Chapter 474 manner transforms( sought subscription) Jason look at Zhao Hai stands on the stage chats the sound of the wind/rumor appearance, suddenly was not worried, his although with Zhao Hai contacts the time is not long, but his actually very clear, Zhao Hai is not the person who that type suffered a loss does not hit back, is not that type does has not grasped the person of matter, now he can be so calm, explained that he was prepared, it seems like oneself really in vain were also worried. Thought of here, Jason cannot help but turns the head to look, in look at Zhao Hai Terry, the corners of the mouth of Jason has cannot help but been hanging up a happy expression, he really anticipation tomorrow, what he wants to have a look at the retaliation of Zhao Hai now is. However a little Jason can affirm that is Zhao Hai certainly not letting off Robert Family easily, but this does not have no relationship with Jason, he cannot dig up Robert Family to be bad luck. At this time Laura their several people also stood on the stage, their this stood on the stage to be serious, the beautiful woman who these images varied came to power, naturally attracted the attention of all people, but Zhao Hai stood in their front, appeared more common. Zhao Hai looks at people look at Laura their look, cannot help but some are at heart uncomfortable, he is a man, but what behind is his fiancee, these many person two eyes put green light look at their fiancee, whose puts body unable comfortably. Zhao Hai coughed lightly, then turned the head to Laura they are intent, Laura they nodded, several people turned round in the musicians with orchestra to discuss, these musicians naturally do not dare to say anything, immediately has given Laura them four types of musical instruments. Laura is taking the harp, Megan is taking the cello, Meg is taking the horizontal flute, Ni'er is taking the violin, several people prepared, Zhao Hai looked that several people prepared to select, this turned the head under people said : to stage I, not any musical instrument, will not write the poem, can only sing to everyone/Great Clan, hopes that everyone/Great Clan should not be offended.” Said that turning the head opposite Laura they nodded. The person under stage has not thought that really Zhao Hai actually will sing, sings generally speaking does not have Noble to study, because that difficulty is too big, the Ark Continent here song, usually refers to the opera, does not undergo the practice of long time, you are simply have not held the magic studies custom opera, what most important is, you have studied the opera, but must everyday practice the throat maintains, was too laborious, therefore nobody study. Stage next hear of Zhao Hai must sing, was shocked, dull look at Zhao Hai, the gentle music had also made a sound at this time, this music very soft with, probably is stroking their mind to be the same. However in this song is having the faint superior wound, that feeling, making the heart of person in tight, probably your entire by sad aura surrounding slowly. Chrysanthemum stage song sang in here, actually was not quite appropriate, because the chrysanthemum playscript with stage directions body was a movie song, inside also has plenty Chinese element in inside, you made the foreigner see the chrysanthemum, thought of the double ninth festival? That is talking nonsense, but you have to recognize, sometimes, the song not listen with the ear, but with the soul, is this, therefore Mike Jackson so many fans, some fans their even simply will not speak English. Chrysanthemum stage song does not have the means compared with the Mike song, but puts Ark Continent here him, makes all people hear dumbfoundedly, because of such singing form, before Ark Continent here, has never had, the chrysanthemum stage has occupied one Qi character.

Qi sometimes is the one type of very big superiority, each appears thing, always makes people feel new and odd, making people feel infatuated. A chrysanthemum stage, quick sang, after Zhao Hai sang, in the entire hall a peace, did not have a point voice, people probably in immersing in this out of the ordinary song. A sudden applause has broken out in the hall, the people who this makes been out of sorts stare, unconscious changes the direction that the head the fist sound has transmitted. Zhao Hai also looked at person one of the applause, he presently applauds is not other, is Jason, this fellow to recovers compared with others first, therefore applauded first. The people see Jason, then also recovers, the Thunderous applause has broken out instantaneously, Zhao Hai and Laura they stood a row, bowed to the stage people, this walked toward the stage under. young man is loves lively, tonight by these young man that Terry invites, the status is not worse than him, but they are better with Terry relationship, therefore Terry asked them to help to a Zhao Hai embarrassment, they were also glad to see a play, all agreed. However now one hear of Zhao Hai song, their suddenly forgets the request of Terry, Zhao Hai has left office, they have sphered Zhao Hai, looks like Zhao Hai was asking the song matter, regarding them, does not have anything appealingly compared with presently the one type of new and odd song. Zhao Hai also with a smile chatted with these people, regarding them asked that song matter, Zhao Hai also said that was normally likes singing, but song not good opera, therefore slowly caused such song. Terry complexion pale standing in there look at Zhao Hai, he is requested that these people are embarrassed to Zhao Hai, he such does not only naturally to Zhao Hai embarrassedly that simple, what most important is, he must dig a ditch in Zhao Hai with these people. Two people first time meet is not very happy, has made not good impression to the opposite party, that later two people in want to become the good friend on very difficult, the first impression is very important. Terry very clear this point, therefore this time motion point very simple, must let between Zhao Hai and these Noble Young Master ties such Little Qiu, later they are meeting, on the understanding has the lump, after Zhao Hai, in wants to enter their this circles to be difficult.

However he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly with beforehand bore patiently had self-ridiculed, has not offended these Noble Young Master, then with a new and odd song, making these Noble Young Master driving going chat with him, can say that his motion failed completely. Jason has not collected to chat with Zhao Hai, he is different from many Noble Young Master with Zhao Hai relationship, he can look, Zhao Hai is dealing with these people, the genuine friend at this time, will not go to interfere horizontally, because does not have that necessity. Conversely, now what Jason pays attention is Terry, Jason grows up in Carson City here since childhood, regarding Carson City here these well-known Young Master is any temperament, he must understand compared with Megan that he knows Terry absolutely is a sinister villain, he feared that Terry in having any method copes with Zhao Hai. The Terry look at Zhao Hai appearance, eye wants ***, he is not willingly, he is not willingly such is inferior by Zhao Hai, he must make Zhao Hai make a boner! Thought of here, the eye of Terry cannot help but transferred the extension, then slowly has arrived on the stage, knocked lightly gently has done oneself in hand cup, the people in hall were also attracted by him, puzzled look at he. Now these people in hall have also remembered the request of Terry, but nobody was caring that now Terry that requested, their some impatient look at Terry. These people are not the fools, why their very clear Terry aimed at Zhao Hai, although beforehand Terry spoke some Zhao Hai bad languages, but performance of Zhao Hai at evening banquet, let these Noble Young Master appreciation, peaceful nature, natural appropriate, the demeanor that to be honest, Zhao Hai displayed, compared with Terry came, to strive to excel on many, was adding on the Terry normally manner quite to be also arrogant, has wanted to press a people head, therefore they, regarding Terry also not many favorable impressions. Now looked that Terry has come to power, these people know that Terry feared must press Zhao Hai, this lets their dislike. All people know that Zhao Hai has not offended Terry, among them the hatred, the cause is Megan. But all people know that Terry grows up with Megan together, but these years they also looked, Megan is always neither cold nor hot regarding Terry, did not have that meaning obviously, but Terry has not made them have close Megan opportunity, now Megan became engaged, he still handled such matter in here, really had to lose the demeanor, likely was not a Great Noble behavior. Terry has not actually thought of these, now he thinks must crush Zhao Hai, therefore after he stands on the stage, squeezed out smiling face said : „the performance of Count Buda is really too splendid, please let us deliver the applause to him.” As soon as the people listen to him also only to propose the Zhao Hai title to the present, dislike, the also people some on the scene are the title of count, just started to cope with Zhao Hai time, they have not thought anything, but Terry is still proposing that title now the matter, they feel particularly grating, but here after is Robert Family, they must to the face, therefore the people applauded, but the applause is not warm.

Terry patted two to start to stop, then gave the hand signal that has downward pressed, when the applause of people stopped slowly, Terry then said : I believe that listened to the applause of Count Buda, everyone/Great Clan will be the same with me, the feeling that some one type of had not given full expression, might as well ask Count Buda to perform on stage a program, but has reached an agreement, Count Buda cannot sing, if always sang does not have the meaning very much.” Under the stage may not have the fool, one hear of Terry words, on understand Terry were any meaning, it seems like Terry the right and wrong must bring Zhao Hai to make a boner today may not. Terry such does, not only has not displayed him to have brilliant how, conversely, this instead to displaying his being small-minded, with rascal temperament that clinging to for dear life hit randomly, let person disdaining. Terry may don’t know these, he also stand on the stage, proud vast Count Buda invited to Zhao Hai said :.” The Zhao Hai look at Terry appearance, shows a faint smile, he presently Terry had been at a loss not to know that he decided to end tonight farce. Zhao Hai has arrived on the stage slowly, this Laura they also started to be worried, underwent knows for them, Zhao Hai daytime time has only practiced that song, these time came to power, he did not have what good performance, has can lose face really inadequately? Zhao Hai stands on the stage, looked at people one under stage, shows a faint smile said : Terry mister not to make me sing fortunately, otherwise tonight has become my concert.” Under stage has laughed. Zhao Hai then said : today's weather already not early, in family also some matters, therefore gives this small performance, wanted leave below, asked everybody to forgive in here first, asked Terry mister to forgive.”