Chapter 477 acts out of desperation( sought subscription) A dignity of Lando face, his very clear, this medicine powder in appears on Continent, that absolutely is not the small matter, some don’t know many Magician will suffer therefore injury. Moreover he believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive him, although said before Zhao Hai, has some opinions to Calci Family, but he can look, Zhao Hai likes Megan, but this medicine powder matter, absolutely is all Magician of relationship on to entire Continent, no matter ordinary Magician or Dark Magician, even if Light Magician calculates, medicine powder most wants the Magician life absolutely thing. Did Lando nod said : what to do you to plan?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to estimate that Robert Family considered as finished, tonight besides Carson City here, in Rosen Empire all Robert Family business by person attack, moreover ensure copper coins will not stay behind to them, their losses will be very big, if the grandfather you operated this matter, perhaps that Calci Family can overall take over the Robert Family business also perhaps.” A Zhao Hai saying was referring to under his foot has been putting that attire medicine powder bag at the same time, in this time, Third Grandfather actually said : wait / etc., if they coped with you with medicine powder, how you won't have the matter?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : medicine powder to me useless.” Third Grandfather coldly snorted said : that explained that this medicine powder is fake, otherwise why useless.” Is Zhao Hai smiles said : fake, Third Grandfather you tries to know, before the person on Continent added that the water of non-solution nihility, I am not well is living.” A Zhao Hai saying, Third Grandfather to was don’t know said that any was good, Lando was actually a qin cautious person, his immediately/on horseback turned the head to Smith said : waiter, found a person to try, has a look at this thing real, if real, the god came unable to rescue Robert Family.” Zhao Hai actually said : grandfather, I thinks now us well monitoring Robert Family, if they presently these time cope with my motion failure, possibly thinks that their in hand had the medicine powder matter to expose, if when the time comes they ran, that can be greatly troublesome.” Lando stares, then immediately/on horseback nodded said : right, right that Little Hai said that Eldest Child, your immediately/on horseback makes family's dark Heiei send out, must stare at to tighten to me Robert Family.” Peter has complied with one, has arranged, the person who at this time Smith found also arrived, collateral branch worshipped/Foreign Elder that in Clan came out, 8th level Dark Magician, although did not have the meeting the authority, but was absolutely credible.

After that person comes, they salutes to Lando, Lando makes him stand in the area, then Smith began to sprinkle medicine powder in bag in that person of all around personally, when turned on that bag, Smith knew this bag medicinal powder real, because he, as soon as turned on the bag, feeling all around Magic element probably one became very slow, before this situation him, simply has not met. However to test medicine powder Might, Smith sprinkled the medicinal powder in that person of all around, then that person used Magic under Lando their gazes, first ordinary Black Magic can also use, but could look, the very wasteful strength, could not cause to second simply, that person of face frightened white. Lando they look such plant situation, naturally cannot suspect medicine powder genuine and fake, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback careful received medicine powder, then the pocket was. After waiting for Zhao Hai to complete these, the talented person in room all relaxed. However Lando complexion actually becomes very difficult looks, turns the head to Smith said : waiter, the immediately/on horseback notice family's person, all people get ready for action, preventing Robert Family to act out of desperation.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought of this point, but Robert Family dares to cause medicine powder to come, that certainly has taken advantage, does not do well will act out of desperation, after all they now are impossible to know that their family besides Carson City here, the shops in all places were destroyed. Because of their don’t know, therefore they may move, because they feared that Calci Family will put medicine powder information to pass on their family. So long as medicine powder information passes on, do not say small Robert Family, even if Rosen Empire anti-, how many on this Continent Magician does have? For own security, these Magician immediately alliance will certainly get up, for all uses the medicine powder person to chase down, by that time feared is entire Continent that influence cannot shoulder. Status of Magician on Continent very however, because of their attack strength very formidable, if some suddenly people understand one type of to cope with their medicines now specially, making them lose this superiority, their status will suffer a disastrous decline, in this case, to maintain their interests, these Magician will certainly carry on to counter-attack, the strength that Magician on Continent added that can only describe with the terror, will not have 9th level Expert to meddle, because in 9th level Expert also has plenty was Magician. Smith listened to the Old Gentleman words, just about to exits, in this time, outside suddenly has heard an explosive sound, then giant fireworks shoots up to the sky. Lando looked at this fireworks, coldly snorted said : really came, shot off firecrackers, prepares!” His this saying exit / to speak, person immediately in room moved, all people exited from the room, in the room has only left behind Zhao Hai and Lando, Smith leave. Zhao Hai some look at all these of being perplexed, the Lando look at Zhao Hai puzzled appearance, showed a faint smile said : just that is with the early warning signal that Magic Cannon release came, shooting off firecrackers that I just said that when was our Calci Family receives the attack combat readiness signal, so long as a crackle of gunfire sound, Calci Family all juniors, must enter to the battle station in the shortest time, with the Clan altogether life or death.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Lando now to his manner to is very good, his look at Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good, do not think that many, walks, goes on city wall to have a look with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, went out of the room with Lando, walks toward city wall on, they walks from the living room, the entire dark soldier fort moved, all person methodical there pass and out, Warrior has put on full body armor, took up weapon, Magician has put out own Magic Staff. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted, the child in castle also had in certain Clan key training young man, already not in castle, they by secret has packed off, Megan they have not actually walked, instead to was walking toward their here. Calci Family person very clear, dark soldier fort here is their Calci Family Encampment, their Clan strongest strength in here, that dares to come here to move their people, the strength is not certainly low, therefore their also very careful. Megan their quickly has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, just Megan told Laura the matter, therefore Laura also knows that now lived any matter, but their point worry, in Zhao Hai Space, has not had 40 9th level Expert now, so many 9th level Expert, them also has anything to be good to be worried. Lando sees Megan, cannot help but knit the brows said : Megan, haven't you walked? For providing against contingencies, your immediately/on horseback walks.” Megan smiles said : grandfather, feel relieved, all right, has Elder Brother Hai, will not have the matter, walks, we go to city wall, I to have a look am who come attack we.” Zhao Hai has not told Megan them, attack their person in hand have medicine powder, because does not have that necessity, these thing, do not have any influence to him. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, walks toward city wall on with Megan, shaking the head of Lando actually not bears, he has not thought, Megan can unexpectedly such trust Zhao Hai. Several people arrived on city wall time, the person on city wall were many, moreover Magic Cannon and Ballista on city wall prepared. although said that city wall of dark soldier fort is not very high, but there are these thing, they defend people should not be a problem, what most important is, Calci Family is Dark Magician Clan, in this Clan the most people are other Dark Magician and Magician, attack strength very formidable, is one of the not most affable Clan on Continent. Now on city wall is standing before big, is some Magician, there are these Magician, even if has hundred thousand army to besiege the dark soldier fort, feared that cannot obtain good going.

However at this time Zhao Hai complexion had actually smiled bitterly, turned the head to look in the one side was standing Lando said : grandfather, let under all Magician city wall, they could not help, the opposite party has sprinkled medicine powder in forest.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Lando complexion changes, then does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : really?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was nodding said : „, immediately must sprinkle, moreover this Robert Family all sent out, now outside forest has about ten thousand people, these people are some Warrior, moreover level is not low.” Lando stares, he decides to believe Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback nodded, turns the head to say to nearby person several words, that person complied with one, immediately transmitted orders, before long on city wall all Magician to castle. Zhao Hai knows through monitor that the opposite party has prepared, these Warrior took weapon to clash, the appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, show a faint smile, he to wants to have a look at the opposite party to have any move. Meanwhile he increased the monitor supervisor area, this present, there in the dark soldier mountain however also has the gang, this group of people possibly are the second echelon, is preparing to attack the mountain under the mountain. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, was calling the dim light of night, directly behind their encirclement rings release in Undead Creature that greatly has braved, waited to come counter- Bao Quan to the opposite party, making their one unable to be inescapable. Lando complexion somewhat is dignified, he has not thought that under the opposite party meeting such initial capital, has used these many medicine powder unexpectedly, this was must extinguish Calci Family. If normally wants to destroy completely Calci Family is not that easy, but now is different, now God's Grace Day just passed, important personage in Calci Family almost on dark soldier mountain, if really dark soldier mountain here extinguishing, that Calci Family really ended.