Chapter 490 two status The Crook Family lobby, is similar to Calci Family, although said Jesse in prestigious unprecedented high of Crook Family, but other members in Clan, has own status, if they alliance gets up, Jesse also has to submit, but Jesse in Crook Family puts the prestige to be very high, in adding on wrist|skill brilliant, draws a batch very much, hits a batch, now in Crook Family is almost Jesse, therefore the Jesse speech can one word is as heavy as nine tripods, but he to supporting his person is very polite. After the lobby has sat down, Jesse not polite, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you comes also to know that directly today for what, tells you who I can be clear, now you have two status, Buda Family Patriarch, with the Jason friend, this first status, can treat as an equal with me, the second status, am I your elder, don’t know today you prepare to talk to me with that status?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : grandfather, I talked certainly to you as Jason friend that although I am Buda Family Patriarch, however in male, I am only Marquis, in private, I and Jason are good friends, you are the Jason grandfather, that naturally is my elder, I naturally spoke to you by the status of younger generation.” Jesse look at Zhao Hai, he and others was Zhao Hai these words, Zhao Hai can say that this indicated he was a person of heavy affectionate righteousness, such person Crook Family fully will support him, formed an alliance with him, otherwise, the Crook Family manner will live the subtle change. Jesse and other Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : well, Little Hai, you, since said that my this works as the elder, cannot make you suffer a loss, starting today, I hope that Buda Family and Crook Family become Eternal Alliance, becomes the forever ally, does not know that Little Hai you did agree?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I naturally to agree, but as the matter stands, Crook Family suffered a loss.” Jesse will laugh said : present Crook Family possibly to eat the point to owe, but, will not be good, this matter such settled, for two days we have been able this information to announce that right Little Hai, what to do your fief did you prepare? Receives? Is putting?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my thing, naturally is receives, then put is too not wasting?” Jesse knit the brows said : Little Hai, the Golden Island there matter is not that simple, if you want the method to receive really him, feared that is a little difficult, moreover may lead to the two countries war.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : two countries war? I see not, if Aksu Empire wants to go to Golden Island to move me, I to have a look at them to have this ability, feel relieved, Calci Family fully will support me, if Crook Family fully is supporting me, I think that Aksu Empire is makes in happy, they have to recognize my dominant position to the Golden Island . Moreover the grandfather you do not forget, my also Aksu Empire status, when necessary, this status has been able, when the stair gives under the Aksu Empire person.” Jesse stares, then immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, yes, Zhao Hai now with Aksu Empire relationship is very stiff, however his title, the average person could not have moved, but when necessary, this Aksu Empire status, but also really to his a little use. Jesse nodded said : that you, if after having taken back Golden Island, prepares to do above? there may not have the gold to mine now.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to think that the preparation received to say Golden Island first.” But Jesse the old fox, looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows he has not spoken the truth, he also knows that Zhao Hai had certainly the mature idea, but does not want to work as such many surface said. Jesse does not have to closely examine, but smiles said : well, that today's matter arrived at here, everyone/Great Clan disperses, Little Hai, you remained to accompany me to drink two cups!” Zhao Hai forced smile said : grandfather, I also prepares Third Prince there in the afternoon, yesterday was exceedingly good, you looked that this noon doesn't drink?” No matter Jesse actually that many, stare said : little to waste breath, making you drink drinks, fears anything, in the afternoon was going to Third Prince there to be good, he can also blame you being inadequate.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that also can only be not patiently smiles bitterly. At noon Jesse they have drunk some little time the liquor, drank the Zhao Hai dizziness brain to rise, does not have the means that Jesse their happy, must bring Zhao Hai to drink, good nice wine not above, even if were this also drinks Zhao Hai to faint dizzy. However Zhao Hai went to Charlie there, he does not want to Charlie one type of , he as soon as reaches the impression of getting angry does not recognize people, he was drinking also to drink the fluid of life, now liquor awaked was similar. Megan takes this matter to come the Zhao Hai joke, Calci Family to work as the fluid of valuable same life, could only be used to sober up to Zhao Hai here, said that feared will be Lando will pat dead Zhao Hai at the scene. To Charlie residence time, Charlie was waiting for Zhao Hai in in front of the door, they saw the ritual to directly soar the rear room, met next, Zhao Hai not to make the servant deliver sub after the rear room, but made the servant offer one cup of clear water, has drunk. Charlie looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : what kind of? Can Crook Family these fellows drink very much?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „can they drink my don’t know, but urges to drink absolutely is a top two, you see dozens individuals to be in shifts to propose a toast? I almost frightened at that time dig up under table.” Charlie laughs said : Crook Family is this, they in the imperial capital here also name, called the rascal Noble, the person in their Clan, came out a person is troublemaker, who took them not to have the means.”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : also is really, who can want to obtain, dozens -year-old man, but also is so shameless, is really.” Charlie laughs, said : was some little time right, what matter does Crook Family look for your? Have you also drunk these many liquor with them?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : good deed, Crook Family has formed Eternal Alliance with our Buda Family, two days must formally announce to outside world.” Charlie stares, then on face happy said : really? That fantastic.” Zhao Hai is Charlie under the hand/subordinate, now Buda Family strength originally is not weak, moreover with Calci Family relationship now also intimate, this made Zhao Hai status live very big change, if in adding on to subdue|grams principle to subdue|grams Clan, after that was Charlie struggles the imperial throne to be defeated, the protect Crown Prince title was the affirmation, moreover might very much becomes Crown Prince of real power. Naturally, Charlie understand, now he has also mounted the imperial throne opportunity, is older than anyone, before strengths of Crown Prince in several Prince was strongest, Charlie male time in him, because of Charlie working low key, therefore the average person will not note. Afterward because of the Terry reason, everyone/Great Clan knows that Crown Prince had the support of Robert Family, this is an extraordinary important matter, Crown Prince strength immediately/on horseback increases, faint had obtained the potential of imperial throne. However Robert Family suddenly perishes, suddenly appears of Engraved Ark organization, the suddenly use of medicine powder, all these hit Crown Prince one to be caught off guard, before letting Crown Prince all plan to fail completely, because of him with Robert Family relationship, he has made old King unhappy, in adding on the medicine powder matter he made on Continent all Magician unhappy, because of the matter of Engraved Ark, made these Noble keep at a respectful distance to him, person who now he to is became is instead most impossible to obtain the imperial throne. Second Prince was too crude, to Charlie simply any superiority, has not been adding on Jade Water City and Rising Water City is competition relationship, but Rising Water City obvious struggle Jade Water City, therefore he wants to mount the imperial throne is almost is impossible. But Charlie is different, his under the hand/subordinate most efficient Zhao Hai, just received old King reward, the Marquis title, an island as Clan hereditary fief, all these had affirmed Zhao Hai strength and status, this makes the Charlie strength increase, if adding on Calci Family and Crook Family, that Charlie strength absolutely is the crowns of various Prince. Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness feel relieved, this matter has decided that will not make any mistake.” The face of Charlie excited was red, some little time he calm gets down, look at Zhao Hai laughs said : Little Hai, you may really be my god star.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile too early, I who said : this saying said was not the lucky star, right Your Highness, I want I is very after a period of time busy, I prepared to receive Golden Island.” Charlie stares, then nodded said : Golden Island there to receive also well, but this matter is not that easy to do, have you thought?” Zhao Hai nodded, said to Charlie his beforehand plan, wants to turn into the free harbor matter to say to Charlie Golden Island there, Charlie listened to the Zhao Hai words, to is somewhat surprised, he has not thought Zhao Hai among the matter movements that wants to make the multi- congresses are so big. However he supports Zhao Hai such to do, if the plan really success of Zhao Hai, not only has the advantage to Buda Family, has very big advantage to him. Thinks that here Charlie immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your plans me fully to support, your important person I gives you, you want the thing I to give you thing, but a little, if your free harbor success, must keep a store front in inside to me, how?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness, you were also too polite, our relationship, you added these to do, feel relieved, Golden Island there, you settled on that place to your place, perhaps when the time comes must many be good with your Jade Water City cooperation.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that naturally is very happy, after he also really fears the Zhao Hai superior, will transform to his manner, then may be big to his attack. If Zhao Hai at this time leave Charlie, not only makes him damage in the strength greatly, the attack in prestige is huger, he cannot detain like the Zhao Hai such outstanding person, that also when King? Will lose confidence with his person, feared that is old King will also lose the confidence to him.