Chapter 498 wedding( sought subscription) Zhao Hai nod said : I want some young slaves, you help me relate, has a look to have appropriately, the price is open to discuss.” Lin Li/everywhere nodded said : Sir Marquis to want many young slaves, I can give the Sir you to relate.” Zhao Hai nodded, thinks that said : this, Golden Island there needs many slaves now, these 400 slaves who I want today, but puts in the Carson City here castle, Golden Island there did not have, you have a look whether to press the family to buy some slaves, such young slave, the old experienced slave and young slaves had, moreover facilitates me to manage.” Lin Li/everywhere cannot help but has held in high esteem to Zhao Hai, do not look at this to buy the slave is also very simple matter, but most people buy the slave, is buys some young, the strong slave, few people will actually buy some old slaves, because slave because does the heavy labor all the year round, therefore age one big, their will not be healthy, such slave bought in hand possibly to have more than enough for two years dead, therefore nobody is willing to buy. However all the year round does the slave business Lin Li/everywhere actually to know that these old slave sometimes will have in a big way uses, these old slaves their although are not literate, but their person seed place for a lifetime, they in situation completely understand regarding place, plants have had any sickness, when farms well, even some slaves can general forecast that weather, this absolutely is the one type of very great ability. But now many Noble and don’t know this point, these have Noble of territory, possibly has not arrived in own place to go for a lifetime, did not understand farm matter simply that some does not have Noble of old slave, the land income of their family have the family of old slave to put compared with these, about two in difference. However this disparity has Noble to note very much, they note, but is that slave strong, therefore has plenty slave simply could not live too long on the quilt. Can live the old slave, is actually the treasures, in Lin Li/everywhere their eyes vertical old slave should compared with these young slaves expensive, what what a pity is, many Noble cannot see this point, these old slaves arrive the old age could not do to live, many people die is very miserable. But Zhao Hai must buy some young slaves, Lin Li/everywhere also understand is any meaning, these young slaves, the plasticity is very strong, if makes them study Artisan, the prices of that these young slaves compared with he will buy will appreciate several even dozens times, now has plenty slave Merchant, does, they will buy some young slaves, will then ask some Artisan slaves to teach them specially, when these young slaves have grown up, has completed study, will sell in the price of according to Artisan slave, will gain laughs. Zhao Hai must take the family to buy the slave as the unit, truly is facilitates the management, Lin Li/everywhere has seen too many slaves because, for own child was sold to be insane, finally killed off, the slave is also the person, Lin Li/everywhere understand this point, therefore his procedure approval to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Lin Li/everywhere appearance, puzzled said : Lin Li/everywhere? What issue has?” Lin Li/everywhere one recovers, shook the head hastily said : not, doesn't have the issue, how many slaves don’t know Sir Marquis wants?” Zhao Hai thinks said : hundred thousand, many it doesn't matter, but cannot be short.” Lin Li/everywhere happy, his immediately/on horseback said : Sir Marquis invited feel relieved, hundred thousand slave, so long as gives me one month of time can prepare, when the time comes delivers to Golden Island to go to you?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : you to prepare, informs me to my castle, then I was telling you to deliver to there, was good, delivers to my castle the slave who today I buy, calculated, how much money.” Lin Li/everywhere has complied with one, rushes to side to record to consider as finished next step: Sir Marquis, altogether is 213,000 thousand gold coins, Sir Marquis, so long as paid people 21 ten thousand gold coins to be OK, three thousand gold coins odd changes cancelled.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turns, were many two water Crystal Card, these two water Crystal Card do not record a name, one is two hundred thousand, one is 10,000, so long as is taking these two cards, has been able to receive money to Private Bank, generally is the Noble uses. In Private Bank manufactures like water Crystal Card specially, any currency value has, above has that Private Bank respectively some marks, that is not the general symbol, but is that Private Bank unique Magic Formation, so long as inputs energy, can distinguish the truth. Like Lin Li/everywhere, year to year the person who money deals with, can look at this card is true or false, said it, well-known character like Zhao Hai, simply is impossible to use the fake Crystal gold card. Lin Li/everywhere accepted two water Crystal Card, Sir Marquis invited feel relieved to Zhao Hai said :, do you want to take a look at these Artisan slaves?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to use, I believe that you will not deceive my, in this world dares to deceive my person really not to be many.” Lin Li/everywhere at heart one strict, Zhao Hai this saying is not cracks a joke, he said is very right, in this world dares to deceive his person really not to be many, dares to deceive his person dead, let alone is he is his behind person, does not dare to offend Zhao Hai. Lin Li/everywhere immediately/on horseback smiles said : Sir Marquis to crack a joke, in our small shop fronts, are good to withstand your thunder anger, invited feel relieved, person who you wanted, I guaranteed safe delivered to you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, I first went back, these Battle Slave I do not look today, if on that day my time were coming to see.” Said that walks outward. To outside boarded, Zhao Hai their leave the slave market, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we one time have bought these many slaves, must tell Grandpa Green the here situation one.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, I will, not only this matter, I must discuss an important matter with Grandpa Green.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that puzzled look at his said : important matter? What important matter also has? Now castle there has bought, so long as transform I, we can official has moved, when the time comes we must hold a banquet, the matter are many.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this matter to arrive must manage may not the situation, otherwise Grandpa Green possibly with my fire.” Meaning of Laura not understand Zhao Hai, but she looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, probably does not want to say that Laura does not have to ask.

Quick their returned to that castle, Zhao Hai has prepared to assign the known as Wild Dragon fort that castle, War flag that their Buda puts is also Wild Dragon War flag, with this castle same name, he must to know that this castle is their Buda Family. Now castle there also has plenty Undead Creature in busy, is carrying on final transform to the castle, here, but Carson City, Rosen Empire, on Continent the biggest commodity collection and distribution center, buys any thing very convenient, therefore Zhao Hai has also carried on transform to the Wild Dragon fort, he also prepares to make Cai'er put a branching to Wild Dragon fort here. When world noon, Lin Li/everywhere sent for delivering to the Wild Dragon fort that more than 600 slaves, Zhao Hai for and other slaves, has adjusted few people to come from Iron Mountain Fort there, team leader was Blockhead and Stone, the chrysanthemum they have been responsible for some slaves of specific work in Iron Mountain Fort there. Must speak of the management slave, Blockhead and Stone feared that did not have chrysanthemum their a few tricks, the chrysanthemum they already to be elected by Zhao Hai, has carried out some work of management, afterward after having run the school, they have studied in the school, therefore makes them manage these slaves now, has not been a problem. What most important is, the chrysanthemum they grew with the Zhao Hai time, they understood that the habits and customs of Zhao Hai, know when Zhao Hai likes making anything, but these 400 slaves who this buys, serve in castle here, if their don’t know must do, that Zhao Hai they will stay in castle here will be being uncomfortable. Many Artisan slaves were easier to do, Zhao Hai directly delivered returned to Iron Mountain Fort there to go them, now Iron Mountain Fort there most needs them, but these Potion masters, Zhao Hai referred to him directly to the Junichi mother, the Junichi mother will have used poison, but that Potion master was also specially research poison, making him teach the Junichi mother. After these people arrange, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, then Green they had found Space, Green they also know that Zhao Hai buys castle the matter of slave, they have not been startled, these were already should do, they fully supported certainly. After several people arrives at the Space Villa living room to sit down, Zhao Hai to Green said : Grandpa Green, today looks for you, altogether two matters, one was my these time has subscribed the hundred thousand Human Race slave, these slaves were not the Artisan slave, their main any were a country, after they arrived, delivered to Black Wasteland there to go to farming them, today my matter are many, impossible in going to Black Wasteland there farming, we should establish the village outside Iron Mountain Fort.” Green nodded said : right, I also think that should such do, but although currently there had the two hundred thousand person, but does not have the means to meet the Black Wasteland there need, I look at Young Master, or this, you might as well use some time, in some Black Wasteland there many forage grass, when these slave slaves came, we can make them herd in the pasture, like this they live custom, we were many a Ranch income, otherwise Black Wasteland there that big area, if the light is putting, has been a pity.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this idea to be very good, after a period of time I can go to plant, if there is a piece of big Ranch that to be also good.” Green nodded, then said : „that second matter?” Zhao Hai take deep breaths, looked one side was listening to him earnestly with Laura that Green spoke their eyes, this said : now our Buda Family reputation also hits, the castle has also bought, public fief also had, I want should Laura they married, now they always follow as fiancee in my status, will make the person gossip.” Green stares, Kun also stares, Laura they also stare, they have not thought of these , the matter that these days they must handle was really too big, unexpectedly marrying this matter forgetting, Zhao Hai suddenly says now that several people did not have recover for a while. Some little time, Green recover, he laughs finally said : right, right that Young Master you said that should hold the wedding time, has blamed us being too busy these days, unexpectedly this matter forgetting, good, my immediately/on horseback arranges.”

Kun also very happy, Laura now continuously such inexplicable following in the Zhao Hai status, said that to the Laura reputation is the one type of injury, but beforehand Zhao Hai had insisted wants, when Buda Family on Continent praises holds the wedding, he was not exceptive, the opportunity finally arrives now. Laura their also very much happy, now Zhao Hai goes out is leading them, can only say that is his fiancee, this makes their is not very familiar with, now was good, finally must marry. Today Merine also welcome to the living room, Merine naturally is most happy one, she smiles said : Young Master, fantastic, tomorrow we worships Old Master they, to tell them this good information.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, this, after we date decides, Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, you prepares the written invitation, I also asked Grandpa Lando they to prepare the written invitation.” Green happy said : good, Young Master, when this date do you prepare to decide?” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Green, Green wants to subscribe late, like this they good to prepare the written invitation, the person who comes will be more, grand. However Zhao Hai does not have the time such to do now, he to Green said : Grandpa Green, I wants to manage as soon as possible, because I must go to Prairie after a period of time, the Sea Race there business was unable to let off, I think that the matter of counter- wedding handles, then can handle these matters, therefore this date cannot too in the future.” Green thinks that nodded said : also well, now the Prairie there grass bud also soon braves, the words that late goes , is also not quite good, good, that as soon as possible, was right, I think this date, you with Lando Patriarch well discussed that was subscribing, no matter what, we must respect his meaning, Kun old partner/shop assistant, did you look?” Kun nodded to smile said : line, I did not oppose that turned head to say to Karen this matter, was right, in this written invitation must have Markey Family, after I to have a look their Clan received this written invitation, will have what response, if they must act unreasonably, do not blame my impolite.” Green snort|hum said : they have dared, thinks that our Buda Family is as before? Now they in acting unreasonably I have a look, snort|hum, this time wedding must do in a big way attractively, must make on Continent that manages all people know.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I is also this meaning, cannot make Laura they be wronged, because of this, the wedding also already had managed, these time must do in a big way, the place I look elect in castle here, does Grandpa Green you look?” Green thinks that shook the head said : Young Master, I look to might as well elect in Golden Island, there is our domains, if some people dare to run up to there really ***, we can tidy up their maliciously!”