Chapter 478 is disgusting Great Clan like Calci Family, they, if has defeated , the elites and these Expert in Clan were extinguished, they also ended on equal to, they later in do not dare to make an appearance on Continent, because looks like their Great Clan, the in hand control benefit is really too big, ordinary time, these benefits can make them incur to more people, obtains many good to have, has the even bigger authority. When the elite in their Clan loses negligently completely, Expert completely eliminated time, these benefits will become cursing of their Clan. Because of this, therefore this weaponry Calci Family cannot lose. With wanting, Robert Family cannot lose, they before must cope with Zhao Hai, has not thought will be defeated, they sent many 8th level Expert, moreover used medicine powder to cope with Zhao Hai, to guarantee absolutely safe, but they have not thought that finally failed. Not was only failed, the medicine powder matter was also known by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knew, Calci Family also knew, Calci Family knew, entire Continent all knows, one, but makes on Continent all Magician know that Robert Family has medicine powder, they not only Clan was extinguished to be simple, fears is person in Clan cannot be inescapable, will be ruthless. This Robert Family has used their Clan all strengths, for must extinguish destroys completely Calci Family at one fell swoop. But now the situation in dark soldier fort is not quite good, Calci Family equal to is Magician Clan, therefore in their Clan regarding Magician training attach great importance to, conversely, regarding training of Warrior is not attach great importance to, therefore in their family puts Magician to be many, now with according to the opinion of Zhao Hai, after Magician on city wall removes, entire city wall immediately appears scattered, few individuals. Zhao Hai also saw this situation, at this time Smith their several walked, they are also Magician, but same, they are also the Calci Family Clan juniors, they were is impossible to retreat at this time. Third Grandfather and Juwan also walk with them in together, their complexion also very difficult looked that their although does not gather with Lando, but they are not the fools, their very clear, one, but Calci Family ended, they had also been finished, only then Calci Family exists, they will have the auspicious day. How many people have arrived at the Lando side, does not have the mood with the Zhao Hai smalltalk, Third Grandfather works as first to Lando said : Patriarch, why makes Magician remove? They removed, who defended a city?” Lando looked at his one eyes, snort|hum said : you, when I do want to make Magician remove? Won't you feel? The opposite party has sprinkled massive medicine powder, if not make Magician remove, they can only stand in there wait for death.”

Third Grandfather stares, immediately felt, then his complexion actually one becomes very difficult looks, right, now the Magic element on entire dark soldier mountain becomes very slow, such Magic element, wants to use large-scale attack Magician not to be impossible, can say that Magician abandoned on equal to in such environment. Smith they also felt, several people of complexion also same ugliness, Smith quickly said: Father, we make these Magician fall back on outside the mountain from Secret passage, attack from mountain they?” Lando shook the head said : uselessly, even if they falls back on outside the mountain, the opposite party has medicine powder in the hand, cannot ask to be good.” Peter they do not have good means now, they now present, their Clan too does not attach great importance to the Warrior show, if in their Clan has some Warrior to shoulder the summer beam, will not fall to this awkward region. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : grandfather, everybody, everyone/Great Clan does not need to be worried that the opposite party came more than 10,000 people, feel relieved was good, gave me to be OK.” The vision of all people cannot help but centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, they thought at this time that just Zhao Hai said in the living room, he not by the influence of medicine powder. Lando look at Zhao Hai said : was right, Little Hai, you are not affected, tries to find the solution quickly, these medicine powder, except that.” Zhao Hai knit the brows were too many, even if wants, except that was also not a short time can except resulting, said it that said : these medicine powder people they sprinkle, they will not give us that many times.” Zhao Hai just said that castle outside sound of footsteps transmits, intermittent Warrior, drilled from forest of dark soldier mountain, they put on full body armor, in hand are taking weapon, slowly has arrived under the castle. These are Heavy Armor Infantry, is on Continent most Elite branch of the services, their bodies put on thick made of metal full body armor, in hand are taking the giant tower shield, another in hand is taking long spear, now they set up toward the ground the tower shield, long spear, has almost formed motion city wall. These tower shields are that currently the floor uses likely jam, only then two tower shields toward a together tower, immediately can the linking in together, this want the shield wall firmly, but in being connected including the above of tower shield, they will also keep a attack hole, this attack hole can stretch out long spear, carries on attack to tower shield outside enemy.

Behind tower shield soldier, come is large quantities of bow and arrow soldiers, original attack with Ballista and Magic Cannon is best, no matter Ballista or Magic Cannon, move are not very convenient, because has sprinkled medicine powder, Magic Cannon Might greatly will also reduce, therefore not use to well. bow and arrow soldier also not to be trifled with on Continent, they use is the long bows, this type of long bow after multi-channel labor Xu Jiagong, minimum can project 200 steps far, in adding on these people are Warrior, uses such bow minimum to be able the shoot out about 400 steps, moreover everyone minimum can draw four ten times, such attack strength is not small. In behind of bow and arrow soldier was some sword shield soldiers of attacking a city, they put on leather armor, grasped Pi Dun, grasped the sword, some people were lifting the attack ladder and stay rod. Saw this posture, Lando immediately/on horseback orders the person on city wall standing by, Zhao Hai looked at outside the city these person of one, cannot help but often smiled, their like this arrangement was good, however their population were too few, simply could not block the charge of Undead Creature. Lando stands on city wall look at opposite party slowly forming the formation, coldly snorted, shout loudly: Robert, you come out to me, owe I to regard the friend you, you must extinguish my Calci Family unexpectedly, you come out to me.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then often smiles, if he will be Robert Family Patriarch will not come out to meet with Lando, the great words will possibly leave behind the card play. What a pity, this Zhao Hai guessed mistakenly, the Lando voice just fell, heard a sound to transmit said : Lando, you also were really very naive, your won't don’t know, to our status, have the genuine friend? Your Calci Family is Magician Clan, I must make you extinguish you, HaHaHa, what kind of? Is the medicine powder taste good?” Lando coldly snorted said : „did Robert, what advantage extinguish our Calci Family to you? So long as your in hand has the medicine powder matter to pass on, your Robert Family ended.” Does Robert laugh said : to pass on? Who passes on? You must die today, everyone impossible to pass on information, the truth told you, I invited Level 9 Elder in Clan these people who today specially came look at your release to go, even if were your family puts Secret passage , some impossible people able to run.” Lando stares, then complexion changes, he clenches teeth said : well, is good your Robert, worthily is remnant wolf Clan, is ruthless enough, but your feel relieved, our Calci Family also not to be trifled with, you want to extinguish us, must pay the price.”

Robert smiles said : naturally to pay the price, but that is also what kind, extinguished your Calci Family, I gain the biggest benefit in the assurance, when the time comes our Robert Family will become on Continent first formidable Clan, HaHaHa, compared with paying the price, I will obtain will be more.” The Lando air/Qi results in complexion to be pale, the Zhao Hai look at Lando appearance, shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished Grandpa Lando, you are angry with such mad dog, he thinks that he did win? He He, was too laughable.” Obviously Robert heard the Zhao Hai sound, he who had not made an appearance, suddenly appears , saw horse carriage slowly from the dark soldier Shan Shangshan road, this horse carriage did not have the carriage, on the vehicle, only then a very big chair, is sitting a warrior cloth old man on the chair, in the front of old man, puts a table, on the table is putting shell liquor and only wine glass. This old person stature very tall and big, but actually appears very thin, spacious warrior cloth puts in his body, appears lax, a tall and slender eye, even if is also flashing in the nighttime probably green radiance. That old person with his green eye tight is staring at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : ignorant junior, do not think on Continent has defeated several second-class goods, thinks one were outstanding, today I must make you know that you compared with my grandson Terry came, to fall far short.” The old person voice just fell, a hoofbeat transmits from his, then white high big horse, after the old person car(riage) has put on, this horse very tall and big, like Demon Horse, fully more than four meters high, sits full body armor Knight on the horseback, this Knight bright silver full body armor, is taking Knight long spear, is taking a hard helmet, the back at the back of the tower shield, the Knight sword inserts in the saddle scabbard, the whole person appears imposing appearance uncommon, is handsome. Zhao Hai has sized up this person, this person of Terry, now this dresses up is qualified Knight, moreover ten points eye-catching. Zhao Hai look at his appearance, shows a faint smile, this fellow also really can put on airs to Megan said : in a soft voice, a Knight appearance, actually a lot of ghost feelings.” Megan snort|hum said : „this appearance, was since childhood innocent in childhood, has not thought anything, now I looked that this appearance feels disgusting.”