Chapter 479 every my enemy, kills!( Sought subscription) Terry actually does not think that now his feeling is good, oneself Clan the Calci Family dark soldier fort encircling, said that is lets the person happy matter, now he truly realized that what is high-spirited! Terry look at stands Zhao Hai and Megan on city wall, sneers said : Megan, you may once think has today? These years I , if the sincerity to you, you? You actually do not know good from bad, rather chooses Zhao Hai this kind of person, does not choose me, I must make you regret today.” The Megan look at Terry appearance, coldly snorted said : I naturally must choose Elder Brother Hai not to elect you, you do not have a look at you are any thing, your Elder Brother Hai little finger can't compare with.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Megan, you too have exaggerated, how can say Terry mister? Can you say his can't compare with my little finger? You must say, he can also compared with on my little finger.” Megan they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that bu has smiled, they know that Zhao Hai normally little cracked a joke, but Vietnam , China came across the important matter time, Zhao Hai more can crack a joke, this was the Zhao Hai skill. Megan smiles said : right, should say, Terry, you can also compare with a little finger of Elder Brother Hai, why I do not choose Elder Brother Hai to elect you.” Terry was been pale to satire complexion by Megan Zhao Hai, just that dashing strength completely looked at the disappearing trace, face fierce look at Megan said : you smile, how I to am have a look at him to compare favorably with my.” The Zhao Hai look at Terry appearance, shows a faint smile said : I not to want such quickly to tidy up your, but you, since has walked, I also do have no alternative but not to begin? I am those words, Chang Jiang the indifferent view crab, when look at you to run amuck, now is your does not have the date.” Terry one hear of Zhao Hai also said that this poem, complexion immediately was black, he shouted angrily said : little to waste breath, today I must make you die without the burial ground.” The Zhao Hai look at Terry appearance, shows a faint smile said : to think the person who I die are many went, does not miss your one, but they have not succeeded, but you, will not succeed!”

Said that Zhao Hai wields, Alien suddenly appears , but Zhao Hai Megan they also disappeared on city wall, entered Alien within the body, Alien has opened the big mouth, the mouth spread Zhao Hai sound speaking sounds: „A most wrong matter that your Robert Family handles is, should not with me for the enemy!” As his voice falls, Robert Family person suddenly presently they suspend in the good lineup, suddenly left many Undead Creature, these Undead Creature appears , Warrior of immediately to nearby Robert Family launch attack, among Robert Family suspends good lineup piece of chaos. But at this time Alien also jumped down from city wall, as he jumps the city wall has plenty personal appearance, Lando they stare, fix the eyes on look, this present, with that this that Zhao Hai jumps, is some Undead Creature, moreover Undead Creature Cavalry. These Undead Creature Cavalry are the Beastman shapes, they sit the huge fighting corner/horn, carries on the back to sit a tall Tauren skeleton, these people fell the ground, immediately the place pounding a pit, but their matter did not have, leapt from the pit, has leapt the Calci Family moat directly, Robert liked in the camp of clan killing. Lando they feel to Zhao Hai such fighting strength surprised, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, in their family these Dark Magician release with Undead Creature completely different that come, their Clan Dark Magician, some studies to summon Magic, their however they summoned some Inferior level Undead Creature, after each fight, must undergo the supplement of long time to be good, because these Undead Creature fighting strength were too weak, simply was not the general Warrior match, can only use the huge-crowd strategy. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature are actually not that a matter, their first fighting strength very formidable, do not drop the wind with a Warrior attack of 8th level , such fighting strength is makes Lando they feel to be startled. What most important is the quantity, these Undead Creature quantities really many, on these that present Zhao Hai release comes, already about ten thousand, this also often has Undead Creature to brave from the Robert Family camp, is still increasing. It can be said that moves attack to start from Zhao Hai, but also less than five minutes of time, entire Robert Family suspends the good attacking a city lineup by these Undead Creature to scattered about, was not having any lineup to say. At this time Alien also stood on dark soldier fort in front of the door that bridge, then big mouth, the Zhao Hai sound conveyed said : HaHaHa, Robert Family, depended on you also to cope with my Zhao Hai? HaHaHa? Today I do not fear to tell you, your Clan appears did not end today, tonight, when I attend your family's banquet, your family all in the Carson City here business, was not destroyed completely, the person was killed, the goods were snatched, the house was burnt, you do not move tonight, tomorrow you in opportunity that has not moved, laughable, actually also wants to cope with me.” Robert and Terry one recover, carried on attack to start from just Zhao Hai, they are at the one type of delay conditions, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they to are one recover, then they are the complexion big changes, they to have believed the Zhao Hai words, because Zhao Hai does not need to deceive them at this time.

Presently situation on the scene is Zhao Hai these Undead Creature was in the upper hand, they besiege the plan of Calci Family to fear that tonight must be defeated, at this time, Zhao Hai has not needed to deceive them. Robert complexion is pale, his coldly snorted said : ignorant junior, other proud, your Undead Creature in fierce, but can also fierce 9th level Expert be inadequate? Invited god worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move, my Robert Family arrived at the life and death moment!” The Zhao Hai sound then conveys said : you to think how many 9th level Expert have been able to change what? Useless, I must perish your Robert Family, nobody can save you!” At this time sound coldly said : „can nobody save them really? I do not believe firmly, my Robert Family exists in the six already more than 1000 years, depends on your junior, wants to perish my Robert Family, has a dream!” Zhao Hai one looks toward the head, he in head sky, is fluttering several human-shape, these people made the Warrior appearance, Zhao Hai have counted, these 9th level Expert really had ten. Has not waited for the Zhao Hai speech, in the dark soldier fort transmits sound speaking sounds: Remnant wolf evil sword, has not thought really you are also living, HaHaHa, good, I also think that my this cannot report the enmity for a lifetime, today we are new account old debts a piece to calculate.” Along with the voice, in Calci Family also fluttered seven person's shadows, in these people had six is to make the Magician appearance, only then one was to make the Warrior appearance, although dark soldier mountain here has sprinkled medicine powder, obviously these medicinal powder regarding the influences of these 9th level Expert were not very big. At this time was called that 9th level Expert of remnant wolf evil sword, laughed said : Dark Demon, has not thought that you were also living, in the past you were not my match, now you are not my match, medicine powder do regarding 9th level Expert although with are not very big, but how many some did to use, your present strength, only equivalent to eight layers of your heyday? At this time, did you also drill to court death? Did not extinguish you in any case, your Calci Family will not admit defeat.” Has not waited for Dark Demon to speak, Alien suddenly on bridge vanished, Zhao Hai and Megan their appears in the under foot of that several 9th level foot, Lando looked at this situation, was actually startled, his very clear 9th level Expert formidable place, Zhao Hai their such appears in there, these 9th level Expert, so long as a finger can want their life. Zhao Hai appears on bridge, on Dark Demon and remnant wolf evil Sword Dao on enemy: Sorry, disturbs, if everybody wants to chat, makes first successive chat, I do not like some people standing in my head chat.” Remnant wolf evil sword looked down Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : ignorant junior, died!” The hand moves, Sword Qi, cuts together toward Zhao Hai.

Lando at heart one startled, but at this moment, Zhao Hai moves, his in hand don’t know were when many a whip, a whip said the Sword Qi draw off toward that the remnant wolf evil sword looked at the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but coldly smiled, in his opinion, a whip, how possibly could block his Sword Qi. However afterward matter let open the eye that he cannot believe that saw that whip one saying that Sword Qi pulling out disappearing show in Space, looked like disperses one group of smog to be the same with the fan fan. Then Zhao Hai receives the whip, look at remnant wolf evil Sword Dao: Injures me, is I and our Buda Family for the enemy, my Buda Family Protector may in!” The Zhao Hai sound falls, suddenly departed ten huge personal appearance from forest, these ten personal appearance one have not been the person opens, they all are the beast shapes, is these 9th level Expert in Carrion Swamp. Zhao Hai has not sent out too 9th level Expert, only then ten, moreover these ten people are also not in Carrion Swamp the strongest ten people, they are weakest ten, but these ten 9th level Expert are used to cope with Robert Family ten 9th level Expert, is handles. After 9th level Expert appears of these ten beast shapes, flew in Space, then fell Zhao Hai, then personal appearance anxious shrink, continuously shrink to about a big time, this bowed to Zhao Hai. „The person enemy who Zhao Hai nodded said : any my Buda Family, kills!” That ten beast shape 9th level Expert in one time bowed to Zhao Hai, flew. These ten 9th level Expert 9th level Expert look at remnant wolf evil swords of hawk, with method of said : spiritual voice transmission how dare you, dare my Buda Family for the enemy, today you must die!” Said that they threw toward the remnant wolf evil sword directly, a simply not point politeness, not in many wasting breath. But at this time no matter Calci Family or the Robert Family person and 9th level Expert has been shocked, they have not thought that Buda Family that before on Continent soon removed unexpectedly one ten 9th level Expert, moreover is the beast shape.