Chapter 466 goes to the Jason home Lando shook the head said : to consider as finished, how Robert Family wants to do, with our it doesn't matter, we deferred to our past styles to work was right, right Little Hai, how did you prepare to cope with Robert Family?” Lando knows that Zhao Hai is not the lord who suffered a loss does not make noise, this Terry dares to plan him, he does not come back to call strangely. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „and other several days, I will certainly not let off Robert Family, if he if spells with me really hardly, I extinguished this thousand Nian Clan clans.” Lando and Smith don’t know Zhao Hai true strength, but heard Zhao Hai saying that actually cannot help but knitting the brows head, they were dislike Zhao Hai this saying to say was too full. Smith open the mouth and said: Little Hai, you may probably be careful that thousand Nian Clan clans do not look like that simple, I heard that 9th level Expert of some longevities, can the living millenniums above, everyone Robert Family these time are 9th level Expert that we know have five, can not spell with them hardly, not spell to hardly well, what who knew in their family has hidden card in a hand.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to have discretion, the uncle does not need to be worried.” Smith also knows that Zhao Hai works to have discretion, he was not urging, but nodded said : what that you to arrange today?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : yesterday in the evening I with good that Jason chatted, was the friend, today wants to go to Crook Family to have a look at him, gave Crook Family to give a gift while convenient, immediately to God's Grace Day, if God's Grace Day had been going, that changed flavor.” Smith nodded said : to have a look is also right, Crook Family although is not thousand Nian Clan clans, but their Clan in Rosen Empire is also very competent, should have a look.” Lando nodded said : not to think really that you can play a piece to go with Jason that youngster unexpectedly, that youngster is foul-mouthed that became famous, queers innumerably, pressed you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, Lando looked at weather said : „to go earlier to go, I also had the matter, first walked.” Said that stood up turn around to walk, Zhao Hai and Smith were busy at sending out courtyard him. After Lando walked, Smith has actually pulled back the room Zhao Hai, after they sit down, Smith said : Little Hai, you said the strength to me, do you have the big assurance to cope with Robert Family?” Zhao Hai wants not to want on said : ten points!”

Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but knitting the brows head, he is some does not believe the sea, must know that this assurance very easily did not say . Moreover the strengths of thousand Nian Clan clans are not joke, Zhao Hai dares saying that unexpectedly assurance, Smith thought Zhao Hai some were too extremely arrogant. Zhao Hai looked that the Smith appearance knows he is thinking anything, his then said : feel relieved the uncle, I said that assurance very has assurance, your feel relieved.” Smith look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : to consider as finished, had any matter in any case, father look at will not manage, you went about something with a free hand, had our Calci Family top in behind.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to thank the uncle, if nothing, I first walked.” Smith nodded said : to go.” Zhao Hai stood up, says goodbye leave, he prepared Crook Family, gave them the family to deliver a marine product. returned to own courtyard, Zhao Hai they must go to the Crook Family matter to say with Laura, Laura they to had not opposed, yesterday in the evening Zhao Hai with the appearance that Jason chatted, they also saw, knows that Zhao Hai was good with Jason relationship, they naturally will not oppose. Zhao Hai does not prepare to bring Laura to go today, this time is only gives a present, bringing Laura they to go to be not quite good, lets Junichi and Xu Wanying has prepared the car(riage), he slowly walked toward Crook Family residence. The Crook Family main palace also constructs outside Carson City, to Calci Family is also not very far, passed by several hill, so long as one hour of driving distance arrived. hill that the Crook Family castle is, also with similar of Carl Clan, was only compared with the Calci Family mountain small a point, on mountain has set up not that many, the castle to was almost big with the dark soldier fort of Calci Family, but looked like probably compared with on Calci Family dark soldier fort new some, the shortcoming has selected the plain flavor. Under the mountain also road passed the summit castle, road there also sets up the card likely, Junichi rushed to the crossroad horse carriage, immediately went out of a servant from a nearby small house, this servant looked at badge on the Zhao Hai horse carriage first, has gawked, because this badge he has not seen. However this servant also after the training, sees this is a badge of count, what Count although in front of Crook Family is not, but this servant does not dare to neglect, before immediately/on horseback arrives at horse carriage, to Junichi gave a salute said : is not knowing that is that Sir harnesses?” Junichi from horse carriage, has also bowed to that servant said : Buda Family Patriarch, Zhao Hai Buda, comes to visit Jason Crook mister.”

As soon as that servant listens to Buda Family to stare, he has heard Buda Family, moreover happy matter that very yesterday in the evening Jason and Zhao Hai chatted, he also heard, has not thought that Zhao Hai visits today. That servant quickly said: mister invited.” Said that immediately has moved out of the way the roadblock, this servant knows that Young Master of their family, that is not one lord who is good to cope with, can turn in the friend with that master, this Buda Family Patriarch also really has the means. Along one by one looked that with bonding has moved out of the way, expressed gratitude to that servant, this catches up with horse carriage to walk toward the mountain on, at this time under the mountain also Wind Falcon flew toward the mountain on. Waited for Zhao Hai they to arrive under the Crook Family castle the time, presently Jason was waiting for Zhao Hai in in front of the door of castle, saw Zhao Hai from the vehicle, Jason immediately welcomed, laughed said : well, your this fellow, mentioned also real quick.” Does Zhao Hai stare said : what? not to welcome? If not welcome, I may walk.” Jason does hold on Zhao Hai said : „to walk? Has thought my family in front of the door, has not left behind liquor you to think, does not have the gate.” Said that pulling Zhao Hai walks toward castle, has not actually noted, eyeball of these servant and guard in castle gate is about to fall. Jason in Carson City, absolutely is different type, not only this other Noble thought so that the Crook Family person also thought so, the mouth is smelly, the temperament is not quite good, therefore these years he did not have what friend, comes the Crook Family person, generally is looks for Brother Jason, looks his almost does not have. These servants of although Jason to Clan is good, but these servants cannot be his friend, but these servants to are good with Jason relationship. Because of this, therefore these servants surprised, they had not seen that Jason is so polite to that Noble, even if that several Prince, has not seen Jason has such expression the time. Entered this castle Zhao Hai to know that this castle also wanted on big some compared with the Calci Family castle, but can look, truly was new many, lacked the flavor of that plain vicissitudes, appeared some inside story is insufficient. Crook Family castle Calci Family is bigger, naturally also has prepared to horse carriage that the person rides instead of walking, their horse carriage appear does not have Calci Family is so luxurious, appears somewhat simple. Before long, immediately entered three Dao Sect, stopped in courtyard. Jason draws courtyard that Zhao Hai he lived , after they sits down to the living room, Zhao Hai looks in courtyard has been planting some Fruit tree, smiles said : interestingly, in others' courtyard does not plant some pines and cypresses, is some flowers, only then your here is Fruit tree.” Jason snort|hum said : why I must be the same with them, snort|hum, I am like planting Fruit tree.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, what also has not said that Jason also is really the flavor that a little special product acts alone, to his appetite, Zhao Hai turned the head to arrive at your house/family to Jason said : very much, didn't do obeisance these uncle not to be good? I visit.”

Jason looked at weather said : at this time, the father and grandfather should in the study room processing official business, is good, sees them, we happen to make the person prepare the dish, comes back our drinking well two cups.” Said that has stood, leading Zhao Hai to leave courtyard, walked toward the main hall. They left Jason courtyard, walks toward the middle of castle, before long arrived at the main fort, main fort here of their family with the main fort of Calci Family is the similar function, is mainly used for the work, is not used for the person, therefore daytime time Jason grandfather and fathers work in main fort. Main fort there has the living room, Jason leads Zhao Hai to sit down in the living room, this turned the head to go to servant said : that delivering to be possible sub to come up with my father and grandfather says one, said that Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai came to visit.” That servant complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai look at Jason smiles said : your father and your grandfather so is daily busy, are you so leisurely and carefree? Really, the matter in oneself Clan, don't you want to manage?” Jason smiles said : my Steward day in behind, now learned thing from my father and grandfather, nearest/recent has not wanted God's Grace Day, they were busy, not having the time to teach me, when I relaxed.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I envy you, can be so relaxed unexpectedly, that looks like me, must depend on itself, is really the person is better than the human spirit deceased person.” Jason white Zhao Hai said : you have little installed, nobody manages is not being good, that looks like me, daily the father, grandfather look at, freely does not have.” Zhao Hai smiled, in saying anything, he presently Jason looks like on Earth after these 90 is the same, daily always sought vengeance saying that some people were managing, was not free, has not actually thought that actually that also cared, was the one type of good fortune, if nobody managed them, they knew pain. However Zhao Hai also knows that now he to Jason said these he also turns a deaf ear, these bidding goodbye person don’t know told him many have spread, has not seen to do to use, he is the province dessert.