Chapter 470 three-dimension map( sought subscription) Next morning, Zhao Hai their early came out from Space, after a evening's rest, on them that being sore vigor vanished, a person is bursting with energy. Zhao Hai that comes out from Space, breathed outside one somewhat chilly air, suddenly had the feeling that one type of wants to smile, because he felt that Ark Continent here God's Grace Day has looked like with the new year of China, has not celebrated the new year time wants to celebrate the new year, was other this year one, your suddenly present, this year probably did not have what to be good to hope that in the past also on the past, on the matter. One were also long one year old, in this year was really enough busy, spoke the truth, now calms the mind, thinks that this annual the matter, Zhao Hai also really had one type of such as the feeling in dream. His understand, how oneself from nerd of having no merit to speak, do not turn into Noble that fell compels, how also from one person who kills the chicken not to be cruel enough, turned into one to kill ten thousand people of eyes not to wink instantaneously the person, how can blush with the girl speech from a successive, turns into one to have three fiancees, the person of maidservant momentarily can eat, all these by him was felt really on were in having a dream, an incomparable real dream. Laura look at Zhao Hai dull standing in there, cannot help but gently walked, what does said : think? Outside is very cold, enters room.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura that sweet and pretty Rong Yan, this face never possibly has anything to occur together with him on Earth, because one is the moon/month of space, one is the putty of ground, however in here, he is actually own fiancee, this world was really too marvelous. Laura looks at Zhao Hai crazy look at she, her cannot help but face one red, the heartbeat was also quicker, but was she white Zhao Hai said : what to look at?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to look at the beautiful woman, a big beautiful woman like you, exits with my together, I very much have the pressure.” Laura looked at Zhao Hai one, turned the head to look at one to follow in her behind, is covering mouth Ni'er that smiled, the face cannot help but one red, but at heart was actually sweet. However she was white Zhao Hai said : few talk nonsense, making the person hear the joke, comes in quickly.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, entered the room, their starting today was quite early, was adding on yesterday the Calci Family person is also very much late rests in the evening, therefore today Smith they possibly was quite late, now did not have, naturally did not have the means to call Zhao Hai to eat meal. Zhao Hai just entered the room, Meg takes one milk to enter the room, in the morning gets up to drink the milk, this has become Zhao Hai their has been used to it, but Zhao Hai does not like drinking the milk very much, he likes drinking the soybean milk, but soybean milk that thing, does is very troublesome, their here also does not have the soya-bean-milk machine, only with by rubbing to rub, has taken time, therefore Zhao Hai has not made. The milk that is adding on this milk is they raises the cow that pushes, does not have any three poly hydrogens to be peaceful, naturally can drinking of feel relieved, bold drinking, want to drink many to drink many. Zhao Hai they were also used to it, everyone has drunk one cup of milk, not only Zhao Hai they drank, Iron Mountain Fort there all people drank, Zhao Hai hoped their each and every one body stick. Drank the milk, Zhao Hai watched the weather, turned the head to smile said : to Megan looks like too early, was right, this several days that today uncle they will not get up you Robert Family these business, well, crossed several days we to move.” Megan nodded said : line, this several days I do not prepare, thousand Nian Clan clans like Robert Family, some business is hidden, flaunts is not the Robert Family banner, some business, are their under the hand/subordinate handles, these people flaunt is not the Robert Family banner, therefore we must cope, continually these person together copes, otherwise, simply wound not to their physique.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, must look, must tidy up the removing basic point that tidies up, does not hit to love them, they will certainly counter-attack.” Megan nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this several days feared that was the in the city banquet, did you look at you to participate?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this matter also to look your, in these Noble regarding Carson City, you understood compared with me, calculation that this matter you said that you reach an agreement to allow me to participate in me to participate, you said that does not allow me to participate, I do not participate.” Megan look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : when that you, getting me to go to Prairie to have a look, I also want to take a look at Wales Big Brother.” Zhao Hai watched the weather, showed a faint smile said : to be quick, Prairie there was much colder than our here, you lived in here, Prairie there you could not stay, went possibly to get sick, was right, these days, you must practice well, waited after a period of time, your level liter 8th level , we were going to Prairie, there have Wales Big Brother to deliver my hundred thousand slave, I must make returned to Iron Mountain Fort to go them.” This matter Megan also knows, but she has not thought that Beastman such natural, one sees somebody off the hundred thousand slave, this looks like in Human Race simply is impossible, therefore Megan fills to Prairie there now had yearned. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Megan nodded said : well, feel relieved, I well practice certainly, achieving 8th level as soon as possible, when the time comes you may probably lead me to go to Prairie.” The Laura look at Megan appearance, cannot help but smiles said : to go to Prairie to have anything to be good, you have not seen, go to Prairie might as well in Space interesting, Prairie may not have imagination beauty of that moreover the there windblown and sunburnt, may be inferior to Space good.” Megan smiles said : you to go to me, I also want to take a look, I have not gone to Prairie.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, wait for you practiced, I lead certainly you to go, go to you not to think.” At this time the servant had also come, asking Zhao Hai to dine. In the following several days time, the Zhao Hai light attended the banquet, these homes that Zhao Hai went, with Calci Family good several, only then the Crook Family banquet invited Zhao Hai directly. This does not have the means that now in Carson City here, the Zhao Hai fame does not have the means to compare with Calci Family, these people deliver card time, generally gives Calci Family, but like the banquet, person of two people will not participate generally, therefore Zhao Hai every time brings Megan to go, this arrived is envies to go bad many Carson City people. Not only Zhao Hai also exits to attend the banquet, Calci Family has also held a banquet, this is the convention, each year of these Great Clan will hold the banquet, sometimes evening several Clan holds the banquet, these Great Clan will separate the person, a person goes to one home. Except for attending the banquet, Zhao Hai in waiting, this several days Megan and Smith they in giving Zhao Hai solicited the law in the shop front of Robert Family business, Zhao Hai has also made marking in Space.

At the same time five days, hawk printed on entire Rosen Empire all domains the Space map finally, Zhao Hai has symbolized also Robert Family all shop fronts on the Space map, below on and other opportunity, has made Robert Family pay the price opportunity. After completing these, Zhao Hai also in making preparation, he made Cai'er understand in the Robert Family these shop fronts some who, did have any Expert, then assigned the manpower well. The Cai'er working efficiency is quick, two days of times, the manpower in Robert Family all shops finding out, then told Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at Fig. one, this knows that thousand Nian Clan clans have how formidable, Robert Family, besides in the Carson City here shop front, in Rosen Empire large and small cities, altogether more than 1300 shop fronts, more than 630 in addition is public, directly flaunts is the Robert Family banner, about 700 are not the governments, is Robert Family control the shop fronts of some small Noble families, actually these shop is also Robert Family. What most important is, in more than 1000 shop fronts, in each shop minimum has 8th level Expert to sit, some main urban only one 8th level Expert, besides 8th level Expert, 7th level, 6th level Expert have many, in more than 1300 shops, more than 2000 8th level Expert are sitting unexpectedly, this quantity has made Zhao Hai be startled. Before Buda Family only then Green and Merine these two 8th level Expert sat, has been able to be popular in Aksu Empire, but Robert Family was only outside shop front has more than 2000 8th level Expert, this difference were also too many. Actually reason that Zhao Hai don’t know, in the past Buda Family was so popular, was because they were in good graces in front of old King, these people showed due respect for the feelings was not Buda Family, but was old King. Noble that so long as settles down in several big Empire imperial capitals, in the family some 9th level Expert sit generally, otherwise they are unpopular, even if these does not have 9th level Expert to assume personal command, attaches in these Great Clan under the hand/subordinate small Clan, can only be some vassal. Such Zhao Hai calculates, his surprised present, Human Race 9th level Expert, be more than Carrion Swamp there, even if Carrion Swamp there 9th level Expert fighting strength are more than Human Race 9th level Expert, feared that is possibly is not the Human Race 9th level Expert match, but Carrion Swamp there has Cai'er, Cai'er poisonous 9th level Expert cannot block, therefore Human Race 9th level Expert will sign any agreement with these Magic Beast 9th level Expert. Zhao Hai had really understood a strength of after thousand Nian Clan clans, before raised the proud heart, immediately received, now what he thinks was Radiant Church has the strong strength. Calci Family and Robert Family are thousand Nian Clan clans of sharing the honor, like this, the Calci Family strength should not compared with low of Robert Family, but the Carl Clan 1 : 30 methods that Radiant Church can suppress do not have, that explained that his strength compares thousand Nian Clan clans to be much more formidable, this makes Zhao Hai have to attach great importance. However actually Zhao Hai thinks is a much less, Carrion Swamp there 9th level Expert is not easy to deal with, is special in the environment that adding on them is, their fighting strength are not ordinary Human Race 9th level Expert may compare, in adding on Human Race 9th level Expert, will disperse in various Great Clan, unity that they are very difficult to be genuine, if they can unite, now already conquer Carrion Swamp. Prepares in Zhao Hai here all, waits for appropriate opportunity to begin, opportunity suddenly came, the day of Zhao Hai is sitting in the living room the projection map on look at face, this projection map is not the general projection map, this projection map is three-dimensional hologram, looks like on Earth projection map in the science fiction film is the same, Zhao Hai can optional pulling closer push far, can along in the middle enlarge or shrink, this that facilitates is also Cai'er tells him, a Space new ability. Now on the map demonstrates is the Rosen Empire panoram, above has plenty tiny red dot, these tiny red dot are the Robert Family shop front, target that Zhao Hai must move, in these red points also some green dot, in these green dot, are not the shop fronts, but is some Noble Encampment, these Noble are the Robert Family vassal race, Zhao Hai now could not have made up mind, must link these small Noble also to tidy up.

Laura they also with Zhao Hai together look at this three-dimension map, although this several days they are not first time saw, but every time saw or felt that very surprised, Space gave their pleasant surprise is really too many, such map made them feel really very surprised. Doing of Ark Continent here fights way, but also very primitive, almost does not have too many Art of War to be strict, hits the stick generally is the sampan master, Dead-soldier scout and assassination, Magician and Magic Cannon long-distance attack, is adding on large-scale Infantry attack, Art of War anything almost did not say, all spoke by the strength. As the matter stands they have no need for the sand table, the general country, makes the war, so long as belt stretch a map were good, any sand table deduction, any battle plan, almost does not have, moreover in their armies, almost does not have no staff officer, the staff, these people, all are some military officers. Without the sand table, therefore regarding this three dimensional domain, Laura they will feel being startled such, because their simply has not thought will have this type of three-dimensional map. In this time, Megan was walking from outside, Megan everyday will go to her father there now \; first, to study is handling something \; second, to have a look at everyday has these Clan to send card, Zhao Hai must attend that a family/clan banquet. Zhao Hai looks at the Megan appearance, cannot help but smiles said : What happened? such happy, what happy matter has?” Megan look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you guess that I just received the written invitation that which family has sent.” Zhao Hai stares, the appearance of look at Megan that faint smile, suddenly has thought a person, will turn the head to Megan said : is not Robert Family?” Megan white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, can't you guess wrong one time? Let my also happy, does not have the sense of achievement.” Said that has delivered to the Zhao Hai front in hand card. Zhao Hai stares, is really said : also Robert Family?” Was saying while opened card, this opens card he to stare, because this card is under gives him unexpectedly, mentions names, is under gives Zhao Hai Buda!