Chapter 476 medicine powder( sought subscription) Looked all around did not have who, Xu Wanying then to Junichi said : Junichi, you said that tonight motion will be what kind of? Can succeed?” Junichi shows a faint smile said : definitely can to succeed, has the help of Cai'er, is adding on these Undead Creature, that has the truth that cannot succeed, was right, Young Master said nearest/recent, so long as plants need medicinal herbs, can promote level to us, when the time comes we also on 8th level Expert.” Xu Wanying smiles said : to follow side Young Master on the line, several levels of Expert can be what kind, even if were we arrived at 8th level , did not have the too big help to Young Master, only if can arrive at 9th level.” Junichi sighed said : 9th level that to be so easy, if can arrive at 9th level easily, Green Manager, Merine Grandma, Grandfather Kun they, already became 9th level Expert.” Was saying, suddenly Junichi complexion changes, then lowers the sound to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, careful, has the situation, I felt that has killing aura.” Xu Wanying nodded said : I also to feel, immediately/on horseback informs Young Master.” The intention of Xu Wanying moves, his Doppelganger immediately appears in horse carriage, has then knocked three carriages in horse carriage. This is a cipher, so long as Xu Wanying knocks three carriages, Cai'er knows that outside had the matter to live, her immediately will inform Zhao Hai. Cai'er on has also been knocking the carriage on present Xu Wanying Doppelganger, her immediately appears in the living room, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow has knocked the carriage outside, possibly had the matter to live.” Is gawking with Zhao Hai that Green they chatted slightly, immediately/on horseback said : what's the matter? Adjusts quickly monitor.” Cai'er has complied with one, adjusted outside the monitor picture. The distance that now the monitor picture can monitor was farther than before, the original ten li (0.5km), in the monitor range, Zhao Hai hold monitor, really above appears many red. These red points are the person, naturally, is not they, but is the ambush in the road two sides people, now the ox cart entered to arrive at this ambush circle quickly the middle, Zhao Hai considers as finished the population, the population of opposite party almost about 500, moreover is Expert, generally is six, 7th level Expert, dozens 8th level Expert, these people all put on full body armor, in hand are taking all kinds of weapon, most important is, these person unexpectedly also according to system 20 many Ballista. Ballista this thing, if not pass through fixed of installment, is impossible to use, it seems like these people early had equipment, minimum ambushed in here had several hours. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in horse carriage, told Junichi and Xu Wanying the situation that he saw, making them be ready, met him to say dodges, these two person immediately lay to the ground do not move, the remaining matters gave him. They naturally will not say anything, their very clear Zhao Hai fierce place, therefore immediately has complied with one, simultaneously attention high concentrated.

Zhao Hai does not have chapter of Space, but sits in horse carriage these people in look at picture on monitor, he presently in these people, the person of complexion full beard is command(er), he is sitting nearby Ballista, lifts up high, two eyes winks is staring at his ox cart that does not wink, but the arrow on his Ballista, is actually a whistling arrow. Saw that this whistling arrow Zhao Hai knows he was, simultaneously he also paid attention to other Ballista, looked at these Ballista, Zhao Hai immediately present the issue, on these Ballista shafts tied up a black Xiaoguanzi, don’t know is doing. If this if ancient times on Earth, Zhao Hai first guesses that there possibly is the blasting explosive, what a pity, here is Ark Continent, here does not have the blasting explosive, Zhao Hai really unable to think that jar anything thing. However Zhao Hai can affirm that definitely is not good thing, moreover he presently that beard soon ordered, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback calls out said : to dodge!” Almost with is the order of that full beard his voice simultaneously exits. That full beard handle downward wields, at the same time said loudly: Puts!” On that more than 20 Ballista people have shot, but Zhao Hai the flashes body entered in Space, Junichi and Xu Wanying also lay the ground, but at this time, Zhao Hai car(riage) also by these Ballista crushing. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, his immediately release large quantities of Undead Creature, have formed a even bigger encirclement ring in the surrounding of these people, simultaneously in horse carriage here, release large quantities of Undead Creature. However Zhao Hai actually sits in Space, look at that full beard, he has known that full beard is command(er), he definitely knows that is that influence makes them ambush in here, prepares to cope with him. Pays attention to that full beard, Zhao Hai on talent, when these Undead Creature appears , that full beard looked like silly was the same, the mouth muttered said : not to be impossible, this was impossible, that obviously was medicine powder, why can he also use Magic? Why?” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, because medicine powder of that full beard mouth on Continent was really too famous, for this type of medicinal powder, Ark Continent here has lived Mage rebel activities of large-scale. medicine powder, as the name suggests, is one type of can isolate the Magic medicinal powder, this type of medicinal powder does not have the effect regarding the average person, regarding martial arts any influence, they have not aimed, has Magician. Sprinkles this medicine powder in Magician surroundings, the Magic consumption of Magician will be increase doubled and re-doubled, normally can release ten Magic, was given to sphere by medicine powder, can use Magic to be good, will be the beforehand people are used to cope with Magician Ultimate Weapon. This type of medicinal powder is Alchemist of talent manufactures, general Alchemist is Magician, is this Alchemist, the body supervises alchemy and Alchemy two Grandmaster titles is actually not Magician, he is not only not Magician, but also has the huge hatred with Magician. This alchemy talent small time, wants to study Magic, but underwent the test, he does not have Magic innate skill, could not study Magic, this has not calculated, one night, that Magician that gave him to test runs up to his home unexpectedly, killed his one cleanly, he hid a secret passage at home at that time, has hidden chasing down.

Afterward this talent knows after many years of investigation that he had Magic innate skill, conversely, his Magic innate skill quite high, but with his Clan hostile Clan, spending the high price to bribe that to make the test to him Magician, he such was revolted to decide as does not have Magic innate skill, then that Magician, settled on their Clan money, coming a murder to rob, their family at that time was only some fame, but did not have no background Merchant family, in Clan any Expert has not sat, to be how possible to block that Magician attack, family was killed.. For revenging, this talent has not gone to study Magic, conversely, he thinks that Magician is the one type of danger, profession that should not have, he must eliminate all Magician, therefore he has made Alchemist, afterward learn Alchemy. After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, he successful manufacture the one type of medicinal powder, this type of medicinal powder has been able to separate leave Magician with the surrounding Magic element finally, forms a small demon environment certainly, making Magician not have the means to use Magic repeatedly, does not have the means to come in handy Might formidable Magic. On Continent all people know that what Magician specialize is spiritual force, they through the practice of spiritual force, carry on communicate with the Magic element of all around, then through these Magic elements, executes release Might formidable Magic, looks like a general, the command(er) soldier does to fight to be the same, but this type of medicinal powder exactly has actually cut off Magician and Magic element communicate way, making Magician turn into spiritual force, actually when command(er) the polished rod general of Magic element, in this case, Magician besides oneself practiced has the few Magic element in within the body, simply did not have other means command(er) Magic elements, but lost Magic Magician, can only wait for death.. This medicine was bright, has caused on Continent high attaching great importance to of all Magician, but on Continent the major vision also started to take seriously this matter, some Clan even started to use this type of medicinal powder to cope with Magician, at once, entire Continent all Magician felt scared. For this type of medicinal powder, on Continent all Magician first alliance, started to chase down this talent, finally this talent was killed by Magician, then all Magician alliance get up, on all Noble and influences to Continent exerts pressure, finally this type of medicinal powder became the banned drugs, by absolute prohibition, moreover all Magician also achieved an association intent, such as some present people use this Magic Potion, certainly chases down. Zhao Hai sees this matter in a Continent history book, this matter will live before 3000, from then on, in had not heard who will use and makes this type of medicinal powder, because that simply takes the [say / way]. Has not actually thought that today in here, Zhao Hai actually heard medicine powder this name, this will let the entire Continent wind and cloud color deterioration absolutely a big event. But must deal with Zhao Hai that person not to think that Zhao Hai Magic is out of the ordinary, his Magic uses through Space, simply not by the influences of these medicinal powder. These come the attack Zhao Hai person, how possibly to think, Zhao Hai Magic unexpectedly not by the influence of medicine powder, moreover Zhao Hai already present they, therefore they want to run without enough time, their behind flushed large quantities of Undead Creature, gave to surround them directly, was less than a half hour, all killed off completely. Zhao Hai actually using Wind element Magic, scattered collecting in his ox cart surrounding medicine powder these, after the preparation went back, told Lando them this matter, making them process. Zhao Hai very clear, appears of this matter, absolutely is a big event, not only this relationship arrives at Dark Magician, but also all Magician of relationship on to Continent, but his influence, the distant means handle this matter, only depended on Lando they, by the Calci Family influence, must handle this matter, should not be a problem. Processed medicine powder, Zhao Hai immediately came attack his person to turn into Undead Creature these, that person who led turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, knew from mouth Zhao Hai of that person, today deals with his person, was the Robert Family person, as for Robert medicine powder that liked in the clan that coming, his don’t know.

Now the Zhao Hai ox cart had been destroyed, sat without the means that Zhao Hai on release Alien, walked toward the dark soldier fort, Alien compared with Giant-horn raging bull quickly, was quick they to arrive under the dark soldier fort, for does not cause the misunderstanding, Zhao Hai they, when to the dark soldier mountain also distance, drilled from the body of different table, slowly has arrived at crossroad there under dark soldier mountain corner/horn. To defending the crossroad servant explained since, Zhao Hai they then sit on Alien the dark soldier mountain, before quick arrived at the dark soldier fort, waits for Zhao Hai from Alien within the body to come out, after receiving Alien, then presently, Lando and Smith they unexpectedly all outside of castle. Zhao Hai their immediately comes up to salute to them, Lando nodded, has who to Zhao Hai said :? Are you all right?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be all right, making the grandfather be worried, we entered in the castle to say.” Lando looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai had certainly the important matter to say, immediately/on horseback nodded, leading Zhao Hai they to enter the castle, has sat down to the lobby in main fort, in sitting besides Smith, in Calci Family the honored and popular characters came, only then Juwan has not arrived. After all people sit, Lando then to Zhao Hai said : good Little Hai, said that is who must cope with you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is a grandfather, today deals with my person, is the Robert Family person, they sent ambush of more than 500 people in the halfway to cope with me, my car(riage) was when their attack was destroyed by that.” Lando hears is Robert Family time, cannot help but snort|hum, Zhao Hai looked at his appearance, this has put out beast leather bag, put the ground to Lando said : grandfather, Robert Family in coping with my process, has used medicine powder, in this bag attire was my acquired some medicine powder.” Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, heard Zhao Hai saying that what in this bag attire was medicine powder, in the room one of the all person bang messed up, all people unconscious toward retreat two steps, like looking at severe floods and savage beasts look at that bag. Calci Family is called Dark Magician Clan, in their Clan all people are almost Magician, studies Magic, even if not study Black Magic, will study other Magic, therefore medicine powder regarding the person in room, absolutely is the most fatal threat. Lando complexion also changed, but he after is a household head, saw the magnificent scene, he has not moved, but complexion changed, then look at that bag said : in this bag attire was medicine powder?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, in this bag attire is medicine powder, moreover I turned into Advanced level Undead Creature attack my person of that lead, learned from his mouth that attack my person is the Robert Family person, wants to come should not mistakenly.”