Chapter 491 stated Comes back after Charlie there, Zhao Hai on returned to Space, Laura their these days has been busy in Space, now these materials reorganized was similar, although they do not have absolutely has looked, however putting away of classification has not been a problem. Was adding on couple of days ago Zhao Hai to let these materials that these Undead Creature wrote, written was similar, Laura they were making the final reorganization. These materials they have been divided into two parts by Laura now, some immaterial thing, have put Iron Mountain school there, studies to use for the there student, but some important materials, Zhao Hai has actually put in them Space Villa, prepared the room to put these materials in the villa specially. Zhao Hai enters Space time, Laura they have tidied up, were sitting in the Space living room are drinking sub, saw Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately/on horseback gave Zhao Hai but actually one cup of sub. Looks at Zhao Hai to have also some red, smell of alcohol, Laura immediately/on horseback knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, later the liquor little drinks, you have a look, a wine taste.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I do not think that but there is any means that today these two liquor have no alternative but to drink, Crook Family there had determined that must form Eternal Alliance with us, Charlie Prince there also has to greet.” Laura nodded, he also knows that to the person of Zhao Hai this status, the matter that he must deal with were many, this treating with courtesy cannot avoid, but she is very grieved. Meg is grieved, her quickly said: Young Master, you wash Hot Spring, this will be comfortable.” Zhao Hai thinks also to comply on the nod, now he wine taste smell is uncomfortable, Space here Hot Spring is happen to convenient, Bubble Wen Er well is also good. Zhao Hai went to soak Hot Spring, Laura their several actually sat outside is chatting, Laura turned the head to Megan said : Megan, you said that we should also make hill to construct a castle in the Carson City surrounding, by the Elder Brother Hai present status, should be OK?” Megan nodded said : this to arrive is good means that but I feared that Elder Brother Hai did not agree, must construct a castle, but must spend a lot of money, moreover Carson City surrounding famous hill made the person occupy, did not have the fame hill environment not quite to be good.” Laura thinks said : „, or I looked that made Elder Brother Hai say to Your Highness, we were not good to take over to result in the Robert Family castle, their Clan castle, others will not want in any case.” Did Meg knit the brows said : this? Robert Family was extinguished by us, now we are admitted to their castles, this is somewhat strange, I do not like.”

Megan nodded said : I not to like, moreover Your Majesty will not agree that I thought that we are construct good, this sum of money cannot save, constructs the castle around Carson City, is the symbol of one type of status, is also looking like Your Majesty to indicate own standpoint.” Laura knit the brows said : originally also some such saying, but this is also good, if we construct a castle around Carson City, can play such big doing to use, that arrives should construct one, was right, I thought that this matter with Grandpa Green discussed is good.” Megan selected has selected said : „should with Grandpa Green they to discuss, this matter was not the minor matter, but is relationship to the Buda Family future important matter.” Laura nodded, then several people also chatted several, before long Zhao Hai came out from the Hot Spring room, now he is one was neat, Laura told Zhao Hai that they just said that Zhao Hai to had not opposed, conversely, he also being interested. However this constructs the castle is not a day or two can construct, the meaning of Zhao Hai is, first has solved the Golden Island there matter, after the solution, will be constructing the castle, Laura they naturally will not oppose. A night does not have the words, next day Smith told Zhao Hai information, the Calci Family preparation held a banquet in dark soldier fort here, celebrated Zhao Hai to obtain the Marquis title. Zhao Hai had not opposed that he knows this is a process that must walk, this banquet is lets him actually with processes of these Great Noble understanding, lets these Great Noble true recognize his a process of existence. This banquet conducts very successful, now Zhao Hai in the Rosen Empire crest of wave vigor, nobody will not give the Zhao Hai face at this time. In adding on these Noble is not the fool, shows the strength that from Zhao Hai, Calci Family on adding on Third Prince relationship, the people knew, rising of Buda Family, is inevitable, at this time, the matter of improving on perfection, nobody has not liked doing. The second day that Zhao Hai holds the banquet, Crook Family formally to the outside announced that forms the forever union with Buda Family, this without doubt is a big bomb, making all people look at one to Buda Family high. Eternal Alliance is representing anything, Noble don’t know on Continent, any Noble will not have violated the forever union, because they know, if they have violated the forever union, will receive preemptions of all Noble, after that their family placed General Continent not to have the foothold. After this information announced that these established Noble on Continent presently, now the Buda Family strength was not then worse than them.

This information has not passed, then another information in one time made Continent shock, the Shelly Family high-sounding talk announced that is willing to form the offensive and defensive alliance with Buda Family. The offensive and defensive alliance and forever union are different, offensive and defensive alliance although is also the one type of ally, but does not have the forever union that big binding force, the meaning of offensive and defensive alliance is similar to anticipation in his wording is the same, has difficult, another must help, two clans can start the cooperation, is one type of is quite light the loose alliance. Fame of Shelly Family on Continent is also very big, on Continent first big hotel Clan, on everyone/Great Clan one of the most famous Merchant Clan, they are willing to form the offensive and defensive alliance with Buda Family unexpectedly, this stems from the anticipation of many person. This matter Zhao Hai to already knows, already he to Carson City here has come God's Grace Day the time, Shelly Family with Zhao Hai discussed that this matter, Zhao Hai also agreed that forms an alliance with Shelly Family compared with forms an alliance with Crook Family must early, but Zhao Hai had not announced to the outside. However the in recent time Buda Family crest of wave was too abundant, Zhao Hai does not want to announce that Shelly Family actually wants to announce, forms an alliance with Zhao Hai, the effect on their Clan is very big. Shelly Family also understand, in the final analysis are only Merchant Clan, if can form an alliance with Buda Family this kind of newcomer Noble, regarding them, only then the advantage does not have the fault. although said that they after Zhao Hai forms an alliance, regarding them beside Rosen Empire the business will have some influences, but they believe that depending on strength that their Shelly Family for many years accumulated, after pass through this difficulty is not very difficult, but if has let off Buda Family this ally, that was very difficult to find one appropriately. Shelly Family announced that forms an alliance with Buda Family, the person on Continent is in an uproar, now is not having anybody to dare underestimated Buda Family. However also some people jumped to give Buda Family to be embarrassed at this time, this person was not others, was Aksu Empire, Aksu Empire jumped at this time, announcement of high-sounding talk, reward of their absolutely not recognize Rosen Empire to Buda Family, if Buda Family dares to step Golden Island, they did not remove the use military force to regain Golden Island! This did not warn, but is the threat, Aksu Empire such decision, on Continent all vision have coped with Rosen Empire and Buda Family. Rosen Empire any response, they to the outside had not announced that Golden Island is the Buda Family hereditary territory, has the skill to take to obtain Golden Island that is the Buda Family matter, if Buda puts to request that Empire dispatches troops, Empire will help, because Zhao Hai is Rosen Empire Noble. A Noble fool on Continent, they have not known that Rosen Empire such does, is compelling Buda Family to take a stand, lets Buda Family and Aksu Empire thorough getting angry.

But Zhao Hai looks at Aksu Empire so tyrannicalally, his immediately/on horseback has also shown a statement, his serious stated to Continent on that Golden Island is the Buda Family territory, is Rosen Empire bestows Buda, anybody does not pass through permission of Buda Family, friendly from getting up the words of island, he regards as it the challenge to Buda Family, he will not remove with the military force solves. The statement same strength of Zhao Hai, is a warning, occupies these pirates' warnings on island to these. Regarding the Zhao Hai reputation, Aksu Empire immediately/on horseback reacts, they in one time claimed that Golden Island is the Aksu Empire territory, anybody dares on the island, must the brewer's grain to the Aksu Empire severest attack. Zhao Hai stated in a table that he gives all the person last deadline on Golden Island, ten days, ten days later, if also some people occupy on Golden Island, Buda Family will dispatch troops to Golden Island officially, swings in Ping Island all rebel influences. On this Continent one has lived it up, can all people ten days later Buda Family look at dispatch troops to Golden Island, but Zhao Hai actually uses these ten days , the situation on Golden Island, was all clear. Blood Hawk is bringing Ghost Staff, has kept flies on Golden Island, is not only monitoring Golden Island there all, is paying also attention to the response of Aksu Empire. After Zhao Hai has shown that sound, these pirates already like noisy crowd same leave from Golden Island, now no matter Buda Family also has Aksu Empire, is not their these pirates can deal with, therefore they prepared leave Golden Island. Such that just like Zhao Hai said that Golden Island there although status very heavy wants, but regarding these pirates, anything, Golden Island there has not robbed to Yu Hai at the worst, is not may not take to treat, reason that they in there, are because there nobody manages, now some there people have managed, they naturally will not touch the mildew head of Buda. Zhao Hai vicious and merciless is became famous on Continent, since he treats the Robert Family method to be able, facing a such person, these pirates is also afraid.