Chapter 483 Eternal Alliance These materials regarding Zhao Hai, use are very big, now he on the understanding of various Great Clan Continent was too few, but their Buda Family Intelligence Network has not established, therefore real very heavy of these materials regarding them wanted. The remaining these materials did not have the too big use, was some about the Robert Family internal material, but these materials have not used regarding Zhao Hai, Robert Family had been given to extinguish by him, these materials on equal to were the scrap papers. General reorganized these materials, useless discarded, useful has saved, Zhao Hai they also rested. Next morning, Zhao Hai is taking the material of that Engraved Ark, will come out from Space, after having had the breakfast, that material has given Lando, will go then into outside the dark soldier fort, release some Undead Creature have cleaned on the dark soldier mountain these ruined trees. Lando when sees that material also being startled, his immediately was leading Robert and Terry corpse also has that material to enter a city, went to the imperial palace. King also knew person who yesterday the fresh matter, yesterday these afterward in appears 9th level Expert, had Royal in the evening in the evening, these 9th level Expert will certainly not say too, but lived any matter they to know probably. Lando has given King the material and corpse, King immediately looked for Royal Dark Magician, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature Terry and Robert, then asked their situation. Finally naturally real, Robert and Terry are clear said that they are also one in Engraved Ark, moreover these medicinal powder, most parts are the Engraved Ark manufacture. Regarding these matters, Rosen Empire regarding, immediately publicizes these materials with the world, simultaneously to other countries with Continent carries on communicate, making them pay attention to Engraved Ark. Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, the rallying point very formidable, is adding on this matter truly is relationship to the entire Continent matter, therefore Rosen Empire announced this material, entire Continent in an uproar. Zhao Hai actually resembles simply don’t know some, he has used one day, processed the dark soldier mountain there situation, then on returned to own yard. yesterday afterward fight, Green they and don’t know, Zhao Hai must tell Green this matter them, making them achieve to know in heart. Regarding the matter of Engraved Ark, Zhao Hai extremely in the worry, presently the in his hand people have not been a slave, but in Engraved Ark these people, is impossible to have the slave to exist, regarding the person of Engraved Ark, slave any use value, they naturally cannot let slave join. Moreover Zhao Hai saw from the material of Engraved Ark, the population of Engraved Ark is not many, but believes that the status of these people are not certainly low, otherwise impossible pulling Robert Family to join a group.

But outside the present a piece in an uproar, the people know most from the beginning Robert Family was extinguished, felt that very surprised person, they really cannot believe that on Continent the top thousand Nian Clan clans such were extinguished unexpectedly, this was too astonishing. information that however afterward imperial palace there transmits, made them be startled, medicine powder, Engraved Ark, all these left their imagination, after a piece in an uproar, their collective losing one's voice. But information that afterward in person Calci Family transmits, makes them be startled, that information actually said that Robert Family by a Zhao Hai person of strength extinguishing. However this information Rosen Empire majority of people do not believe that but was quick they also to obtain information, Robert Family in all shop fronts of other Rosen Empire cities, was destroyed completely, the person was killed, the goods were evacuated, the house was burnt down, can say that opportunity of Robert Family last make a comeback did not have, starting today, Robert Family became a noun in Continent history. These information look like bombs, all exploded the Rosen Empire person to be silly, thousand Nian Clan clans, were almost representing on Continent invincibly, in Continent historical, is been very few by thousand Nian Clan clans that the bystander destroyed completely, can count with a hand, thousand Nian Clan clans that these perished, almost defeated in in hand of person on one's own side, perished in the internal contradictions, but Robert Family was is really actually destroyed completely. Before extinguished these thousand Nian Clan clans, minimum also kept one type, but Robert Family, a person has not stayed behind, that all people all, dying did not remain, this was too scary. Great Noble on entire Continent one has been startled, they are thinking that now Calci Family said that was a Zhao Hai person Robert Family extinguishing, felt that was startled, they do not certainly believe that was a Zhao Hai person Robert Family extinguishing, but can actually affirm that here surface Zhao Hai strove certainly. Now they have to face up to Zhao Hai, before the Calci Family strength, was also similar to Robert Family, Calci Family wants to destroy completely Robert Family is almost impossible, but now Zhao Hai join to Calci Family, Calci Family immediately extinguished Robert Family, if this said that with Zhao Hai it doesn't matter, kills them not to believe. Because of this, therefore they are scared, now Calci Family with the union of Buda Family, is collaborates completely, with the beforehand people thinks words that the handsome boy, lives by pimping and so on, complete having nothing to do. Starting from this moment, Rosen Empire these Great Noble , since started to face up to Zhao Hai to come, now they in do not dare to regard Zhao Hai is a handsome boy of living by pimping. information dissemination on Continent is quick, a day of time, almost entire Continent knew this matter, the Magician everybody feels insecure on Continent, simultaneously was proposed the bill by various countries' Magician Guild at once, all Magician alliance got up, finds out the Engraved Ark organization, must destroy them otherwise, if letting them then unfolded, produce left many medicine powder, Magician on that Continent was dangerous. But now Zhao Hai thinks is, how this Engraved Ark organization produces, this organization is because anything exists, from this organization formally, this organization very strict secret, moreover from that material, this organization has own Faith probably. This Faith very unusual, they on all person Faith thing with Continent are different, on Continent Warrior Faith Martial God, Light Magician Faith Radiant God, the god of Dark Magician Faith Darkness, Wind element Magician Faith Wind God, Water element Magician Faith Water God, Fire element Magician Faith Fire God, Earth element Magician Faith earth-god, energetic collection supine life goddess, Beastman Faith Beast God, Dwarf Faith Artisan God, but this Engraved Ark organization, their Faith thing was too out of the ordinary, their Faith probably is the demon! Why said that resembles? Because Zhao Hai they have not proven the play to show what now their Faith is the demon, foresees accurately in that money, had not mentioned that this Faith, however in final of that material, is actually drawing a big Demon God portrait, this Demon God lives eight arms, three heads, six legs, fierce fearful, is from this portrait, Zhao Hai infers, what this Engraved Ark organization Faith is the demon.

Zhao Hai knows, if a person does not have Faith, he may not be competent such matter to come, because had such Faith, therefore they can do any matter for Faith. In Zhao Hai , in own small courtyard minute of these matters, the suddenly servant incoming telegram, the Jason visit, Zhao Hai stares generally, but immediately made the servant ask Jason to come. Jason also changes normally that lauching and joking appearance now, a face heavy walked, after Zhao Hai invited he sat down, wields draws back the servant, Jason immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, yesterday evening's matter is you do? That what Engraved Ark organization real? Did they cause medicine powder really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, but my original intention is only outside a attack their Clan these business, but has not thought that Robert Family actually sends for assassinating me, moreover illuminated medicine powder directly, but they were defeated, feared that the medicinal powder the matter is known by others, they came to the attack dark soldier fort, afterward was collaborated to give to extinguish with the Calci Family person by me, then I his family extinguishing, the material of that Engraved Ark obtained from their Clan treasure house, the material absolutely was.” A heaviness of Jason face, nodded said : I to believe that certainly has this organization to exist, you are don’t know, before I come, I checked material in the Clan, presently nearest/recent for these years, on Continent has plenty strength good Magician, inexplicable death, they in dying, has probably not used any Magic, has become some unsettled law cases on Continent, now looks like, feared that is that Engraved Ark organization does with medicine powder.” Zhao Hai stares, this matter he also real don’t know, his look at Jason said : really? Such matter?” Jason nodded said : „, I consider as finished, in the material that our Crook Family obtains showed that the nearest/recent ten years, minimum has about hundred Magician dead a violent death, considers 8th level Magician to have more than 20, if did not have this matter, but also nobody notes, because they are the people in different country, moreover died time differs is very far, but this matter, has been thinking of dying of these Magician now, on some not.” Zhao Hai nodded said : also is really, it seems like that this Engraved Ark organization had for a long time, no wonder has such strength, however was a pity that now does not have the means to find out their status.” Jason nodded, then his face serious look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, today I look for you, a matter must discuss with you that my grandfather's meaning is, starting today, our Crook Family and do Buda Family form Eternal Alliance, how don’t know your meaning?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really Crook Family must form Eternal Alliance with him unexpectedly, this Eternal Alliance is not good to tie, here surface relationship to too many people, too many matters. Eternal Alliance, was called the strong alliance by Continent on, if two Clan have formed Eternal Alliance, even if were Clan has defeated, has poured, another Clan must help this Clan full promotion, with like was Beastman Beheading Blood Oath. Zhao Hai has gawked, then one happy, Crook Family in the Rosen Empire influence not under these thousand Nian Clan clans, if has formed Eternal Alliance with their Clan, then to Buda Family, absolutely is the good deed. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback nodded, happy said : I agreed certainly, but also plants good deed that to be able not to agree, said it, depending on we two relationship, forms this alliance not to be just right.” Jason one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiles said : well, you said that this saying I like listening, I went back to return to my grandfather saying that over the two days you had the time to go to our Crook Family, we discussed well this matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, tomorrow I go.” Was saying, knock that outside the room suddenly transmits the servant, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : what matter?” The voice of servant conveys said : Young Master Zhao Hai, just Patriarch sent for conveying a message, King Your Majesty asked your immediately/on horseback to enter the palace, had the important matter to consult.” Zhao Hai gawked, Jason has also gawked, their puzzled looked at one mutually, but Zhao Hai or immediately/on horseback said : good, I traded clothes immediately to come.” The servants complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai frowns look at Jason said : you saying that why King Your Majesty can summon me?” Jason also frowns said : this matter not to say, but definitely has relationship with yesterday evening's matter, you quickly go to one, was right, how today to have seen several sisters-in-law?” Zhao Hai smiles said : they research the material that in don't a room obtains from Robert Family there, I have not thought, in Robert Family collected on that many Continent unexpectedly various Great Clan materials, these thing for me were really too useful.” Laura they reorganize the material that today obtains from Robert Family there in Space, almost does not have Space. Jason shows a faint smile said : your this fellow, these time takes by force Robert Family, has gotten so far as many advantage? A wealth of thousand Nian Clan clans, envies.” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : to envy? I now present, originally in this world, any ratio has not taken by force brings in money quickly, it seems like after this matter, does several times.” Did Jason laugh said : your this fellow also to take by force hidden? Has not looked that you also really have to work as the potential of robber, has resulted, were not many said that walked quickly, cannot let King Your Majesty , etc. too for a long time.” Zhao Hai nodded, has stood, reorganized the clothes outward to walk with Jason. They come out from courtyard, servant has been catching up with horse carriage in in front of the door , etc. he, they got up horse carriage, left the dark soldier fort, on Jason own horse carriage walked, just before leaving time has not forgotten, making Zhao Hai go to the matter of his family, Zhao Hai with a smile complied certainly, then got up horse carriage that Calci Family has given him to prepare. Zhao Hai horse carriage was destroyed, but this horse carriage is Lando gives Zhao Hai to prepare specially, what pulling a cart is Demon Horse, horse carriage very wide is also big, inside simply is a shrink room, even can be occupied by six people, has the living room also to have the bedroom, the material is also the iron driftwood and Saint light wooden becomes, is artistic and attractive.