Chapter 485 does on Great Hall Zhao Hai has arrived at outside of government affairs palace, government affairs palace in front of the door officials immediately/on horseback said loudly: Zhao Hai Buda calls on!” Zhao Hai looked at that officials one eyes, take deep breaths, slowly entered Great Hall, enters Great Hall time, he steals a glance has sized up all around one, now in Great Hall has stood many people, he saw the person who several are familiar with, has Crown Prince, Second Prince, Charlie, Lando, the Jason grandfather, before , when he attended the banquet has seen several Noble, these people are divided into two rows to sit in the Great Hall both sides now, this arrives is some stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, he has not thought that these person is sits in here unexpectedly. Among has a small stage in Great Hall, a person who above sat, this person sits in one by the chair of golden silver casting on, on the chair has also mounted many gemstone, but above is also spreading one layer beast skin, looks like very soft supple comfortable. This person of figure should not be very tall, appearance very refined, even some delicate, somewhat gray, but complexion is ruddy, is bringing a gold crown in the head, in hand is taking Staff, this Staff is not very long, be only about 40 centimeters, money makes all over the body, above is inlaying gigantic gemstone, this should not be Magic Staff, but is a scepter, the symbol of stick strength. This man very magnificent and expensive clothes, the although appearance is refined, but actually imposing manner that makes the person submit, he sits in there, calm look at Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai felt that a pressure, this pressure comes out from the body of that man, that man is not deliberately feels embarrassed Zhao Hai, this pressure also, not only comes out in view of Zhao Hai, but is very strong. This person should be Rosen Empire King!” Zhao Hai mused at heart. However his immediately responded, he has arrived at that man surface side five meters place slowly, to that man good 90 degrees bowing big rituals, this is straight body said : Zhao Hai Buda to see Your Majesty, Your Majesty completely secure!” Luo Lin Empire King looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : „you are Zhao Hai? Good, young man, is very good, was you present Robert Family has used medicine powder?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Yes, Your Majesty, Robert Family uses medicine powder attack I, this by me presently.” King nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : „are you Magician? Why Robert Family with the medicine powder attack person time, don't you have the matter?” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately/on horseback thinks that possibly is Lando does not have is being a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation matter tells him to King, him had not feared that the medicine powder matter told to King, he wants to keep a card in a hand.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Your Majesty words, below, not only Magician, is Warrior, 8th level Warrior, therefore medicine powder to me useless.” Zhao Hai had not said that he did not fear medicine powder matter, this matter is his card in a hand, compares this matter to come, he is Warrior this matter does not have what to be good to conceal. A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, in Great Hall all Noble have gawked, then cannot help but whispers, they already know that Zhao Hai is Magician, is 8th level Magician, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Warrior, 8th level Warrior! Also in other words is Zhao Hai Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation? But since Continent has had the record, Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation Magician does not have the too high achievement, can achieve 6th level is few, can achieve 7th level is through the ages few. But Zhao Hai now is not only 8th level Magician, unexpectedly is 8th level Warrior, this was too may not think of intent , if not believe that Zhao Hai does not dare to deceive King in any event, they think certainly that Zhao Hai was lying. King also somewhat surprisedly looked at Zhao Hai one, then nodded said : well, young man, the person is very good, today finds the person, the matter wants you to process, if this matter you processed, this King layer on layer enjoyed!” Zhao Hai bows said : is the Your Majesty effect, is the job, does not dare to ask to enjoy, asking Your Majesty to show!” King satisfied nod said : of „the matter of Engraved Ark is you presently, I in hiding the truth from you, I have let people turned into Advanced level Undead Creature today Robert and Terry, they also confessed something, the matter that but they know is not many, had them saying that in their Clan should also the member of Engraved Ark, but who this member was, they and don’t know, but the Robert Family person, had exterminated an entire family by you, that many corpses, my person ability has not turned into Undead Creature him, Lan Qingjia said that you can achieve, did not know him. What said is really?” Zhao Hai nod said : is, Your Majesty, can achieve below, invites Your Majesty feel relieved.” Did King nod said : that to carry on to be possible above this Great Hall to be good? Our country also wants to have a look at your Black Magic to have any difference.” Zhao Hai stares, said : Your Majesty, this changes Undead Creature, must contact with the corpse, does under this Great Hall, feared that can smear the Your Majesty discernment, moreover this is must use Magic, feared that has dashed Your Majesty.”

King does not care boldly, shook the head said : „, is not no need saying that such has decided that then does in this Great Hall, this King experiences with own eyes.” Zhao Hai then did not say anything, must nod said : Venerable the Your Majesty decree!” King nodded, waved, has stood three eunuch immediately/on horseback side King goes forward two, said loudly: Lifts!” Outside the palace has *** sound has complied with one, then before long place on the stretcher, with white bouquet the corpse was lifted to Great Hall above. These corpses underwent processing obviously, not any unusual smell, but this row of corpse places there, is not quite attractive. On Great Hall had some Noble although to know Zhao Hai Robert Family extinguishing the gate, but saw that these rows of corpses were lifted, they felt Zhao Hai vicious and merciless, discussed in a low voice. King has not actually managed that many, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : to begin.” Zhao Hai bowed to comply with one, has put out own Magic Staff, thought to read several Incantation, then one group of black gas wrapped up the big Your Highness corpse, when black gas vanished, these corpses have stood on Great Hall, these people with did not have what difference, was only complexion is somewhat pale, the eye cannot turn the head, will not breathe, other seemed like just the same as Daoist/actual person. Zhao Hai can change people skeleton, but he to demonstrate own ability, therefore turned into Zombie specially, in Ark Continent here, did not fear that you are able, feared you do not have the ability, so long as you are able, will attach great importance, conversely, you do not have the ability, nobody will look at your one eyes. The person on Great Hall, look at these Undead Creature, somewhat feels helpless, Undead Creature their insight, generally is not a skeleton, is some are growing rotten meat Zombie, like that Zhao Hai makes, has nine scanning Undead Creature with the normal person, they have not seen. After doing well these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai turns the head to King said : Your Majesty, can ask them, they ensure cannot lie.” King also by Zhao Hai this shaking, one hear of Zhao Hai said now that nodded said : well, that you asked that so long as discovers that conceal, in Robert liked Engraved Ark in clan being OK.”

Zhao Hai nodded, immediately/on horseback asked that several Undead Creature, were a pity, in the Engraved Ark big these people, Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, received returned to these Undead Creature directly Space, then immediately/on horseback some people lifted the a batch corpse, Zhao Hai then do. Zhao Hai above this Great Hall, turned into Undead Creature corpses, at the same time to have the corpse time, Zhao Hai had found that Engraved Ark, but makes Zhao Hai they feel what is surprised, this Engraved Ark unexpectedly is a woman, is one in Robert numerous wife! From the mouth of this Engraved Ark, Zhao Hai also asked that something, Faith of these Engraved Ark truly are Demon God, they take destroying Ark Continent as own duty, all Engraved Ark have almost not met, their relations also completely through the Secret Code letter of cipher, what most important is, these Engraved Ark, nobody know the status, their bodies do not have any mark, if said that has something to explain really their status, that in their families, where is certain has one Venerable Demon God image! Such information said, them too big use regarding Zhao Hai, how many person on Continent hasn't had? How many does Noble have? They did not have what obvious characteristics, but said that in family bright shape, that this idol places there also nobody to know that this target is too big, simply does not have the means to look. However they are not a harvest do not have, after this , the matter that present Engraved Ark knows wants Robert and Terry are more, this Engraved Ark organization had existed the millenniums, most from the beginning they are only some social bottom level people, these people have received the oppression of Noble, does not have means rebel, therefore united the matter, established this Engraved Ark organization, moreover started to do obeisance Demon God, generating. Then after the transformation of Continent several times, the change of dynasty, these people with the strength that they accumulate, in making them organize some people superiors, becomes Great Noble, like this their in hand had the strength, Robert Family was such family. A most important point is, these Engraved Ark although cannot see anything to come from the semblance, however their hearts are actually Faith Demon God, Demon God is good to kill, cruel, therefore these people some dark, will display at heart also in the fields, looks like the Robert Family remnant wolf badge! Obtains these materials, regarding Rosen Empire, the help is very big, most at least they had target, can encircle a shrink point to search the suspect. Now regarding Engraved Ark, all Noble dreading very in Great Hall, because this organization on all people in view of Continent, their harms is not smaller than Radiant Church, Radiant Church must be built on stilts their control, but this organization wants is actually their life!