Chapter 467 had a such friend, the value Jason looked that Zhao Hai did not speak has not cared, is busy at asking Zhao Hai to drink sub, at this time, has heard a sound of footsteps from the living room, before long behind several person's walked out from living room gates. Zhao Hai and Jason being busy has stood, Zhao Hai is taking a look at these people, what is in the lead is old person, this old person looked like old, but was actually red light over the face, appearance Fei Yang/flying upwards, looked like, no matter very magnificent Noble clothing/taking, although was not high in the old person stature, but that temperament, was adding on that clothes, let anybody underestimated. In old person with a middle-aged person, this middle-aged person with Jason long, but stern-faced, the two eyes none remaining twinkle, looks is an astute person. In their, just called the servant of person with that. Jason that old person bows hastily said : grandfather, the father, this is Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai, Little Hai, this is my grandfather, this is my father.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback bows said : grandfather to be good to them, the uncle is good, Zhao Hai was courteous.” The Jason grandfather and father have sized up Zhao Hai one, then the Jason grandfather shows a faint smile said : good, small woods child, does not have what friend, later you may probably come.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to have the time I certainly to come, but my this runs outside all year round, does not have the too much time, today the lunar new year's season , because the request of Megan I will arrive at Carson City to come, is such opportunity are not many with the fear, but the grandfather and uncle invited feel relieved, I with Jason forever was a friend.” The Jason grandfather nodded, looked at Zhao Hai said : well, had your words my feel relieved, was only Little Hai, I was curious, the small woods child speech was straight, gives people a hard time the Rosen Empire people to know, will you turn in the friend with the small woods? Can you bear his mouth?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he to bear me to be good, I to think that with Jason not anything, he was only the temperament is straight, likes saying that anything said anything, such person was good, can be a good friend, now dares saying that the person of truth were getting fewer and fewer.” The Jason grandfather stares, if this saying said with the person of his similar age in one, he was not strange, but looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, was younger than Jason, can say such words to come not to be easy. The Jason father from passing through the gate does not have, look at Zhao Hai that but decides, said these words to Zhao Hai, he two eyes bright, careful look at Zhao Hai. The Jason grandfather nodded said : well, can say this saying, your youngster also really can become a friend with the small woods, good, at noon do not walk, keeps here to accompany me to drink.” Jason smiles said : grandfather, I want to drink with Little Hai, you said that we two drank inadequately.” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, at noon accompanies the grandfather and uncle drinks two cups, was right, happen , the little nephew also brought a gift, outside my putting, you make the servant receive.” Said that arrived at out of the door, release he has given the marine product that Crook Family prepared. These marine products on Continent and on are Qi Xi thing, but regarding like Crook Family Great Clan, is actually not strange thing. However looks like Zhao Hai to take these, the quality is so good, actually is really very rare. After Zhao Hai puts out thing, turns the head to Jason said : Jason, making the person receive, I do not have what good thing, can only deliver the marine product that selects itself to make to you.”

Jason laughs said : my goodness, these many delicious, good, thing that your this fellow prepares is best, HaHaHa, calculates that your youngster has a mind.” Zhao Hai laughed said : you not to save, made the kitchen make quickly, met us quite to drink, was right, the liquor I also brought.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out several big leather bags, inside installs is high Milk Wine. The Jason grandfather and father look at in two who there chatted laughing, Jason grandfather said : small woods finally had found in a soft voice a good friend, good that this friend handed over, handed over good.” The Jason father also nodded said : „, has not thought, small woods such temperament unexpectedly straight can hand over a good friend, I have been worried for this youngster.” The Jason grandfather smiles said : Little Hai this child to be really good, he he, this year, not only dares saying that the person of truth has been short, the person who likes listening to the truth were less, he he, good.” Then the Jason grandfather smiles said : you also to suspect that Little Hai has anything to attempt, now saw, was a good child, can turn in such a friend, small woods this whole life value.” The Jason father nodded, sighs said : this for a lifetime, handing over decides a such friend not to be easy, especially our status, the small woods child's luck is really good.” At this time had the servant to come thing that Zhao Hai brought to attain in the storehouse, Zhao Hai and Jason have also arrived in the living room, the Jason grandfather and his father also sat, but they looked at the Zhao Hai look are actually gentle. Jason grandfather look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, later regards oneself family here, when wants to come when to come, should not be polite.” Zhao Hai smiles certainly said : „, grandfather feel relieved was good.” The Jason grandfather stood got up said : that line, your young man played, was right, has remembered, do not drink, at noon must accompany me to drink, if you drank, but nobody accompanied me to drink.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, gazed after their leave, Jason look at them to walk, this walked to Zhao Hai said :, went to my courtyard, in my courtyard also had the snack, we drank two cups first, drank in any case not many.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly was shaking the head said : your this fellow not to make me go back, walked.” Their returned to Jason courtyard, Jason has made the servant provide the snacks of several snack streets, their arrived at one glass of liquor, does not have the mouth is drinking. After having drunk two liquor, Jason look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, does the yesterday matter such consider as finished? Don't you want to tidy up Terry Crown Prince?” Does the Zhao Hai look at Jason appearance, smile said : what? you to help me? Your is youngster good? Now Crook Family is not your Boss, that two are any status, you are also clear, do not act unreasonably.” Jason snort|hum said : has thought that yesterday evening's matter I am angry, mother, not only plans you, has also planned including me, did not vent anger, I think that cannot have a good sleep.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I am not the person who the good type to suffer a loss does not hit back.” Jason one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : really? Said that your youngster did want to retaliate them? What has to plan?” Zhao Hai look at Jason appearance, what forced smile said : knows is I have a grudge with them, don’t know also thinks that you have the big enmity with them, the plan has not thought that now they also affirm against me, but feel relieved, I will not make them feel better, but must wait to be good some time.” Jason nodded said : line, but you must move must consider me, has any need I to help, must say, otherwise, do not blame me to your impolite.” How Zhao Hai white his said : impolite have you also been able? Honest is staying, this matter you, if were pulled, then entered in the struggle of Prince on equal to, in your house/family can the person agree? You have remembered, you represent is not you, you behind also the everyone/Great Clan sub- person, later this matter, discussed with your grandfather and your father.” Jason sighed, carried wine glass to come, to drink liquor, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : „the person to be good, why to do what by, nobody managed nobody to ask that was free.” Zhao Hai sighed said : also freely, when you I so was really relaxed? The matter that my this behind also a everyone/Great Clan sub- person, I wants to worry about are many went, only found my Lair in nobody, therefore I can cope with them at will, but one but if made the person find my Lair, my trouble will be more, but I handled the matter also to consider Calci Family that most at least cannot implicate, Megan married me, I felt that somewhat was unfair to her, because if my matter in implicating Calci Family, I on felt sorry.” Jason look at Zhao Hai, suddenly smiles said : not to look, your youngster also is really good, but I said, yesterday I looked in the evening, Princess Lizzy looked that your look a little did not suit, really what to do if he did want to marry you?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : few talk nonsense, what married me really what to do, what status you do not have a look at me now are, a count, is not the Rosen Empire count, moreover three fiancees, you think that Princess Lizzy will marry me? Do not crack a joke.” Jason smiles said : that to be possible perhaps, the Megan status comes not to miss many compared with Princess Lizzy, finally has not married give you, you must to yourself confident.” Zhao Hai ridicules said : get lost, when I did not have the confidence to myself, I thought that Princess Lizzy agreed that the person thinks that Your Majesty will agree? A princess, snatches the husband with several women, Your Majesty, if can agree to call fishily.” Jason nodded also right, even if Princess Lizzy who said : said wants, Your Majesty will not want, Princess Lizzy is he sorest daughter, moreover is related to the Royal face countenance, Your Majesty will definitely not agree.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to know that cannot, said it, I not have that idea to Princess Lizzy, in my three fiancees, Meg grows up with my together, her grandfather is the spirit wind fights only Green, is my grandfather generation, moreover is loyal and devoted to our Buda Family, if initially is not Grandpa Green, I possibly already died, Laura, for I lost oneself many years of effort, has had a falling out with Markey Family, Megan, does not care about my family background to be low, was determined to marry me, had such three fiancees, I had already satisfied.” The Jason look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : your youngster luck to be really good, the female personal connection was also good, made you find several such good girls unexpectedly, envied the deceased person.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not talked back, this saying he also really very approves, can obtain Laura they several favors, Zhao Hai really very happy. Because must drink with Jason grandfather together at noon, therefore they have not drunk are too many, has drunk small cup liquor, ate a snack to rest.

At noon eats meal, really very lively, the Jason grandfather not only in some honored and popular characters the family called to sit accompanied, but also very grand looked like them to introduce Zhao Hai, this gave Zhao Hai for with did not lower. However is such situation, is impossible to drink many, naturally is impossible to eat to the full, almost all people chatted in there, put on an act, regarding such situation, Zhao Hai and Jason did not like, however today's midday feast specially gives Zhao Hai to prepare, he was unable to walk, can only stay in there, this made Zhao Hai not bear very much. After having had the lunch, Zhao Hai also chatted a while with Jason, set out to say goodbye, Jason has delivered to outside Zhao Hai the castle, this waved to say goodbye with Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai returned to dark soldier fort time, the day was soon black, in returned to courtyard ate has selected thing, they said to Laura one next today matter in Jason family, the day entire was black. Delivers card today to some people to Zhao Hai, asking him to attend the banquet, but Zhao Hai pushing, he bothersomest attended the banquet, can not participate not to participate. Next day rare purity, some although people delivering curtain, but arranged at God's Grace Day afterward, because tomorrow was God's Grace Day, at this time, was nobody will attend the banquet, besides the tomorrow evening's imperial palace banquet, general Noble will not hold the banquet in the two days. On this day the person in entire dark soldier fort has also been busy, all people are preparing the tomorrow Divine Grace knot, Great Noble like Calci Family, grudge time has exquisite very much, Venerable the gauge also to be much more, all people must be ready ahead of time, Clan will have sent for giving the matter that tomorrow must handle, all traveling schedules told them, in order to avoid lived unable to look for the situation of person. Zhao Hai they also received this hodometer, Zhao Hai looked, my goodness, on this day may really be enough busy, from several : 00 am, several points ate meal, wears type clothes, when ancestor worship, ancestor worship time wore any clothes, perfectly clear that first walking, the courtesy of ancestor worship, this thing, above wrote, feared wrong. Great Noble like Calci Family, their ancestor worship ceremonies are very grand, if in the ancestor worship the mistake, that will receive the heavy fine, will affect the status in Clan. Zhao Hai although is not the Calci Family person, he does not care in the Calci Family status, but Smith, but they is a Smith person, if had the mistake, that Smith will be implicated, therefore Zhao Hai very attentive preparation is also good. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also made Cai'er monitor the entire dark soldier fort, if presently who is finding the way to cope with him, made Cai'er tell him, he also really feared that Juwan and Third Grandfather they will be cloudy in the ancestor worship he, he was too injust. However is good because of Juwan and Third Grandfather they regarding ancestor worship also attach great importance to, they do not hope any matter in the ancestor worship, such , is not only unfair to the ancestor, will also bring not the good luck to tomorrow one year, therefore they have not prepared cloudy Zhao Hai in the ancestor worship, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved.