Chapter 484 three eunuch( sought subscription) Before Zhao Hai, car(riage) that makes, is not very big, such car(riage) only then general Noble does, like true Great Clan Patriarch, the car(riage) that they ride, like that Zhao Hai sits now, is very big, is very spacious. Lando to Zhao Hai this horse carriage, changed to recognize the Zhao Hai status, now Zhao Hai had the qualifications to sit such horse carriage, his status was the same with Patriarch of Lando their these thousand Nian Clan clans. After Zhao Hai boarded, asked the servant who driving a cart, why Lando must look for him, but that servant also don’t know, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Zhao Hai horse carriage entered in Carson City, all sees this horse carriage person, immediately/on horseback gives to allow to pass through, lives lies in the Carson City here people have the eyesight vigor, their very clear, can sit such horse carriage person, is the people who they cannot stir up, naturally many hides far. Quick horse carriage arrived at outside of imperial palace, the Rosen Empire imperial palace style is really extraordinary, is only outside fence has several feet high, in front of the door is standing two rows of Warrior, always about 40 people, everyone is full body armor, appears martial-looking uncommon. Outside of imperial palace has the moat, river bank had a hanging bridge, Zhao Hai horse carriage stops outside the hanging bridge, the servant stood on the slow stage of car(riage), to Zhao Hai said : Young Master Zhao Hai, our horse carriage arrived at here, then you must walk are getting up the hanging bridge, after crossing the hanging bridge has registered, naturally some people lead you to see Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai nodded, from the vehicle, walks toward the hanging bridge on, just crossed the hanging bridge, immediately by their Warrior blocking, that two Warrior look at the car(riage) that Zhao Hai makes, does not dare to neglect, asked mister to register to side to Zhao Hai said :.” Said that has referred to toward their. Zhao Hai looks following the direction that he points, presently the there small rooms, it seems like are the registration use, Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward that small in the room. Opened the door of room to walk, Zhao Hai this room is really not presently big, but to was very warm, inside sinking supposed also very simple, a table, four chairs, table behind sits two men, these two male *** approximately over 30 years old, the surface did not need in vain, their bodies put on one type of to bring the clothes of unusual pattern, looked like very beautiful. Sees Zhao Hai to come, that two man immediately/on horseback have stood, bows said : to see mister to Zhao Hai, doesn't know the mister name?” Their sounds have some high-pitched and fine, heard this sound, Zhao Hai knew, these two people were the officials. Zhao Hai although cannot have a liking for these officials, but he is very polite, China historical but the matter of has plenty officials country's lives, who knew these salt people will have the method that anything wants, therefore he very polite bows to them said : this good, below is Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai Buda, these time has presented the life of Your Majesty, comes to call on.”

As soon as that two officials listen to the name of Zhao Hai, on the face was more respectful, quickly said: Good, we gave mister to register, mister can go, inside eunuch in wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, that two officials have registered, then put out a piece golden token to give Zhao Hai, government official official road: mister took this token to go, met mister to some inside naturally people.” Zhao Hai nodded, received that token, turn around left the room, walks toward the imperial palace, many guards examined Zhao Hai in hand token, allowed to pass. Zhao Hai just entered big gate of imperial palace, presently big gate there is standing officials, the age of this officials seems like not small, over 50 years old, but Zhao Hai does not have presently the appearance of that acting servilely from the body of this officials, conversely, on this officials is bringing one type of imposing manner, one type of superior has imposing manner that moreover there is very heavy killing aura. Saw that this officials Zhao Hai knows, this officials are not simple, this officials feared that is Dead-soldier, moreover is level not low Dead-soldier. That officials also saw Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback arrives at Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : „, but Zhao Hai Clan lord?” Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, bows said : not to dare busily, is Zhao Hai.” That officials immediately/on horseback said : count Sir please come with me, Your Majesty is in wait for you.” Said, when walks toward the imperial palace in first, Zhao Hai follows in his, walks this officials while introduced sees the King courtesy. Ark Continent here sees the King courtesy to be not quite same as Earth on, on Earth sees King, needs the line of kneeling rituals, the first time calls on, the big ritual that but also kowtows good, however does not use in Ark Continent here, in Ark Continent here, so long as has the title in Noble of body, they saw that King does not use the line of kneeling rituals, wanting the line of bowing rituals to be able. The bowing ritual that naturally this bowing ritual and general Noble met was not quite same, needing 90 degrees bow greatly, moreover answered some time also requests, these must introduce with Zhao Hai well. Zhao Hai with this officials is first meeting, does not feel better many asked anything, can only in the one side peaceful was listening, moreover appearance that looked at this officials, probably was not very greedy, but Zhao Hai wants to try.

Arrives in the halfway, all around Zhao Hai looks at nobody, turns the hand, has put out equally thing that obtains from Robert Family from Space, this is a piece Magic Crystal, this Magic Crystal is a piece alchemy product, don’t know these Alchemist have used any method, in Crystal, has engraved Magic Formation, this Magic Formation quarter very beautiful, but in gave people a hard time Magic Formation to add on other alchemy material processing with the gold thread, this made entire Magic Formation look like golden light sparkles, was adding on Magic Formation abstruse, this made this Crystal look like attractive. This Crystal is not big, only then the palm of the hand size, the a piece Crystal sign, do not look at Crystal to be small, but does with is not small, this Crystal can maintain person a constant temperature of body, but can also eliminate wearily, can remove the unusual smell on body, is rare toys. Zhao Hai this Crystal gently gives that government official official road: First time sees eunuch, does not have what good preparation, this is small toys, asking eunuch to accept, inadequate respect.” That officials looked at Zhao Hai in hand Crystal one, he is person of being able to judge the quality of goods, sees this thing uncommon place, his immediately/on horseback said : count Sir was too polite, my officials, may unable to receive like this big ritual.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : eunuch to be too polite, you were the flight of steps leading to a palace hall *** couldn't near person, how possibly receive this kind of small gift? Now the weather is cold, this Little Thing can maintain the eunuch body constant temperature, eunuch everyday follows in the flight of steps leading to a palace hall ***, certainly very tired, this Little Thing, but must eliminate weary doing to use, in adding on this Little Thing can eliminate the body unusual smell, although does not have what to use greatly, but the belt also has the advantage.” That officials heard Zhao Hai saying that the first two advantage have not placed the body, just as was such that Zhao Hai thought that he was Dead-soldier, 8th level Dead-soldier, by his strength, was in the Cold and Heat Immunity situation, did not have the excessively tired situation, but the last elimination unusual smell was actually the deep attraction he. The court eunuches have this problem, because the flaws on their body, lead to make them when convenient, does not facilitate compared with the normal man many, moreover is very easy to have the unusual smell , because of this, therefore their daytime times does not dare to eat too thing, does not dare to drink too much water, very laborious, must know they face, but King, if causes the unusual smell, making King smell, they feared that must fall the head, even if did not fall the head, fell into disfavor, but that compared with falling the head must the fearful matter. Therefore the issue of this unusual smell is these officials has attached great importance to, besides little eats little drinks, they frequent trading clothes, will also sprinkle face powder and other methods to cover smell on the body. But if there is Zhao Hai in hand the Little Thing, that all these issues have been solved, therefore that officials, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai to speak of this Crystal has this function the time, was excited. Zhao Hai looked the appearance that his some meanings move, has handed over Crystal hastily, smiles said : to ask eunuch certainly to accept to the face, was right, has been disrespectful below, to the present also don’t know eunuch name.” That court eunuch these time to have not declined, received the Crystal sign that Zhao Hai has handed over, put the bosom, immediately felt that the advantage of this Crystal sign, just the somewhat cold body, now could not have felt duty cold intent, therefore manner to Zhao Hai also polite, smiles said : count Sir to be too polite to Zhao Hai, our these people of entering the palace, did not have the name, I in our generation of person Bank of China three, the average people called me three eunuch.”

Zhao Hai quickly said: „ Three eunuch are good, below is only a young count, later has any matter, but also please three eunuch much lead by the hand. Three eunuch also smile said : „saying that says.” Zhao Hai does not certainly believe that this will receive to sell three eunuch, he wants to make a good point impression to three eunuch, such later sets up the matter to come, convenience. Actually by his present strength, can definitely not need scruples three eunuch, but Zhao Hai actually does not want such to do, set up prestige one to suffice, cannot offend good of too many person, on this Continent these Noble said the time of calculating after all, but the counter time the good person, will not have finally any good end. At this time they have arrived at outside imperial palace biggest Great Hall, the place of this Great Hall King everyday processing politics, here did not have extremely in the elegant name, the name was called the government affairs palace, just like Ark Continent here other places, is practical that said. This government affairs palace is only stair has dozens steps, three eunuch invited Zhao Hai in stair low grade, he arrived in the palace to notify, Zhao Hai in stair low grade a small little while, heard on Great Hall to transmit incisive sound speaking sounds: Passes in Zhao Hai the palace to call on!” Zhao Hai has put in order the clothes, ascends the step on, what now he must see is King of Continent first powerful nation, said that not anxious that is deceives people.