Chapter 463 drinks small liquor to wait for you At this time Lizzy has been able to move, but she somewhat was embarrassed, one hear of Zhao Hai said that she lowered the head, has blushed the face, slowly sat from the bed, then has gotten down. although she can move now, but the movement cannot extremely in the flexibility, but Zhao Hai believed her immediately to be able. When Lizzy stood the ground, Zhao Hai then went forward to hold her, held to sit on the chair her. When the hand of Zhao Hai bumps into Lizzy, the body of Lizzy cannot bear trembles gently, but her immediately restored calm, feels the unprecedented security. Zhao Hai don’t know these, he to Lizzy said : Your Highness, a while you had the strength in a soft voice, the immediately leave room, after the opposite party also will certainly have.” Said Zhao Hai half step arrived at Lizzy to lie down on that table, bed fast tidied up. At this time Lizzy also had the strength, she has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : „didn't mister follow my together?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : acting in a play naturally to develop the complete set, so long as Your Highness leave has been OK, I remain to accompany their acrobatics to develop, Your Highness best immediately/on horseback leave . Moreover the farther the better to here, when you presently all people come toward here time, you came on the line.” Lizzy deep looked at Zhao Hai one, then bowed said : to thank mister to ask Lizzy to Zhao Hai, Lizzy did not have the tooth to be unforgettable.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Your Highness to be too polite, Your Highness invited quickly.” Lizzy nodded, turn around leave room, Zhao Hai already present, that servant already leave, not nearby this, therefore Lizzy exits, not by person present, he to wants to have a look, the opposite party presently Lizzy when this in the room, what response will not have. Zhao Hai tidies up the bed, turns on the curtain screen of bedroom, then sat in the small living room, has put out bottle of liquor, several types of snacks, a person from drinking thought in there, was very leisurely and carefree. His here to was leisurely and carefree, outside actually knocked over the day, that servant after hearing has ripped clothes also had xx the sound, on turn around leave, he has not wanted to make others know that he has come here. He in the computing time, he to the medicine that Lizzy drinks, is lets want the whole body to be incapable, but consciousness sober medicine, moreover he very careful control the dosage, after a while the Lizzy strength will be restoring, when the Lizzy advantage air/Qi soon restores time, he in carrying on next, when then all people rush to that room time, happen to can see that Lizzy is struggling, such Zhao Hai charge was solid. This servant had the confidence to own plan, moreover he also feared one in there strolling, will always let present of having a mind, therefore he to planning Zhao Hai their rooms was very far, therefore presently Lizzy had not come out. Is calculating the time, while is making the preparation, finally that servant thought that the time was up, his immediately/on horseback loud called the sound in courtyard: „It is not good, princess Your Highness was missing.”

Shouted that this person of flashes body did not see, this throat may live it up, one has alarmed in courtyard all people, dance party there stopped, all people jumped. But Laura they also saw Zhao Hai calling, to hear this sound by the servant, they knew to go bad, this motion definitely came to Zhao Hai. Laura their cannot help but complexion changes, several people of being busy stood got up to walk outward, Megan was pulls out saw Terry, presently in the Terry eye flashes through smug look, Megan knows this matter was certainly related with Terry, Megan has cannot help but nipped a lip, stared Terry one maliciously, with Laura half step walking of outward. Terry proud, has not noted the Megan look now, if he saw the Megan look, what idea don’t know will have. But the sound that Charlie hears that servant stares, then complexion changes, his residence servants after training, even if were Lizzy has been missing in his residence, these servants will not shout and wrangle like, now this sound, is not the person in his palace presently comes certainly, even if were the person in his palace, that was already is also given to buy. Thinks that here Charlie cannot help but turned the head to look at Crown Prince one, in the Crown Prince eye has flashed through smug look, actually appearance that pretended complexion changes, one has stood, said : younger sister? How will the younger sister have an accident?” Said that stands outward to walk. On the face of Charlie actually flashes through angry look, then has flashed through worried look, he knows that he was negligent, he has not thought that in own residence, oneself also will be given unexpectedly to plan. Charlie also immediately followed Crown Prince, at this time these Noble that dances in the front courtyard, welled up the backyard, but at this time in the courtyard middle, Terry a servant was then saying anything. Charlie and Crown Prince half step arrived at there, Terry look at them to come, this has let loose that servant, bowed to them said : big Your Highness, three Your Highness, were just this servant said.” Charlie looked at that servant one eyes, actually stares, because he presently that servant is really his residence, he has also seen, has not actually thought that this person can be the Crown Prince person unexpectedly. Simultaneously the heart of Charlie also sinks, he knows that Crown Prince abandoned this important chess piece, that certain lord was the preparation was completely safe, it seems like today's matter will be unfriendly. Who Charlie wants to have a look in the crowd is planned, he believes the person who planned, in these people, did not certainly look at these people, the Charlie heart cannot help but one startled, because he presently in these people does not have the Zhao Hai form. The heart of Charlie sank, plans other person of him not to care, at the worst abandoned, but Zhao Hai was not good, Zhao Hai was too important to his later plan, he cannot discard.

At this time Crown Prince actually open the mouth and said: What's the matter?” Terry looked at Third Prince, then said : just princess Your Highness said that she was tired, thinks that behind rests, is this servant, but they just arrived at the backyard to be hit fainted, when he wakes, yelled.” Charlie look at that servant is said : this?” That servant lowers the head said : „, just the princess said that she was tired, I lead the princess to come the backyard rest, but just arrived at the backyard, was hit fainted, then on any also don’t know.” Charlie coldly look at that servant, he has not scolded that servant, he knows that at this time scolded useless, Crown Prince they were design certainly, now he made anything late, can only look how the matter then must unfold. Crown Prince in giving opportunity of Charlie view, his immediately/on horseback said : immediately/on horseback looks to look, has a look at the princess now in palace.” These Noble have not actually moved, these matters are not they should do, moreover like the Charlie Prince palace , is also not who can burst at will, the people are not a fool, naturally cannot moving heedlessly easily. Before this time, servant suddenly said : that yelled Your Highness, I just saw that the person held princess Your Highness to go to there.” Crown Prince also coordination, immediately/on horseback said : who? Whom did you see?” That servant, looked at Charlie, appearance said : that pretends to be afraid resembles, probably is Mr. Zhao Hai!” Charlie look at that servant, he presently this servant he also has seen, is his residence servant, is not others pretends, this presently makes feeling of quantity to the back cool, he has not thought, in own palace unexpectedly so many rebels. Meanwhile as soon as he listened to that servant saying that was Zhao Hai holds Lizzy to go in that direction, he felt that own head buzz, his very clear, Zhao Hai and Lizzy had certainly been planned, now he already understand Crown Prince method, this was the method that an arrow four carved. The first vulture, naturally is his Charlie, if Lizzy had an accident in his residence, but handles this matter is Zhao Hai, his Charlie also ended, do not say that struggled any imperial throne, this successor potential energy protect don’t know.

The second vulture, Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai strength all people knows that has Zhao Hai to help him, his strength will increase, therefore Zhao Hai wants, except that this second vulture is Zhao Hai. The third vulture, Lizzy, Lizzy although is only a princess, does not have the right of inheritance, but Lizzy is actually the princess who King most likes, but if Lizzy had an accident, she gave Royal to hoodwink shaming, she impossible in obtaining the affection of King, this equal to was governs Lizzy in the deathtrap, after Lizzy, will be more impossible to help Charlie. But this fourth vulture is Calci Family, the Calci Family nearest/recent crest of wave is very abundant, but if Zhao Hai had the matter, that Calci Family may also be implicated. Charlie itself ends the political skill, almost in the flash thinks that understand these, he cannot help but turned the head look at Crown Prince, Crown Prince normally works tepid, but this moves, is actually one snap ring one point, making people virtually impossible to guard against. Now Charlie understand, Terry with Crown Prince certainly is one group, otherwise they will not form a partnership to perform in such play, but Charlie also looked, Jason probably with them was not one group, because just Jason stood in the crowd, heard Zhao Hai was holding Lizzy the time, his complexion changed, that expression likely was not an attire. However now Charlie does not have what, he who is good to think can only be looks at Zhao Hai, hoping Zhao Hai can is well, not be planned. However Charlie also knows that this possibility is minimal, if Crown Prince their plans are not successful, they do not dare such big drum begins in his palace. When Charlie is thinking these, Crown Prince was bringing that servants and these Noble walked toward the room that Zhao Hai is at now. Zhao Hai although sits in the room now, but he through monitor, is actually paying attention to outside all, he presently Lizzy walked the status of these people, a face sneers walks toward here with these people. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : Cai'er, pays attention to that two servants, a while do not make them run, do not make them commit suicide, their to eliminate a potential informant, I must keep them to ask the oral confession.” Cai'er has complied with one.