Chapter 495 irritable Golden Island( sought subscription) After ten hours, these Plate Silk Grass have even been able to harvest a batch, but Zhao Hai has not wanted these Plate Silk Grass, but makes them then long, now these Plate Silk Grass are too short, if harvests now, that Golden Island will also turn into the original appearance, therefore after Zhao Hai prepares to make Plate Silk Grass long, is harvesting. When Zhao Hai and Laura their appears in Golden Island, these Plate Silk Grass was long about one meter, on entire Golden Island, greens, making people think life force abundant. The situation on look at Golden Island, Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, feared that is the person must announce a law, cannot make them move these Plate Silk Grass at will, otherwise our losses will be will be very big.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : destruction definitely to destroy part, but we can regulation, probably under our control, these grass regarding us but money.” Megan white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai have you now cared also about that money? These grass can value how much money.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I naturally not to care about this money, is these grass is actually ensure necessary thing of Golden Island show, was good, did not think these many, now our Golden Island has prepared completely, remaining looked at other people.” Megan smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, is the Golden Island show so easy? You looked that this nearly one month passed by, on Golden Island a person has not come.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to come is because I have not made them come, now the Golden Island here matter we have solved, should make them come, was good, I was not many said that went back later immediately/on horseback to believe to the grandfather.” Megan puzzled look at Zhao Hai, show of Zhao Hai about Golden Island here has not told Megan them, therefore Megan their simply did not understand. returned to in naval base, Zhao Hai immediately has given Calci Family, Charlie Prince, Crook Family and Shelly Family the letter, his very detailed in the letter said his plan, making them coordinate. Actually Lando they already wanted to send for Golden Island coming up, but Zhao Hai had not agreed that he must wait, when he prepared certainly, was letting Lando they. Lando they, as soon as receives the Zhao Hai letter, cannot help but commended Zhao Hai, they thought that the plan of Zhao Hai is really fantastic, now did not have Golden Island there, these pirates think that must carry out the transaction becomes very difficult, this on various Great Clan regarding Continent is also the one type of not small loss. Words that however is a pity, they now could not have found out Golden Island there are any situations, therefore they also can only wait now, after Golden Island there had accurate information, they are moving. Lando their very clear this point, therefore after receiving the Zhao Hai letter, Calci Family immediately sent out own caravan to enter Golden Island, because Sky Water City there spread nearest/recent to the gold, they can send for Golden Island immediately. But second enters Golden Island is Shelly Family, Radiant Church of business of Shelly Family nearest/recent on Continent very by fierce that suppressed, although they are solved, but the business was actually not as before, this regarding their Clan, lost is very big, Shelly Family Patriarch supports Zhao Hai to decide very discontented to their Patriarch now certainly, but entered Golden Island with is very good opportunity.

Third enters Golden Island is Charlie Prince, the Charlie Prince root in Jade Water City, there is farther than Sky Water City to Golden Island here although, but will not go to there , because of this, therefore they want on slow some compared with Calci Family. But Crook Family is last to Golden Island, because in their Clan may not have what coastal city, therefore they want to enter Golden Island, must adjust the person in 6 on shops, as the matter stands was slower. These four Clan enter Golden Island, regarding other Clan on Continent, does not have what quite strangely, because other Clan very clear these four Clan on Continent with relationship of Buda Family, therefore they such do completely in the reason, these people have not paid attention. However afterward actually two pirate groups entered Golden Island to do business, they will naturally not want any shop front in Golden Island there, they thing that in recent time snatched, attained on Golden Island to exit to sell, received exchange for thing that oneself used, their transactions were conducted very smooth. They not only buy thing that oneself have needed, but also was buying the thing price to be lower than them, but they sell thing time, actually compares the original price on high many, this comes, they compared had made near three layers profit. These two pirates roll enter to Golden Island there, some courageous, or does not have the pirate group that anything asks the way , the courage was entering Golden Island greatly, the final result had to let their very satisfied. The success that these pirates roll, stimulated other pirate groups greatly, other pirates now are the places that to lack such one can enter trades, now Golden Island has become a such place, their naturally happy. But entry that these pirates roll, made Calci Family their four gain one greatly, these gained certainly other Clan on Continent, other Clan also immediately/on horseback on Continent started the motion. Their present movements want first to establish the shop front in Golden Island there, but now Laura original these under the hand/subordinate also enter Golden Island, official start chancellor. Quick Golden Island there lively, Golden Island there is not only low-cost, but is not high in the tax, they can also have a legitimate status in there, so long as does not violate the custom on Golden Island, other they want to be why good. These pirates naturally were happy, they before were rich, was impossible to cross free and unfettered such, they do not dare optional taking a walk on the avenue, feared that was grasped. Now is different, in Golden Island there, they can optional arriving, so long as does not violate the law on Golden Island, Undead Creature that these patrol the streets is disinclined to look at your one eyes. Most from the beginning they have not been familiar with these Undead Creature to patrol the streets, slowly was used to it, these Undead Creature did was very good, so long as you not on Golden Island ***, their simply will not pay attention to you, but if you committed a crime on Golden Island, they will be impolite. These pirates have seen with one's own eyes, the pirate took same thing not to give money on Golden Island, but also struggled the nature with the shop owner, that person immediately by these Undead Creature carrying off, has then hit several whips by release, If only this, does not have quite strangely what, but unusually strange, that person is the Calci Family person, naturally he was seized also very rampant, said one are Calci Family, if these Undead Creature dare to move him, he makes certainly Zhao Hai attractive.

However after these Undead Creature have hit him, does not have any matter, conversely, heard that person was given the heavy fine by Calci Family. has plenty young merchant, they now already not commodity to other places, but is direct transporting to Golden Island here, so long as entered in Golden Island sea region Fang Yuan a thousand li(500 km), they were safe. Naturally some pirates do not believe this, after Buda Family announced this custom, they still rob in Golden Island surrounding sea region. No matter they carry on the daytime, carries on the evening, but do they have to put Magic Cannon, Buda Family can know immediately, later that pirate gang ensure was extinguished. After first successive was extinguished three pirates helped, these pirates are finally honest have gotten down, they are clear, the pirate helps certainly to have own one signalling way, otherwise impossible knowledge detailed of such. Regarding that this pirate, Buda Family such does, although will possibly make their income come under some influences, but the influence cannot be too big, conversely, this very much has the advantage regarding their income. Commodity that these Merchant transport, some are transport to Golden Island on sell, finally after these commodities will also fall into these pirates, therefore they do not worry. Because has plenty Merchant will transport the commodity to Golden Island on, therefore the prices of these commodities naturally lowered, finally economizes these pirates, therefore these pirates regarding these Merchant are also very popular. However you said that makes these pirates not snatch thing, that is impossible, these pirates will snatch thing, but all enters on the pirate to Golden Island, can not send out own pirate gang, even if the person with high aspirations thinks that is tracing also very difficult, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that this meeting shade shouted the Golden Island here income. Zhao Hai regarding very low that the Golden Island here tax revenue decides, Zhao Hai according to you do not ship in the thing aggregate amount to collect taxes, but collects taxes according to their transactions. The Zhao Hai explicit expression, the Golden Island here tax rate will not adjust, is always that price, Zhao Hai knows, so long as the Golden Island here tax revenue is very low, moreover serves very well, that Golden Island here sooner or later will make token to come, so long as has played the brand, that Golden Island here, will have many Merchant to come in the future, they possibly do not want to trade with the pirate, but carries out some normal commodity exchanges, but these tax revenues were enough. Golden Island there enters after Calci Family one month, welcomed the peak that he has unfolded, no matter the pirate was also good, was ordinary Merchant is also good, liked trading in Golden Island there, because the Golden Island there tax revenue was very cheap. Other places, their tax revenue although are not very high, but is not low, takes Sky Water City is the case, the Sky Water City there ordinary tax revenue is, total cargo quantity 8% to 5%, the different commodity can achieve 10% to 15%. However in Golden Island here, the tax revenue of ordinary commodity, only then 1%, but some different commodities, the tax revenue can achieve 2% to about 3%. But is the division of ordinary commodity and multi- tax commodity is looks the strategic resources, if the strategic resources relative, the tax wants high, if not, will seek the tax to lower.

Moreover Golden Island here receives, but transaction, is not the name of cargo total quantity, the transaction is, you bought a commodity, you paid a tax, the words that you have not sold, did not need to pay taxes. All cargos will have some brewer's grains to damage, in other places, these brewer's grains damages must pay taxes, however in Golden Island here, these brewer's grains damages does not need to pay taxes. It looks like in many people, words as the matter stands, has plenty Merchant can evade taxes, but in Golden Island here, almost does not have this situation. Golden Island here when the cargo enters the island, will inspect the total quantity of cargo, then makes the record, looks up business volume in a time shop in each month, will then collect taxes. But all these exam checked regulations, have been completed by Undead Creature, Undead Creature will not receive money, inspection is careful, therefore these Merchant think that is evading taxes is very difficult. In order to prevent these Merchant will make a false report damaged, Zhao Hai also borrowed the ticket system on Earth, you entered a transaction, must open a time ticket, then in the island must with harassing the ticket collects taxes. In order to prevent some people makes a false report damaged to evade paying taxes, Zhao Hai has also carried on an appraisal to damaged of all commodities, then calculates the mean value, your commodity in 100 sets damaged five sets, but your commodity is the easy damaged commodity, the mean value about 6%, your 5% commodity does not need to pay tax, if your business mouth damaged in 10%, but your commodity average damaged value is 5%, you were punished, the commodity quantity of many coming out, on each many 100% tax. Naturally, this situation also the person who might be able to be unfair, for example they have met the typhoon, that commodity damaged were quite many, like this you can , on the island reported that was in paying taxes, handed over unnecessary damaged thing, same can be exempted from tax. This can in the situation of ceasing majority of smuggling, but will have few people to escape the tax, Zhao Hai has thought another means that hit to enjoy, if some people of initiative reporting some people evade taxes, so long as the probe is true, he can be rewarded generously, as the matter stands on entire Golden Island has almost not smuggled the situation of leaking the situation to live. Golden Island here was open for business hurriedly . Moreover the business on island also very irritable, this makes on Continent all people feel to be jealous, but simultaneously they also know that Golden Island there cannot annoy. Zhao Hai to set up the prestige has done many matters, even offended two Great Clan, but Zhao Hai does not care, if he such does not do, that Golden Island here can never open up the perspective. But in this process, Zhao Hai also greatly gained has smiled, comes many Merchant on island, they must establish their shop front, the constructional force on such island has been busy, was constructional force Zhao Hai has only made a lot of money. These Merchant on island are not the fools, they before carrying on the construction will enter the calculation, if in the island the price of constructional force is very high, they rather buy the material, oneself find the person to carry on the construction, but they in calculation from now on presently, the constructional force on island, on the constructional forces of other cities compared with Continent, is not only inexpensive, conversely, but also wants in the small advantage some, therefore the people on island are willing to look for the constructional force on island to work.