Chapter 482 Engraved Ark( sought subscription) Zhao Hai has not lain, he according to list comparisons, that list is not Robert Family places outside list, but is one in the list that in the Robert Family treasury obtains, in Robert Family all people have the introduction in the list. Zhao Hai after treasury present this list, deferred to the list to look, result not wrong, entire Roberto hang Clan direct line and collateral branch relative had not run, all by Zhao Hai tidying up. This also because of God's Grace Day relationship, God's Grace Day just passed, Robert Family with other Clan is the same, in their Clan all people almost centralized in own supreme headquarters, this is giving relationship that Zhao Hai has caught the whole lot in a dragnet. Great Clan like Robert Family, their scruples are also many, takes God's Grace Day, if moves in normally, they are impossible in all Clan centralized to the remnant wolf fort, then also carries on so the motion of large-scale. However in God's Grace Day, they actually has to such do, has too many Clan to subscribe them, if they in God's Grace Day, by their Clan person returned to remnant wolf fort, certainly will not be caused the suspicion of person, when the time comes they have any motion not to succeed. But Lando they now actually person complexion pale look at Zhao Hai, their although is also Dark Magician, although is also Great Noble, moves , then extinguishes existence of person gate, but like Zhao Hai, direct a few words, superficial gives the extermination Robert Family, this is first one. Robert Family direct line and side person adds to fear that must have the 1 or 2 thousand people, Zhao Hai a few words extinguishes this 1 or 2 thousand people unexpectedly! Kills the 1 or 2 thousand people regarding Great Clan, is not the misdemeanor, but do not forget, in Robert Family more than 1000 people, but there is old person, some women and children, Zhao Hai a few words, unexpectedly not polite, has not let off including the old person children, this is makes them feel being startled very. Lando deep looked at Zhao Hai one, he first time knows that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so ruthless, thinks of here, he cannot help but turned the head to look at Smith one, now he is really incomparable rejoicing, initially has not sent for coping with Zhao Hai luckily, otherwise now Calci Family has made the person exterminate an entire family. take deep breaths, calm a mood, Lando looked at other person of one in living room, deep voice said : was good, everyone/Great Clan goes back to rest, has any matter to process in public.” The people have then stood, turn around leave. Zhao Hai occupies toward the sound of the wind in the trees with Smith together walks, walks Smith while to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you really Robert Family extinguishing?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : is, not only I must except Robert Family this hidden danger, what most important is, I must set up the prestige!” Smith understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he nodded said : well, your matter I do not manage, you process, right Little Hai, were you plan to want leave Carson City?” Smith looked, Zhao Hai is impossible long to stay in here, the matter that he must handle were too many, he meets leave Carson City. Zhao Hai nodded said : is prepares leave, when after clarifying the dream Robert Family matter, was saying that I think the Robert Family matter, on Continent, will certainly blow storm.” Smith sighed said : „, medicine powder appears , on Continent immediately had one to be turbulent.” Said that they entered the sound of the wind in the trees to occupy, Zhao Hai also returned to own courtyard. Laura they are waiting for Zhao Hai in the living room, saw Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : „has Elder Brother Hai, this greatly gained one?” Laura they are the locally born Ark Continent people, destroys completely Robert Family regarding Zhao Hai, Noble that they also really not too many dislike, because in Ark Continent here, destroyed completely, will have several people every year, regarding them, did not have well what strange. But they regarding Black Wasteland there completely understand, they know that Black Wasteland there needs many thing, most needs is money! After beginning of the spring, Black Wasteland here must come the hundred thousand Beastman Race slave, An Zhi of this hundred thousand Beastman Race slave needs a large quantities of money, moreover Zhao Hai this several days also prepares the Carson City here slave market to buy some slaves, as the matter stands settles on need many thing governs these people, now therefore Buda Family most needs is money. However currently Zhao Hai in hand had the Grand Duke Layen Clan money, in adding on the Robert Family money, in adding on these commodities that obtains from Robert Family, they must settle lift these slaves, was too relaxed. The wealth that thousand Nian Clan clans accumulate is very difficult to imagine, Great Clan like Robert Family, does not have a treasury, in the remnant wolf fort here treasury, is only biggest one, other places in Rosen Empire, their also several secret national treasuries, that several national treasuries is Robert Family in these more than thousand years, construction bit by bit.

Must know that these thing are not good to construct, moreover these national treasuries, most important, to accidentally the Robert Family accident sentiment, keep their comeback to use. But the addresses of these national treasuries, not in that treasury there of remnant wolf fort, but in treasure house there, the Robert Family treasure house be more covert than the treasury, such does, after letting others found the treasury, will not look for the treasure house, but thing of treasure house there preservation, is on Continent the rarely seen treasure, and in some Robert Family most important material. Zhao Hai did not have the time to look at these now, he read that list, but considers in that treasure house and treasury that remnant wolf fort there found, enough Buda Family used. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that shows a faint smile said : „, not only has gained one, has gained one greatly, this money enough our Buda Family used.” Laura they are cheering, their very clear this sum of money regarding Buda Family how important, can say that now Buda Family besides the population and inside story, has not compared any thousand Nian Clan clans to be bad. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, has smiled, today his really very happy, thing that obtains from remnant wolf fort there, big strengthened the Buda Family inside story, regarding Zhao Hai, this absolutely is good information. Several people also chatted a while, Zhao Hai they entered in Space, obtained the material about Robert Family from treasury there much, they must go well looks. After Space, Zhao Hai immediately has put out present these materials in the Robert Family treasury, a person divided, everyone/Great Clan looked. Zhao Hai attains that materials about other treasury addresses, Zhao Hai looked, besides the remnant wolf fort here treasury, Robert Family outside, 12 national treasuries, the total quantity of these national treasuries, about five times of enough remnant wolf fort treasury, this regarding Zhao Hai, was a big income, Zhao Hai has given Cai'er that material, the main point was makes Cai'er remember these materials, then on the three-dimension map, looked to come out, the sign came out, like this they on can relaxed find the detailed address of these treasure house. What Laura attains is another material, she read a while that material, then complexion changes said : Elder Brother Hai, you look at this quickly.” Zhao Hai has put down his in hand that material, received Laura in hand that material. Laura in hand that material, was a composition material of organization, Zhao Hai looked, this was one calls Engraved Ark the material of organization, in this organization all people, only then some code numbers, but the population were many, moreover Zhao Hai also saw the objective of this organization, the objective of this organization only then, to subvert entire Ark Continent.

Not only they are hostile toward Magician, is hostile toward Warrior, is hostile toward Imperial Clan, is hostile toward Noble, they even are hostile toward all Ark Continent people. This medicine powder is they do, moreover they also in other research thing, in including some materials introduced some medicines, ability Zhao Hai of these medicines looked, a little looks like some virus on Earth. This was too scary, Zhao Hai suddenly has remembered an word on Earth, counter- humanity, this organization on a little meaning of counter- humanity, they ruthlessly can not perish with all human together. Zhao Hai complexion heavy look at this material, this material although has regarding this organization said that but this introduction actually very few, all people said with the code number that he impossible to discover the person of this organization through this code number . Moreover the contact method of this organization has through some ciphers contacts, one, but there had an accident, this cipher immediately will change, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that was finding this organization, simply is impossible. Zhao Hai thinks that said : looks like we must hand over this material, this material is not simple, if made this organize really successfully, that Ark Continent here had the disaster.” Laura nodded said : I also to think so, Elder Brother Hai, you said that they do think? Aren't they the Ark Continent people? Why can they with the Ark Continent together destruction?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: These people are thinking anything, nobody knows, but a little can actually affirm that these people are Lunatic.” Megan sighed said : Elder Brother Hai, did you prepare to give the grandfather this material? I think this matter, we do not participate too many are good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, gives the grandfather this material, on Continent what matter, no matter lives, does not have no relationship with our Buda Family, no matter lives any matter, these people were impossible to enter to Black Wasteland, is having a look, but also there is a material of this organization.” Megan they nodded, immediately reads other materials that in Robert Family collected, was a pity that does not have other materials, only then on other Great Clan the materials about Continent, these material some important very materials, on Continent various Great Clan has.