Chapter 493 Golden Island belongs to finally This Aksu Empire sends on Golden Island the scale of fleet, almost all people know, because on Continent the innumerable eyes are only staring at there, Aksu Empire these time sends in the ship on Golden Island not, only then crew and Combatant, but also has plenty Artisan, they mainly to construct naval base. People on 500 battleship, are adding on these Artisan and some coolies, all people add to fear how many hundred thousand people have, how many hundred thousand person that? How many hundred thousand Undead Creature now turned into unexpectedly? Moreover the Zhao Hai lane, who isn't that the devil is a devil? Even if on Continent the people of these kill people like scything flax, if makes them kill several hundred thousand people personally, will meet the has plenty person to be lenient, but Zhao Hai will be the eye has not actually winked, several hundred thousand people turned into several hundred thousand Undead Creature, this simple ratio will kill several hundred thousand people vicious. Is shocking in the Zhao Hai stingy agreement, these people are shocked in the Zhao Hai strength, how many hundred thousand people a person can turn into Undead Creature unexpectedly, what person is this? What situation is his strength formidable to? This all, gave Zhao Hai to cover the one layer mysterious veil. But on Continent the major influence biggest hobbies the veil of this one layer level give to lift, because is not only curious, what are more is considers for oneself, the strength and method that Zhao Hai shows are really was too scary. When the people on Continent start to investigate Zhao Hai time, they present, Zhao Hai unexpectedly is so fearful existence, the top ten eight years, he is a standard Inferior level playboy, is that type depends in oneself family a little influence, runs amuck overbearing, the playboy of having neither learning nor skill was called generally is the Inferior level playboy. When he drinks Water of Nothingness, after being matched that by the place that the people lose desirably look, he actually lived the qualitative change, several months later, he uses an alias Zhao Hai appears on Continent. Just came out, he received on Continent person head pain undead Mercenary Group, then he relieved was doing his business, finally actually became enemies with Radiant Church and Markey Family, after killing the a batch person, ran away on Prairie. Comes out from Prairie, he turned into another appearance, then he arrived at Rosen Empire, Grand Duke Layen fell from power because of him, entire Clan by the slaughter, he was then done against Calci Family, finally compelled Calci Family to admit defeat, rescued Purcell Duchy in then him, obtained near hundred thousand Undead Creature, had revealed also his about 10,000 Beastman Race Undead Creature, extinguished Robert Family in then him, the one who most made the person pay attention was his method, he has killed Robert Family all people, a living witness has not remained, moreover turned into Undead Creature the Robert Family person, in then on was the Aksu Empire these hundred thousand people.. Now the people this calculates that was also extraordinary, Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature already about 1 million! About 1 million Advanced level Undead Creature? What strength is this? Do not say general ordinary Clan, even if thousand Nian Clan clans and these big Empire does not dare offending easily? Must say that the beforehand people have not possibly cared, your Zhao Hai , is also not 9th level Expert, your Buda Family does not have 9th level Expert, we can compel returned to Black Wasteland to go you in the same old way. However now is not good, heard that Zhao Hai in hand has 9th level Expert, in adding on him now is the Calci Family son-in-law, is the Crook Family forever ally, in this case, on Continent, if offends Zhao Hai in some people, that was the head makes certainly the gate clamp.

Since Zhao Hai to Golden Island on, on Continent all influences lost the sound at once, Aksu Empire there did not have any sound. Then the Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback table stated that Golden Island becomes on Continent the first free harbor, coming here to do business the person, regardless of status, so long as he pays taxes, does not stir up trouble on the island, can do business on the island, on Golden Island surrounding thousand li(500 km) sea surface can not resort to violence, has to dare in Golden Island radius of a thousand li(500 km) sea region to move warrior, kills! Kills off a steaming statement, if before is, Zhao Hai said that feared that was few believes personally, but now is different, now in seeing this sound, on Continent few dares not to attach great importance to personally. The strength decides all, Zhao Hai currently has the good strength, therefore he has shown such killing aura steaming statement, nobody will oppose that because of these person of very clear, Buda Family has such strength. More than 500 battleships, on the battleship also all are Undead Creature, Buda Family truly can make on radius of a thousand li(500 km) sea surface not live any war. After Zhao Hai has shown this statement, Aksu Empire suddenly has also shown a statement, this statement very thought-provoking: Since Zhao Hai Count Buda, has had to Aksu Empire for offering, bestows Zhao Hai Buda especially is the Third Grade Marquis title, bestows Golden Island is Buda Family fief, perpetual hereditary rank. This statement is really very interesting, what relationship Buda Family with Aksu Empire is, all people are clear, can say that this statement is the statement that Aksu Empire admitted defeat. This makes the people on Continent feel that very puzzled, why their understand Aksu Empire cannot suddenly admit defeat, they should send out 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai is right. Quick information passed on, originally Aksu Empire has sent out 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, but five 9th level Expert went to Golden Island there to have not to return, Aksu Empire then has to admit defeat. This information although has not been confirmed that but many people on Continent believe this information real, because of their very clear, if Aksu Empire if has not sent 9th level Expert to go to Golden Island there, they such easily will not admit defeat. No matter because of any reason, Aksu Empire this stated that a table comes out, Golden Island ownership power also official had the conclusion, from now henceforth Golden Island there belonged to Buda Family all.

This matter decided that the people started not to pay attention to a matter, before was Zhao Hai, said that Golden Island there became the free harbor matter. Free harbor, this word first time appears on Continent, but these Noble are not the fools, have they first this free harbor done on understand. This free harbor, gave these pirate to publicize the dunghill sell place, this arrived is very appealing, but actually nobody will go to Golden Island there to trade now, because they were also scared, there was one died several hundred thousand people, if did not fear that was strange. Zhao Hai regarding bystander's response, had already thought that he has not worried, he is inspecting in Golden Island here now. Zhao Hai although has seen the Golden Island complete picture on the screen, but actually comes to see now, is the feeling is very different. Zhao Hai knows that Golden Island here why so many pirates will have occupied in here, the person who because in this island was mined the gold ore destroys was too serious. Entire Golden Island looks like looks like by the insect has eaten apple, above is the pinhole, these people who mines the gold with Iron Mountain there Dwarf mine tunnel completely different. The Dwarf iron ore there mine tunnel access is not many, if no tarn, Zhao Hai almost can affirm that Iron Mountain there is Yamanaka Castle, but Golden Island here is different, here mine tunnel extremely numerous, as many cannot count as Zhao Hai, he made Cai'er count to know that on entire Golden Island, every large or small mine tunnel added to have twenty thousand many fully. Because of existences of this twenty thousand many mine tunnels, making originally not big Golden Island look like thousand sore faces, horrible to look, although is this, but good after is more than thousand years ago matters, now the vegetation on island restored, because the past years destroyed extremely in serious, vegetation although restored now, but above did not have extremely in the tall tree, most was some weeds. The entire Golden Island altogether two mountains, two mountain coming of age glyph arrange on the island, but on these two mountains is some mine tunnels, already destroyed very critical. Person also a little brain that however initially opens up a mine, in these mine tunnel although is not interlinked, however actually built roads on the mountain, because Stone on that mountain is very hard, although passed such my year, these roads can use. Zhao Hai looked at cavern on island, some cavern have the trace that lives in excellently, some cavern do not have, most makes Zhao Hai feel what is puzzled, gives people a hard time on Golden Island, he has not seen Magic Beast unexpectedly.

although Zhao Hai is strange, but he has not thought that island previous now besides these mine tunnels, that naval base that only then Aksu Empire these people construct, that naval base Zhao Hai looked, the scale was not small, has used about thousand mine tunnels as the rest place, in the external island biggest pier, the surroundings have also encircled with the stone wall person, in the entire base lived in tens of thousands people not to be a problem. This base constructs under the mountain, in an out-of-the-way mountain area in Dingzi Shan, because there is a help of Magician, in adding on some Artisan of accompanying the armed forces, the standard of ten points the entire base constructs, this base Zhao Hai preparation remained, Undead Creature Zhao Hai of these Aksu Empire navies did not prepare to receive, making them stay in the island. After Golden Island, must complete the free harbor, but in the island must have the custom, these Undead Creature stay in the island to keep the order. Besides these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai still in Golden Island surrounding release in large quantities of seas Magic Beast, in these seas Magic Beast one to protect Golden Island, another does with is monitors around Golden Island the sound in sea region. To be honest, Zhao Hai regarding Golden Island here also is really not the Supreme heart, here is only a place that he is used to make money, must speak of the environment, he likes an ape island, the there link before dawn be better than Golden Island on many. Zhao Hai decided, came Golden Island to live in military base there, then the person who adjusted some management from Iron Mountain Fort there comes, did normally do the matter, gave these Undead Creature to be responsible. Now Zhao Hai must do, road cultivating on island well, then can Golden Island here be able official being open for business. Zhao Hai has thought that now nobody dares to come , because has not taken the lead, this point he did not fear, Calci Family, Crook Family, hotel, Charlie Prince, they want to open a shop on the island, but Zhao Hai does not believe that their these that clean, in hand does not have the 1 or 2 pirate group, so long as allows their people to enter to Golden Island to do business, can play doing that takes the lead to use, when the time comes other person natures also to do business on dare their here.