Chapter 464 I to have a look At this time Crown Prince under the direction of that servant Zhao Hai in front of the door, that servant had referred to room said : that Zhao Hai was at Your Highness, was here.” Actually did not need him saying that other people also knew, because around this, only then this room was the house lamp was shining. Following that Laura and Megan their one face is worried about proceeds in the crowd, but all around knew that their people, use one type of very unusual look look at they. These person of one have not been fools, they know that Zhao Hai was surely given to plan, therefore they have not felt really the vitality, they look like are watching a play now, most people have the mentality that one type of takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. Did the quick people arrive at Zhao Hai in front of the door, said : that Crown Prince put on airs Mr. Zhao Hai have been possible in inside?” Zhao Hai sat in table there shows a faint smile, carries wine glass to drink one, did not have making noise, he must wait, he must let these person of proud, then when their most proud, their stepping on maliciously in underground. Crown Prince one hear inside has not listened, affirmed Zhao Hai to incur, his immediately/on horseback gave a loud shout said : to clash, rescued Lizzy.” Terry first ran, a foot has kicked out of the way the door, was shouting flushed, this goes, he actually in there, dull will look in nearby the table, drinking Zhao Hai. At this time several other leafed doors had also kicked out of the way, then all people dull stood in there look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was lifting wine glass to toward the mouth deliver, the appearance that looked at the people, Zhao Hai cannot help but in there, the look at people then slowly has put down wine glass, has stood, look at Crown Prince their dull appearances, embarrassed said : everybody, I was hide to drink a nice wine, ate delicious, didn't you use such excitedly?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that responded first is Laura they, Laura their cannot help but bu has smiled, sees the Zhao Hai appearance, they know that Zhao Hai will not have the matter. Charlie is also happy of face, Jason looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, is looking at Crown Prince complexion, cannot help but laughs said : to be good your youngster, dares a person to hide in here unexpectedly drinks, did not call me, oh, the snack of snack street, your youngster can enjoy, three Your Highness, were you not quite really kind?” But Charlie now happy has gone bad, laughs said : this you to be possible unable to look for me, but these Little Hai bring, Little Hai, dislikes is not good, how also did who my here eats drink in this?” Charlie just a saying ended, Crown Prince could not be bearing, his shouted: Has sufficed, Zhao Hai, you little put on airs, said that Lizzy there? If Lizzy had an accident, my you are only held responsible.” Zhao Hai coldly look at Crown Prince, calm said : my don’t know Crown Prince is any meaning, Princess Lizzy has been missing, has any relationship with me.” Crown Prince coldly said : just obviously some people noticed that you hold Lizzy to walk, Lizzy?” Zhao sea surface wooden said : who saw? Station?” Crown Prince turns the head to look that was actually shocked, just followed to put the Third Prince residence person in that two him of his side, has actually disappeared.

Crown Prince stares, he knows that tonight was removes the defeat of bottom, in this time, has been transmitting Lizzy sound speaking sounds behind the crowd: Big Brother so cared that my safety, really makes me quite be moved.” With speech sound, Lizzy slowly walked from behind, look at Crown Prince of face cold frost, then turned the head to look at Terry one, this calm said : just some people looked for me, said that the Third Brother looked for me, I came out, has not actually thought that by a tricky slave deceiving, the Third Brother, in your this palace was not peaceful, you may probably renovate to be good well, left any the cat and the dog, can in chaotic noisy.” One hear of Lizzy said that Crown Prince complexion one becomes very difficult looked, at this time Zhao Hai also made noise said : three Your Highness, you should clean up in this palace, just I was also called by a servant, he also said that is you looks for me, he he.” Charlie complexion sinks said : Little Hai your feel relieved, I well clean certainly up in this palace, in nearest/recent this palace is not most a little peaceful.” Crown Prince complexion is pale, coldly snorted, turn around walks, Charlie look at Crown Prince leave, has not actually moved, since has had no consideration for face, that did not use politely. The guest who these Charlie invited looked at this situation, don’t know must not know what to do, several Noble followed Crown Prince at the scene, the remaining people have not actually walked. Charlie does not think these people who keeps, all wants with his, him so not to be naive, he knows in these people, the has plenty people are the person with no mind of his own, today does not want to offend him, therefore he has not walked. However Charlie does not care, one will win thousand armed forces, has Zhao Hai one, these Noble all ran, Charlie does not care. However the scene must deal with, Charlie immediately asked these Noble to enter in the hall, asking them to eat and drink, but the interest of these people were lower. But Zhao Hai has not actually gone with their together, but kept in that small room, is drinking small liquor with Jason in there, is eating the snack. Laura they have not gone, keep there to accompany Zhao Hai, what surprising people are, Lizzy must remain. Zhao Hai and Jason sit on the table drink, Laura they chatted in there, Jason look at Laura their how many, looked at Lizzy one, in a low voice to Zhao Hai said : brothers, what kind of? Had an accident a moment ago? Why I looked that Princess Lizzy looked your look is not quite right.” Zhao Hai looked at his said : to be short ill-humoredly in that talk nonsense, just arrived has almost an accident , the brothers and sisters machine respect, now possibly died.” Said that said to Jason just matter in a low voice. After Jason hear, wine glass numerous puts toward the table on, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you said is real? Did they do really?” Zhao Hai snort|hum said : this matter I have been able to deceive you, I told you, this matter ten had *** had relationship with Terry, first several days I with Megan went to his shop to buy thing the time, he looked that my look was not right, has not thought that such quickly began, snort|hum, I also think that he was a character, has not thought such anxiously, but this matter must be I vigilant, that consequence was dreadful, not only I, Third Prince, Princess Lizzy ended.” Jason coldly snorted said : you think was too simple, not only Third Prince and Princess Lizzy, Calci Family must receive to pull the association, simultaneously your Buda Family ended, later Buda Family impossible to base on Continent.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted, Jason deep voice said : has not thought really that Terry unexpectedly is this kind of sinister villain, but Little Hai, you also really suffice, was just angry Crown Prince, later has you to receive.”

Zhao Hai sneers said : not to have today's matter, will he let off me? I now with Third Prince, itself am his enemy, he will let off me to be strange.” Jason sighed, was not saying anything, Zhao Hai also knows that Jason does not want to say this matter, therefore his deep voice said : good Jason, I say this to you today, was lets you carefully, with should not be near, was careful that was planned by them who they walked.” Jason nodded, has not sat with Zhao Hai in there drinking slowly, Laura they sits in the one side chats, before long Charlie came, the front banquet had ended, these people because of just matter, did not have the interest, therefore the banquet carelessly will end. Charlie looks at the Zhao Hai Jason appearance, smiles said : you to is comfortable, drank in this, was good, do not drink, Little Hai, you came, I said a matter to you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has put down wine glass. Jason has also put down wine glass, turned the head to Charlie said : three Your Highness, the time not early, I went back.” Charlie has not kept him, smiles said : well, has the words of time, coming my here to play.” Jason has complied with one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, has the time to go to my family to look for me, you also know that I am not many in the Carson City friend, when the time comes asks me to drink.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : well, you prepared the nice wine on the line.” Jason smiles said : that not to be good, my liquor that compares favorably with the liquor that you take, this liquor is you prepares, I prepare the dish.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to see you such to knock on a door, ok, I prepare the liquor.” Said that they laugh, Jason then leave Charlie mansion. The Charlie look at Jason back, smiles said : not to think to Zhao Hai, famous foul-mouthed Jason in Carson City, unexpectedly becomes the friend with you, really has not thought how your youngster can bear him?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually other people good, but was most people does not like saying that the person of truth, but I was happen to opposite, I liked saying the person of truth, can therefore become the friend with him.” Stands Lizzy after two person is actually dumbfounded look at Zhao Hai, this saying Megan also spoke to her, now Zhao Hai also said that this arrived is stems from the anticipation of Lizzy, Lizzy cannot help but turns the head to look at Megan one, presently Megan face infatuated look at Zhao Hai. Charlie nodded said : to walk, we went to say, Lizzy, you went back.” Lizzy actually shook the head said : not, I do not go back, Third Brother, today's matter, but relationship to my safety, I must go with you.” Charlie looked at Lizzy one, he understand, today's matter spoke of the root to aim at his, but Lizzy was he gives to implicate, he has not managed really cannot reject Lizzy, he must sigh said : well, with on come.” Said that gets the people to walk toward the palace backyard living room.

Fought the British rice they to wait for Charlie in living room, this Laura they did not have leave, entered the living room with Zhao Hai together, Charlie had not opposed, after several people sat down, Charlie turned the head look at Zhao Hai and Lizzy said : says, what's the matter?” Zhao Hai and Lizzy with said to Charlie their brewer's grains, Charlie more listens to complexion is ugly, he has not thought, unexpectedly Crown Prince they can do such certainly, if this matter has succeeded, that consequence is dreadful, thinks of here, Charlie looks at look cannot help but appreciation of Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai said that hand gently wields, in the room appears two people, these two people are not others, is that two servants. Charlie looked that these two servants stare, fight they also look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that in Zhao Hai Space can deposit the living creature unexpectedly. However they are not startled quickly, listens to Zhao Hai deep voice said : to talk clearly with Your Highness your status.” The two have complied with one, said to Charlie their status. They are the Charlie residence children of domestic slaves are not fake, but their parents are also the Crown Prince arrangements, was Charlie under the hand/subordinate Steward is received to sell by Crown Prince, their status cheating, actually they were not the Charlie children of domestic slaves, but was the Crown Prince children of domestic slaves. Charlie they also look now, originally these two people were turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, while sighing Zhao Hai vicious and merciless, to the Zhao Hai strength also had the confidence, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such, can casual turned into Advanced level Undead Creature the person. After they have advocated the family background, Charlie also feels being startled, that Steward that because these two people said that Charlie thinking highly of, has not actually thought that he can be a rebel unexpectedly. Charlie coldly snorted said : I tidy up them slowly, today's matter real that was close, luckily Little Hai vigilant, otherwise, the consequence is dreadful, Little Hai, how do you know that cup to be possible Yari poisonous?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : I to do? I am Dark Magician, in Dark Magician will be few will not use the toxin, will work as my this to cause the toxin with the poisonous expert in front, they were too tender a point.” Charlie cannot help but laughs, they have also smiled on Lien Chan, existence of their don’t know Space, but will use the toxin regarding Dark Magician, this is entire Continent knows that therefore they have not suspected Zhao Hai. After Charlie has smiled, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what to do did you say then us should? This did owe has eaten without paying inadequately?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to suffer a loss in vain? Is that possible? Now looked, Terry has hired oneself Crown Prince, moreover today's matter, he certainly was the participation of entire journey, wanted to deal with us, their hearts also were really big, their good luck also to the end, since they moved me first, I will be impolite, Your Highness, this matter you did not need to manage, began by me, I to have a look, Robert this thousand Nian Clan clans, strong!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Megan knows Zhao Hai moved killing intent to Robert Family, but Megan to has not said anything, now all her gaze by the Zhao Hai horse, let alone this time, but Terry moves Zhao Hai first, she naturally cannot make Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate be forgiving. Lizzy and Charlie knitting the brows head, they somewhat were actually worried, because the reputations of thousand Nian Clan clans are not casual inconsiderately shout, did not have appears thousand Nian Clan clans that on Continent directly destroyed completely to the present, reason that the general thousand Nian Clan clans declined finally, is internal reason creates, Zhao Hai wants to do against with Robert Family this thousand Nian Clan clans, in their opinion is really some non- wisdom.