Chapter 487 appears externally aggressively Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that to has smiled, he with a smile to Lando said : father, before Little Hai, has said this matter to me, but the present is in the winter, these strange planting are not quite especially good to look, but now looks like, we to are full helped Little Hai look for these plants, if Little Hai can develop antidote to come, then regarding us, may really be too important.” Lando nodded said : well, transmitted orders, Clan full seeks for various strange plants, the more better, right Little Hai, Magic Beast did you want?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to want, naturally wants, these Magic Beast can also be used as medicine, is, the variety the more better.” Did Lando nod, looks at people said : in room to listen clearly? Full coordinate Little Hai.” The people do not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, they also know, but this matter relationship to entire Calci Family, they do not dare to have bold neglecting. Zhao Hai looked at the people, sighed, met to begin a revolution, has put out a big jar from Space, this big jar can put the next ten jin (0.5 kg) water fully, did with the glass, took in the Robert Family daily necessities store. This jar naturally does not have what strange place, but in this jar the water of attire actually very strange, look at Zhao Hai that Lando they are perplexed, don’t know he puts out such a big jar to do. Zhao Hai pretends very carefully has put the Lando side that jar, then to Lando said : grandfather, the water in this jar, a while you gave everyone/Great Clan to divide had feared, if has encountered any situation, or was intoxicated, immediately/on horseback drank point water, possibly was useful.” What Lando puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does the water in this jar have specially? Is Potion?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the water in this jar is not Potion, but is actually effective compared with Potion a lot, this is fluids of one bottle of life!” The fluid of life! Hears the name that Zhao Hai reported that in the room all people have held breath a cold air, the fluid of life may absolutely be good thing, is rich and powerful good thing that you did not get so far as.

Lando looked at that jar some little time, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this, is this really the fluid of life?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I obtain from Radiant Church 9th level Expert, at that time that 9th level Expert wants to coordinate the Bull clan to cope with Hercules Tauren Clan, afterward was given to extinguish by me, obtained the fluids of these lives, I had asked that person, he also obtained.” Lando nodded, he also listened to the meaning in Zhao Hai words, his does immediately/on horseback frown said : Radiant Church also to meddle the Beast Race matter?” Zhao Hai nodded, the Beastman Race there fresh matter general said to Lando, said own status, Tauren Clan Crown Prince. Lando somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai will really have such status, Human Race cannot win the trust of Beastman Race generally, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai achieved unexpectedly. However his immediately has thought the Radiant Church matter, has hesitated, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you were has stood firmly in Beastman Race there now, that must pay attention to the Beastman Race there Radiant Church sound, must clarify Radiant Church to do, if can tidy up their in Beastman Race there well, then on fantastic.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : grandfather your feel relieved, the Beastman temperament I have almost found out, I want to believe me certainly to stand firmly in Beastman Race there, the grandfather does not need to be worried, in Beastman Race was good to tidy up Radiant Church to be too simple, Beastman simply nobody believed Radiant Church, so long as presently is the Radiant Church person, with a Beastman saying, these people will certainly not have the good fruit to eat.” Lando nodded, then said : „the fluids of this bottle of life I accepted, the present is very special period, right that you said that in Clan is to need this thing, but Clan cannot treat unjustly you, I look at this, Golden Island there is your territory, is left the fleet by Clan, helping you Golden Island there receiving.” Zhao Hai shook the head, smiles said : grandfather not to use, Golden Island there these pirates I have not cared, making Clan act, was too troublesome, the fluid of this life, does not have the too big use regarding me, I have also stayed behind, is used for the dispensing, these you take are using, don't worry.” Lando nodded, in look at Zhao Hai look many appreciation, what his present Zhao is thought that Zhao Hai is everywhere pleasing to the eyes, is *** the side is appropriate, the management is neat, for Calci Family, gives up to take unexpectedly fluid of such thing life, moreover must report back, is also better than the general Calci Family member, is really good.

Looked at other members in Clan, Lando deep voice said : was good, today matter these many, everyone/Great Clan also knew, goes back the later immediately arrangement, has remembered, first ten thousand cannot appears any mistake.” The people complied with one, Lando have then made them diverge, Smith actually then Zhao Hai returned to the sound of the wind in the trees curie, sat to the lobby that the sound of the wind in the trees has occupied, Smith does immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you want to handle the Golden Island there matter? I thought that this matter you should better or were careful processing for good, otherwise not only Aksu Empire will cope with you, these have colluding Clan not to let off you with the pirate, later you manage the boost that the matter meets to be able even bigger.” Zhao Hai nodded, his also understand this point, but he has thought now, the Golden Island position, is almost is under nobody's jurisdiction the place generation, may not say in there any law, said was a strength, but these pirates, if did not use, that was a pity. In these pirates, is impossible to have relationship with these Great Clan, has the relationship pirate with these Great Clan, that great, thing that they snatch, can actually sell through these Great Clan in hand, but with these Great Clan it doesn't matter pirates, that did not say, they can only look have the cooperation relationship person, then sold the in hand thing low price. However the here surface actually very enormous opportunity, the idea of Zhao Hai is, turns into a free harbor Golden Island there, these pirates can the optional on island trade, but must pay certain tax, these Merchant can also the optional on island trade, naturally, this must collect taxes. Zhao Hai planned that makes into a pirate Golden Island there, Merchant, other influences, altogether have an existence black trading market, he can there tax revenue low of, these pirates also be able on the island to seek asylum, if he has completed this matter, that Golden Island there was not the goose that lays golden eggs, but will turn into under one [gold/metal] Dan the goose. Now Smith such asked that Zhao Hai does not have immediately to tell him, must construct a free trade harbor matter, but said : Golden Island there must subdue is actually not difficult, Golden Island position although very special, but regarding these pirates, is actually not unreplaceable, in adding on me the reputation on Continent, has hit now, I believe that these dare really not to be many with the pirate of my proceed boldly, if they dare to act unreasonably, I on will be not polite.” The Smith knitting the brows head, he does not hope that really Zhao Hai has anything to conflict with these Great Noble, if unfolds to that situation, when the time comes bad luck can also be Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at the Smith appearance, shows a faint smile said : uncle, your feel relieved, the Golden Island there matter solution, nothing but is divided two steps, one step has not hit, projects on them to be honest, projected on them to fear, they were not restless, second step must to them an advantage, this point actually with needing the uncle you helps, I prepared to turn into the harbor that can trade freely Golden Island there, no matter the pirate or Merchant, can come up to trade to Golden Island, did you look what kind of?” Smith stares, then immediately/on horseback two eyes one bright, he is Merchant, nature understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, if Zhao Hai these time did really successfully, that Golden Island there every year income will definitely not compare Sky Water City to be few, may be more.

However spins not only he and frowns said : means is the good means that but if said according to you such does, will have Merchant to dare to go to Golden Island? Don't they dare to be snatched?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this simplicity, I can the next command, only on Golden Island unable to resort to violence, on sea surface in Golden Island Ark thousand li(500 km), does not permit anybody to resort to violence, dares to resort to violence, I eliminate him, this nobody dares to act unreasonably, does the uncle you look?” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that look at Zhao Hai that cannot help but decides, now on Zhao Hai were many to be aggressive, dares saying that around Golden Island on thousand li(500 km) sea surface does not permit to resort to violence, dares to resort to violence eliminates his such words, without doubt reveals his aggression. Before like the words, only then these Great Clan dare saying that but Zhao Hai actually dares to say now, this also without doubt reveals the change of Zhao Hai status. Moreover Smith knows, if Zhao Hai has completed this matter, that Golden Island there really possibly Sky Water City, has become another big trade harbor. Smith really somewhat admires Zhao Hai now, his also understand why Buda Family vanishing for one year later, has dared by the so high stance, from new appears in the front of common people, this all because of the Buda Family present strength, but also because of Zhao Hai. Clan wants the palace to get up, the strength is essential, but light has the strength is incorrect, but also needs the astute brains, with correct Zhan Fang, Zhao Hai Zhan Fang to very much the show, has his such one for the headman, Buda Family wants turning over, becomes on Continent top Great Clan, that is also only the time issue. However Smith also knows that currently Zhao Hai has a such plan, wants to make Golden Island there according to the show that he thinks, the here surface matter return has plenty, needs his help, but he to is willing to help very much.