A Chapter 492 night exchanges ownerships Zhao Hai regarding these pirates procedure very happy that such is tactful, but is a little also regrettable, he has not hoped that really these pirates all ran, they all ran, that Golden Island there on the remaining spatial islands, he cannot only find the excuse to tidy up these pirates, these pirate these years rob, but had many good thing, if these thing have all turned over to Zhao Hai, he can gain one. Zhao Hai is a little infatuated with the motion of this taking by force now, this took by force makes money compared with other business, moreover many of one by one gaining. However Zhao Hai also knows that is impossible, reason that he can show that statement, actually only then a point, is makes these pirates travel. Right that his very clear, Smith they said that these pirates has big big influence support, if he said nothing, came up to hit, then appropriated to oneself obtained of these pirates, he offended many people, then to the Buda Family show very disadvantageous. He a Table statement, the expression is heavier first, such these pirates are tactful will run, is not tactful also remains with the Zhao Hai proceed boldly, that Zhao Hai has killed him, no one could say anything. However Zhao Hai had evidently underestimated he now the status in these big influence hearts on Continent, these Great Clan one have not been the fools, they know that the Zhao Hai strength, knows Zhao Hai behind the fierce place of that relationship net, nobody will touch the mildew head of Zhao Hai at this time, that equal to was exactly enough, therefore their immediately to oneself Clan control these pirates, making them choose the place again. Actually Golden Island here originally is not Lair of these pirates, they have their Lair, the Golden Island there originally dry matter is actually a free trade harbor matter, these pirates trade in there, some can the pirate who the dunghill sells, the low price buy these not to have the sale pirate in hand dunghill, turns into money these thing, or various types of commodities, must sell to these pirates, as the matter stands these pirates can survive for a long time. On Golden Island has some year to year the pirate who moves on the island, but these pirates have their base on other islands, therefore they after obtaining them behind the order of influence, immediately ran away from Golden Island there. These pirate also understand, Buda Family, if on Golden Island, Aksu Empire there certain office had the motion, Golden Island there certainly will turn when the time comes into a battlefield, their these pirates, do not want to go to this turbid water, because of their very clear, this turbid water is not they have the qualifications like this. Looked that these pirates ran, Zhao Hai has put the body of Aksu Empire and Rosen Empire the key point of surveillance, Aksu Empire there to the Golden Island nearest/recent influence is Southern King Boris, but Zhao Hai has the big enmity with Boris, Boris will certainly not let off this opportunity, can cope with him. But Rosen Empire here not necessarily will have any good intention, their initially has not settled any good intention to Golden Island there the Zhao Hai minute, not only need instigate Zhao Hai and Aksu Empire relationship, but also wants to insert nail/saboteur in Aksu Empire sea region, Zhao Hai feared that Rosen Empire old King wants to use him, after using, thinks that was removing him, therefore he was also monitoring the Rosen Empire here situation. However his places Aksu Empire there with emphasis, Rosen Empire here has Charlie, has Calci Family, has Crook Family, if Rosen Empire has anything to change, they will certainly receive information, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried very much, but regarding Aksu Empire, Zhao Hai actually has no alternative but to be worried. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Aksu Empire there built up big and small warship more than 500, prepared to occupy Golden Island. Looks at this situation, Zhao Hai to does not worry, staying of his everyday still calm in dark soldier fort, once for a while participates in these Noble to hold a banquet that beams with joy before the person, do not go to the meaning of Golden Island,

His such procedure, not only makes Aksu Empire not look at understand, Rosen Empire here all people do not look at understand, don’t know this is any meaning, before him , the present that statement is fake. Only then Laura their understand, Zhao Hai now, he on and other Aksu Empire fleets Golden Island, so long as the Aksu Empire fleet to Golden Island, Zhao Hai on immediately/on horseback appears in Golden Island there, release his Undead Creature, has then caught the whole lot in a dragnet that fleet, making that fleet turn into one in his undead fleet. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, has it that the person on Continent despises, puzzled has it, but actually nobody positive to Zhao Hai this matter, because of their very clear, even if Zhao Hai own strength is very weak, present Zhao Hai is not the average person can stir up. But the Boris fleet has not actually managed Zhao Hai to move, they started to take action in any case first, the fleets of more than 500 ships, the person Aksu Empire southern port city Jesus has drawn the city to leave, target Golden Island. Smith they regarding the Zhao Hai procedure also very puzzled, they had also asked how Zhao Hai must do, but Zhao Hai actually smiles does not make noise. The Aksu Empire fleet leaves two days later, King suddenly summoned Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knows King possibly for the matter of Aksu Empire fleet, therefore he has not said anything, immediately sits horse carriage to go to the imperial palace. Zhao Hai that King these time summoned alone, the place behind the imperial palace, in King study room, King study room that naturally was outstanding, Zhao Hai after King saluted, King bestows to sit to him. After Zhao Hai sits down, King look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai Marquis, can you know the sound of Aksu Empire fleet?” Zhao Hai has not thought really that King unexpectedly such direct, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : returns to the words of my king, gets down the feudal official to know.” King nodded, look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : that does not know that what method Zhao Hai Marquis you do have to deal? Must know that Golden Island is my Rosen Empire bestows your, you cannot make Aksu Empire these barbarians snatch absolutely, your understand?” Zhao Hai busy said : under feudal official understand, invited my king feel relieved, Golden Island forever was Rosen Empire part, was the Buda Family territory, gets down the feudal official not to give anybody there, invited my king feel relieved.” King one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion slightly slow, nodded said : your understand to be good, Zhao Hai Marquis, I want to tell you am, you now are Rosen Empire Marquis, is the Rosen Empire subject, if some people dare to have any threat in force to you, Rosen Empire look at will not manage.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand King, King is feared that he does not have the strength to solve this matter, therefore told Zhao Hai, you had the matter that could not solve, Rosen Empire can act for you to solve.

Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback smiles said : my Wang Qing feel relieved, gets down the feudal official also to be capable of solving to rush in oneself family's Little Wool thief, but under the feudal official wants to ask this Little Wool very to enter under Clan of feudal official, gets down the feudal official to close the main house gate, did not make them run.” King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback laughs said : well, Zhao Hai Marquis, remembers the words that you spoke, do not disappoint me.” Zhao Hai stands to salute said : to invite my king feel relieved, will get down the feudal official not to let my Wang Shiwang absolutely.” King nodded said : well, draws back, this King watches your performance.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, after saluting, asked to be excused. But at this time stated from Zhao Hai table ten days that already past eight days, in having two days was the deadlines of Zhao Hai ten days of statements, but Aksu Empire fleet, arrived at Golden Island two days later. Now on Continent the vision of all people centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, how they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to do, but they were quickly disappointed, the Zhao Hai anything procedure does not have, he is still staying of everyday in the dark soldier fort, occasionally attended a banquet, beams with joy in the person surface, then did not have any movement. At this time on Continent many people believe that Zhao Hai these time recognized the bear, in their opinion, this do not blame Zhao Hai, the opposite party was one deployed more than 500 battleships, five mast Ironclad Battleship had more than 200, three mast ordinary battleships had more than 300, was only the quantity of sailor has several hundred thousand people, moreover had the 8th level Expert about thousand people that Aksu Empire sent, heard that also had 9th level Expert to sit, in this case, Zhao Hai recognized the bear also should be. However some Noble want in ridicule Zhao Hai well, because the beforehand Buda Family reputation was too abundant, this makes many people unable to get used to seeing. Two days, on the past, have been paying attention to the people of Aksu Empire fleet in a flash at this time present, the Aksu Empire fleet, entered to Golden Island sea region, has been preparing to approach shore, it seems like it was the planned is stationed in there. Really, the Aksu Empire fleet approach shores, Aksu Empire immediately/on horseback said to the semblance reputation that Golden Island is the Aksu Empire inalienable territory, they must construct a naval base on Golden Island. Regarding Aksu Empire such statement, the person on Continent has lost one's voice collectively, they simultaneously turned the head the vision Rosen Empire, in their opinion, Zhao Hai did not have what good attention now, what now should pay attention is Rosen Empire, has a look at Rosen Empire to Aksu Empire this obvious provocation, what method will use back and forth should. However makes the people on Continent feel what is strange, Rosen Empire any response, this matter simply has not lived has probably been same. The people's on Continent in one time in an uproar, they have not thought that very strong Rosen Empire, unexpectedly will always swallow this tone, this was too unusual!

On Continent under the gazes of all people, the Aksu Empire naval base has only used ten days of times constructs, these ten days of times, Zhao Hai not any response, but Aksu Empire there these ten days of times had actually gone all out, freighters enter Golden Island, then unloads the on the ship building material, one minute are not then many stops, immediately drives away, but that several hundred thousand person full constructions on island this naval base, in adding on the help of some Magician, can therefore at ten days in, probably construct a naval base. Getting up. Establishment of this naval base, symbolizes that the victory of Aksu Empire, in people opinion, constructed the naval base on Golden Island, Rosen Empire in has wanted to take Golden Island to be difficult, now simply nobody thought of Buda Family. The Aksu Empire fleet enters Golden Island ten days later, the Aksu Empire Golden Island naval base constructed officially that night, in the base was carrying on celebration time, among suddenly, innumerable Undead Creature appears on Golden Island, appears , in stopped on the Golden Island pier there Aksu Empire battleship, one slaughtered launches in light of this. Nobody knows that on that evening's Golden Island lived anything, only knew the second day, Aksu Empire flag vanish from sight on Golden Island, what on Golden Island was fluttering was Buda Family Wild Dragon War flag, the Aksu Empire Golden Island naval base, turned into the Buda Family fleet training base, simultaneously *** sea surface, has not permitted any Aksu Empire ships to approach Golden Island. This evening's accident, making on Continent all people feel to be startled, what matter their don’t know this lived, did the Aksu Empire fleet collective revolt? On Continent all people cannot understand, Zhao Hai these time from Carson City left, first sits horse carriage, then travels by boat, directly soars Golden Island. On Continent the vision of all people centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai side are like original, has followed two servants, three fiancees, in a additional maidservant, in others, horse carriage have not been about one, the ship are about one. However on Continent all people see this horse carriage, saw that ship can allow to pass through, they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to Golden Island there, can be any situation, was warmly welcomed, will be returned. Quick they knew, Zhao Hai when close Golden Island sea region, on Golden Island is stopping the Aksu Empire fleet, all started, the guard by the Zhao Hai ship, received in Zhao Hai the island, after waiting for on Zhao Hai the island, immediately/on horseback table sound: On Golden Island all Aksu Empire navies, turned into Undead Creature completely, if to not let Aksu Empire cultivates a complete naval base to him, the Aksu Empire fleet was getting up the same day of island dead certainly, this was to a lesson of Aksu Empire! Also all wants to hit the person warning of Golden Island idea to Continent on, thinks that is invading Golden Island, uses Aksu Empire the fleet as an example!” Such remarks, person immediately on Continent fell into a deathly stillness, they had not suspected that the Zhao Hai words, because in the light of Zhao Hai table statement, Aksu Empire sent out another fleet to attack Golden Island, was actually repelled by the original that fleet, in both sides combat process, the person on Aksu Empire second fleet present, originally the person on that fleet, all turned into Undead Creature! Confirmed after accuracy of Zhao Hai statement, on Continent all people felt that their back is cool! They feel shocking for the Zhao Hai method, is afraid! In their eyes, Zhao Hai is not a person, but is a living devil!