Chapter 486 reward King is very satisfied regarding the performance of Zhao Hai, in Black Magic that other Dark Magician use uses energy, probably one became to his in hand relaxed, this explained that the Zhao Hai strength is very strong. Moreover Zhao Hai or Buda Family Patriarch, is the Calci Family son-in-law, heard that is also good with Crook Family relationship, follows Charlie is also very near. All these in addition, make King settle on Zhao Hai very much, although Buda Family is Aksu Empire Clan, but that has any relationship, so long as Zhao Hai is able, King will not care about his family background, said it, Buda Family with the Aksu Empire graciousness grievances resentment, King impossible don’t know, in his opinion, Zhao Hai now not to be impossible to have any sentiment to Aksu Empire, has the hatred also almost, at this time, if draws Zhao Hai to Rosen Empire comes, regarding Rosen Empire, is a good deed. Old King is clear, Zhao Hai offended Radiant Church, offended Aksu Empire real power Crown Prince, in this case, Zhao Hai thinks that is falling the root words, insurance can in Rosen Empire, not be impossible in other place simply. Like the person, old King very feel relieved, can choose a person boldly, since has been the Rosen Empire continuously employment standard, they can not count the family background, so long as you have the ability, dares to use you, is with this point, Rosen Empire will become the Continent first powerful nation. Waited for Zhao Hai to handle the matter of that Engraved Ark, old King sent for lifting the corpses of Robert Family all people, making Zhao Hai turn into Undead Creature these corpses, was feared that had any fish slip through. However fortunately, the population of Engraved Ark is not many, in Robert Family existence in not presently Engraved Ark. After waiting for Zhao Hai to save to manage, King then nodded, turns the head to look at three eunuch one, three eunuch immediately/on horseback walked to go forward two, said loudly: Zhao Hai Buda, goes forward to listen to seal.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, goes forward, kneel down with one knee. This is also the Ark Continent here custom, King wants reward you time, you want kneel down with one knee to accept reward, this appears you takes seriously this reward. Zhao Hai just knelt down, three eunuch on said loudly: Zhao Hai Buda, aristocratic family Noble, the ability is outstanding, the strength is excellent, presently received its Rosen Empire First Grade Marquis title, bestows Zhao Hai Buda Golden Island is Clan fief, perpetual hereditary rank.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : thanked Your Majesty to enjoy, when Zhao Hai Ding served for Rosen Empire fully!” The Ark Continent here reward process on the other hand is much simpler, Zhao Hai also very likes this form, but he has not thought that King unexpectedly so natural, came up to give him a Marquis title, has given back to his island as fief. The rank of Ark Continent here title is, male, period of five days, Uncle, male, the merit, Knight, Knight can only be replacement Noble, the Lord is most low grade Noble, but male, period of five days, Uncle, male, these five are the official Noble control, each title, is divided into Third Grade, Third Grade is lowest, First Grade is highest, above Duke First Grade was the Grand Duke position, Grand Duke can establish own duchy, above Grand Duke, was Crown Prince, Crown Prince can only look at King generally to them the big authority, was a Imperial Family people., If King does not give you authority, you can only work as a Qing to be expensive, cannot do any big matter, the although title is high, but spoke of the authority, was actually inferior to Grand Duke. Zhao Hai in Aksu Empire is a Count Second Grade, in Noble, is not top existence, but in Rosen Empire here, is actually First Grade Marquis, wants on high 4th level compared with the Aksu Empire there title, this is the very enormous difference, general Noble wants to rise First Grade, must take on the big effort, do not say that rose 4th level.

Luo Lin Empire not only has given a Zhao Hai First Grade Marquis title, gave back to his world to favor unchanging fief, this was the good deed, Noble fief was not the perpetual hereditary rank, management that if they want protect their fief, to try hard, rendering meritorious service diligently, only then this can protect fief, but Zhao Hai the fief actually did not use, because that place on equal to was Buda Family. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange is this Golden Island, this Golden Island Zhao Hai to has not heard, this makes him feel somewhat strangely. An island dares to call Golden Island, that has certainly the forte, moreover is the island, that certainly is in the sea, but Zhao Hai stayed that long time in Rosen Empire Eastern Sea there, had not heard Golden Island where, this is really a little strange. However now King after his reward, he also has no alternative but then, Zhao Hai only to be able first following, after waiting, asks that Lando should know. Zhao Hai accepted reward, naturally was also the Rosen Empire expensive people, later under he in seeing King cannot in saying, must profess allegiance or under the feudal official. After reward, King to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you now is the Rosen Empire person, the Aksu Empire there matter I will not manage, but you must remember, no matter what you are also Rosen Empire Marquis, cannot lose the face of Rosen Empire in Aksu Empire there!” Zhao Hai one hear of this saying have cannot help but gawked, because King said that obviously is the meaning that useful he supports, this somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback bows said : to thank Your Majesty, will get down the feudal official certainly not to lose the face of Rosen Empire, will invite Your Majesty feel relieved.” King satisfied nod said : good, your understand is good, today's discussing official business arrives at here, everyone/Great Clan goes back.” Other person of immediately/on horseback stand to salute to King, then asked to be excused. The government affairs palace, Lando and Charlie arrived at the Zhao Hai side, after Zhao Hai have looked like they have saluted, Charlie then smiles said : line, your youngster now has become Marquis, HaHaHa, had free time over the two days my family.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one, leave of Charlie then half step. The Lando look at Charlie appearance, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : looks like Charlie Prince regards as important you really very much, but the title of person rose now, this is the good deed.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at all around one, in a soft voice said : grandfather, this Golden Island where? How haven't I heard?” Lando looked at all around person one eyes, whispered: This went home to say.” Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, knows that the here surface has certainly the secret facts, he does not have to ask, but nodded, walks toward the family in Lando.

To the imperial palace outside, on Lando and Zhao Hai their horse carriage, drove toward the dark soldier fort, did not have the words, Zhao Hai they quickly on returned to the dark soldier fort. After dark soldier fort, Lando immediately was bringing Zhao Hai to the lobby, then sent for they looking for Smith, Zhao Hai looked at the Lando appearance, had not asked that but sat in the room is waiting for Smith they. Before long, Smith they arrived, Zhao Hai stands to salute to them, after all people sit down, Lando then open the mouth and said: Today on Great Hall, Your Majesty asked Little Hai to turn into Undead Creature all Robert Family people, asked their matter about the Engraved Ark, the information that although obtained are not many, but were not few, Your Majesty happy, sealed Little Hai very much First Grade and other Marquis, but also bestowed his fief is Golden Island, the world favored unchangingly.” A words exit / to speak of Lando, the people in lobby have gawked, then started humming sound the discussion, Zhao Hai somewhat was puzzled, First Grade Marquis, was not worth them being so surprised probably, for the Golden Island matter? Lando also saw the Zhao Hai puzzled appearance, his deep voice said : „the Little Hai don’t know Golden Island there situation, waiter, you said to Little Hai.” Smith nodded said : well, Golden Island, originally is one is rich in Huang Duo small island, but before Rosen Empire was established, the there gold was mined up, in the island does not have what special product, only left behind each and every one to mine the mine tunnel that the gold left behind, such island did not have anything noteworthy, but position actually very heavy of this island wanted, the position of this island in Rosen Empire and sea region place of Aksu Empire border, two big Empire, because the matter of this island, often had the friction, afterward no one had obtained this island, because in the island had the fresh water, can carry on the supplies, therefore. Now there has become Heaven of pirate, although is this, but the importance of that island did not ask that may know, if Rosen Empire obtained that island, that can build a naval base in there, momentarily can threaten Aksu Empire sea region, otherwise is also same, before because, has produced the gold, therefore in that island was constructed dozens very good pier, can stop big boat only about thousand, can say strategic location very heavy to.” Zhao Hai is said : originally this? Is that in other words, I after obtaining the appointment of Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire can definitely recognize, they only not say that there is their territory?” Smith nodded said : well, is this, I think that Your Majesty possibly wants in this manner, to let you with Aksu Empire thorough breaking off.” Lando nodded said : well, I think that Your Majesty is also this meaning, but this regarding you, is opportunity, the Golden Island there geographical position is very important, so long as there should not be a pirate nest, there slowly certainly will become a passing ships necessary place, if you can establish a market in there, will carry out the transaction, I believe that will be the goose that lays golden eggs.” Nod of Zhao Hai excited, the Golden Island there position is so good, then regarding Zhao Hai is really fantastic, so long as there is this place, his equal to had a piece own domain, he can feel relieved bold unfolding, moreover thing in his Farm can also take to enjoy. The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : Little Hai, other your also happy was too early, I knew, these occupied the pirate on Golden Island not to be ordinary, several pirates rolled are on Continent famous Great Clan control, Imperial Family Imperial Family grabbed the group also to have Stronghold on Golden Island, if you wanted to take back Golden Island, feared that not so was easy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, how I was offend them to be able, there that many islands, they went to other island in any case at the worst, wants to spell with me hardly, I to have a look at them to have not to have courage.” Lando to is nodded is reasonable, the Little Hai thousand Nian Clan clans that said : Little Hai said dare to move continually, these people want to move Little Hai, must think over own component, what now I am worried is Radiant Church.”

Smith they stare, but their immediately understand the meaning of Lando, Zhao Hai has had a grudge with Radiant Church, but the Golden Island position, in the Rosen Empire edge, it can be said that orphaned hangs the overseas, one, but has any matter, the Rosen Empire here person is to help also difficultly. Moreover Zhao Hai had own domain, that must construct, there on equal to was his root, Radiant Church previously could not cope with Zhao Hai, could not find his root in that now he had the root, Radiant Church these people naturally cannot let off them. Zhao Hai sneers said : Radiant Church I to not to be worried that they before how me, later is impossible to take me to be what kind, now I somewhat am worried instead to is this Engraved Ark organization, this time I have wiped out Robert Family, it can be said that makes the Engraved Ark organization lose is very big, not only lost Great Clan as the dependence, but also made them expose, we now the understanding this organization were too few, therefore I somewhat was worried about them.” Lando nodded „, the Radiant Church strength that rational said : Little Hai said that we are very much has understood to them now, but this Engraved Ark organization, we had almost not actually understood that this is most dangerous.” Zhao Hai nodded, then to Lando said : grandfather, I thought that our Calci Family should also be more careful, Engraved Ark these people will certainly record the head of Clan this account, the person of Engraved Ark this organization is different from Radiant Church, Radiant Church must cope with us, perhaps will find an excuse of open and aboveboard, but this Engraved Ark organization, their anything method can use, these has time coped with us to use medicine powder, the who knew next time been able also to use this thing, moreover they can research leave medicine powder, that certain can also research other's poison, we all carefully for on..” Lando nodded said : this matter really to have some thorniness, our Clan is Magician Clan, if they cope with us with medicine powder, but also is really very troublesome.” Smith they also frowned. Zhao Hai then said : grandfather, I looks at this, the important personage in Clan must strengthen the security, best to send some Warrior to protect, I, go back to have a look, whether this type of demon medicinal powder could develop antidote certainly, if can develop antidote, that all easy to do, if could not make, that can only make everyone/Great Clan careful a little.” Lando one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, his face happy look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai? Your does in hand have the Potion master?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, two Potion masters, ability, but I have not gotten so far as any plants garden now, this point must ask the grandfather you to help, I need on Continent all kinds of plants, is strange, is Advanced level is better, each type wants one live, wants seed to be also good, I can train slowly.”