Chapter 471 sang The written invitation that these days Zhao Hai sees are many, but mentions names truly to him, only then two, one is Charlie gives him, that is before God's Grace Day, another is Jason gives him, was the day before yesterday, this was third. The first two written invitations give Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is not accidental, but this written invitation designation gives Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also really somewhat unexpected. He puts down the written invitation, looked at Megan said : Megan, you said that Terry does want to do? Does Robert Family want to do?” Megan snort|hum said : Robert Family wanted to do my don’t know, but Terry wants to do me actually to know that he is to step on you, wants to shame you, gives you to be also ugly to me, Elder Brother Hai, your tomorrow must be careful, what means otherwise they will find out to cope with you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that just right, I also just want to cope with him, you said that if tomorrow in the evening we, when attended the Robert Family evening banquet, their Clan all business excluding Carson City simultaneously by attack, when they knew afterward, will be what kind of? Can suspect me?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Megan they have smiled, they also really want to know, when Terry they know that own Clan had the matter after the outside business, will have what response. Laura smiles said : well, I agreed that the view of Elder Brother Hai, does, tidies up them to look well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how I also really to have a look at them to press my, now looks like, they should not use force, my this 8th level Magician reputation did not call to play, if moved cloudy, feared that will be not, the previous their plan was so good, is not what kind of me, how now should me, to move the article?” Laura and Megan also nodded, they are grow up in the Noble family since childhood, they saw regarding these Noble methods a lot, therefore they to were think the words that Zhao Hai spoke were very reasonable. Laura nodded said : among Noble, if cannot play cloudy, cannot resort to violence, generally will move the article, how many types moves article, one type is at the scene writes the poem, one type is dances, one type is plays the musical instrument, dances Elder Brother Hai you are is not good, plays the musical instrument not to be good, I have not seen you to play, writes the poem? This feared that is also a little difficulty, if plays the article, they also really projected on Elder Brother Hai on your weak spot.” Laura for the Zhao Hai face, has not disregarded his shortcoming intentionally, looks like in Laura, a person impossible perfect, Zhao Hai will not write the love poem, will not dance, will not play the musical instrument, these Noble will display their status thing, Zhao Hai almost not, but these cannot cover Zhao Hai merit, regarding one like Buda Family, had been compelled Clan on blind alley, will only write the poem, will play to be glad, dancing Patriarch will be incorrect, they need will be one bears patiently the low key, can murder decisive Patriarch, but Zhao Hai latter. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, but also was projects in my weak spot, was all right, I will sing, moreover good that sang, what kind of? Sang to be good?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura and Megan they to are two eyes one bright, they looked at one mutually, then Megan said : Elder Brother Hai, will you really sing? Did that sing one to listen?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he knows that saying will sing, that definitely is this aspect, but he has not lain, his although will not play the musical instrument, but must speak of sings, he also really has one, because before him , on Earth, only uses three hobbies, sings, drinks, reads. Sang the elder brother, Zhao Hai also likes some popular songs generally, naturally, classic has become the classic he also likes, drinks, he did not like drinking were too many, normally drank alone two cups, or went out slightly poly with the friend, read that say nothing, that was he biggest hobby. To be honest, Zhao Hai good of singing, must otherwise he not dare to say one will sing, but after arriving at Ark Continent here, Zhao Hai did not have the mood to sing, his matter were too many. Must say writes the poem, Zhao Hai can also plagiarize two, but is Zhao Hai does not think, if compelled him really anxiously, that will be impolite. The men can lose face, but must divide in front of who, in the front of love rival, you cannot lose face, in the front of enemy, you cannot lose face, because that means that you will lose the dignity. When Laura said these Noble with will possibly compose a poem, dances, plays the musical instrument presses Zhao Hai the time, Zhao Hai also really somewhat knits the brows, because of these three types of him not, therefore he said that he will sing, wants to have a look to sing whether, naturally , he said that he will sing has thought that he said that he will sing, that Megan they will definitely not let off his, certainly will make him sing one, really he expects. Laura came the interest, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, will you actually sing? Before don’t know? Sang one to listen quickly.” Zhao Hai look at Laura and Megan appearance, has smiled bitterly, said :well, sang one to be good, what sang? Um, sang «Chrysanthemum Stage», Your tears Delicate is wounded Pale moon/month curved Flutters passing Night

Too long Congealed the frost Is who is in the garret ice-cold desperate Rain Shoots gently Vermilion window I my entire life on paper by wind dishevel Dream In distant place Turns into wisp of gauze Scatters with the wind Your appearance The chrysanthemum is remnant Everywhere frost Your smiling face already yellowing The flower falls the person broken heart My concern calmly drips The north wind is chaotic Late at night but before dawn Your shadow does not shear The people keep me to form a pair in the level of the lake lonelily Flower Already to evening Fell gently brightly In way of the world of dying of old age The destiny cannot withstand

Worried Not crosses a river The autumn heart opens two halves Feared that you cannot come ashore Sways for a lifetime Who Landscape horse's hoof sound alienation A I military garb Howling vicissitudes Day Slightly bright You sighed in a soft voice A night of disconsolateness So tactful The chrysanthemum is remnant Everywhere frost Your smiling face already yellowing The flower falls the person broken heart My concern calmly lies down The north wind is chaotic Late at night but before dawn Your shadow does not shear The people keep me to form a pair in the level of the lake lonelily The chrysanthemum is remnant Everywhere frost

Your smiling face already yellowing The flower falls the person broken heart My concern calmly drips The north wind is chaotic Late at night but before dawn Your shadow does not shear The people keep me lonelily in level of the lake doubling...... ” This song average person is not strange, Zhou Dong's song really has he very unique charm, Zhao Hai likes Zhou Dong Naxie Chinese style very much does, what he likes is these lyrics, writes has Intent Domain very much. In Ark Continent here simply such song, generally has not been some thing that their here people listen like opera, their here does not have like the popular song. Zhao Hai regarding these also have some understanding, but the opera he will not sing, he can sing, only then these popular songs, reason that he complies with Laura and Megan must sing, wants to know that Laura they whether to accept such style the song, if can accept, that Zhao Hai can deal with Terry with this song they, if they are unacceptable, that Zhao Hai can only try to find other solution. Zhao Hai sang, on static look at dumbfounded Laura and Megan, they sang from Zhao Hai most from the beginning is such expression, did not have any change, this let Zhao Hai extremely worried. Some little time two talented people recover, uses one type of very unusual look look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai by some jiao that they look, quickly said: Does? Your What happened? Laura and Megan one was awakened probably, they looked at one mutually, did not divide to run successively, Zhao Hai look at they, don’t know what's the matter, he self-confident regarding Zhou Dong's song many research, moreover sang also good, shouldn't be too coarse? Did they run? Zhao Hai puzzled turning the head look at Meg, Meg actually uses one type of very unusual look look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, my don’t know will you actually also sing? Your when learn? Before is, to attract other girl study?” Zhao Hai listened to Meg this saying former half a word, has frightened cold sweat, he thinks that Meg in doubting his identity, half a word after one hear, he relaxed, originally Meg has not doubted his identity. Actually Zhao Hai has considered thoroughly completely, not only Meg had not suspected that his status, Green they had not suspected, because Zhao Hai is only the soul passes through, is not the body passes through, his body is Adam, moreover Adam after drinking Water of Nothingness on unconscious, did not have leave Green their line of sight, in this case, Green they will suspect how possibly Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai relaxed at the same time, actually with a smile to Meg said : few talk nonsense, this is Young Master I am all right creates to do, what kind of? Good? Right, you said that their two did do?” Meg smiles said : your a while to know.” Makes Zhao Hai fog. Before long Laura and Megan came back, Laura small tail Ni'er also follows in their, but their in hand is taking the musical instrument now. Zhao Hai stares, then immediately understand their meanings, they unexpectedly have wanted in performance chrysanthemum stage song, interesting. Zhao Hai looked at these four types of musical instruments, really has same is the harp, has same is violin type thing, same is the cello, finally same is a horizontal flute. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your just song was really too of pleasant to hear, before on Continent had not listened to such song, we have studied the musical instrument, you were singing, let us a music score, then gave you to dub in music.” Such opportunity to is rare, Zhao Hai had not opposed that nodded said : well, if we practiced, if tonight Terry presses me, I sang this song, you came to accompany to me.” Laura smiles said : well, you sang quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded, from beginning to end sang «Chrysanthemum Stage». Was counted this Laura they to listen to twice, this difficulty had, but actually could not stump Laura they, Laura they were in the Noble family property grow up, the musical instrument they have studied since childhood, besides the person of having neither learning nor skill like Adam, the general Noble Clan person, has studied the 1 or 2 type musical instrument, this did not have what quite strangely.