Chapter 472 remnant wolf, tit

Fears in other people by courtyard to be heard, Zhao Hai they simply entered Space, has practiced in Space, Laura they appear very excited, they are first time hear such song, serious of new and odd. On this day in practice that they kept the slightly past however, practice of this day did not have practice in vain, now Zhao Hai sings, Laura they mixed to play, was very tacit. Weather getting dark of slowly, several people have combed the hair and wash the face the room, several banquets that before Zhao Hai attended, besides that banquet of Jason, other others banquets, Zhao Hai have not brought Laura they, but was bringing Megan, because he feared that Megan will come across any awkward matter. Must know that among these Noble women is not that peaceful, Megan has shared the honor with Lizzy, was called the imperial capital double flower, that is jealous her person to be certainly many, if Zhao Hai brought Laura they to attend the banquet at this time, perhaps these women will hit Laura they to satirize Megan, Zhao Hai do not want to make such matter live, therefore he attended these banquets, has not been bringing Laura they. Naturally, Zhao Hai this did not bring, did not mean that they puts Laura to the family, no matter, Laura they actually continuously in Space, entire journey department Zhao Hai, but they not with Zhao Hai together appears at banquet. However today this banquet, they actually must all attend are good, to is not Zhao Hai wants such to do, but is in the written invitation requested that Zhao Hai such does, Zhao Hai knows that this is Terry wants certainly to make him in front of them lose face in Laura, Zhao Hai to had not opposed that they were bringing Laura directly. Ox cart that Zhao Hai rides, this car(riage) looks like in other place is also good, but was not good to here, but has forgotten, but here the Continent first powerful nation, the car(riage) like Zhao Hai, can only be most common that. However no matter car(riage) is good or bad, this is Zhao Hai own car(riage), was saying that this car(riage) he also sat is used to it, not having the feeling to have anything not to be good. Vehicle slowly walks toward the Robert Family castle, the Robert Family castle has a distance to the Calci Family castle, if walks slowly, takes about four hours probably, walks quickly also wants about two hours. Zhao Hai they leave came early, makes car(riage) slowly to proceed, but Zhao Hai they actually entered in Space, in inside look at outside situation, is arranging also tonight motion. Tonight motion Zhao Hai cannot personal participation, the matter that therefore he these time handles affairs gave Cai'er to come command(er), simultaneously participated in command(er), before Zhao Hai, these Advanced level Undead Creature that made, these people had some are the worldly people, did this matter to be too ordinary.

Actually this command(er) does not need to do, now situation Zhao Hai in Robert Family these shops have found out, in each shop sent many people, Zhao Hai explain/transfer to end, if there is any situation, Zhao Wen and Cai'er can support at any time, the effect that Zhao Hai wanted was, within one hour, all shops must take, the person must withdraw . Moreover the movement carried on lightly, do not make the too big move. These Robert Family vassal small Noble, Zhao Hai has not moved them, no matter what they are also Rosen Empire Noble, if Zhao Hai moved them, that likely will trigger the reactions of Rosen Empire all Noble, then on the gain does not equal the loss, must know that a Rosen Empire Noble looks like is very strong. Success that for these time moves, Zhao Hai specially received from Iron Mountain Fort there Green and Kun Space, Zhao Hai is not, by their command(er), has been adding on Cai'er and these Advanced level Undead Creature, believes that this motion will be certainly absolutely safe. Zhao Hai has to such do, he must guarantee that by his attack these shops, nobody can live leave, some people do not know that was Undead Creature attack they, Robert Family suspected that they did not have opportunity. Waits they to discuss after Green this matter, Green and Kun use one type of strange eye look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked that their looks know, they definitely know matter that he can sing, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, how in this world, to sing also turned into a strange matter? On that Earth that flock of draft animals in ktv, if to this world, but also inadequate country. Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, will you sing really? Good that also sang?” Nod said : that Zhao Hai not bears will sing, before bored sang blindly, look tonight the Terry possible perineum I, this musical instrument is not the 1 or 2 day can learn, therefore I can only sing now.” Green smiles said : not to think really that Young Master you actually also will sing, he he, good, um, I must discuss with Merine, comes back later to make Young Master you study a musical instrument, in study study dances.” The Zhao Hai perspiration has gotten down, he has not been interested in these thing, if makes him study these thing, his also really don’t know can learn. Nod said : of Kun actually approval „, should study study, that has Noble not to dance, lost face too, um, this, making Laura they teach him to be good.” Zhao Hai one hear of Kun said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, Zhao Hai although very dwelling, moreover he loves Laura very much they, but this does not represent him not to have **, before was not healthy, this ** is not strong, but now is different, now he was 8th level Expert, body good can fight with the fists dead a elephant, in this case, his ** was also naturally bigger.

But he does not want to destroy itself in Laura their impressions, therefore did not have any excessive action, Ark Continent here is not Earth, on Earth, you with girl, when together several days, if not take the girl, the girl will think you to be incompetent, but Ark Continent here, you, if the too anxious color and ensure cannot make any good impression on the person. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai although they were betrothed with Laura, but actually continually draws opportunity of small hands not to have several times, if these time makes Laura they teach him to dance, that can flirt justifiablily, such tender bean curd, thinks that Zhao Hai is mouth-watering. However is good because of Zhao Hai is also ten points has the person of self-control, he thinks in the head that was not transferring these evil thoughts. At this time the ox cart also soon arrived on hill that Robert Family was , the Robert Family badge was a wolf, had a wolf of eye, their Clan badge called the remnant wolf emblem. All knows facing the wild beast people that injury wild beast is most difficult to fight, because this wild beast is more ruthless, but the remnant wolf emblem that Robert Family chooses, has this meaning in inside. Remnant Langshan, the remnant wolf fort, the remnant wolf emblem, this is the Robert Family most obvious symbol, moreover Zhao Hai had also heard Robert Family has an ancestor to teach, wants their posterity to remember, wants achieving such as the remnant wolf! Remnant wolf most vicious, is sliest, if a person with the remnant wolf same temper, he is really was too scary, therefore Robert Family each Clan, is that quite sinister person, even if runs Robert Family relationship good Calci Family, continuously against their family. However you have to recognize, Robert Family with making an all-out effort of remnant wolf, arrive at today, had today's such status. The Zhao Hai ox cart to remnant Langshan, under Xiangshan looked that our servant left to regard the written invitation, this climbed mountains, Zhao Hai also present, around this Carson City the styles of these small town forts also were really similar, did not have any special place. Zhao Hai also knows that the Ark Continent here person is not does not like pursuing thing of beautiful, but regarding them, practical important, Zhao Hai has looked at the Ark Continent history, Ark Continent here, not only among humanity will have the war, between humanity and Magic Beast will have the war, now the population on Continent are getting more and more, but, Magic Beast in some remote mountain Old Lin are also similarly getting more and more, one, but humanity and Magic Beast start to contend for the domain, might war between suddenly people and Magic Beast very much, in the war will arrive , is the castle beautiful is useless, will be practical is most important. Zhao Hai had looked at the Calci Family castle, their here castle constructs is very good, doing of most important with is used to make the war, moreover after many years of show, the here castle has reached a Peak level now, most suits them to do to fight the use, therefore the here castle pattern is almost same, its main reason can depend upon the castle, their fighting strength maximizations.

Ox cart slowly to in front of the door of remnant wolf fort, there had two servants to receive a guest, looked that Zhao Hai horse carriage came, that two servants unexpectedly strange has not come to greet, but Zhao Hai has not cared, with Laura they from the ox cart, that two servants walked at this time, bows said : to welcome count Sir, count Sir to invite to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai has gawked, attended these many time banquets, some first people called his count Sir, generally called him Mr. Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai changes mind thinks that the meaning of immediately understand Terry, Terry specifically called his title, was thinks that was borrowing this opportunity to insult him, must remind Zhao Hai frequently, you were only a young count, other proud. Zhao Hai two eyes flash of cold light, but he has not said anything, if now cause disturbance , instead to were appears he does not have the demeanor, now conversely, he displays was magnanimous, appeared Terry is mean-spirited, therefore a performance of Zhao Hai not anger, but showed a faint smile said : to that servant thanks.” That servant has not thought obviously Zhao Hai can be such response, he has gawked, this said : count Sir invited.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk toward castle. To the castle, still had horse carriage to wait for Zhao Hai in there they, but this horse carriage specification point was worse, horse carriage was very small, the horse of pulling a cart was also very thin. Megan they see this horse carriage, angry look flashes on face, Megan must reprove that servant, but Zhao Hai has actually blocked Megan, shows a faint smile, on horse carriage.