Chapter 497 Artisan slave( sought subscription) Zhao Hai look at this Lin Li/everywhere, shows a faint smile said : your eye truly is very good, you are remaining.” Said that walks toward the shop, that Lin Li/everywhere was busy at following. After entering in the shop, Zhao Hai has gawked, here simply not like a shop, conversely, here probably is a home living room, inside ornaments the ornaments according to common families living room throw the idea, very good. Lin Li/everywhere immediately/on horseback asked Zhao Hai to sit down, Zhao Hai did not have the living room, sat on the sand directly, Lin Li/everywhere immediately/on horseback sent for sending to sub, he then respectfully stood near the Zhao Hai emperor, to Zhao Hai said : Sir Marquis, what don’t know small some can add on your?” What to your here Zhao Hai look at did Lin Li/everywhere show a faint smile said : also to do? I am prepare certainly to buy some slaves, the men and women want, I have bought a castle now, naturally must buy some slaves to put in the castle.” Lin Li/everywhere immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, how many slaves does don’t know Sir Marquis need? Male person how many? Female how many wants?” Did Zhao Hai beckon with the hand said : these not to say first? Whether I can look to examine merchandise first, how I must look at the quality of examining merchandise, if the quality of goods is very good, I will sell a next big large stock of goods, if the quality is not good, I will be one will not want.” Lin Li/everywhere smiles said : Sir Marquis to put, believes that in this mountain valley, nobody will sell the quality not good goods, because of here Carson City, can the person who comes this to buy the slave, each has existence of status, we cannot pound our business.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „, let alone these useless, guides.” Lin Li/everywhere has complied with one, bringing Zhao Hai to walk toward the shop behind. Behind of this shop is very big cavern, has every large or small many cavern in this cavern, in these cavern is closing the person, these people put on the simplest body, can only blocks the important spot of body, other majorities reveal outside. In each cavern is closing ten people to 100 people of differences, the men and women separate, saw an appearance of slave market to here, because here person simply likely is not a person, but likely is waiting sell some wild beast.

Zhao Hai look at these slaves, he have to recognize, these slaves very be really good, is some young man, since they reveal clothes outside skin, their body healths. Zhao Hai saw that the first eyes of these slaves know, this was some passed through the slave of strict training, their looks were wooden, the expression was wooden, probably simply was good-for-nothings, if were not they also has the breath, Zhao Hai thinks certainly that these people were also some Undead Creature. Zhao Hai calm look at these slaves, his present status is Noble, he cannot have some hearts of not enduring to these slaves, will otherwise be looked down upon by other Noble. Now on Continent is so, will not have the heart of enduring without any Noble to the slave, therefore Zhao Hai performance also calm. Looked at these slaves, Zhao Hai nodded, to Lin Li/everywhere said : good, Mr. Lin here was the good goods, was very good, this, the male slave also took 200, the female slave I also took 200, had these people, in my castle should be sufficient.” Lin Li/everywhere nod said : this is not a problem hastily, Sir Marquis can take away them at any time, if Sir Marquis wants to deliver goods to the doorstep in us, so long as our address, we can deliver to the Sir command(er) place these slaves in the shortest time.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Lin Li/everywhere said : Lin Li/everywhere Manager, in your shop has the quite special slave, for example Artisan slave, for example Battle Slave, so long as has the slave of special capability I to want, many wants many.” Lin Li/everywhere one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, quickly said: Sir Marquis welcome speak to the living room, here is not the speech place.” Zhao Hai nodded, went to just living room with Lin Li/everywhere, early some people just may sub remove, they have exchanged new sub to Zhao Hai. To be honest, just Lin Li/everywhere some disappointed, 200 male slaves, 200 female slaves, this regarding the shop front of their incoming sample, is only the small-scale business, altogether also 300-400 gold coins business, their simply makes less than how much money, like general Noble, they buys the slave, is several thousand, tens of thousands, even buying of several hundred thousand, that is the big business, compared with them, Zhao Hai these several hundred people of small-scale business, is really nothing to speak. However heard Zhao Hai saying that wanted the Artisan slave and Battle Slave, Lin Li/everywhere on happy, the Artisan slave and Battle Slave price was several times of ordinary slave, even dozens several hundred times.

If Zhao Hai wanted dozens Artisan slaves, or several Battle Slave, that was also not a small business, his simply does not believe that Zhao Hai said that many wanted many, did not say other, even if was the Artisan slave and Battle Slave in their shop the price feared that must have several million gold coins, this was not a small number, general Noble will be flowered these much money will not buy these slave. After Zhao Hai they arrive the living room has sat down, Lin Li/everywhere then to Zhao Hai said : Sir Marquis, the Artisan slave and Battle Slave, the head store also has, but you must know that the Artisan slave and Battle Slave price is very high, moreover not with these ordinary pass/tests in together.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to Lin Li/everywhere said : Lin Li/everywhere, the matter of price you do not need to be worried that I want to take a look to have the appropriate slave, the Golden Island there situation believe you also know, there has a hundred things to do now, I need many talented people, especially Artisan, the price is open to discuss that was right, you good are that type have the family, has the child, these want, if some young slaves, I also want, but this price needed few point.” The meaning of Lin Li/everywhere understand Zhao Hai, he nodded said : Sir Marquis so saying that small also on feel relieved, has been open about the facts the Sir saying that the shop also really has that type the slave who compares Advanced level, Battle Slave, the Artisan slaves have, Artisan slave has plenty type, any Artisan has, according to the difference of kind of work in a factory, their prices is not quite same, but Battle Slave divides according to the strength, the strength is higher, their prices are also higher.” Zhao Hai nodded said : first to have a look at the Artisan slave.” Lin Li/everywhere has complied with one, has arrived at side of living room, takes a big book from a there bookshelf, before this book has put Zhao sea surface, to Zhao Hai said : Sir Marquis, this is the registers of names of head store all Artisan slaves, their situations in this book, please glance.” Zhao Hai nodded, takes up that book carefully to look. Also let alone, the Artisan slave in Lin Li/everywhere this shop is really good, altogether adds to have more than 200, many are some carpenters and masons and so on, moreover above has also written their craftsmanship, quite few is the blacksmiths and other Artisan, most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in this book unexpectedly also two in Artisan that can brew alcohol, has one to be able Potion Artisan. Zhao Hai puts down the book, look at Lin Li/everywhere doesn't said : of some crisp and tender in have meeting Potion Artisan unexpectedly? How does a Potion master possibly become a slave?” Lin Li/everywhere smiles said : Sir Marquis is really eyes blazing like torches, saw the here surface has the issue, that Potion master slave is not an average person, he before was a known Potion master, but afterward he, because developed one type of deadly poison Potion, lived the explosion, caused him to grind peaceful poison to expose from Laboratory, has killed by poison many people, therefore was reduced to the slave, we also spent the high price to buy him.” Zhao Hai nodded, he does not feel excited to this Potion master slave very much, because he does not need manufacture medicine, if he wants manufacture medicine, can make through Universal Machine, compared with being better that also this Potion master makes.

Very much is interested in other these slave Zhao Hai, more than 200 Artisan slaves except for more than 30 do not have the family beside, other people have the family, even also one is the three generations under the same roof. Zhao Hai has given Laura that book, Laura not polite, received that book to look, Zhao Hai the movement, is makes Lin Li/everywhere be also startled, but thinks that Laura they several given names, he also felt relaxed. Now in Carson City here, not only Zhao Hai has become famous, Laura their several have become famous, special person Laura and Megan, Megan was needless saying that one of the emperor double flowers, in Noble circle of her great emperor on nobody don’t know. But Laura is actually because Zhao Hai relationship is famous, this became famous naturally some people of her pasts, this Zha Cai knows that originally Laura so was unexpectedly fierce. Has the name of day of lovable girl in Purcell Duchy there, oneself start from scratch, constructed to produce an own caravan in Purcell Duchy there, once almost business circle of dominate Purcell Duchy, method high fame. Even if before is, not too famous Meg, has become famous now, Meg is in itself talent Magician, young gently is 6th level Magician, the future achievement will be limitless, therefore now Zhao Hai these fiancee reputations not under him. Laura carefully read that register of names, then nodded, has given Megan the register of names, Megan also received carefully to look, has given Meg the register of names, Meg also looked, this put down the register of names, Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, three people nodded. Zhao Hai turns the head to Lin Li/everywhere said : Lin Li/everywhere, the person on your this register of names I wanted, that 400 outside slave who just said I also wanted . Moreover, your does here have the young slave? I want to buy, oneself train.” Lin Li/everywhere stares, then the great happiness, he really has not thought that Zhao Hai actually all will want these slaves, this smiles the big business, because more than 200 the total prices of slaves in two hundred thousand about, the price of that Potion master is highest, has achieved twenty thousand gold coins. two hundred thousand business, even if to their such shops, was a big business, his quickly said: Young slave our does not have, because sells the place of slave, generally will little sell the young slave, after the young slaves underwent training, will hand over our in hand sell, only then this Artisan slave can have the family together sell.”