Does Chapter 488 turn circle also inherits? Smith very clear, Calci Family currently although has several Clan relationship to be good, but actually that type truly was unable be said as sharing hardships friendship Great Clan, this regarding the Calci Family show very disadvantageous. But Buda Family has into the top Great Clan potential, if at this time, Calci Family has helped Buda Family, in the future Buda Family really became topest Great Clan, can help Calci Family, two Clan mutual help, that can certainly become on Continent strength strongest Great Clan. After having thought through these joints, Smith nodded said : well to Zhao Hai, Little Hai, I in taking care the Golden Island there matter, but I will say one with the father, if your there has any matter, immediately told Clan, in Clan fully will certainly support your, I believe that the father will not oppose.” Zhao Hai nodded, then his deep voice said : uncle, a matter, I wants to listen to your opinion, today Jason has looked for me, he has brought information, said that their Crook Family wants to become the forever ally with our Buda Family.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that is surprised, what meaning his very clear forever ally is, does Crook Family want to become the forever ally with Zhao Hai unexpectedly? After being startled, Smith head immediately/on horseback fast has rotated, he knows that Crook Family is not simple, a few years ago they were also only ordinary Great Clan, but now Crook Family already faint became with thousand Nian Clan clan level Great Clan side by side, what did this explain? This indicated that the Crook Family present helmsman is very able, is insightful. But in this case, Crook Family actually must become the forever ally with Buda Family, that only then one type of explained that they also favor the Buda Family future, before Buda Family did not have the complete mark, first had determined with Buda Family this relationship, later the Buda Family complete show, they can have an ally of force! Good to plan! Smith has to recognize, Crook Family be good to plan, but they such do, regarding Zhao Hai, is only then the advantage does not have the fault, most minimum present Buda Family influence does not have the means compared with Crook Family, if Zhao Hai has become with them the forever ally, then regarding Buda Family, is a big good deed. Smith walked several on the ground, has thought through after all joints, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : this to Buda Family is a good deed, can promise him, you prepare, I think that tomorrow you can go to Crook Family one?” Zhao Hai nodded, forced smile said : I not only need go to Crook Family, Charlie Your Highness tomorrow also make me go to his there, he he, is really busy on this day enough.”

The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughs said : well, goes to Charlie Your Highness there one should be, was good, you are busy, I ask the father to have the matter to discuss.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around returned to own yard, directly entered in Space, he wants to have a look at Smith to look for Lando to have any matter. Zhao Hai to does not believe that Smith and Lando will harm him, he gives the fluids of Lando that bottle of life, must to a Lando good impression, he believe this time, Lando will certainly not move him, believes that Lando also meets attach great importance to he. Zhao Hai arrived at Space, immediately entered the villa, presently Laura they still in reorganizing these materials, classify put away these materials, these materials regarding present Buda Family are very important. Looked that Laura their although is busy, but each and every one full of enthusiasm appearance, Zhao Hai also very happy, but he was immediately returned to in the living room, turned on the screen, adjusted Lando study room there. Lando study room is very big, there is he processes the place of matter, is he sees some Calci Family each region manager places alone, therefore inside interior decoration is very good, although can't compare with Grand Duke Evan that big study room, but cannot miss there, after all the dark soldier fort was inferior that the Evan Grand Duke palace is big. Smith arrived at Lando study room, they are sitting in study room rest area there drink sub, Zhao Hai obviously they have not been speaking of the proper business. Lando arrives regarding Smith suddenly, knows that he had certainly the matter about Zhao Hai to say, he has not worried, after letting the person delivered to be possible sub, with Smith sits in rest area there chats. Regarding Smith, Lando also really very much favors, initially must be the words that Smith insists, they impossible to be related through marriage with Zhao Hai, if really has become with Zhao Hai the enmity, that consequence he does not dare to imagine. Is related through marriage this matter with Zhao Hai, is very right, to Calci Family that Smith does, the advantage was really too big, therefore now opinion of Lando also attach great importance to Smith. Lando has drunk a sub, sighed said : this time matter also is really thrilling, who can think, after ordinary attack, will draw out these many matters to come unexpectedly, Little Hai, this time our Calci Family certainly will come a big cropper.”

Smith also nodded said : „, no one has thought that Ark Continent here will be hiding such Poison Snake unexpectedly, this Engraved Ark organization was really too ruthless, right father, you said that Little Hai said research medicine powder antidote matter, can succeed?” Lando sighed said : I to hope that he can succeed, but now seems like not very easy, before medicine powder appears time, the people were thinking the suppression, did not have research any antidote, to the medicine powder formula, by disappearing to destroy give priority to, has not left behind any checkstub, this will give Little Hai also to bring not the small trouble, you must he clarify the medicine powder formula, then can generate antidote strictly, but no matter what, I think that the Little Hai procedure was right, now on Continent although knows that had a Engraved Ark organization to exist, but besides Robert Family here, in not what presently, nobody. Knows that who this medicinal powder is developed, what was far from disappear to destroy, if Little Hai developed really successfully, you have thought him the status in Magician heart?” The ginger is old spicy! Lando one said Zhao Hai, if after having developed antidote, biggest advantage that he can obtain, that prestige in Magician this community, so long as Zhao Hai develops antidote, he will be unprecedented in the prestige in Magician this community achieving, but Calci Family also certainly with profiting at someone's expense. No matter Smith or Zhao Hai, had not thought of this point before, now had been reminded by Lando a few words, Smith somewhat could not sit still, however in front of Lando, he is also embarrassed on the ground turns circle, therefore he can only be in hand is taking Ke the sub Cup, roving. Some little time Smith gains ground look at Lando said : father, if the Little Hai success, that Buda Family must unfold, almost did not take any effort.” Lando nodded said : „, now therefore regarding Little Hai, we must do is the full support, if the Little Hai success, that Buda Family has been able to obtain the biggest advantage, but our Calci Family also with profiting at someone's expense, the Golden Island there matter, Little Hai does not want to make us help, but I in other people with Clan said that so long as is Little Hai there has any need, we must fully support, this point you also remembered.” Smith one hear of Lando said that cannot help but has smiled, he to Lando said : father, I comes saying that with you with a smile today this matter, I am also this meaning, must fully support Little Hai, beyond the reason that except that you talked about, a very important reason.” Lando does said : „have the reason? What reason also has?” Smith showed a faint smile said : just Little Hai to tell me, Jason looked for him, but also has brought the meaning in his Clan, according to the meaning of Crook Family, they must form Eternal Alliance with Buda Family, became the forever ally!” Heard this information, Lando could not sit still, he one has stood, in turning circle that the ground kept, Smith looks at the Lando type, has been thinking one think that the appearance of matter, cannot help but some want to smile, he has not thought , the problem that this turned circle also inherited.

How many circles transferred, Lando stopped, did he turn the head look at Smith said : Little Hai to tell you personally? Can't appears any mistake?” Smith nodded said : absolutely not, the father you should also know that Little Hai will not say anything easily, but he said that that can achieve, therefore this matter, I believe certainly real.” Lando nodded said : good Crook Family, is really the vision is original, good, we must fully support Little Hai, if Little Hai really has become with Crook Family Eternal Alliance, then also very much has the advantage to us.” Smith nodded, then said : father, a matter, Little Hai said that he wants to turn into a free trade harbor in Golden Island there, the pirate, Merchant has been able free the transaction on the island, he only collects some taxes, moreover he also thinks regulation, Golden Island radius of a thousand li(500 km) sea region, can not resort to violence, if this matter he has made, that Buda Family thinks that did not reach is difficult.” Lando nodded said : good means that if the success, that Little Hai thinks really really did not reach was difficult, but this earlier period must carry on some military forces to frighten, otherwise could not shake these people, has remembered, full support Little Hai, how Golden Island there wants to unfold, looks at Little Hai, we do not need to meddle, so long as Little Hai had any need, we must support, but also a little, toward in ginseng sand.” The ginseng sand is the one type of slang, Lando uses here to tell Smith, do not send the spy toward the Zhao Hai influence, this in Carchi Province such Great Clan, is rarely seen. Smith knitting the brows head, some indefinite said : father, we such does, can other people in Clan oppose? I look at Third Grandfather their appearance, probably wants control Little Hai.”