Chapter 496 slave market( sought subscription) On Golden Island although has Merchant to enter island about one month officially, but the Golden Island last present business can only describe with hot, the pirate, Merchant, various Great Clan, what person has. One month of time, but lets Golden Island initially according to the scale, but this irritable degree has actually been continuing, moreover with the lapse of time, this irritable degree is unexpectedly getting stronger and stronger. However now Zhao Hai actually not on Golden Island, Zhao Hai now already returned to Carson City, because he must do an important matter, relationship to the Buda Family important matter. Before Laura them discussed that wants to construct a castle on hill of Carson City surrounding, this can affirm that status of Buda Family in Carson City, they after discussing, has been busy the Golden Island there matter, this matter temporarily put down. However cannot be complete putting down, they invited Charlie Prince, with Jason they helped, having a look at the Carson City surrounding to have these hill to idle, when determined after the address, they were moving. Charlie they are certainly willing to help, but passed through these many years, the Carson City surrounding is idling hill almost did not have, even if has is that environment is also quick, or very low hill, do not say Zhao Hai, Charlie they cannot have a liking, naturally impossible to give Zhao Hai these hill. Original Laura they also want to make Zhao Hai live in Robert Family that hill to come up, but Zhao Hai had not agreed finally that he also thought extinguished Robert one, then also lives in the castle of their family, truly is a little strange. Charlie they naturally will not agree, but a long time, they had not found appropriate hill to give Zhao Hai, this lets Charlie and Jason thought that completely right does not have ocean, Zhao Hai makes them help to manage such selects the matter they not to handle. Finally Charlie has thought means that uninhabited hill surely did not have the appropriate person, having a look at some these people of some people to sell. Looked up good several days, Charlie not to find these hill of some people to have the situation of selling, this made Charlie feel very awkward. Jason is also so, he must be careful compared with Charlie, but does not have the means that these hill that some people live, generally is Great Noble, they have their benefit chain, are very good, Charlie and Jason that Clan crosses cannot make others give Zhao Hai the side of their residence, that is impossible, can live around Carson City, which family is not affable.

Zhao Hai to has not worried, now God's Grace Day already soon two months, Golden Island there show good of , but the Aksu Empire there spring also arrived, the Prairie spring must arrive, so long as to the spring, he must go to Prairie to have a look, feared that did not have the time to look for mountain top to construct the castle. When Charlie they must give up, suddenly has transmitted information, is original Layen big Lu Clan that castle, now has thought sold. Layen Continent was Zhao Hai to the Rosen Empire here first personal enemy, he also colluded with Radiant Church, afterward had been killed by Zhao Hai, but that castle of their family actually by Rosen Empire Noble occupying. Said that occupied was not excessive, because everyone/Great Clan was blowing minute of Layen Family thing at that time, that castle naturally was also blowing minute, that Noble used few prices buying that castle, said that bought might as well said was occupying. However finally because of Robert Family and matter of Engraved Ark, Carson City here atmosphere very anxious, everyone/Great Clan investigation and Robert Family concerned person and matter diligently, but also let alone, but also made them look up, bought that Noble of Grand Duke Layen castle, was a Duke Second Grade, he did not have the strength to establish his duchy, however his fief was not small, but this person communicated actually intimate with Robert Family, his Clan badge was only Mad Ox, this cow lacked corner/horn, the two eyes anger has an. Now Rosen Empire to such badge very sensitive, is adding on them to put to communicate secret with Robert Family, therefore immediately starts to look up to their family. This looked up really has also found out thing, their family and Robert Family relationship was out of the ordinary, may have existence of quarter plate, when the Imperial Family preparation of Rosen Empire was conducted to their family traced thoroughly, person suddenly of their family vanishes. Overnight, their a family/clan people walked, moreover precious thing in Clan has not carried off, all servants also remained, their family all business are still sitting, but was only this a family/clan direct line staff all ran, has not stayed behind. This entire Rosen Empire has caused a stir, at this time, this Clan such ran, without doubt on recognize their status, Rosen Empire Imperial Family, immediately/on horseback has carried on the thorough search to their family, finally presently, in their Clan all materials were all taken away, moreover precious thing in their Clan had not actually been taken away, this made Rosen Empire Imperial Family suspect that immediately/on horseback started to leave the national warrant for arrest, wanted capture that family member, but that family member disappeared probably, a news did not have. As the matter stands that castle emptied, but Rosen Empire has all caught these servants and with these Clan concerned people, wants to ask the matter about that Clan, but is doing finally actually not studiously, these servant simply anything also don’t know.

Also knew on such this matter, but that castle empties, somewhat was actually a pity, Charlie and Jason their actually very happy. That castle of Grand Duke Layen they are know, constructs is very good, after all in the past Grand Duke Layen also sight. Now that castle has become the thing of ownerless, that Zhao Hai bought it would be the best. Because that Clan person runs away very hurried, Clan in castle has not moved out, precious thing has not spelled, although these money and Noble thing, was received in their treasure house by Imperial Family specially, but in that castle currently anything has, so long as the person entered can move, therefore Charlie they want to make Zhao Hai take this castle to buy as the Buda Family base. Zhao Hai also knows certainly something, in although his heart with according to place in Iron Mountain Fort there, but Carson City here also needs a castle, is representing the Buda Family status, two had indicated determination of Buda Family, they were determined become the Rosen Empire people. This matter under Charlie their operations, quick has completed, finally Zhao Hai takes that mountain that the castle in this castle was by the prices of 1000 large sum of money islands. After taking the castle, Zhao Hai Golden Island there that Artisan team sending castle here, to this castle line of modified, most at least this castle here clan emblem must change, castle inside has some thing, Zhao Hai also needs to change. Zhao Hai for this matter returned to Carson City, how castle there modified, he said to these Undead Creature, makes Cai'er supervise, but Zhao Hai brought Laura they to go to the Carson City here slave market. The Carson City here slave market is not in the city, but is in outside the city mountain valley, entire mountain valley is a giant slave market. Zhao Hai first time comes to here, now Golden Island there has Kun to assume personal command in Laura these under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai does not need to be worried about anything, led Laura they to come to this slave market, they must go to Prairie there, went to Prairie there to that hundred thousand slave lead, the light was the hundred thousand Beastman slave, obviously was not quite good to manage, Zhao Hai also thinks that was buying some Human Race slaves. This mountain valley entrance is not very wide, gives people a hard time mountain valley enters can only allow two horse carriage to enter abreast in row, mountain valley entrance here cannot see the person, does not have any construction, probably is ordinary mountain valley is the same. However when Zhao Hai horse carriage enters to this mountain valley, he somewhat is surprised, Zhao Hai to Ark Continent here also more than one year of time, but he first time comes to this slave market, he will think this slave market very dirty, very chaotic, when he will enter to the slave market he understand, he has made a mistake, will do will be very odd.

This slave market here is not only not dirty, is not chaotic, compared with, slave market here, is cleaner than the general market, not like other markets crowded ten lively, attractiveness that however the here shop front actually one by one cultivates. look at these 21 rows of three room high constructions, are neat and pretty, he does not have the means relates really here and slave market, Zhao Hai looked some little time, this turns the head to Megan said : Megan, haven't you spoken incorrectly? Is here really the slave market?” Megan smiles said : naturally not mistakenly, here is really the slave market, before I have come here, that time was because curious, therefore came.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at all around one, deep voice said : such beautiful place, dry is actually this dirty transaction, who can believe.” Laura they have not said anything, they are the locally born Ark Continent people, regarding the slave trade, they do not have Zhao Hai that dislike, grew in the Iron Mountain Fort there dull time, saw after Iron Mountain Fort there these turn into commoner, happy expression, they do not have the favorable impression to the slave trade. horse carriage stopped in front of the door of shop, Zhao Hai they walked from the car(riage), in the shop some immediately people welcomed, this was a wear very appropriate person of high skill, he wore a Merchant body clothing/taking, mark of body not any Noble, but Zhao Hai actually did not dare underestimated this person, because Megan has told him, on this Continent did the slave business almost all was Noble, was big slave Merchant, behind him the influence was also bigger, such a small Merchant not what, but behind him influence very formidable, is actually not dared. Looking down upon. That Merchant looked at Zhao Hai horse carriage one, then two eyes one bright, welcoming of immediately/on horseback half step to Zhao Hai, bows said : Merchant Lin Li/everywhere to see Sir Marquis to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai has gawked, looked at that Merchant one, said : you knew me?” That Merchant immediately/on horseback smiles said : who the Zhao Hai Marquis given name to be able not to know that below is only small Merchant, to the Marquis everyone/Great Clan name is also like thunder in my ears, small, if sees the Buda Family clan emblem , the status of don’t know Sir Marquis, the eyes of villain did not need to want.”