Chapter 473 endures!( Sought subscription) Sits to horse carriage on, Megan atmosphere snort|hum said : Elder Brother Hai, why have you can endure? You looked that they give the car(riage) that you arrange, what car(riage) is this? This is to car(riage) that the servant rides, why do you board?” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Megan atmosphere, showed a faint smile said : to be good, should not be angry, you have not heard, that servant has called my title, was wants to remind my status, he he, I now am the vitality, he was proud.” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that also calm, she turned the head to look at Zhao Hai, said : Elder Brother Hai, aren't you angry really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : vitality to be useful, we today are bad luck, but I think that complexion of tomorrow Robert Family these people my happy, thinks the tomorrow matter.” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that also shows a faint smile, Zhao Hai said : is then enduring, a while definitely also has other matter.” Was saying, horse carriage stopped. Zhao Hai they from vehicle time stares, because this horse carriage is stopping in in front of the door of banquet hall, naturally, this is not most important, what most important is, now in front of the door of banquet, is standing many people, participates person has plenty of banquet to stand in in front of the door look at Zhao Hai of banquet hall unexpectedly, on a face is having a smiling face of ridicule. Terry stands in front of these people, look at Zhao Hai of face faint smile, looked that Zhao Hai they came out from the car(riage), Terry then smiles said : to Zhao Hai Sir Buda count, I give the car(riage) that you arrange, good that sits? Without the means that receives the count, our Robert Family also can only use such car(riage).” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be very good, thanks Terry mister, I am only have not thought that in Robert Family really also has such tit, it seems like that the Robert Family day does not feel better, tomorrow I take responsibility, give the Robert Family ten fine horses, is used to pull a cart, avoid later Robert Family, when has the horse not to be insufficient, has injured the Robert Family face.” Terry one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion cannot help but changes, one becomes very difficult looked that he has not thought that Zhao Hai actually will say. He wants to insult Zhao Hai with this way, has not thought that a Zhao Hai such saying, made probably was Robert Family poor was the same. Terry coldly snorted said : what person, our Robert Family has what allowance, treats Count Buda such person, our family also only then such generation meets.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : original Robert Family is shows partiality, listened to reason, my not being able to withstand such being the case, why don’t know can Robert Family deliver card to me? Did not fear that the person of my this not being able to withstand, has smeared the Robert Family treasure trove? If must if that was true, I urge Terry mister, tomorrow have folded this castle to well, because I had come, this castle had been given to pollute by me.” In Zhao Hai words although you in disparaging oneself, but in each is having speaking, in adding on these people on the scene is also not the fool, these *** before many knows Terry, dry matter, therefore these years nobody contacts with Megan, now looked that Zhao Hai such is in sharp opposition with Terry, feels very interesting, venting spleen. Terry complexion is pale, coldly snorted, turns the head to people said : everybody, please enter the hall to use the feast.” Then turns the head, look at Zhao Hai said : Count Buda also invited.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to thank Terry mister, Terry mister can invite my such unimportant person personally, really made me be honored extremely that.” Said that leads Megan several people to walk toward the hall, Terry complexion entire was black. These come out with Terry, Noble that wants to watch the fun, truly saw one greatly lively, some meanings of having not given full expression, but looks at Zhao Hai and Terry appearance, they also know, in the hall will be certainly more interesting, entered the hall. After entering the hall, Zhao Hai they have separated with Laura, at this time Jason half step arrives at the Zhao Hai side, hugs Zhao Hai shoulder said : my goodness, your youngster this opens mouth to be really fierce enough, how? I think that you will not come today.” Why does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : I? I want to take a look at him today am any expression, what manner he uses to me, he he, speaks the truth, I am very disappointed, if the Robert Family successor is such level, that was really too disappointing.” Jason smiled said : your youngster to be short in there speaks the wind discouraging talk, was Terry is not simple, but his today's performance, truly existing fails to achieve the standard, but I feared after he will have , the move coped with you, I thought that you might as well go back earlier.” Zhao Hai looked at Jason one, he knows that Jason is the care of sincerity he, does not think that he is insulted in here, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, looked at all around one, presently all people leave them to have a distance, he was not then good in Jason ear in a soft voice said :, I cannot walk today, I need in here, to see me today in here.” Jason is a smart person, as soon as he listened to Zhao Hai saying that one on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he did turn the head to look at Zhao Hai said : tonight?” Zhao Hai nodded, has not spoken, Jason snort|hum said : your youngster, did not say, when the time comes gives me to believe? If I did not ask you, you didn't tell me?” Zhao Hai looked at all around some eye, this in a soft voice „should not be angry to Jason said :, this matter knows less, if made all people know, I have troubled, now is these people knows that was I does, without any card play, they also took me not to have the means that this matter do not say, even if were the person in your house/family, you cannot say.” Jason snort|hum, has drunk liquor, his although has not replied Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai understand, he has listened, Jason with him is the genuine friend, if Zhao Hai has not misread him, he will not say. At very smooth, entire banquet that the banquet is held, besides Jason, nobody comes to speak with Zhao Hai, can say that Zhao Hai was isolated. Zhao Hai sits with Jason in the one side drinks, Jason looked at these person of one in hall, coldly snorted said : tonight these people, are various Great Clan non- character generation of people, moreover is good with Terry relationship, snort|hum, original Terry is asks my Second Brother to come, I card snatching, it seems like tonight they will be unfriendly.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, feel relieved, cannot friendly What happened? they also be able I to be how inadequate, feel relieved, don't worry.” Different from Zhao Hai here, Laura their there to has encircled many people, naturally, these *** the part goes to Megan, to Laura they very desolate, moreover person also very strange that these spoke with Megan, they kept spoke the Zhao Hai malicious remarks in front of Megan, but also once for a while quart Terry several.

Regarding Terry such conduct method, Laura they cannot help but curled the lip, such method can only describe with the weakness that really does not have what good attention. In this time, suddenly Terry to the hall, small orchestra there, has been knocking oneself in hand Crystal Cup gently, smiles said : to the people everybody, happy that very today our everyone/Great Clan plays, was inferior that we collect an interest, does everyone give a small performance? everyone/Great Clan what do you think?” Zhao Hai just drank liquor of mouth, almost spurts, Jason looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, puzzled said : what issue does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai look at Jason forced smile said : has the issue, has the major problem, my musical instrument, will not dance, will not write poetry, you said that has the issue? He He, but also made Laura they guess, Terry also really drew on to cope with me with this.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Jason somewhat cannot help but anxious, his quickly said: „Won't you write the poem really? Won't dance? Can't the musical instrument? In your house/family hasn't the person taught you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to teach, how not to have taught, was a pity that I have not studied and that's the end.” Appearance that Jason look at Zhao Hai does not care at all, cannot help but anxious said : that what to do? If when the time comes you do not give the performance, that is very disgraced, later in your this circle, was not good to mix.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved was good, I have thought of this point, naturally has the method of manipulation, you do not need to be worried.” At this time had several Noble to give some small performances, nothing but is reads poems one, or came the a small segment musical instrument performance. At this time Jason presently Terry looked at one toward their here, he one startled, knows that Terry must cope with Zhao Hai, a person on a stand performed, his immediately/on horseback has stood, deep voice said : under came by me.” Said that arrived at orchestra there to take up a harp to shoot. Jason in protracted time, therefore the time of ball is very obviously long, the meaning of Zhao Hai understand Jason, he cannot help but smiled, Jason also is really very really kind. However Jason impossible to regard his solo recital this evening banquet, although he delayed some time, but played. At this time Terry in one time, vision image rotation Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai present thoughts actually not on this, he with Cai'er communicate, because when Jason just played, their tonight motions, started. Zhao Hai gives them the regulation motion time is one hour, but in process that Jason plays, has used for more than 20 minutes, near 50% time passed by.

But at this time had the motions of several strike force there to finish, the estimate of Zhao Hai is very accurate, moreover he lets the Cai'er acquired these information also very useful, the person who his these time sends, must strike to kill these people, the time of motion the shorter the better, one hour is they must complete the time of motion, can be best ahead of time. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, quickest one strike force, his time needed, is less than unexpectedly for ten minutes, this strike force all comprised of Dead-soldier, therefore goes into action very fast. Ten minutes of motion ended, they even also the scene handling, then Cai'er also all stocks in Robert Family these shops took in Space, that shop was a fire burning. Zhao Hai in mind through monitor the situation of screen look at there, the performance of Jason had also been completing at this time, in the field has broken out the intermittent applause, this also awakened Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked in Jason that walks from the stage, although Jason performance very successful, however on his face does not have a happy expression, but coldly looked at one, smiling Terry, this from stage leaving office. Terry has not seen the Jason threat probably the look, but has aimed at Zhao Hai the vision, this slowly has arrived on the stage, to people said : today's everyone/Great Clan happy, we invites Buda Family Patriarch with a smile, does Mr. Zhao Hai give a performance to be good for us?” Native of Taiwan these people naturally are shout that these people are the requests that Terry looks, naturally was coordinate Terry, Zhao Hai also already thinks that will have on this day, he has not said anything, showing a faint smile has stood, afterward in hand wine glass, has given a nearby servant, this slowly has arrived on the stage. Terry now from stage, now face ridicule look at Zhao Hai, he before coping with Zhao Hai, has carried on to Zhao Hai has turned investigated, he knows that now the Zhao Hai strength is not weak, is Dark Magician, why although don’t know he will have such strength, but can explain with the fortuitous encounter, but regarding the aspect of article, Terry has much can make Zhao Hai well self-confidently throws a chapter of person. Terry already checked, before Adam, was playboys, although said good that he displays now, but had neither learning nor skill since childhood, the Magic aspect can promote the strength with the medicine, however the isn't the method of article good? Had not heard under after who any medicine, how immediately can learn compose a poem. Because has thought of this point, therefore Terry will arrange today's plan, he must make Zhao Hai lose face, wants Zhao Hai not to have the face to mix in the Rosen Empire Noble circle. Zhao Hai stood on the stage, looked at face proud Terry, this smiles said : my suddenly presently the present really very much to have the face, probably today the entire banquet is held for me, good, my Zhao Hai from small long to was so big, by such allowance, really had not been honored, Terry mister asked me to give a performance, the guest does as the host pleases, I was not naturally good to decline, the front program, I saw, performance was very good, everybody was really the Rosen Empire pillar of the state, deeply felt to admire below, since today everyone/Great Clan happy, that below. Also can only reveal shortcomings, but a person performs really does not have what meaning, asked my several fiancees to come to power below, followed at a below together performance program, does not know that everybody can agree?” Zhao Hai this saying said some self-ridiculed that is also natural appropriately, making the person unable to pick up any problem, in looked like Laura their these beautiful women also to come to power in addition to give the performance, the people under stage naturally were happy, immediately loud applauding, Terry complexion was not quite attractive. Terry one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows Zhao Hai was prepared probably, will otherwise not ask Laura they to come to power, this disappoints Terry somewhat, but he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to give any performance, he still does not believe that a person of having neither learning nor skill, can have any splendid performance.