Chapter 481 exterminates an entire family( sought subscription) Zhao Hai has read too many novels on Earth, the leads of these novels, the characteristics, wasted breath generally, the heart was too soft. Wasted breath many are the characteristics of novel lead, they in the enemy before the war, will always say that big pile of wasting breath, were then beginning, demonstrated own superiority feeling taking advantage of this. The Zhao Hai words are also many, but in these people compared with book compares, his words have actually been short, moreover his heart is also ruthless enough, temporarily grass root! Dramatic conflict that matter, can only live at the novel and film and television play, in the present, the people are impossible to have too many fortuitous encounters, Clan was extinguished, will be impossible always to have a 1 or 2 successor to escape, will then revenge, under the monitoring of Space, the Robert Family person will want to run, almost will be impossible. Space surveillance, not only the person in surveillance ground, 9th level Expert in sky, the underground secret passage, do not want to run, all under the surveillance of Space, in this case, the possibility that Robert Family has almost not escaped. Zhao Hai works does not like troubling, does not like staying behind troublesome to oneself, the matter that therefore they must handle only then, solves all troubles. Robert Family cannot remain, so long as stays behind, they might resurge, although also not will turn into Advanced level Undead Creature to question Robert and Terry, but Zhao Hai believes that the Robert Family back will not be certainly simple. Robert Family, by a Clan strength, impossible produce to leave that many medicine powder, is impossible to have ten 9th level Expert. Must know that Calci Family in Rosen Empire is recognition Great Clan, but they tonight altogether appears seven 9th level Expert, but Robert Family actually one left ten, were many three, this is unreasonable, therefore Zhao Hai believes that Robert Family is very likely is some influence, his Clan medicinal powder and 9th level Expert, has the possibility very much is also some influence supports. Zhao Hai while sending Blood Hawk copes with Robert Family, started to clean up Robert Family to sprinkle these medicinal powder on mountain. Zhao Hai previous time worries, has not brought the medicinal powder to Space, but this time he, when receives the medicinal powder, brought in the medicinal powder Space.

The medicinal powder just entered Space, in Space immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Including the radioactive material isolation medicinal powder, Space does not have this medicinal powder formula, receives the medicinal powder ingredient, in the join Universal Machine medicine formula, Host can in Space produce, withdraw the medicinal powder characteristics, in join Space toxin.” Zhao Hai has not thought really that this medicinal powder will really have such advantage, it seems like later Space toxin was stronger, what most important is, in toxic gas that later Cai'er release goes, had demon the effect of certainly, Black Wasteland there security. Had this presently, Zhao Hai did not have the mood to receive these medicine powder toward Space, he just received medicine powder toward Space, has not thought of these, he wants to receive some medicine powder, in the future is good to take the cloudy person to use, now looks like simply does not use. After Zhao Hai receives these medicine powder, went to the Robert Family there management Blood Hawk also to get through the matter, Robert Family there is Expert all left now, in Clan did not have remaining who, remaining was some olds and weak, these olds and weak when Undead Creature that facing Zhao Hai sent, did not have including rebel opportunity. Zhao Hai has not let off them, the children have not let off, all Robert Family people all died, a living witness has not remained, starting today Robert Family became famous on Continent. Besides these, Zhao Hai had also found the Robert Family treasury and storehouse treasure house with, that does not have anything saying that evacuates directly. Treats the enemy, Zhao Hai don’t know what is lenient, his very clear, you were lenient to the enemy, finally bad luck is you, in this world bite the hand that feeds person are many, are few because of the person who the graciousness forgets the enmity, hasn't who most threatened? Does not need to ask, deceased person! Swung such long time on Continent noisily, passed through these many matters, Zhao Hai now learn what is stingy, your heart is not ruthless, you will turn into a deceased person, your heart is not ruthless, you forever was stepped on the under foot. He had tidied up Boris that several 9th level Expert before, swept the Radiant Church face, although has been able to shake some people, doing that but played with was actually not very big, Rosen Empire was the Continent first powerful nation, here, no matter commoner or Noble have fostered the one type of very arrogant problem, was because of this, therefore Zhao Hai previous the matter of doing, has not played doing that frightened to use, most at least Great Clan like Robert Family, complete did not pay attention to him. However believes, will be different, this Zhao Hai extinguished Robert Family at one fell swoop, even if these people thinks that is strength that Calci Family gives, but the here surface also certainly has the Zhao Hai strength, even if all people thinks that the here surface does not have the Zhao Hai anything matter, is only the Calci Family strength, but Zhao Hai became engaged with Megan, behind had a big backer on equal to Zhao Hai, these wanted the Zhao Hai person on to well think.

Tidies up medicine powder, Zhao Hai on returned to the dark soldier fort, dark soldier fort there to also has sent for tidying up thing now, but they tidy up the pit and mountain that only then outside the castle these were pounded by Undead Creature loosen that by attack defending Lu Fang, actual is some ebons of destruction, that has not needed to tidy up tonight, when tomorrow is good. Zhao Hai just a returned to dark soldier fort, some immediately people asked him to arrive at the lobby, the Lando their all Calci Family Advanced level members, arrived at the lobby in there , etc. he. The Zhao Hai people salute likely, the person in this room may few dare not to say a word received his ritual, some even stood to return to the ritual to him. Manner of Zhao Hai to these people looked in the eyesight, he and doesn't blame these had the influence, the Ark Continent here person was very realistic, moreover they only took seriously the strength, the strength has sufficed, you can be respected, the strength was insufficient, you deserved the slave exactly. Zhao Hai beforehand although has appeared some strengths, the Calci Family people who however has been placing the top digit somewhat look down upon him, looks like Robert Family is the same, the strength that but this Zhao Hai shows, made all Calci Family people have to face up to this young man. Strength that Zhao Hai shows today crossed Buda Family, in this case, they , if doing right with Zhao Hai, that was the non- wisdom, will not be others will not help him, even if will be the person in Clan not to them good complexion, if made Clan choose, Clan will certainly choose Zhao Hai such strength strong son-in-law, but will not care about a life of ordinary Clan member, Great Clan was such actual. After Zhao Hai sits down, Lando looked that all people were in attendance, this nodded, deep voice said : my Calci Family has met today starting from the date of Clan establishment, a biggest crisis, is popular to have Little Hai, otherwise today my Calci Family is dangerous.” Nobody opposed that Lando words, they know what Lando said is real, today because of medicine powder relationship, main fighting strength in entire Calci Family, these Magician does not have the means to use any Magic, such Calci Family fighting strength went most probably, in adding on their Clan 9th level Expert does not have many of opposite party, was unable to wield the complete strength, this regarding Calci Family, truly is an attack of very enormous. Lando then said : with Clan by attack compared with, medicine powder appears , is most important, our Calci Family is Magician Clan, this medicine powder appears , was too big regarding our threats, therefore this matter must clarify, lifts.” His voice just fell, some outside immediately people have complied with one, then four servants walked from outside, these four servants are lifting two corpses, these two corpse Robert and Terry.

Zhao Hai coming attack all people turned into Undead Creature, only then these two people have not changed, Zhao Hai knows that these two people remain are having big using. Two corpse said : of Lando look at ground Robert and Terry died, how now their in hand medicine powder makes, after we can only they turn into Advanced level Undead Creature, ask, who wants make a move?” In Calci Family never lacks Advanced level Dark Magician, therefore Lando such will ask that Zhao Hai looks at this situation, quickly said: Slow, Grandfather, I thought that we do not worry to turn into Advanced level Undead Creature them are good, the medicine powder matter, is not our Calci Family one can deal with, this matter must inform Imperial Clan to be good, Rosen Empire Imperial Clan is also Magician Clan, they must care about the medicine powder matter, if we turn into Advanced level Undead Creature these two people now, I feared that the Imperial Clan person thinks was we make them say medicine powder matter, I looked to be inferior to and other tomorrow, the grandfather am leading them the imperial palace, when Your Majesty, was turning into Undead Creature them, then in asking, like this. Words Your Majesty will not suspect.” Lando one hear of Zhao Hai words, immediately understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, he thinks that nodded said : „the Little Hai words to be rational, I thought that this matter first put down, tomorrow I entered the imperial palace in the morning, said this matter to Your Majesty.” Other people in Clan had not opposed that Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then said : grandfather, I just had sent Undead Creature to go to Robert Family, now Robert Family had exterminated an entire family by me, the treasure house and treasury of their family were also given to empty by me, but their Clan these life form I do not want, the grandfather strives as far as possible, Terry and Robert's body Space Magic equipment, this I do not want, to grandfather.” Lando one hear of Zhao Hai words, cannot help but stare, look at Zhao Hai said : that then his face cannot believe Little Hai, you really Robert Family exterminating an entire family? Person who their Clan does have escaping?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, I in their Clan present a Clan member list, according to the comparison of above personal name one by one, has not left out one!”