in the sand, pretended the corona past appearance. At this time that servant walked, he looked at Zhao Hai one, suddenly has extracted short sword from the body, toward the Zhao Hai leg Shangjian, he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to faint obviously. However this servant has not used Battle Qi, but the clothes that now Zhao Hai wears, although does in Calci Family, however Zhao Hai inside also wears one clothes, this clothes give his Magic Robe to change by pulling with Laura, general attack is useless, therefore short sword immediately of that servant by Zhao in the sea surface Chinese-style gown blocking. although had been blocked by the pants, but is very painful, but Zhao Hai has actually borne, pretends the unconscious appearance, that servant although has gawked, but the body of immediately understand Zhao Hai has certainly worn the exposure suit, he cannot help but in a low voice scolded said : to attend the banquet also to wear the exposure suit, was really a coward.” Said that builds Zhao Hai to walk outward. Enters swinging Zhao Hai that walks outward enters to keep, swung several, looked that Zhao Hai has not awaked, cannot help but muttered said : not to be right, should awake, applied drugs excessively?” Zhao Hai already knows that what the opposite party uses is the hallucination medicine, is not Sleeping Drug, but the dosage under opposite party medicine truly is a little big, but when Cai'er has calculated him to awake, after awaking, was any appearance also tells Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and other time, that servant held Zhao Hai to proceed some little time, Zhao Hai suddenly moves, then fainted dizzy has opened the eye, in his eye the complete focus, the whole person probably is different in the sleepwalk, simultaneously his breath actually very loud, the face was also red. Naturally, these performance are Cai'er help Zhao Hai be completed, he is not a movie king, if only depends on he, he may unable to develop such effect. That servant looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but in a soft voice said : looked like really puts the medicine, this medicine may be really fierce, youngster, was cheap you.” Said that held room in front of the door Zhao Hai, one has pushed Zhao Hai, then closed, from beginning to end he has not made the person in room be possible to see his opportunity. Zhao Hai to stares, but he knows that servant is listening secretly outside, he pretends unclear appearance, actually in sizing up this rooms. This is a very ordinary small guest room, understood at a glance that is Charlie is used to entertain these is not very important guest, inside and outside the guest room is divided into two, the inside room is the bedroom, the outside is a small living room, stands in the small living room, can see the bed of inside bedroom, middle although has curtain screen together to be away from, but the curtain screen is actually selected now, on the bed of Zhao Hai present inside room is lying down probably a person. This person of breath resembles very smoothly, has probably fallen asleep, Zhao Hai a little understand, the opposite party has wanted to direct this place him now, then drinks the hallucination medicine to him, in that medicine added the intense aphrodisiac, then steals this in the room him, in the room in arranging a woman, when the matters of his line of that animal time, they are coming one to seize deceitfully in the bed. Why now his understand Terry evening with him, was feared that he walked, affected their computations, his also understand why he that servant called, Terry probably very excited, originally because of this. He can imagine, if he has drunk that medicine , the matter of being an expert animal time, Terry brings Megan their suddenly to rush to come to see, that can be any situation. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but anger tuck dive, opposite party this really wants to make him die, but he to was curious, he can affirm, on the bed that person possibly also fan fainted, otherwise the impossible that servant to be caused that big sound, the opposite party has not waked. What Zhao Hai is now curious, actually these people gave him to arrange what woman, if the too bad woman, feared that was Megan their one eyes can have false. Thought of here, Zhao Hai pretends to arrive at the bedside totteringly, looked toward the bed on that on the bed was lying down a person, this person was used the Chinese-style gown to be beastly the face, only revealed the eye, but those who made Zhao Hai surprised was, the eye of opposite party was opening the eyes unexpectedly!

Zhao Hai one startled, his careful looks at the eye of opposite party, presently in the opposite party eye full is the panic-stricken color, but actually still lies down in there is motionless. Zhao Hai presently must be able to affirm that the opposite party certainly was also, but in the medicine with him was different, was not Pu body Sleeping Drug, but one type of made the person body not have the means to move, can actually retain the intelligent the medicine, such Zhao Hai wants to deny unable to deny. Zhao Hai wishes one could immediately/on horseback to kill Terry now, but he actually knows that this matter feared is not only an idea of Terry person, Crown Prince also has certainly a participation, otherwise Crown Prince will not catch up to call Charlie at this time, but also spoke these bored words in there. Zhao Hai has raised the quilt gently, however the pleasant person lets Zhao Hai greatly surprised, because on the bed is lying down is not others, is Princess Lizzy. Zhao Hai felt that own scalp one on the hemp, the fine body hair of whole body one has set upright, his finally understand, opposite party this move, not only aims at him, simultaneously needle Charlie. Considers, if opposite party plans successfully, that is the person who Charlie under the hand/subordinate attaches great importance, *** the princess, this not only Zhao Hai ended, Charlie also ended, Princess Lizzy also ended, arrow three vultures, are quite really ruthless! Princess Lizzy face panic-stricken look at Zhao Hai, she was called by that servant, said that is Charlie asks her to have the matter, he does not doubt him, with that servant walked out, then that servant welcome her to a small living room, arrived in one cup of sub to her, said that Charlie was just about to deliver Crown Prince, making her wait a bit. Because Lizzy has drunk liquor at the dance party, the originally mouth drinks, therefore may sub drink that cup, but this cup may sub drink her presently not to suit, oneself whole body is soft, the gearing a finger strength does not have, but consciousness actually extremely sober. Then comes in a black-clothed person, hugged this room her, has put on the bed, gave him on the beast the Chinese-style gown, that held his person, the whole body is covered by black-clothed, simply could not see the appearance. Then that person exited, Lizzy lies on the bed feared more and more that her don’t know lived any matter, she lies on the bed, each one minute of probably one year so has been long. Finally outside has heard the sound of footsteps, then a person entered the room, that person entered room Lizzy to see clearly the opposite party, unexpectedly was Zhao Hai. However Lizzy also presently the Zhao Hai present situation has probably does not suit, the facial expression is unclear, the blood flushes of over the face, were drink probably were the same.

Lizzy is not stupid, she is a girl, is situated ninth, her very clear, oneself this is for a lifetime impossible to obtain that imperial throne, therefore she did not care to the imperial throne matter very much. However in her several Elder Brother, she with Charlie relationship is best, now looks at the Zhao Hai situation, Lizzy on understand, Zhao Hai is also planned, simultaneously her also almost immediately thought through joint, although has thought through, however her actually very difficult received at heart, because she knows, she by his Big Brother planning. Zhao Hai sees Lizzy, almost also immediately thinks that understand what's the matter, he looked at Lizzy one, then personal appearance suddenly moves, has probably not come to a stop, in the future in a flash, actually good skillful unfortunately has been bumping into on the curtain of bedroom, then the curtain of bedroom was bumped to fall by below, bedroom blocking. Looked that the bedroom was blocked, the Zhao Hai facial expression changes, immediately is not that type unclear the appearance, he on Lizzy to bed showed a faint smile, the bow bowing, said : was unfair to princess Your Highness in a soft voice, asking Your Highness to wait a bit, my immediately gave you Detoxification.” Said that a hand revolution, has put out a jar, what in this jar attire is the transparent liquid, then has drunk to Lizzy the liquid. Feeds Lizzy to drink Spatial Water in jar, Zhao Hai while to Lizzy said : princess Your Highness, the wait for you toxin solved in a soft voice, please do not shout , should not be noisy, accompanied me to perform in a play.” After Space in Lizzy drinks, Zhao Hai receives the jar, met to begin to turn, has put out a cloth, opened the cloth, then both hands made an effort, listened to hissing, that cloth immediately by Zhao Hai tearing to pieces, him has then pretended to breathe more and more rapid appearance, in ripping cloth of effort. Then has ripped several cloths, his breath also coordinates to be getting more and more rapid, simultaneously he also keeps rocks Lizzy is lying down that bed with the hand, lets that bed transmits one intermittently „” „” sound. Meanwhile he also makes Cai'er pay attention to outside that servant. Really, hears these sounds, that servant satisfied nod of, turn around walked. Looked that servant walked, Zhao Hai then received these by the cloth that he tore to pieces, to bed on Lizzy said : that has been able to move princess Your Highness, please a bit faster get up, we must exit.”