yesterday that Chapter 468 goes far away, happy tomorrow Zhao Hai now was somewhat muddled, his don’t know Ark Continent here what's the matter, the here person seems like the westerner on Earth, however in their cultures the has plenty East element, looks like this ancestor worship is an example. The ancestor worship generally is the constituent of Eastern culture, because in Eastern culture, the people believe after the person died, protection this Clan that their souls can continue, therefore they want the ancestor worship, they must make the ancestor protect this family. Actually people understand, the ancestor is impossible to protect this family, even if were they turned into a soul body, they did not have the means in playing doing of protection have used, not on words Continent these Great Clan, these Imperial Clan, have existed, but not like the present, disappearance slowly in history. However what the people ancestor worship are more is wants in this way, commemorates own ancestor, expresses to one type of of happy life yearned, is not blind faith only to rescue blessing of ancestor. But Great Clan like Calci Family, their ancestor worship to pray not completely, what are more is wants through this form, lets their Clan have the one type of cohesive force, such Clan can great strength slowly. Entire ancestor worship ceremony very strict austere, process does not have a appears point mistake, generally speaking very perfect, Zhao Hai also with the ancestor worship that Smith together carries on. The Ark Continent here ancestor worship ceremony is a little different from China, Chinese there ancestor worship will not allow the woman to participate generally, but Ark Continent here does not have such regulation, the woman can also participate, therefore the entire ancestor worship ceremony, carried on the less than half talent to end. Evening's time, Lando must lead Peter to attend the imperial palace evening banquet, to be honest, Noble God's Grace Day also really has been very bored, except for attending the banquet is family member get together eats and drinks, moreover this eating and drinking atmosphere not necessarily is good, therefore Zhao Hai has not liked this atmosphere. In the evening attended the evening banquet that Calci Family has held, Zhao Hai immediately is leading Laura their returned to Iron Mountain Fort, compared Calci Family here, Iron Mountain Fort there was his genuine family, the there evening banquet he must participate. returned to Iron Mountain Fort time, really the here evening banquet did not have a beginning, Green they to wait for Zhao Hai, now Green they in the Iron Mountain Fort square, square here support many bonfires, side is suspending Argali and raging bull continually, there is Blue Eye Rabbit, is entire.

Is also putting that huge Blade-Scales Whale on side, some sea product, can say that this Green to take really all good thing. By each pile of bonfires, puts a big wooden barrel, in the wooden barrel is putting smelling as sweet Milk Wine, no matter Beastman or Human Race, all people wear the new clothes, gathers round the bonfire to sit in there, but actually nobody touches these food, nobody touches the there liquor, therefore there is sitting of calm, is waiting for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai comes out from Space, sees this situation, at heart cannot help but one warm, Laura their also very touched, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knew at this time, lacked anyone not to be good, immediately went to Jade Water City there also to meet Mu'en one home, now Space here, so long as the place on Space map, Zhao Hai can the turnover at any time, become could be used for the Teleportation treasure truly, has facilitated. When Zhao Hai meets Mu'en, Green wielding the person has been putting on these animal the bonfire, that Blade-Scales Whale underwent processing. Processed this Blade-Scales Whale Green they have put many thoughts, the blade scale on this Blade-Scales Whale skin took, these scales can be used to make some domestic water, very sharp, and very strong/sturdy. The remaining fish, Green they already above on the cutting edge, then had also used various seasonings to be good to the souse, the internal organs of Blade-Scales Whale have picked off, on Blade-Scales Whale within the body has put some in addition ripe Stone, because inside Space is big, but can the person even be able to stand in the mouth of Blade-Scales Whale heats up to these Stone, outside on the frame the bonfire, like this in together heated up, on adding on the fish neat the cutting edge, Blade-Scales Whale on can be roasted ripe. But other looks like Argali and raging bull these arrive do not spend any matter, these thing Beastman Race often eat, therefore makes very convenient. Before long in the Iron Mountain Fort square transmitted the intermittent attractive barbecue fragrance, the meat has soon roasted, Merine this also made the people some delicious took, asking everyone/Great Clan together that in their family did to taste. This is also the proposition of Zhao Hai, he knows that the Buda Family situation is different from other others, others family has the servant to handle this matter specially, Buda Family does not have, to let this evening banquet does not turn into barbecue feast, Zhao Hai proposed with Merine that making each clan help a 1 or 2 adept dish, when then the God's Grace Day evening takes to eat together to taste greatly, the identical style did not fear that happen to can have a look at good that which family makes, what they want material, Zhao Hai to provide. Merine does not want to trouble these people, but has not thought that she this matter with these person of saying, these people actually all excited, simply does not need Merine to prepare any material, returned to in own family, has prepared to make the most adept emaciated look to make everyone/Great Clan together taste.

do not blame these people are so excited, that 100 slaves who now buys most from the beginning, already getting married vertical room, they also were not the status of slave, had own house, had own place, own work, crossed each a family/clan day prosperously, was adding on them not to come God's Grace Day again, this was the first time, the nature is very excited, wants to take to come out to give everyone/Great Clan own in hand best thing to have a look, this prepared food on is good opportunity, all people agreed. Beastman Race most adept is various types of meat vegetables, but these slaves most adept unexpectedly is also the meat dish, this makes Zhao Hai a while speechless. However is also good, today is God's Grace Day, everyone/Great Clan happy, eating well. Looked prepares was similar, Green arrived at the square middle slowly, look at has been playing the noisy people in there, said loudly: Everybody, calm down a bit!” The Green words are effective very much, in square almost instantaneously peaceful, the children are staring two eyes look at Green, has not made noise at will randomly. Iron Mountain Fort here is Green has been managing, regarding these slaves, Green is the main heart drum, therefore they naturally very listen to the Green words, but Zhao Hai regarding them, is god like existence, awes to the incorrect situation. Green looked that all people were peaceful, this then said : everybody, one year ago, we arrived at Iron Mountain Fort here, at that time Iron Mountain Fort here except for a worn-out castle, what did not have, we have filled desperately to the life, one year of time, in the blink of an eye on the past, in this year, we have created all with own both hands, our life lived the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, all these were a come from person, everyone/Great Clan said that who this person was?” People with one voice said : is Young Master!” Zhao Hai has made these people call him Young Master, therefore at this time, these people said Young Master, they have not called the Zhao Hai name or manage Zhao Hai to call Patriarch, because of Young Master this name, in them, is the special-purpose name of Zhao Hai. Green nodded said : well, today is God's Grace Day, I know that many people are the first time this holiday, today asks Young Master to give us say a few words.” Said that slowly has drawn back. Zhao Hai has not thought that really Green will make him come say a few words, but here is his domain, he has not made concessions, but shows a faint smile, has stood, has arrived., has not waited for him to speak, all around has burst into thunderous applause Zhao Hai looked at all around person one eyes, deep voice said : one year ago, you have various status respectively, but you have a status now, the juniors in Buda Family Black Soil territory, one year ago, I have said that one will make everyone/Great Clan eat the high quality meat in me daily, I have achieved, however works as by me is not good, is you, you with your both hands, the everyday industrious practical training, have created all these for yourselves, my Zhao Hai in here, representative Buda Family, thanks everyone/Great Clan.” Said that bows to all people.

Zhao Hai this movement, actually these people scaring, no matter Beastman or Human Race one stood to kneel, several old Beastman elders were said loudly: Young Master, you are quick, you folded the ghost we, if did not have you, there has our today, you were our great kindness person that the great kindness person of generation after generations.” Zhao Hai drew out body at this time, he looked at people of kneeling down, smiles said : everyone/Great Clan to get up, today grudge, does not want to kneel, is quick.” The people have then stood, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, smiles said : today's grudge, in this year, Buda Family obtained Rebirth, I also obtained Rebirth, you were also same, obtained Rebirth, therefore this God's Grace Day significance was great, this celebrated our Rebirth holiday, this was a revelry holiday, everyone/Great Clan holds up wine glass, our everyone/Great Clan common in drank to cheer the liquor, for that went far away, nightmare same yesterday, understood happy tomorrow, dry!” The people are obedient has held up own wine glass, with Zhao Hai together, has drunk up. in good wine, looked like Zhao Hai said that this glass of liquor, were to the farewell of yesterday, was the anticipation to tomorrow, therefore this glass of liquor got into the stomach, the eyes of many person were moist the cup They they are different from Laura, Laura they from living, had not worried for the food and clothing that Laura they in childhood were that type the person who saw the meat to hide, regarding them, ate the meat at usually matter, almost everyday ate, no big deal. However regarding these slaves, can have clothes to put on, can have a meat to eat, is Heaven same lived, is they want unable to think. Presents some slaves, they for generations are the slaves, their very clear, their father mothers, their grandfather Grandma, for a lifetime have not possibly eaten a meat, has drunk liquor, they have a dream have not thought will have such one day.