Chapter 480 stamps out the source of trouble( four strove for subscribing) What most important is, they noted these ten 9th level Expert to treat the Zhao Hai manner, must know that 9th level Expert was belongs to Continent on Continent the topest a batch person, they were impossible anybody to salute likely, even if were they salutes, that was also to another 9th level Expert, by below, no matter you were any status, they impossible to salute to you, that feared that was Rosen Empire King is also same. However Buda Family these ten 9th level actually saluted to Zhao Hai . Moreover the appearance that always doing as one is told, treats the 9th level Expert appearance with other Clan, completely different. Such manner not only has shocked Lando they, even if were these 9th level Expert in sky has also tarried, they have not thought really can be this. Beastman Race 9th level Expert fighting strength universal Human Race is higher, but similarly, they also compared with Human Race 9th level Expert arrogant, they are impossible to contact with Human Race, will not become Human Race Clan worshipped/Foreign Elder, but this impossible matter, actually became in Zhao Hai here possibly. However at this time did not allow them to think, these Buda Family 9th level Expert the remnant wolf evil sword they threw likely, 20 9th level Expert fought one. Dark Demon look at this situation, he really has not thought that some people will interfere horizontally, moreover make a move is ten 9th level Expert, this is more formidable than their Calci Family strength, this was too scary. Megan they stand in Zhao Hai, moves has not moved, they know that these people cannot be inescapable, this is only ten 9th level Expert, they had been in the upper hand, do not say that in Zhao Hai Space, has 30 compared with they ten strong 9th level Expert. Lando dull look at is actually standing in there with Zhao Hai that Megan they chatted, Lando at heart is being scared now, did not fear that Zhao Hai was too strong, but was scared because of the initially matter. initially he wants to ask 9th level Expert to act to cope with Zhao Hai, if this matter has been done, that present bad luck was Calci Family. The time of 9th level Expert war is impossible to be too short, although said that 9th level Expert of Buda had been in the upper hand, but wants to solve Robert Family 9th level Expert in a short time, is impossible, therefore this war is still continuing. However at this time, Dark Demon their also make a move, remnant wolf evil sword they originally already at leeward, Dark Demon their this make a move, remnant wolf evil sword they in imminent danger.

The fight in sky is still continuing, the fight of ground soon had actually ended, at this time Zhao Hai put dark soldier mountain surrounding these Undead Creature to attack to climb mountains, opportunity that the Robert Family person, surrounding, their last escaping did not have. At this time Robert and Terry face, became the pain like Chinese goldthread rhizome, they have not thought that today can be this situation. Terry look at Zhao Hai, two eyes must spout the fire probably, he thought that his life was makes Zhao Hai destroying, their all made the Zhao Hai person snatch, he must massacre Zhao Hai. Thought of here, Terry cannot help but extend the hand to own bosom, his bosom had Magic scroll, Magic scroll of antiquity, antiquity pass down Magic scroll has plenty type, but mostly was some non-directional Magic scroll, only then minority high-quality goods decided Magic scroll, with some Might formidable casting a spell Magic scroll. But Terry was obtaining one to decide Magic scroll, this Magic scroll very mysterious, so long as some people ripped open him, he can transfer to this person to go instantaneously, radius of a hundred li(50km) any place, this scroll present very few, even if in antiquity time, was one type of very rare thing. Terry knows that Zhao Hai in hand that whip is not simple, that should be has the antiquity Magic thing of special capability, but this whip now plate on the waist of Zhao Hai, but he is Magician, the movement is impossible to have Warrior to be quick, so long as he can tear to pieces scroll, Teleportation to Zhao Hai, has confidence to strike to kill off Zhao Hai. Now Terry anything has not thought that the idea of his sole has killed Zhao Hai, his look at Zhao Hai they were speaking with Megan, simply has not paid attention to him, his slowly took scroll. Not only Zhao Hai, all people have not paid attention to Terry, they in the war by sky attracting, Robert Family ten 9th level Expert, died now three, remaining seven were also wounded, feared that could not insist how long. Because in fight by sky attracting, therefore nobody notes Terry, these immediately/on horseback eliminated Robert Family army also nobody paid attention, because in their opinion, the lives of these armies was unimportant, more importantly the fight of space. At this moment, in the Terry eye flash of cold light, he fast has put out Magic scroll, tears into shreds, a white light shoots up to the sky, made that the people stare. white light vanishes, Terry also disappears, in people moment, Terry suddenly appears in the Zhao Hai left front two meters places, in hand Knight Spear is puncturing toward Zhao Hai.

That Knight Spear lance point is flashing fiery-red radiance, Battle Qi has raised to gather, the effect of fully striking, at this time Lando their complexion changed, Megan surprisedly has opened the mouth. When all people think Zhao Hai cannot Hu Xingmian die, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff suddenly moved, listens to working as a loud sound, Terry wins strikes, actually by Zhao Hai keeping off. look at Zhao Hai that Terry cannot believe that the Zhao Hai look at Terry appearance, coldly snorted said : what? thinks that this can kill me? Were you too naive? I forgot to tell you, I was actually Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation.” The hand goes, when the in hand magic wand the sword causes, a sword cuts toward the horse leg of Terry on. Terry also immediately should, raise the horse reins, before Demon Horse , the hoof raises, not only has evaded Zhao Hai strikes, but also kicks toward the head of Zhao Hai. Hoof of this Demon Horse compared with Zhao Hai head even more larger, if one kicked , the head of Zhao Hai must the rotten watermelon not be possible, However response of Zhao Hai also very quick, his body suddenly moves, one put on under the belly of Demon Horse, then in hand Magic Staff suddenly lengthened, stick sharp there suddenly became the incisiveness like sword tip, fierce has put from the belly of Demon Horse, one brought Terry putting on Demon Horse at the scene. Then Magic Staff shortening suddenly, the Zhao Hai flashes body has put from the body of Terry, Terry sits in immediately/on horseback, look at Zhao Hai that a face cannot believe that then the personal appearance shook shaking, with his Mount, one of the bang poured in the area. But just the fight of Zhao Hai here, actually attracted all people, Lando they dull look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought, among Zhao Hai however is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, moreover Battle Qi such. look at Terry of Robert face dying embers, Terry is the grandson who he most regards as important, now actually dies in his front, his suddenly felt that he was makes the mistake. Zhao Hai look at Robert, coldly snorted said : Robert Patriarch, I have said that the most wrong matter that your Clan handles, with me for enemy, ahem, haven't I spoken incorrectly?” Robert look at Zhao Hai, experience suddenly smiles, said loudly: Good Zhao Hai, good Buda Family, good, great, on Continent starting today, many a character, my Robert Family defeat is not injust, Zhao Hai, I only asked your matter, gave me Robert Family to keep a root, can you comply?”

Zhao Hai look at Robert, shook the head said : not to comply, to cut the grass non- root, the spring breeze blows fresh, if initially these people are ruthless to Buda Family, will not have present Zhao Hai appears , I do not hope on Continent in appears another Zhao Hai, if your Clan had were just born, child who any matter did not understand, I will keep his life, but my his Robert Family all, I only will not make him inherit the Robert Family surname, moreover I will tell him, he with your Robert Family any relationship, I have not been is only inherited your Robert Family surname by him.” Robert look at Zhao Hai, two eyes flashes through a despair, but simultaneously he has smiled, his look at Zhao Hai said : good, good Zhao Hai, you are really vicious and merciless, what a pity, our Robert Family that innocent child, the day has not perished my Robert Family! My Robert shame to ancestor, shame to ancestor!” Said that drew a sword to suicide. At this time Robert Family these armies were eliminated completely, the fight in sky had also ended, all 9th level Expert in Robert Family killed off completely. Zhao Hai not polite, besides Robert and Terry, the person who all Robert Family came is all turned into Undead Creature by him, he through Space monitor, looked at all around one, does not have presently any enemy, this gave up. But at this time in sky Buda Family 9th level Expert, bows after Zhao Hai, the flashes body vanished, they just disappeared, saw in sky suddenly appears batch of 9th level Expert, this batch of 9th level Expert population extremely numerous, approximately about 40 people, but actually could look, they did not belong to any Clan, but was the different Clan influences, they came here to have a look what's the matter. At this time Dark Demon they moving forward to meet somebody, with these 9th level Expert explain/transfer several, these 9th level Expert retreated, they did not think this turbid water, regarding them, so long as did not threaten their Clan on the line, other Clan life, was unimportant regarding them, the matter of common custom person, gave the Clan being in power person to go to the tube. After these 9th level Expert have drawn back, Dark Demon turned the head to look at Zhao Hai, nodded to Zhao Hai, then flashes body returned to in the dark soldier fort, the disappearing trace, other 9th level Expert are also so. although Dark Demon nodded to Zhao Hai, but this is very extraordinary matter, must know that is 9th level Expert, even if Lando sees them, they may not greet with Lando, now has said a hello with Zhao Hai on own initiative, this explained status of Zhao Hai in their heart. Zhao Hai actually has not thought these many now, his hand wielded release the hawk, the hawk brought Magic Staff to go to the Robert Family remnant Langshan, he has said that must stamp out the source of trouble to Robert Family, the hawk was does this matter now!