Chapter 469 alibi ( Second delivers, ***, asked to subscribe, asks to enjoy!) Laura they sit in together, somewhat infatuated looks at Zhao Hai, they thought that the station presents middle Zhao Hai, is most charming, at this moment Zhao Hai that dazzling, even if his is not very outstanding appearance , appear here moment that different. Laura they settle on is not the Zhao Hai appearance, are many person who Zhao Hai is more charming than went, what they settle on is Zhao Hai temperament, this type on all person different temperament with Continent, was this temperament deep attraction they. Zhao Hai temperament is certainly different from Ark Continent here, temperament of person has inseparable relationship with his living conditions, you want to let a continuously life the person in slum, has several generations of Noble same temperament that is impossible, the similar truth, Zhao Hai is the life on Earth, although this world has on Earth no mysterious Magic and Battle Qi, Science and Technology Civilization that but on the here same Earth that type has not reached, that everybody Ping Biao social idea, temperament that therefore on Zhao Hai that type fosters on Earth, to Ark Continent here, on. Turned into only one of its kind, very has to attract gravitational force temperament. What Ark Continent here and Zhao Hai temperament somewhat like is Jason, Jason also has like, because on Jason has some rebels, actually not on temperament of people that all people being equal like Earth, even if, Jason was also regarded as biggest different type in Rosen Empire here, do not say Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai temperament and Jason are not same, the Zhao Hai temperament is relatively temperate, moreover he has been adapting to Ark Continent here all diligently, is adding on him to obtain the Adam memory, equivalent to half Ark Continent native, these two completely different temperament fusions in together appealing. That night entire Iron Mountain Fort has been drunk, no matter the man or the woman, have gotten drunk, after these people get drunk the turn of expression to vary, some stands in there laughs, some are sits in good not crying. Zhao Hai and Green they sit in the one side, they have not gotten drunk, the slave and Beastman who their look at these get drunk, do not feel better at heart, these slaves were needless saying that compared with the present life, before their life was Hell, living Hell, but these Beastman Race also very arrived at that to go, like them was only a small tribe, must by exploiting, be mixed a warm and sufficient condition majority of every year, to the winter hungry undead person is good. Zhao Hai has provided a completely different life to them, enabling them to be able happy laughing, can weep bitterly loudly, can the big mouth eating meat, be able to drink mellow Milk Wine, all these bore in mind by them, they to Zhao Hai, only then feels grateful.

But Zhao Hai at heart, what are more is the responsibility depends on, these people are his under the hand/subordinate, is the Buda Family people, he needs to let good that these people live, this is his responsibility. But Laura their perception were many, their look at these are crying the slave who in the releasing type laughs, feels to stop up at heart, Megan is the two eyes tearful, look at makes people feel to love dearly. After all people rest, Zhao Hai then makes these Undead Creature these people lift went home, then has cleaned square here. This cleans Zhao Hai present, these fellows also really can eat, not only that huge Blade-Scales Whale was only eaten to eat all one's food, the meal that these they make was also eaten to eat all one's food, that several roasted raging bull and roasts Argali also to be eaten to eat all one's food, this was makes Zhao Hai be really surprised, must know that these thing may really be many, these fellows also really can eat. Let these Undead Creature tidy up in there, Zhao Hai they actually returned to the living room in Iron Mountain Fort main fort to sit, after they sat down, Zhao Hai they said these two inborn matters and Green, said certainly Terry and between him the enmity, wanted to retaliate the idea of Terry with him. Listened to the Zhao Hai words, Green to not to have what response, but nodded said : Young Master, do you want to cope with Robert Family? To extinguish them directly?” Zhao Hai swung remote said : not, extinguished their target to be too big directly, will arouse the entire Rosen Empire vigilance, to our later exhibitions very disadvantageous, I cannot do, these year of Robert Family personal enemies were also many, so long as we hit to be remnant he, had is the person thinks that was extinguishing him, when the time comes he was wants turning over not to be impossible.” Kun nodded said : this means to be good, only hits to be remnant he, lets his personal enemies and other Noble sees the Robert Family situation, saw that extinguishes benefit that Robert Family has been able to gain, when the time comes simply does not need us to begin, some people for us their Clan extinguishing, but Little Hai, your movement is certainly quick, if fights the battle of attrition with Robert Family such Great Clan, finally hits remnantly them, we will have not the small loss.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to know, therefore I do not have immediately/on horseback to retaliate, I , the hawk soon have printed entire Rosen Empire to the Space map on now, so long as the map does well, I can move have retaliated, evening's time, I must let Robert Family all not in the Carson City shop front, was destroyed completely.”

The ability after Space Level Up, Kun they are know that these people on the scene are the person who Zhao Hai most trusts, Zhao Hai have not hidden the truth from them, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that Green they have not been surprised, but is thinking the feasibility of this matter. Has equaled some little time, Green nodded said : feasible, now God's Grace Day time, moreover nobody thinks, we can beginning of suddenly, Ok.” Kun also nodded said : this matter is best is secret carries on, do not make others know that is we do, the words they will not dread us, must make them know that we have a grudge with Robert Family, but must make them know that we do not have such strength probably, has this to be good, was right, Little Hai, the motion on the same day, you best were found person many places to be dull, was given you to make a proof by other person, showed that your time has not done this.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows that Buda Family in recent time is the crest of wave was very abundant, if were making that lets these person of vigilant situations, that will bring not the small trouble to his later show. The proposition of Kun is very good, must kill Robert Family these people, has destroyed their shop, was unable to make them know that is who does, even if they suspected that Zhao Hai is also useless, Zhao Hai when the time comes can let a lane alibi, such other people will be terribly suspicious and fearful, will not have too big danger association to Buda Family, can be a little dreaded to Buda Family by them, this they now need. Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, after God's Grace Day has ended, you feared that must go to Prairie, the Prairie there matter has not processed, although now big Strength God Ox Fang the Bull clan extinguishing, however the Hercules Tauren Clan status actually had been threatened, for after us, better unfolds on Prairie, I thought that you must go to Prairie, wants protect Hercules Tauren Clan to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, I have thought that now we with some Sea Race there also business, but next time I, when does business with Sea Race, should better say one to them, decided a time, or each month one time, one year of several times, we cannot always go to do business with the Sea Race person, such words sooner or later will bring to the attention of people.” Green nodded said : Young Master, you did not say that wants to go to Elven Race there and Dwarf Race there has a look? When goes? Their there is also has plenty special animal and plants, should have very big help to Space Level Up.” Zhao Hai thinks that sighed said : to fear must wait for last some time, these days matter were many, we must take root first on Continent, making these people accept our Buda Family, then can think other matter.”

Green also nodded said : also well, and so on, now the Space ability so was in any case strong, does not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I not , after Space liter to five Level 10, has a look whether to plant these high level herbal medicine, good to promote 9th level your level, now looked like actually must wait.” Green laughs said : not to need to worry, our these old fogies were not tomorrow died, feared anything, took your time, now our Buda Family can unfold to this appearance, I very much happy, Young Master too toward do not go at heart.” Zhao Hai nodded, now looked like also can only be this, he looked in Universal Machine that type to rise to the 9th level Potion formula, that may, not only wanted some herbal medicine, but also wanted some animal blood, Bone and so on thing, then can process, but these animal level were very high. By Zhao Hai Space level, he really cannot make thing that in that formula needs now, Zhao Hai also present, along with Space Level Up, in Spatial Shop these high level herbal medicine with level of animal unexpectedly is also enhancing now, animal that now in the Space Gaodian buys, highest level quickly to 100 levels, herbal medicine is also same, therefore he goes all out is thinking enables Space to be able Level Up. Several people also chatted a while, Zhao Hai on leave, now he lives in the dark soldier fort after all, in the evening does not rest in courtyard that they live , must in Space be possible, otherwise dark soldier fort there, if the accident sentiment, they will not have the means first to rush will be very troublesome. Laura returned to in the room has rested, today this they are also much more tired all day, did not say other, is only that ancestor worship ceremony, is exhausting enough, although Laura and Meg they do not participate to worship, but they as attending the ceremony, cannot leave easily, otherwise be disrespecting to Master. In is the Iron Mountain Fort there evening banquet, is very happy, after all arrived at own domain that Iron Mountain Fort evening banquet everyone/Great Clan plays, does not need to be too many, plays does not feel anything, this has rested, actually felt Bone of own whole body is sore, probably must disperse was the same.