Chapter 465 Elder Brother thoughts Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : Your Highness feel relieved, I will pay attention, if makes him produce then such to unfold, will have many Great Clan with the team, that Your Highness person obtained the hope of that imperial throne on getting smaller and smaller, I must make these know with the Crown Prince person, even if they were thousand Nian Clan clans, was unsafe.” The Zhao Hai words are very crazy, categorical that but this saying he said that lets the person, as soon as listens to feel that shakes at heart, blood flow sped up several points. This saying does not exaggerate, person who because only in the Zhao Hai words must deal with, is thousand Nian Clan clans. Thousand Nian Clan clans, on Continent are almost representing the topest influence, even if general Imperial Family does not dare to offend, because on this Continent little has to exist the millenniums the dynasties, has many thousand Nian Clan clans, this explained an issue. But Zhao Hai actually wants positive looks like thousand Nian Clan clans to declare war now, this sounds to make people feel burning with passion. Charlie look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughing said : suddenly good, Little Hai, feel relieved does, was hit has not hit back, is not our styles, punches him.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Highness, this matter you did not need to manage, what you now are most important, in cleaning up well your palace, otherwise I also really somewhat for your safe worry.” Charlie smiles said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, but this matter cannot such, have no consideration for face, I did not use was polite, then must look my.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good, Your Highness, the time early, I cannot go back, this several days feared that was I do not have the time.” Charlie nodded said : well, you are busy, remembers that has the time to my here play to play.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, has stood, said goodbye with Lizzy, prepared to walk outward. Lizzy look at Zhao Hai must walk, her suddenly stands, look at Zhao Hai said : „does Mr. Zhao Hai, meet you to attend in the new year the imperial palace banquet?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought not really Lizzy actually such will ask, he shook the head said : not, the status like me, does not have the qualifications to attend the imperial palace banquet, said it, I do not like attending the banquet.” Charlie has the profound meaning looked at Zhao Hai, selected has shown a faint smile said : you , to participate does not have the issue, I can lead you to go, what kind of? Can't go?”

Zhao Hai looked at Charlie one, looked at Lizzy one, shaking the head said : of gently considers as finished, goes to there I not to know several people, bored, moreover I do not like attending the banquet.” Charlie nodded said : line, does not participate does not participate, you go back first, has the time to play.” Zhao Hai nodded, leading Laura they to walk. Lizzy look at follows in Zhao Hai Laura and Megan they, suddenly felt that somewhat envies. The Charlie look at Lizzy appearance, sighed at heart darkly, but actually made noise said : Little Hai is really too outstanding, it seems like after him, will have more wife, he was the Buda Family successor, now Buda Family, only then his such only child, he certainly will marry many wife to come a loose leaf.” Charlie said that intentionally, because he presently since Zhao Hai has rescued Lizzy, Lizzy was produces the one type of not bright sentiment element to Zhao Hai probably, Charlie knows, if made this type of sentiment element such unfold, sooner or later one day will turn into the love, therefore he said intentionally that wants to make Lizzy lose heart, because of Charlie very clear, Lizzy at heart very proud, she will not agree that shared the husband with other woman. Zhao Hai beforehand booking the marriage, that Lizzy has been speechless, but if later Zhao Hai also wants in having other wife, that Lizzy definitely will not agree that Charlie said that must let Lizzy understand, after Zhao Hai , may have more wife. Really, one hear of Charlie words, Lizzy complexion slightly changes, but immediately returned to normal, but Charlie actually knows that his words Lizzy has perceived. Charlie did not have saying that this topic, turned the head to Lizzy said : Lizzy, now Big Brother has had no consideration for face with us, moreover regarding beginning, you must be careful that oh, truly speaking, I do not want to see today this situation, but I have not thought Big Brother can do such certainly, was I have implicated you.” Lizzy returned to normal, she shook the head said : non- Third Brother, this matter does not blame you, I am only have not thought that he such certainly, the Third Brother who the matter will be done, starting today, you will also use to worry about any brotherly love, I will support fully your.” Charlie has smiled bitterly next step: Reason that ok, the father will like you , because you never participate in these matters, if you participated, feared that is the status does not guarantee, ok, does not need to be worried about the Third Brother, the Third Brother is no one can bully.” Lizzy looked at Charlie one, had not been saying that this topic, is only deep voice said : Third Brother, I went back.” Said that turn around walked. In Rosen Empire, after Prince is grown, must construct the palace outside, but the princess actually does not use, after the princess generally is waits till getting married, if favored, King will bestow her Gongzhufu, lets the princess and her husband lives in inside, if not favored, that can only live in her husband home.

Lizzy has not married now, does not have the engagement, therefore she lives in the imperial palace now. look at Lizzy horse carriage leave slowly, Charlie cannot bear sigh, his hurting to this nine younger sister is the sincerity, Lizzy is very sensible, very good, but is somewhat arrogant, the common man she looks does not glance. Today Zhao Hai has saved her, this regarding Lizzy, the influence is very big, moreover matter very beautiful that today Zhao Hai makes, has also made very deep impression to Lizzy, therefore Lizzy has the feeling to Zhao Hai, this is also excusable. However the sole issue is, Zhao Hai currently had three fiancees, but evidently is equal to four, because in the Laura side, but also time with small tail, this situation, Charlie will not make Lizzy then unfold with Zhao Hai. It looks like in Charlie, the Zhao Hai strength truly can be joined to Lizzy, if Zhao Hai that several fiancees, that Charlie certainly have not been happy now, but now is not good, he is one hurts younger sister's Elder Brother, he does not think after own younger sister, daily struggles the husband with other women. Zhao Hai actually has not thought these many now, he sits on the vehicle, Laura they sit in his side, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how do you prepare to cope with Terry?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to let Robert Family is not on Continent topest Clan, if they must die really to subdue|grams with me, extinguished him.” Laura nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how do we want to do?” Zhao Hai looked at out of the window one, showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, will not have the matter, I went to hawk release, letting him entire Rosen Empire, delimited in the Space map, like this after facilitating us handled affairs, Megan, after going back, you gave me to mark to come out in the business of various Rosen Empire places Robert Family.” Megan nodded, to be honest, if beforehand Zhao Hai wants to cope with Robert Family, she will possibly prevent, but how to say that Calci Family and Robert Family are the generation after generation are also on good terms, but this Terry completed the matter is actually too excessive, Zhao Hai must cope with Robert Family to be also normal. Zhao Hai then said : also has, told the uncle and grandfather this matter, making them be ready, if Robert Family must die to spell with us, we waited to take over their Clan under the hand/subordinate business.” Megan nodded said : „more careful Elder Brother Hai, how Robert Family in said that is also thousand Nian Clan clans, is not good to cope.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been speaking, now he had overall has planned, definitely will not make Robert Family feel better. horse carriage quickly on returned to the dark soldier fort, because of the weather already not early, in the castle some guards except for the servant who and were on night duty, other people have rested, Zhao Hai has not disturbed anybody, returned to own courtyard, directly entered in Space to rest. Today Charlie asked the Calci Family person to attend the banquet, but Lando has not actually sent, such one to let others knows that our Calci Family has not supported Charlie, his Zhao Hai with nearly is the Zhao Hai matter that Charlie walks, with our Calci Family it doesn't matter. Two are because Megan went, Megan although became engaged with Zhao Hai, but they have not married, therefore Megan, if on behalf of Calci Family yes, no one could say anything to come like this, did not offend Charlie, made other people unable to see anything. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai will have combed the hair and wash the face, they have provided the breakfast on the horse servants to Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai they have eaten one simply, Smith sends for inviting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also knows that Smith definitely knew yesterday evening's matter, it seems like it is thinks detailed asks him, Zhao Hai has not hesitated, went to the lobby in sound of the wind in the trees institute with that servant, not only Smith, Lando came. After Zhao Hai they have saluted, Lando makes Zhao Hai sit down, then immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, carefully said yesterday evening's matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, the fresh matter said to Lando yesterday in the evening carefully that said, Zhao Hai deep voice said : this matter I can affirm that certainly is Terry and Crown Prince Your Highness collaborates to do, moreover Robert Family feared evidently has hired oneself Crown Prince, even if were Robert Family has not hired oneself, Terry certainly has also hired oneself Crown Prince.” After Lando hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but brow deep locked said : was not a Terry person has hired oneself Crown Prince, it seems like it was the meaning of Robert Family, Terry, but the Robert Family first successor, he followed Crown Prince was so near, if has not obtained inciting of Robert Family, that called to feel strange.” Smith also nodded said : „seems like this, has not thought really that the Robert Family such public support Crown Prince came unexpectedly, this is really an exception, the father, do you look at us are also full support Third Prince?”