Chapter 494 Plate Silk Grass Island last present although what does not have, so long as after turning into the free harbor, what immediately met to have, do you want to come to the island to do business? Ok, but in the island only gives you a piece place, other you try to find the solution, you want to use the original hole ore to do business, wants itself to construct the house to be good, in the island can give you to be preferential. If you do not have the time to construct housing, that also it doesn't matter, in the island can help you construct the house, but has remembered, this is must collect fees. Zhao Hai has thought that now at this time, Iron Mountain Fort there nothing, what to do originally with that this Artisan that Aksu Empire did come? They turned into Undead Creature now, if puts is not using, was really a pity, therefore Zhao Hai has thought means that organize a constructional force, making these Undead Creature Artisan do the work, manuscript construction on island. a batch meets the Artisan skill 8th level Undead Creature, making them give the person to build the house, what concept can that be? Thinks that here Zhao Hai wants to smile, believes this constructional force, if can arrive at Earth to come up, that boss does not dare to fall behind their wages. Zhao Hai lets this constructional force first, outside the naval base, has constructed small building, in this small building management staff that adjusts from Iron Mountain Fort has not lived to these. These management staff that adjusts from Iron Mountain Fort, naturally before is Laura these under the hand/subordinate, before her talented person who these under the hand/subordinate can assume sole responsibility for an important task, the light was places Iron Mountain Fort there teaching, command(er) Undead Creature too wastes. Zhao Hai does not want to kill these coolies who these Artisan and adjusting work works, but does not have the means that these people are also Artisan in army, they take up the tool are Artisan, puts down the tool, takes up weapon to become a soldier, Zhao Hai has to kill them. Those who most let Zhao Hai happy is, in these people of this homicide, has plenty is Magician, these Magician by Earth element and Water element is in the majority, because they coordinate these Artisan to construct the naval base. This Aksu Empire has gotten down the initial capital, altogether sent out about thousand Magician to help, moreover these Magician level were not low, they to the shortest time build a naval base, created a fait accomplice, like this, can better bargained back and forth with Rosen Empire. However was a pity that this time small advantage all made Zhao Hai occupying, original Zhao Hai wants to wait till their on island, immediately gives to extinguish them, who can want to obtain, after their these fellows went to the island, opened unexpectedly built the base, Zhao Hai can give up this opportunity, do not construct the base? Good, constructs, wait for you construct me to tidy up you.

Constructs small building, basic in less than that many Artisan, Zhao Hai makes other people construct a five layers high building fortunately, one layer is used to manage the labor, outside several layers do not live to these people, remaining Artisan and coolies start to build roads on the island. Zhao Hai records Chinese ten points to have the fame slogan, to be rich, first builds roads, wish makes Golden Island here attract these Merchant to come, naturally wants the good point environment, therefore Zhao Hai also starts to plan entire Golden Island. On Golden Island what are most? The answer is the mine tunnel are most, these mine tunnels have some are each other interlinked, some are actually only a straight mine tunnel. Except that the mine tunnel is the weed, these weeds must clean up, but after Zhao Hai looked at these weeds presently, these weeds unexpectedly are one type of he has not seen the weeds, he curious, took in a weed Space, in Space immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Thousand Millennium Grass-rooted Weed, have very strong medicinal function, seems like a piece of weed, actually underground grass roots early by the successive in together, has become a grass, Life Force level, suggested that Host shifts this grass to Space in completely, Space will act according to this grass to improve the Space pasture and same type plants growth relationship, may train Wood element Elf.” In Space does not have prompt this grass to let Space Level Up, had not said level that this grass, the function that but this grass, Zhao Hai being jealous, unexpectedly so many advantage, that does not have anything saying that receives! So long as can let Space Level Up, that does not have other said that even if hollowed out entire Golden Island does not have no relationship. Now Zhao Hai must receive thing is very relaxed, like before, only cannot opens Space rift, allowing these thing to enter to Space, now after Space Level Up, so long as Zhao Hai wants, thing within original kilometer, can receive in Space, even if the land can take into Space several layers, but a little, full of wisdom thing, cannot use Space directly collection forcefully. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback began, has used entire five days, giving people a hard time the vegetation on Golden Island swept clear, all weeds and trees took in Space, turned into Space part. Zhao Hai when receives the weed, truly some surprised, while receiving weed, took in weed following one meter land Space, is feared that has injured the roots of these weeds. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, the roots of these weeds gripped underground more than 2 meters unexpectedly, some have taken in the root Stone.

After waiting for Zhao Hai plants on Golden Island to take in Space, Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Space income massive pure Wood element energy, Space level Level Up Level 49, may improve plants, same type plants may mutually depend on each other, existing changes is Wood element plants, includes massive Metal element energy, improves the Host physique, Host is the Metal element physique, presently is also the physique for the [gold/metal] wood, but Plant Manipulation, invited the Host many practices.” Zhao Hai is listening to the Space prompt sound, presently in his mind only has gotten down a few words, present Space Level Up is really not easy, these many thing have come, only rose 1st level unexpectedly. However what lets Zhao Hai Advanced level is, now he can Plant Manipulation, this be unexpectedly an extraordinary important matter, originally he can absolutely Metal Manipulation, the ability that is, including plants can now control, that not fierce. However he also knows, Metal Manipulation he most can now the control 100 jin (0.5 kg), the result that because cannot exercise, his Plant Manipulation ability, feared that is also bit by bit exercises is good. However is this, the advantage that he obtains were also many, when happy, some Zhao Hai headaches, Golden Island there was point plants did not have now, turned into lava like existence. Zhao Hai very clear, if Golden Island here vegetation, that has not troubled, so long as windy rain, Golden Island here meets the appears anything sand storm, the mountain landslide, the mud-rock flow, such place simply not suitable person lives. In Zhao Hai bothersome time, suddenly broadcasts the sound that a wing has wielded, Zhao Hai stares, in this Space hasn't put too big flight Magic Beast probably? In this time, is wielding the sound of wing actually to vanish, in the Zhao Hai puzzled sound, a sound is transmitting said : Young Master, my Level Up!” Zhao Hai stares, looks following the sound, is Cai'er, now Cai'er is not originally such, only then the finger was so big, now he small arms of some people were quickly high, attire does not have what change, what however is undeniable, Cai'er truly was Level Up. Cai'er Advanced level flies the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, fantastic, my Level Up, is to come dozens 9th level Expert now does not hit me, I can branch out more branching, but can also plants in control Space, but can also improve some plants, even can make two different plants seed unify, gives birth to new seed to come.” Zhao Hai face pleasantly surprised look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, what you said is real? Can you really Level Up?” Cai'er has selected nod said : Young Master, my real Level Up.”

Laughing of Zhao Hai happy, said : fantastic, Cai'er, your fantastic, cannot help but right, now I have terrible business, you looked that Golden Island there plants had been moved to Space by me, I want to plant plants in there, what good do you look to plant?” Cai'er looked at the Golden Island there situation, has calculated, this to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, plants very suitable Golden Island there, is in Spatial Shop appears one type of special plants, called Plate Silk Grass, this grass is in Space appears one type of special plants, with according to the Space record was to belong to one type of game plants, all the year round grew, because the beforehand living environment was not quite good, therefore very suitable Golden Island here, after this grass has planted, will grow, moreover had very good medicinal effect regarding Space, after just improvement, his suited Golden Island there, so long as. Young Master buys some seed, sprinkles to Golden Island there, in using Spatial Water waters, can quick grew, after their grow out, Young Master did not need to manage them, enabling their natural growth to be OK, every year Young Master can also carry on three times harvesting to Plate Silk Grass, Plate Silk Grass that harvested, can the dispensing, can weave, with thing that Plate Silk Grass wove, regarding Magician and Warrior cultivating practice certain advantage, this effect has been able to continue two years of time.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then he looked at plants in store page, let alone, but also has this grass, west original known as swims Plate Silk Grass, truly is thing that one type of plays uses, before this thing, in Space may not have, it seems like after several times Level Up, in Space appears this grass, the use that but this grass to also is really many. Looked at the price, more than 1000 gold coins one bags, Zhao Hai buys one bag of seed now, can plant about hundred mu lands, but entire Golden Island here land area also hundred thousand many mu, if all plants Plate Silk Grass, only then more than 1 million gold coins can handle. Zhao Hai any hesitation, immediately has not bought more than 1 million gold coins Plate Silk Grass, then sprinkled on Golden Island, then started to water with Spatial Water. Now the use of Spatial Water everyday has not been limiting the quantity, Zhao Hai can feel relieved use Spatial Water. After the Spatial Water irrigation, these Plate Silk Grass immediately start to grow, quick makes Zhao Hai not think that only used less than ten hours, Golden Island here by Plate Silk Grass covering.