Chapter 475 huge harvest( sought subscription) A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, the people under stage to have not been surprised, they also know that Zhao Hai does not want to receive running on Terry in here, to be honest, they can endure to walk regarding Zhao Hai now, felt that very admired. Terry although is not willingly, but Zhao Hai this by saying of open and aboveboard, he is not good to detain, can only lift wine glass to Zhao Hai, agreed. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, under the people to stage bows, then said : Terry mister said that does not let sing, in the past I in singing, happen, went to sea, accidentally has written one, only then the a few words verset, asking everyone/Great Clan to appraise.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then in an uproar, did have the a few words verset? Can that be the poem? Under this leaves office people understand, Zhao Hai tonight feared that must make a boner. Laura their complexion are not quite attractive, only then smug look of Terry face, he believes that this game of he won! Zhao Hai looked under the stage complexion eyes of people, showed a faint smile said : past to go to sea, grasped some Sea Race Magic Beast returned to Continent to come up below, keeps God's Grace Day to use, after below this poem looked at one type of in the sea Magic Beast, suddenly the inspiration writes, had a few words, very short, but I thought this poem certainly image, moreover Intent Domain was profound.” Under the stage some people worried look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai has sold such long time climax, what poem will write. The Zhao Hai look at people show a faint smile said : I to think that under the stage likes eating the crab the person not to be certainly small, my this poem is to write the crab, asking everyone/Great Clan to appraise!” Here him to settle the throat clear, looked under the stage people eyes, looked at face proud Terry, this slowly open the mouth and said: Chang Jiang indifferent view crab, when look at you to run amuck!” The static, incomparable peace, after just sang the scene more peaceful than! HaHaHa HaHaHa! A sudden big laughter, one broke this peace, Zhao Hai has not needed to look knows, smiled certainly was Jason. The Jason big laughter, one has provoked the chain-reaction, the people in entire hall are laughing, all people are clear, Zhao Hai this a few words poem is any meaning, goes to whom.

These young Noble presently more and more like Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai did not bear patiently, these people will not like Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai did not have courageous spirit, even if after were, Zhao Hai counter-attack, they also think that Zhao Hai was a sinister villain. However a Zhao Hai this a few words poem exit / to speak, their immediately understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, this has clarified cursing at people, moreover pointed at the nose to scold, but most wonderful was, cursed at people obviously, but Terry actually cannot say anything, if Terry clamors now, not only lost the demeanor, but also equal to has sorted this scolding, wonderful, was too wonderful. Zhao Hai on the stage, was bowing to the stage under people at this time said : everybody, because in the family has the matter, I first went back, thanks the entertainment of Terry mister, extremely thanked.” Said that is bows to the people, this left office, walks outward. But these young Noble actually with the city Zhao Hai surroundings, probably are many things around a center same supports Zhao Hai to walk outward, Terry actually complexion pale standing in there, he knows that tomorrow he will become the laughingstock, will spread over the entire Empire Noble circle. Laura their also face smiling face walks with Zhao Hai outward, to hall in front of the door, Zhao Hai in one time turned the head to say goodbye with the people, then leave. These Noble although like Zhao Hai, but they to a Robert Family face, will not have immediately/on horseback with Zhao Hai leave, but the each and every one look at Zhao Hai Terry look, somewhat is strange. But Jason does not have these worries, no matter he that many, with Zhao Hai leave, in these servant don’t know halls lived any matter directly, but they obtained the notice of Terry, Zhao Hai goes back, sits that thin horse carriage, but Jason is not good, Crook Family although is not thousand Nian Clan clans, but actually does not allow to look down upon, cannot neglect, therefore that several servant immediately have caught up with Zhao Hai thin horse carriage and another horse carriage. Jason has not actually managed these, then Zhao Hai in his horse carriage, Laura they also followed, how many people after on horse carriage sits well, Jason laughs said : great Little Hai, fantastic that you do, HaHaHa, after you have not seen hears your a few words poem, Terry complexion? HaHaHa, entire was black, I feared really he will spit blood.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to result, that has exaggeration that but also spits blood, but he does not spit today, tomorrow will also spit, he he.” Naturally, Zhao Hai this saying has pulled down, but also after having used sound-insulated Magic, said that feared that was heard by outside servant, Laura sitting of their face smiling face in there, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly with making poem such way scolds Terry, being dumbfounded that Terry scolds. horse carriage arrived at outside the remnant wolf fort quickly, Zhao Hai and Terry they from horse carriage, after the farewell, on own car(riage), walked toward the mountain under.

After boarding, Zhao Hai their immediately returned to Space, just such tossed about, one hour of motion time soon passed by, Zhao Hai very how wants to know this motion. Just arrived at Space, Zhao Hai saw Green and Kun of face smiling face, looked at their complexion, Zhao Hai relaxed, it seems like that this motion, succeeded. Green and Kun looked that Zhao Hai they have come, immediately/on horseback asked them to sit down, then Green smiles said : Young Master, motion very successful, without the appears anything accident, the people in this time our not only Rotter Clan these shops has killed, the goods also took away, in their shop some useful bricks and Blockhead have not let off, even if were they rescues to extinguish the fire in shop, if they wanted to reconstruct these shops , the city wanted many thing, what most important was, this time we altogether obtained various more than ten millions ton living materials, also obtained gold coins more than ten millions, silver coins 30 million, steel coin more than 100 million, moreover obtained has been able to construct the bricks and lumber of 500 houses, has gained one greatly.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really will get so far as these many thing, his puzzled look at Green said : how so many thing?” Green smiles said : God's Grace Day just not to cross, at this time on Continent various shops stocked with goods time, God's Grace Day this time, the goods of various shops sell quick, therefore after has ended God's Grace Day, immediately/on horseback makes up the goods, their goods just made up neat, is adding on the floating capital of various shops, will therefore have these many.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : these people? All killed? Manages according to my meaning?” Green nodded said : feel relieved Young Master, according to your anticipation office, all has killed, has not kept the living witness, moreover in the shop also passed through cleaning, the destruction and ensure has not left behind any clue, moreover before motion, but also has used Black Magic for their shop, the one who guarantees nobody to see this motion is who, the person who all killed, has cut off, makes the Capital view.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, this time I look at Robert Family with any turning over, moreover there are these thing, these Beastman slaves came, we did not need to be worried about their food and clothing with spending, HaHaHa.” Green has also smiled, these thousand Nian Clan clans are really extraordinary, they have not moved the Robert Family main family castle, can obtain these many good thing, had these thing, to settle down that hundred thousand person was handles, moreover can go with these thing with Sea Race and Beastman Race trades, what most important was, they had these many silver coins and copper coins, the financial system of that Iron Mountain Fort there can be established completely, basically can say goodbye by trades, or by went against the firewood the embarrassing situation. Before good of Iron Mountain Fort there although show, but in this market condition truly mobile silver coins and copper coins are actually few, gold coins instead to is most, as the matter stands, Iron Mountain Fort there people, if normally were used to trade, every so often traded the thing by the thing, in store that so long as Zhao Hai opened, can use currency to trade. This is not convenient, now the person little fortunately said that later person were many, will appear the confusion, but currently had these silver coins and copper coins, the currency circulation of that Iron Mountain Fort there will not be a problem.

Kun smiles said : realistic this time line very clean agile, I believe that some people will not see any flaw comes, we in retreating, for does not make Magician see there to use Black Magic, but also has carried on attack with the Light Element method to there and ensure uses the Black Magic trace to vanish completely, will only have the Light Magic use trace, no matter what no one looks up to our, do not forget, we with Radiant Church, but the sworn enemy, this matter finally also will perhaps calculate to the head of Radiant Church.” Zhao Hai one hear of Kun such spoke of stares, his puzzled look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, whose idea was this? The great idea, how I to have thought before?” Before Zhao Hai, is only thinking not by person present, has not thought uses Light Element Magic in one time to carry on the Magic destruction for the scene, it seems like that this ginger is old spicy. Kun smiles said : you not to think that is normal, was good, no matter that we are also tired today were unbearable, we have rested, waits for tomorrow time, you are constructing thing of house to put Black Wasteland to come up these, after beginning of the spring, the Beastman Prairie there slave, in turn meets.” Zhao Hai nodded, Green does not have immediately/on horseback to rest, but is look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what kind of that today's banquet participates in?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be very good, is very smooth.” Laura their several bu has actually smiled, then fresh matter of Laura at banquet, said to Green and Kun, after they listen, laughs, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will really have this method to scold Terry, moreover scolded him the mouth. Several people chatted in Space, the Zhao Hai ox cart has not actually stopped, the direct Calci Family castle walked, Junichi and Xu Wanying sat on the vehicle, around bored look at, they know that tonight will have the motion, was a pity that this motion they actually could not participate.