Chapter 489 family greets Stupid!” The Smith voice just fell, Lando reprimanded said : not to listen their, was shortsighted, their a few tricks , outside in Calci Family, put, already don’t know died many to return.” Lando spoke of here, stopped, sighed said : waiter, you have remembered, when this Great Clan Patriarch, sometimes, must insist that own idea, that feared that was they says by intent single-mindedly also well, so long as were favorable for Clan, must do, that feared that failed, our Calci Family could also defeat, feared that your anything does not dare to do, to finally, this Patriarch can only be decorates.” Smith one hear of Lando said that nod of effort, simultaneously his eye is also one bright, because of him presently, Lando this saying likely with his *** did the person say?......, Smith thinks cannot help but many. What status Lando looks at Smith then said : present Little Hai is, Buda Family Patriarch, the strength was tyrannical, can command(er) ten 9th level Expert, such character also think control? I think them am crazy, said it, even if were our real control Little Hai, what advantage then had to our Calci Family? The Little Hai strength is so strong, to finally will change the winner weakly from the strong phenomenon, that will only make Calci Family will be unstable, moreover our Calci Family does not need that many 9th level Expert to sit now, what our present needs will be a formidable ally, if Buda Family, can become on Continent top Great Clan, then to our Calci Family advantage also has plenty, in this case, why we not full support Little Hai, making Buda Family take some tortuous paths few, not only like this can by our many ally, most also be able to give Little Hai to make a good impression, when the time comes his help to our Calci Family on can. even bigger.” Smith nodded said : is, father, my understand, feel relieved, I knows how should do, right father, you said Little Hai Golden Island there, if has succeeded, can affect our Sky Water City here?” Lando shows a faint smile said : „should not to affect, even if influential is also the good influence, if his there does was good, that commodity mostly is the pirate snatches, is very certainly cheap, definitely will have some Merchant to buy the commodity in there, then attains Sky Water City to sell, Sky Water City here these pirates do not dare to come, but these Merchant do not have any issue, this has given these pirate money Xibai opportunity, he he, this to our Sky Water City here, a possible good matter.” Smith nodded said : is, father, how my understand should do, tomorrow Little Hai must go to Crook Family, but must go to Charlie Prince there, you said that what matter Charlie Prince there will have?” Lando shows a faint smile said : Charlie Prince to have any matter, Zhao Hai was his person, this point Your Majesty definitely already knows, but Your Majesty today actually big enjoyed Zhao Hai, this equal to was makes the Charlie Prince strength increase, Charlie naturally happy, now has looked like, Charlie Prince obtained imperial throne opportunity even bigger, but we did not want take part to go to well, maintained our Clan status on the line.” Smith nodded said : well, feel relieved, how I know do, I will not participate in the Little Hai matter.” Lando nodded. Saw here, Zhao Hai has not needed in looking, his very clear, he had the complete support of Calci Family now, this regarding Buda Family was really too important. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, static sitting in the living room, this motion, is really very good, not only obtained a Marquis title, had the full support of Calci Family, but can also become the forever ally with Crook Family, now he equal to in Rosen Empire here, has unfolded an own standing net, this net now is not quite mature, when Buda Family strength slowly, that this net will be getting more and more dense, more and more strong/sturdy. Also has rested a while, Zhao Hai called Robert Family these Undead Creature, now he must ask also has other matters, for example Robert Family Battle Qi Cultivation Method wait / etc.. Although has Wild Dragon Battle Qi in their Clan, but this Battle Qi is not who suits, therefore Zhao Hai also wants to hear other Clan Battle Qi Cultivation Method, even if he does not use, later can also put in the school that they run to these child study, must know that thousand Nian Clan clan in hand thing, can not be the substandard goods. These time in most precious thing that Calci Family there obtains, Zhao Hai does not think that is that some money, but is Calci Family internal library.

Are many in Ark Continent here although line of books, but some genuine useful good books, actually all control in these Great Noble families, the average person unable to see. But Great Clan that Robert Family status Rosen Empire knows how things stand, naturally also has own internal library, not only in this library has Robert Family some materials, has plenty Battle Qi and practice method, these thing regarding Zhao Hai are very important. Those who most let Zhao Hai happy is, in these books, Zhao Hai unexpectedly present several notes, but these note Robert Family carefully are preserving with the wooden crate, seems like much more precious than these books. After Zhao Hai sees these notes, knows why Robert Family such took seriously these to write down, because these wrote down is not other thing, but was the practice attainment that 9th level Expert kept! Practice attainment that 9th level Expert keeps, that absolutely is good thing, this thing regarding present Zhao Hai, the use is not possibly big, but they have big using regarding Green. Green, Merine, Kun, three people arrived at the 8th level peak level, only misses one step to arrive at 9th level, but these practice attainments happen to can provide some essences to examine to them. Zhao Hai now also understand, why these Great Clan easy appears 9th level Expert, but general small Clan, actually very difficult appears 9th level Expert, they to lack possibly is this practice attainment. Zhao Hai will certainly not record these Battle Qi Cultivation Method, he has given some Robert Family these person of papers, then makes them write, in any case they now are Advanced level Undead Creature, writes is not a problem. This was also Zhao Hai just thinks, after thinking of these, Zhao Hai in other these Undead Creature Expert Space called, nothing, they do not need to fight in any case now, happen to was calling this time, making them write down own practice attainment, like this wanted to Zhao Hai their later show very heavy. A day of safe, but Ark Continent here is actually blustery, appears of Engraved Ark, medicine powder appears , Robert Family was extinguished, Zhao Hai by to seal|confer Hou, the ownership of Golden Island, all these was stirred Continent not to be peaceful. Engraved Ark and medicine powder appears , regarding the person on Continent, somewhat are far, but leaves has caused the stir in Magician and Continent that High level some people. But the ownership of Golden Island, actually attracted on Continent the vision of many person! Where Golden Island is, on Continent all Noble all know that the commoner common people know. The Golden Island ownership issue, is Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire an anxious topic, because of this, therefore Golden Island there can continuously ownerless. Now Golden Island there had to advocate, but this main status marvelous, Buda Family, the family background was Aksu Empire, reward that but he obtained was actually Rosen Empire gets down, this made on Continent all people feel to be startled.

Rosen Empire the reward, is really very thought-provoking, Buda Family with Aksu Empire relationship, on Continent all people knows that all people think Buda Family ended, who can think that their suddenly powerful rises, becomes formidable Clan that on Continent has known how things stand. In this case, Rosen Empire suddenly the Zhao Hai fief finger in Golden Island, the matter of here surface must make the person think well. Aksu Empire there took a stand quickly, accepting fate of their not recognize Rosen Empire, moreover they firmly believed that Golden Island belongs to the Aksu Empire territory, if Rosen Empire dares to send for on Golden Island, will direct any consequence, Aksu Empire unable to guarantee. This without doubt is a threat, that meaning is, if Rosen Empire does not take back this accepting fate, may lead to the war of two countries. But regarding Zhao Hai, Aksu Empire has not said anything, the title and fief of Zhao Hai Clan clan, accept fate under Continent several big authentication of powerful nation and Radiant Church, is unmodifiable, therefore they want to dismiss Aksu Empire not to be impossible Zhao Hai now, let alone on Continent, allows Noble to have a pair of nationality, may lead double Noble to hold. However these came to see in Zhao Hai are the floating clouds, Golden Island there have given him, he can the famous testimony be suitable has occupied, before he did not occupy is because did not have Rosen Empire the reward at that time, if he has occupied, then offended two great nations on equal to, now he has occupied, offended one at most, he did not fear. Zhao Hai did not have what favorable impression to Aksu Empire, they to are really too certainly, therefore Zhao Hai that Buda Family did has not regarded oneself is the Aksu Empire person, he only worked as is the Black Wasteland person, because there was his kingdom, therefore regarding offending the Aksu Empire matter, he was a point psychological burden does not have. To evening's time, Zhao Hai they met Space Green, they said the today's fresh matter to Green, said his title and new fief. Green they to had not opposed that Green they do not have a point favorable impression to Aksu Empire now, now Zhao Hai is higher than in Aksu Empire in the Rosen Empire title, Green they naturally also think one are the Rosen Empire person, they after all are the Ark Continent here locally born people, very much settles on regarding that title, but like Zhao Hai, in the Zhao Hai eye, there is a strength, any nobility title, the line. Green their immediately agreed Zhao Hai procedure, regarding them, Golden Island there becomes a chicken of laying eggs, that does not matter, so long as Buda Family domain big on line. After Green they discussed this matter, Zhao Hai that several 9th level Expert note to Green they, Green they as if one had found a treasure, did not leave Space, immediately wanted in the Space rooms to read. The Space here environment is good, suits them to practice, therefore they do not want to exit, but now does not have too many matters in Iron Mountain Fort there well, they must close up several days not to matter in Space. In the evening has rested in Space well, next morning after having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai sits horse carriage to go to Crook Family. This Zhao Hai arrives at Crook Family, not like the previous time, only then a Jason person in there , etc. he, these time is led by the Jason grandfather, Crook Family Advanced level staff greets Zhao Hai outside the castle, the ten points showing due respect for feelings.

Zhao Hai does not have today extremely in free, was only bringing Xu Wanying and Junichi came, Laura they still reorganized these books in Space, these books were not a day or two can reorganize. Zhao Hai on the vehicle looked the posture that Crook Family shows stares, he has not thought of Crook Family unexpectedly such dragging in lots of people, when immediately/on horseback stops, his immediately from the vehicle, is bowing to the Jason grandfather said : grandfather, how you came out personally, this may too I don't deserve it.” The Jason grandfather heard Zhao Hai saying that on the face has cannot help but shown the smiling face, then he also to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : Crook Family Patriarch, Jesse Crook has seen Zhao Hai Buda Patriarch.” Meaning of Zhao Hai one hear of Jesse stares, but his immediately understand the meaning of Jesse, he hastily has also returned a courtesy said : Zhao Hai Buda to see Jesse Patriarch!” Both sides official after seeing to deliver the betrothal gifts, Jesse gives Zhao Hai to introduce the person in their Clan, the Jason father's name is Rauen, Zhao Hai to know Jesse and Rauen's name to the present. Zhao Hai also only paid attention to their name, the names of other Crook Clan members, Zhao Hai specially has not recorded, can be gives Cai'er to carry on the record. Waits to introduce that Jesse is then laughing Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, welcome you to come to our home, this God's Grace Day these many days, you had come, I must be angry.” Zhao Hai one hear of Jesse said that the meaning of understand Jesse, just introduced time, he is Buda Family Patriarch, but now he is the Jason friend, is his younger generation, therefore he will use this tone speech. Zhao Hai likes him using this tone speech, nature, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback smiles said : „the nearest/recent matter to be too many, but before , several days I, but has attended the banquet, but the grandfather your matter is too busy, has not participated, this may no wonder I.” Jesse laughs said : well, calculates rational that you said that but you must accompany my drinking well today two cups, come, went to say.” Then Jesse led Zhao Hai to enter the castle, has sat down to the lobby, this all the way Zhao Hai also present, Jesse absolutely was very strong Patriarch, other people in Crook Family, in his front, the simply too many rights to speak, Jesse has not been is the person of dictator that kind of shape absolutely, but could also look, he can hear in some Clan the opinion of person, just he powerful very in Clan, nobody dares too to oppose his words and that's the end.